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Learn Photoshop while you" Run for Presidency"!

teacher avatar Mamdouh Kaldas, Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Presidency Course Intro

    • 2. Getting the Flag Image

    • 3. Adding Your Photo

    • 4. Making your Photo Look better

    • 5. Adding the Text layers

    • 6. Saving your File and Wrapping Up

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About This Class

In this class you're going to get a chance to run for presidency in your country and while you do so you'll get a chance to learn some basic Photoshop tools that you can use to create your campaign poster.

Are you interested?

During this fun and interactive activity you will get to know about the most important Photoshop tools and skills:

  • Where to get Free images that you're allowed to use?
  • Resizing your images the right way.
  • How to select your character and isolate him from the image?
  • Making a perfectly clean selection.
  • How to use the Refine Edge Dialog box?
  • How to use Image adjustments the modern way.
  • Using the Type Tool.
  • Saving your Image the right way.

All of that is covered in fun and easy-to-follow videos.

See you inside the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mamdouh Kaldas

Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor


I am a certified Adobe Education Trainer and have worked as a trainer for a couple of years and recently moved into becoming an Online Instructor.

Graduated as a pharmacist, I found my passion in technology and from learning to teaching, I spend most of my time in front of my computer learning new skills, freelancing and creating online courses to help you learn those same skills with ease.

I am also a freelancer with 9+ years of experience working with WordPress and Graphic Design.

