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Learn Painting Watercolor Beaches | How to a Beach Paint Watercolor Sea Scapes

teacher avatar Sanika - Arty Vibes, Artist & Art Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Tip n techniques

    • 4. Mixing n Making Color Shades

    • 5. Project 01 - Beach Top View

    • 6. Project 02 - Beach Sunset Front View

    • 7. Project 03 - Beach Side View

    • 8. Conclusion - Thank You

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About This Class

Hello, I am Sanika and I will be guiding you from the beginning to paint some beaches. Go through all the lessons and don't forget to post a feedback. I strongly recommend you all to post your completed artworks in the projects section, so that i can have a look at them ! Also if you have any doubts, you can ask them in the discussions section, I will be happy to help you :)

In this class you will learn

  • Basics about watercolor material
  • Some important tips to start watercoloring
  • Mixing right colors to make various shades
  • 3 different types of beach paintings

Some tips before we start

  • Watch this class on a bigger screen to get the best out of the class
  • Use any kind of watercolor material available with you except the paper which should be acid free, 100% cotton, and of 300gsm
  • You do not need to attempt the complete class together, you can break it into smaller parts and attempt as and when you have time. Most of the lessons are having a run time of 10 – 15 minutes and can be taken anytime during the day.

So, let's start painting together and don't forget to have fun !


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sanika - Arty Vibes

Artist & Art Teacher


Hello everyone ! I am Sanika Bhutkar, an Architect by profession. I am an artist and art instructor based in India. I practice various mediums like watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, mandalas, acrylics, canvas, etc. I have been teaching art through various platforms since a long time.


You can scroll down to check out my Watercolor & Acrylic  classes here on Skill Share and learn with me. Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Skill Share for regular updates about my new classes. I would recommend you all to start with the 'Everything About Watercolors' class first if you want to learn all the techniques and tips. Then take the 'Watercolor Beginner Polaroid' class and then you can take the rest :)


