Learn Piano #5: Play Piano with Drama: Secondary Dominants

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43 Videos (1h 11m)
    • Introduction & Overview of Learn Piano #5

    • Music Tip 1: G7 - One Primary Dominant Chord in C Key

    • Music Tip 2: Secondary Dominant: V7/V7

    • Music Tip 3: Secondary Dominant: V7/ii7

    • Music Tip 4: Secondary Dominant: V7/vi7

    • Music Tip 5: Secondary Dominant: V7/iii7

    • Music Tip 6: Secondary Dominant: V7/IV

    • Music Tip 7: Two Roman Numerals for Secondary Dominants

    • Music Tip 8: Primary Dominant vs Secondary Dominants

    • Summary of Primary & Secondary Dominants in Key of C

    • Music Tip 9: Secondary V7 Resolve to Diatonic Chords

    • Music Tip 10: Use Secondary V7 Template

    • 5 Secondary V7 for C Key - I7, II7, III7, VI7, VIII7

    • Music Tip 11: 2 Circles - Diatonic Chords & Secondary V7 Chords

    • Music Tip 12: Progression: II7 V7 I - D7 G7 C

    • Music Tip 13: Secondary V7 Chords counterclockwise

    • Music Tip 14: Dm7 vs D7 - Different Sounds

    • Music Tip 15: Substituting D7 for Dm7

    • Music Tip 16: Pay attention to the F# Tone

    • Music Tip 17: 2 melody tones clash with F#

    • Final Chord Chart for D7 G7 C in Away In A Manger

    • Listen to the sounds of D7 G7 C Progression

    • Piano Demo on the entire song with D7 G7 C

    • Music Tip 18: Chord Progression - A7 D7 G7 C

    • Music Tip 19: Distinguish Am7 & A7

    • Put in A7 Secondary V7 into Away In A Manger

    • Music Tip 20: 2 melody tones clash with A7

    • Find Places that can add in A7

    • Music Tip 21: Song application: Put in A7 D7 G7 C

    • Piano Demo with A7 added in

    • Music Tip 22: Chord Progression - C7 F

    • Music Tip 23: Home Chord I vs Dominant Chord I7

    • Music Tip 24: Distinguish CM7 and C7

    • Music Tip 25: C7 Goes Before F - Put in C7 to Song

    • Quiz: Which tones clash with C7?

    • Music Tip 26: 2 melody tones that clash C7

    • Music Tip 27: Putting C7 into chord chart

    • Entire Song with C7 Secondary Dominant

    • Piano Demo of the 5 Levels Combined!

    • Piano Tip 4, 5, 6: Walking Basses

    • Play Along - Walking Basses in Away In A Manger

    • Rocking and Swinging the Walking Basses

    • Have Fun Learning More Skills


About This Class

Learn Piano Level 5 - Intermediate Level - Learn Music Harmony and Reharmonize a basic song to more sophisticated music composition.

Do you know how to add drama to your playing with one trick?

Here's the Secret: In a Key, we know there is only one dominant Chord. Did you know that you can put in more Dominant Chords into your arrangement? It is these extra dominant chords that create beautiful music that you hear in popular songs, standards and movie songs. They are called "Secondary Dominant Chords". These chords create excitement in your song arrangement. They add interesting color, build tension, give surprises and drama to your piano playing. They provide a lot of motion in music that if you know how to put them in, your piano playing will not sound like a PRO! No more boring music and piano playing.

In this course, you are going to learn how to 25 Music Tips regarding Secondary Dominant Chords & 8 Piano Tips to play walking basses:

  • Learn to turn all boring basic arrangement to a beautiful arrangement with colorful sounds.
  • Learn how to creatively add excitement and drama to your playing.
  • Find out how to harmonize a song using chords that ourside the home key
  • Understand how to put in extra dominant chords itno your arrangement
  • Understand advanced music regarding secondary dominant chords that are outside the home key
  • Find an easier way to notate secondary dominant chords easily
  • Understand complex music harmony in a FOCUSED way
  • As a bonus, you also get to know some piano tips to add in drama and movement by learning walking basses
  • Have fun rocking and swing your basses
  • Learn how to dynamically put in walking basses in contrary motion
  • Get the Thumb trick to play like a drummer!


Topics of the Course:

Piano Music Tip 1: G7 - One Primary Dominant Chord in C Key

Piano Music Tip 2: There are 5 Secondary Dominant Chords in C Key

Piano Music Tip 3: Secondary Dominant: V7/V7

Piano Music Tip 4: Secondary Dominant: V7/ii7

Piano Music Tip 5: Secondary Dominant: V7/vi7

Piano Music Tip 6: Secondary Dominant: V7/iii7

Piano Music Tip 7: Secondary Dominant: V7/IV

Piano Music Tip 8: Learn to write Secondary Dominants with One Roman Numeral

Piano Music Tip 9: V7/V7 = II7

Piano Music Tip 10: V7/ii7 = VI7

Piano Music Tip 11: V7/vi7 = III7

Piano Music Tip 12: V7/iii7 = VII7

Piano Music Tip 13: V7/IV = I7

Piano Music Tip 14: C7 to F

Piano Music Tip 15: D7 to G7

Piano Music Tip 16: A7 to D7

Piano Music Tip 17: E7 to A7

Piano Music Tip 18: B7 to E7

Piano Music Tip 19: Secondary Dominant Chord Progression: II7 V7 I

Piano Music Tip 20: Secondary Dominant Chord Progression: VI7 II7 V7 I

Piano Music Tip 21: Secondary Dominant Chord Progression: I7 IV

Piano Music Tip 22: Song application to Away In A Manger: D7 G7 C

Piano Music Tip 23: Song application to Away In A Manger: A7 D7 G7 C

Piano Music Tip 24: Song application to Away In A Manger: C7 F

Piano Music Tip 25: Combining all 5 Levels of Reharmonization to Away In A Manger

Piano Techniques on Walking Bass

Piano Tip 1: Apply Piano Techniques to Basic Chords Movement

Piano Tip 2: Find the places that you can apply the Walking Basses

Piano Tip 3: Walking Bass - Going Up - C to F, C to G7

Piano Tip 4: Walking Bass - Going Down - G7 to C

Piano Tip 5: Contrary Motion in Walking Basses

Piano Tip 6: Rock the Octaves to Create More Walking Bass Drama

Piano Tip 7: Swing the Octaves to Create More Walking Bass Drama

Piano Tip 8: Finger Trick - Thumb acts as a Octave drum

Have fun,


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Really like these videos with all the detail. I know exactly what to do and how to flow.





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