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1. Presidency Course Intro: Hello and welcome to the introductory lecture for this course and this course I'm going to teach you some photo shop skills and at the same time, you will get to run for president. I've been teaching for the shop for a while. I am currently an adult education trainer, and I found that people enjoy a lot when they learn while doing really interesting things in this class. Under this project, we're going to create something similar to this design. This is my poster for running for president 2050. Let's hope it happens one day. Okay, I'm going to give you a walk through creating a similar poster where you will get to create yours with your own Ah, country flag your own name and hopefully you can one day become president. This is the assets folder that we will be using. This is mine. And of course, you can use different images for yours, and I will tell you exactly what to look for when getting your images so you can get images that would look nice in this posture. Many we will need two images, one for yourself that we will put on the poster and your flag. We'll discuss how we can get these images and what sizes to look for. And we will explain everything. Toe. Reach this stage where you have a complete posture that you can use and post as your ah projects. I hope you find this interesting. I hope you're excited to get started and we will start in the next lecture Exactly what we're going to do. Toe create this running for presidency posts. Thank you. 2. Getting the Flag Image: And now let's get started creating our presidency post. First thing. I need to create a new image the same size as this one, and to be able to know what the size of an image I need to go to image and image size. As you can see here, the what is 18 90 pixels by 10 63 pixels and resolution is 72 picks is we often use 72 pixels when we are going to create something to be displayed on the screen. If you will be printing your posture, you will need to raise this up to 300 pixels. Porridge. Okay, so let's create something similar. I'll go to file and new create something pretty close to the size. Okay, that's pretty close to the size. Doesn't have to be exactly the same size, pretty close and 72 pixels per inch. This is my new fight. Okay, so where and how am I going to get my flag? First thing we we think off when trying to get an image is too search on Google on Google Egyptian fleck, and this is the resident Google gives me when looking for Egyptian fleck as you can see there are lots of images, but I, um I really allowed to use these images. If you click here on search tools in the Google Results speech, you see another option called usage rights, not filtered. This is the default option, but we know we need to get to labeled for none commercial use with modifications this one you can use without getting permission off the person who created the image. And as you can see, we still have some option. This is one option, this one here that is 9 60 by 6 40 Not a bad one. Here's another one that slow church 2000 pixels by 1333. These are good options, but what other options do I have? Other thing Google. After taking this into consideration, there's a very nice website that provides free, high quality images. It's called picks Obey at picks obey dot com. Let's try to search for the Egyptian flag here and see if we can find anything. Of course, you'll be looking for your own flag, not many results, but probably if you're searching for other flags, you might be able to find other options. I found this residents a good one, and I can simply download it by clicking on the image and clicking on free downloads. Okay, this seems like a good one to me. And if you search for other flags, you might be ableto find more options. But I found this very useful, and it produces some really a good quality images. For now. I'm going to go for this one. Okay, let me save the image. And I would save it in my assets folder directly so that I can find it easily. Okay, Now, let's insert this into our newly created for the shop file. To do this, I will goto the photo shop here, trial and open. And I need to go to their folder. Where this safe. This is the new image. Okay. As you can see, it opens in a new tab, and I need to put it into my image. I can do this either by click and drag going upto the name off the other file and then dropping it here. Okay. As you can see, the image is a lot smaller in size. I might need need to resize it. Okay, let's put it to the corner and precise an image you need to press on control and t on the keyboard. And then from one of the corners. With precip pressing shifts, you can drag it up until it precise is okay. Might be able. I might need to drag it a little bit more so that the chills and it is my image. As you can see, it's looking good. It's really good quality image. So it resize is very nicely. And we learned, How can we get good images that we are allowed to use? And that will look nice with our designs? I hope you find this useful end In the next lecture. We will cover the next steps. Thank you. 3. Adding Your Photo: in this lecture, I'm going to be adding my image to the flag. He lets you feel back to the original poster. This one. Okay, let's now try another way off. Heading for two stood year. Heil, I'll go to file open. This is the image I have chosen. Let's open it because you can seek opens in a new tip. And as you can see, the image has a lot more details that I won't be needing it. So I need to take these parts off. I only need this part up report for the image. And let's this time see another way off adding images to our file. Close this. These are the two images. And to be able to simply drag and drop my image from one to the other good window, arrange and choose to a vertical toe. A vertical allows me to put my images side by side. Simply click and drag from here and then drop it there. As you can see, the image has been transferred on. Now I can close this way. Okay, I've chosen this image because, as you can see, there isn't much interfering objects around me, so it's kind of easy toe, select my image and put it on top of the flag. However, as you can see, also, my image here is a lot larger than the file. So I need to size this down. And, like we said before, criticize, ah, the image we will press on control T. However, as you can see here, I don't see the handles where I can besides my image and this is happening because this file is way bigger, then the file I am working with to be able to see the corners off the resizing after pressing control. T. I'll need to press control and zero, and this shows me the handles here. As you can