You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest by th... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Most of us love going to beaches and you know what? Painting them can be even more fun. So today I will be getting you on how you refer me to. Hello everyone. I am signing. Some of you might be already knowing me. With those of you who don't know me, you can check out my instrument, these by any IVUS. Anika artist who practices law. Scan was literally etcetera. This, I have thought of eating you and how do you see It's between these? So in this class you will get to learn various techniques. This is good for oil days of living. So if you had a beginner, you will get to learn everything from star. And if you notice, you can still enjoy being in some of the beaches with me. So firstly, I will take you through some materials required. Then we will move on to some basic techniques of water paralleling, which will help you to be in some beautiful being dense. Later on we'll go back and see how to make some beach sheets by mixing various gallows to achieve all the blues and sang sheets. After that, we'll be moving to our mean three projects. One is the top view of a blue see, another one is a friend to view often nice evening sunset. And third one is aside Beach being done. Let's go and start doing this feelings right now. If you have any broad and again, let me know in the decision's already jumped me on my Instagram. And also don't forget to leave a feedback later on, if you like this glass. 2. Materials Required: Now I'll take you through some basic materials that really require make sure to use any vapour are distributed. Watercolors loss when you do work the polluting since regular workloads don't walk away. So you can use an inland artists gate by laws. Then the type of people you uses important, make sure you use watercolor paper itself, which is acid free and a 100% cotton. So this is a cold press Paypal which has nice texture to it. Let us, this is a hard press people, which has a smooth surface. So you get these two types of watercolor people, dessert myosin thick sense there are 300 GSM. Make sure you use these kind of peoples. I prefer to use a bolt respectful for doing landscape paintings. Then make sure you have two jars of Bordeaux. One you will use to clean off your brush and the other one you will use to Lord with new work, the wafer loading. Then you require nice state of round brushes of various sizes. So you can use them of any brand, but make sure they're rescues, amaze and smooth when you pin them. Dan mentioned, and they have a nice point at the end. You will also require some small rushes to being some leaders. So you can see these are a few brushes which are damaged. So some of them are already old or have been used for a longer time. So they're Br2 says again CR mark Lord, hairs are coming off some of the brushes to use these very low pressures. The new leader, they should pay per handy. So I prefer keeping our tissue in my lifetime. And since I am an IP, IP with my lay tile and it is easier to clean your brush continuously when you have a distributed behind these. So you can double for this warped by them. So let's move on and see some of the basic techniques now which will help you. 3. Tip n techniques: Now I threw some tanks which will help you and your work at the learning journey. So first drawing some of the outcomes and great philosophers. And I will show you how to give different types of by loping remained unnamed density reduced one below. And so now, if we required a nice big mentor follow with hiring density, then you can just take the fellow in your pilot. And I had a very little amount of water to it. And being directly with it. In this way, you will achieve a nice rich color pigment. So as you can see, I have not added much water to this fellow, and I have kept more pigment to achieve this dot of Bushehr. Now let me do some work with this and see what happens. As you can see, now, we have achieved a little lighter than the earlier one, just by mixing some amount of water orders an alkalosis. Now let's add some more and see how we can achieve an even lighter fellowship with this. So now we have got a view of less vibrant shared with adding some more water. So basically now you can see that how we have achieved differing by low grades of this theme, by law, by adding dist of u drops off more water toward more ticket letting you need to remember that you should not make light with Apollo as we do in other mediums to make it lighter, but use water to make it more later, then the pallor shareable implemented it, but it will get lighter and still not look. So make sure you don't add white to your fellow, but add water to make it later. And this way the political non-game. But you will be able to achieve those sheets with it. So let's move on to a next small step away. All your brush is very important. So this is n number round brush and I am poor, lingered behind as you can see. And let's make a singles broke with the. Now. With this brush, I can achieve a nice thick stroke. Now let's hold it a little more. And let's see. We can achieve thinner stroke than the earlier one with this. Now let more closer to the tip. And you can see I have achieved even the no stroke than the earlier one with this. Now let's hold it close to the tip and we can achieve a nice ten single line with this theme grudge. Typically, you can achieve different kind of strokes with this theme number brush. So this is a round brush and with the same brush I have achieved forward appearing stroke. So hurried up brush and how much pressure you put on it is important when you're dealing with any kind of brush. So now let's see the mean. I Ipswich majority of people use raping thing. So this is a normal rate downgrade technique. Then name suggests, that means they need, so the paper is dry and VR using awake follow onto our people to follow. So that's just simply what does Rick Andre technique. I am just using two balance sheets. One is the cobalt blue and another one is a dark blue color. And I'm just going with my brushstrokes directly honor Dr. people. So basically that third, this is just the way gone dry technique. Now let's make a return rate technique. So I have both used a single port of water on my people. As against the, you will be able to see the signs that this is the ADR, which I have been there with clean water force. I'm now let dropped some blue palo over it. And you can see how this reading naturally and this is happening because that is already what emphasizing on the people. So if you do this honor, Dr. people, you won't get this effect. But since that is already known, the people, you can see the pillars have started automatically blending in with each other. So if you take your people in any direction though, bilaterally, automatically stipend moving and eating the shape as there is water there. So you can use this technique for painting radius things, washes, 50Hz, et cetera. You can directly use our normal fellow cleanly being ego or water, or you can also and the existing by load like this to make it a single clean balance sheet to give you a Washington. While doing this, you feel like you have done some mistake and you wanted to rectify that, then you can simply use your issue people, I'm battling a lot of people. In this way. You will be able to Ballard again overdubbed later on on the law won't look biodiesel. But make sure you do this. Menu is where. So if you do it immediately, then maximum of the payload will be picked up. You can also just use some what if some polarizer meaning with your brush. And again, do the same thing. The appellant up with your official uses lean tissue paper while doing this. And if you do it, immediately went Apollodorus, Delaware, most of the times around 95% of your bilateral whipping up. So I hope this will help you. A lot of you do some mistake. Now let see what happens when we use our weight pallor on another week alert. So even this is a kind of boundary Technion, but this time we are using a weight fellow falls on people, and then we'll use a nanowire alone or whether it. So I have been there or wait for by a blue background. I now drop in some dark blue below that horizontal lines on our weight. Blue Cross, Blue Shield. So now as you can see the movement we started going with horizontal strokes without our blue by law, that are more edges form that since the earlier letters already very low blue color is fend off, merging in width or Lyrica low, and there are no edges formed. Then you can use these techniques for VBS and space. 