Learn Piano Basics in 50 Minutes!! Piano Crash Course!

Mark De Heide, Quality Piano Lessons

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14 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Piano Note Names

    • 3. Piano Scales

    • 4. Minor Piano Scales

    • 5. Piano Chords

    • 6. Minor Piano Chords

    • 7. Piano Chord Progressions

    • 8. Matching Chords and Scales

    • 9. Major Scale Piano Chords

    • 10. Relative Piano Scales

    • 11. Transposing for Piano

    • 12. Left Hand Piano Transpositions

    • 13. How to Play Piano Chords

    • 14. Final Words

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About This Class

In this 50 minute course I will teach you all the basics of piano theory and music theory. This is a really quick course, if you want to go more in-depth, you can watch my 25+ hrs piano course here https://skl.sh/2uWOYl0

What will you learn in this course:

It's important to start at the piano basics, and we will do so in this course by having a look at the piano note names first. Once you have learned what the notes are called, it will be easier to refer to them in the rest of this piano course. Keep in mind, these notes exist for other instruments as well, therefore the music notes can be applied on guitar, as well as anywhere else, not just for piano playing.

Piano Major Scales Scales are very important to understand when playing piano, they are also a helpful tool to practice piano fingering techniques. However, in this lesson we mainly focus on the music theory for piano scales. If you know your piano scales you will be able to play piano with much ease. 

Major & Minor Piano Chords If you thought piano scales are important, how do you feel about major chords and minor chords? Chords are super important to understand when playing the piano, so get to grip with piano chords in this episode!

Chords in Major Piano Scales Now it is time to blend your piano training from episode 3 and 5 to figure out which piano chords can be found, in which major scales. You may be surprised to find some minor chords in there too!

Piano Chord Progressions Now that you know how to play chords on piano, it is also important that you start to understand the concept of so-called chord progressions for piano. These chord progressions allow us to describe a piano piece in a few letters and notation, rather than having to explain a whole song to someone. If you know the chord progression to a song, and know how to play chords on piano, you can play this song almost instantly!

Intervals & Transposing A completely different music theory topic in this lesson! Transposing means, to re-write music another musical key. For the intervals we will look at the distance from certain notes in a music scale from the ground tone, or tonic, also know as the root. I'm curious to see how soon you will pick up the piano theory of this episode!