see for Dari sizing, I will press shift. Why? Holding one of the corners? Tony size my image until I get a suitable size. I think this should be nice on. Then I will accept the changes by clicking on commissions. Okay, now let's zoom in a little bit. As you can see, the latest versions are for the shop. You can simply zoom in by scrolling on your mouse, the track pad or or the mouse scroll butter scrolling zooms in and zooms out. Now I need to remove this white part around Ah, my image here so that it would look nice on the flag. And also, I wouldn't be needing the other people in the age to select my image. I have lots of options. One of them would be the magic one tool. Let's try using the magic went tool and see how we can use it in here. Magic went to worse by selecting similar colors. As you can see here, I have a lot of white. It is around me. I will try to select that white and see if it gives me a good result here. Just clicking on the color I want to select. Okay, it got some port, but not all of it. I will de select need to increase the tolerance so that takes a little bit more off the colors. I can always dis elect by pressing on control and clicking here. This gives pretty decent trousers. As you can see, it selected all of these areas that doesn't look bad at all. Let's try deleting this and see if it gives us a good results and then controlled the to de select. This is not bad. It's rough here around the edges. Let's zoom in a little bits. The edges aren't as clean as we would like them to be. Was so here, on top of the hair. And there is this Put. Okay, so this this was one way off selecting, selecting the image. But it didn't give us exactly what we're looking for you. Let's go back. Control Z, um gives us like an undue And as we want to undo a number of steps, we will go to the history pan in here. I can go back until the free transform. As you can see, the history panel gives me all the actions that I've taken since I opened. That's fine. Okay, I needed to undo all of the's. So it's simply creek on the layer on the step that I want to go toe, which is free transform in this case and I'm back here. It's Sumi. I think this would work much better using the quick selection toe quick selection tools like a brush. When you pay into select, let's use it and see how it works for us. I need to increase the size of the brush so that it works well here. Okay, this sounds nice. And I will click and drag as if I'm painting, and it's selecting my inch. He adds to the selection. The more I click it adds to the selection. Might need to zoom in a little bit to see exactly what's happening here. Okay, this is looking good. And this part Okay, I think I got the part that I will be needing. However, if I would remove the other parts now, it would still look rough and able to to be able to clean this I will go to refine itch on Define. It is a very nice option that allows me toe remove the things that I don't need from the edge off the selection. Click on Smart Radius and raise this a little bit. Okay, As you can see here around the edges, it's a lot cleaner. The way that we used to see here when used the Magic Rand is not available. Okay. Gives a pretty nice selection, can smart it a little bit. And I might need to get rid off this white, but let's leave this for later. I see I have a pretty decent result here, and I just need to output this, and I will choose new layer with their mosque. This creates a layer mask on top off the already existent layer, so it's a new layer with a layer mask that will hide everything that's showing in red here . Or I can choose this to see how it would look on the layer. As you can see, it's looking nice, clean and really good. Clay defined edges. Very interesting. I'm a shift The edge inside. Okay, this is looking rice out. Click OK, and as you can see, the result here is really what's. I just need to move this down a little bit so it doesn't look like it's cuts. And this is the image looking very nice and very clean on top of the flag. And if I look to the layers, this the old or the original image as it was, and then I have a new one with a layer mask, and if you look at the mask, the white is the board that's showing from the image. That's my image and the black. This is the part that's hidden that used to have the white and other people in it. Okay, And having this on top of the wife leg is not creating any problems. So I think this is we made a good president creating the selection, cleaning it up. So it looks really nice here on top of white and black. It looks realize that's just name the layer. Name it with my name. And it's always good practice to name your layers. Let's name this one also so that whenever the file gets bigger, you would know what does each layer represent easily by looking at the name. Okay, so we've achieved a good result here on Let's see in the next lecture, what else do we need to do? 4. Making your Photo Look better: Yeah, he got my image. I see that it needs a little bit off more contrasts toe to be added so that it would look nice. And to do this, I would go toe the adjustments panel here and click on the levels. Okay, This will create a new adjustment, a layer levels adjustment layer. And I can control the levels here by dragging the right slider, the white one to add more light to the image, as you can see. And I can drag the black or the left slider toe, add more to the darker part of the image. Maybe this was a little bit too much. Let's pull it back. Okay? And to see how it was before and how became after I can talk about the visibility here. Okay, this is before this is after. I think looking it looks nice. And if you're not really satisfied with result or if you're looking for a quick result, you can simply click and on auto and auto will give you a first and quite decent results. Okay, here is the adjustment layer that we have created. And I would just like to do a little thing and by going double clicking on it. I'll click on the adjustment layers to be clipped to the image. Okay, because it used to have its effect on the whole seen here or the whole file. I didn't want that. I wanted only to be affecting my image. As you can see now, it doesn't affect the flag anymore by clicking the clipping part or clipping mosque, making it a clipping mosque on my layer. This is really nice when you want to isolate the effect on just one layer off your file. I think it's looking nice. Now. Let's have a look at before and after. This is before this is after. It has more light, and I think it's a little bit and nicer. Okay, this is just a fine touch on. Then we will move on to the next step in the next next 5. Adding the Text layers: We've made good progress here, and let's make sure we don't lose that by saving our image. As you can see, it's still named tight, entitled one. To save the image, you need to goto file and save s and choose Photoshopped the piece de as your file type and let's name it Poster for Presidency and I will save it in my Assets folder as well as for shop file. Now, whenever we closed the file, we can open it again and it or change anything as we like. Looking back at our original image, we see we need to add these texts. Okay, so let's go to the type tool, click on it and click in this place here, and I will be writing my name. Of course, you need to write your own name, and as you can see, it's really tiny here. You can see it. So once this is selected, the options here shows me the text, and I need to increase the size. And I can do this by pointing my cursor on the T here and click and drag to the right and I can. As you can see, the size has increased Let's do this more. I need the name Toby really big here. Okay? This is looking nice, and I can change the phones. I can also get to the panels here. I have a character panel. I have all the options for the text. Let's look for a different fund. Lots of options here. Um, let's try this one and the example. I had it all caps, so I'll click on all caps. No bet. Of course, you can choose this to our own liking. Whatever front and phone size you want to use, increase it a little bit more. And then I have the four. No. And as you remember from the other image, this used to be a very small one. So let's decrease the size scrubbing toe the left, decrease the size. And I had this in yellow. So let me pick a color from here. Or maybe something more. Okay, As you can see from the from the layers here I have one layer for mom do and one for for the word for. And I need to move this so it would look like this so I would press on control T. And as we use this 40 size. We can also use it to retreat. As you can see, when I come near the edges, it shows a curved arrow. I would click on that and rotated to look nice. And then I can also besides it to be exactly the size and position I wanted. And then I'll click. Enter. I need to create one more going to the type tool and sorry. I need to click away so that it doesn't edit this one. That's create here. And this is for President. I need to get this a little bit smaller. I will remove the oil caps Andi needs to fit in here. Okay, that's speaking other forms. Um, that's not bet. I just have a type of here can. Let's try this one. Why not? He just size it down a little bit. Doesn't look pits. Of course, you can choose the the phones and the styles to the the way you like them. Okay, I like this one. It's a bit different from the original one, but it's looking nice. As you can see, you have lots of options. Here. You can choose the font size. You can choose whether tohave it old caps or not, and these are all the options that you can use to control the text. The front. You can add any form that's available on your computer, and you can get ah, more funds from the Internet. This is looking nice to me. I just need to add the year in my sample. I used 2050 out of control, a tow, select all go for the same yellow color here, or maybe something even nicer. And let's make this bigger, maybe a different phone. Also something that stronger and will stand out. Um, no, not bad. We can can score for more, but you can off course use whatever you like from the faults. Okay? And this works. Let me just move it so it doesn't go out. Okay, so we've added old text layers, as you can see here, four text layers and this is starting to look really nice 6. Saving your File and Wrapping Up: and now our poster is almost ready. Last thing we need to do is to save it, and we're going to save it for the Web. So we would create an image that looks good and still has not very large image size. But before we do this, let me show you a nice tip that I think you will find interesting. Because you can see the flag here Looks very straight. Me to add some sort off movement or like a wave to the flag. Okay. I'll select the flag from my layer here. And then I would go to filters, distort. And we've, as you can see here in this preview at some sort of movement, toe the flag so that it looks like it's flowing or or moving with the air. Okay. Default settings work. Fine. You can try. This makes it so bad. Think this would look nice? Okay, Very little. Ah, Wave motion here. As you can see, it looks better. More natural for Affleck. That's then goto the safe like we saved the file for before as ah pst for the photo shop toe. Have ah source. Fine. Now let's use the new export menu for for the Shop, and the export menu has two options. Quick export as J pic. Let's try this one. Okay, the name is exactly the same. No options are given, and I would click, Save and my images saved and it opens image. And here it is. Okay, what if I want more options while saving it for the Web or exporting it? Let's look at something slightly different. I would go to file export and then instead, off quick export. I'll go to export. As for export as you get more options, first of all, you get to choose what size you want your image to be. You also get to choose what five formats have used Job J pic, and it's probably the most suitable for Matt here. But you can use PNG as well, and you will see here the full size and PNG file format. It's 763 kilobytes. Let's see if we change that to gyp pick. What's the size 702. Not much different. Okay, if you'd like to save your image at a smaller size, you can just reduce the size here, either by putting the pixel here or putting a percentage, let's say 75% on a per step. So this is the new image. New size and the file size year will be 489. Okay, let's save for this 100. 1350 picks is is nice, 75% other click export old. Let's say this as the name and I put the words in pixels at the end so that I would know what size it is. And that was Jipping like with chosen here and then click safe. And our image should be saved now into the Assets folder that we hat. As you can see here, this is the newly saved image looking pretty nice and the file size is quite good compared toa the quality off the edge. This wraps our quick tutorial for creating your presidency Poster priest. Go ahead and create three years shared it with us. Share it on social media and let us see. What are you going to create? Try to be creative in the photo of the flag you use in the text you use in your own photo, create something nice and let's share it with us and see what you can come up with. Hope you enjoy this and look forward Toa more and more for the shop courses and tutorials. Pretty soon. Thank you.