4. Mixing n Making Color Shades: Now let's see how to meet some beach pollution by mixing we've used for the beat mean the real require some blues colors. So let's start making our forest nine galore. So this is a yellow polka. Hello. I'm, I'm just mixing a very little amount of bone setup brown dwarfs. And this is a nice time Collaborate you can achieve with this. Now, let's add some more ones than our board and see how we can achieve a little bit darker shade with this. Now, I am taking some raw on Burka. I'm using it directly. So even you can use a rhombus is a very nice shape to use. Whereas now I am just mixing a little bit of blue toward, and you'll get a literal number shield, which you can use forgiving debt. I'm shadows. Now let us take some born downward and mix a little amount of good yellow to work. And this is the docker machine you can achieve with this. Now I am adding some water to my yellow ochre directly. And I have a tube, this very light sheet. So this can be used for giving highlights to ours. And now I'm taking some Goodbye. Hello. I'm mixing into the amount of water toward and giving a detector P. So this is a nice rich blue, yellow sheet which we can use directly for our waters. Now let's add a little amount of ultramarine blue to blue. Or you can even add a city. A little darker shade of blue through this. Now I'm taking some Goodbye to blue and mixing my little amount of my emerald green towards. So I won most mix theme and equate quantities. And this is a very nice see green sheet which we can achieve by this. Now if you want a darker version of similar sheet, you can dig or dark green or a viridian green and mixes it alien blue auto ultramarine, dark blue toward and you can achieve darker see Blue Shield. Now let's take some civilian Lou. And the amount of black toward, to get a very deep blue shield. You can either make civilian BUN blackboard, this order ultramarine blue and black. And let's give this sheet to get a nice De Bu Shi and this can be used to get nice depth for our water. Unless made one more last Fellowship which will miss a Miller, was the greens here. I'm just mixing a little more amount of cobalt blue here and a less amount of green color. To make a little later see Blue Shield. So it is very similar to the above. And does just that is a lipid more water than the little more blue than the green. So these are few off the beach cheers, which will help you be most of your beaches. You can also create more such fears by mixing more polos now that you have got the technique. So let start being thinner betas now. 5. Project 01 - Beach Top View: Now I am starting by beeping my beeper on all the four sides. You can either use a scotch tape, masking tape, or a washing date for this. Any type of Dave will walk with warned ruining your people when you remove it. So for staying back and then you can use any kind of such deep. Make sure you are keeping bind off equal weight on all four sides since we'll get the nice my rounded boulder then. So let's start making up a luscious. So when required or city and blue directly then we'll require deep sea Blue Shield, which we already made by mixing don green auto readily in green with our dark blue, anything of value that businesses really an audible Xin Bu order Andromeda in blue then will require a lighter green shield, which we made by mixing. I'm really green and blue. So now let's voice you or ten wash of Mordor to either people. For doing this. I am using light brush and I enforced warring with vertical strokes. I'm giving a nice wash. Then I'd be in my dock burly Blue Shield. I'm dropping some of the shield here and there. In doing this, I am just drawing in random sheets and not much concerned about the ganged up sheep I'm getting. So sensor does a natural water body. So if you want to get exact shapes that I am doing, then you can keep pausing the video and seeing the exact locations that I am being lingered. Now. I'm cleaning the brush and just spreading it with a little amount of mortar. And now I'm going in with my yellow sign Gallo and going from the bottom. And as I go up, I am just using some water to spread it about. So make sure you learn the mixed WN design fellow. Otherwise you will get a viewer green Gallo which you don't want. So just do it in the border and let the bottom portion remain a big dot goal. And as you go up, you can just faded with war-torn. Now make sure you wait till your fourth layer completely dries up. And after your voice lead it straight up. Just go with one single wash of Porto. I'm going in with horizontal strokes. I'm not going over the strokes do many time because I don't want to activate the Cordelier layer, which I have given. So make sure you go just once with a stroke with water and then dropping in the darker the blue shield. So this is again the abortion blue plus the dark green. Then I'm dropping some are determined in blue or this really in blue. So I'm doing this very fast, okay, so I don't want my layer of water to dry up. So that's why we need to do it very quickly before that, what the leg raise or completely. So if you do it slowly and your delayed raise up, then you can just keep it weight by giving a little bit more to four doors. So again, I'm willing with the deepest blue shield which may made by mixing the dark blue and black and putting it in some places to give some depth to our water. So make sure you do this really, really quickly. I'm you will definitely get it with more SDO Foster, Thank You. Can go slow. I am doing this many veins, so now I am getting used to it. But you can go slow and don't worry if it doesn't happen in the first attempt to keep doing it and you will get it. Now, will wait for the second layer to dry up completely or can even drive with a driver. And now I am using my fabric weight, fabric wave. I want a very opaque weight below. So you can either use a Greylock white border fabric or a poster below eight long. Use your vertical await what does, because it will slightly be done and this scholarship. So now I'm just going in with some Dr. Gallo guiding them much of water toward just added a few drops of water to make it of a paintball consistency. But I'm going in with a very smaller brush and just tapping the fellow on my people and going with upward direction. So you can see because of the cold pressed, rough picture of the paper, I am achieving our picture directly with this brush by just pressing some filer in on my people. So it's better to use WordPress paper because it's easier to achieve such exert beautiful photos related offer people saved. Since the because of this wide, it's nice to get the weight below which will enhance your painting more than I am not using a work alone. Now I will use the word FLO, weight where I learned one bank doc and density of the weight to be. So as we go about, I don't want the intensity of the weight to be that the much like Spain now I am using my work at below Wait. I'm going in with some smalls brought about. These books will calculate opening their dry off. So we want the wave to be really bright in the world. Some Bard where though with this meeting the sign and it will go on feeding as v will amount. So that signed the bottom part, using isotopic weight of any medium and a bow, you can use our piccolo rate. Now I'm just giving some yellow ochre shield about my weight layer. This is because the wave which takes understand is find offline spring because of their transparent meter of water. And that's why you can see this time through your v also. So we have to create that plate effect. And that's fine, just going over my water view with my yellow ochre. And now I'm just hiding the deepest blue on blue wave to give some nice depth stewart. So I'm just going in with my Deep Blue urine there with some random strokes Isaac and see these drops are not very clean and nice. I'm keeping them Fluff. I'm playing them so that it will look more nitrile. So now I'm going with the sea blue shade that green plus blue. If you are not getting the exact shears, you can again go to my pillow theory tab and see how to meet those. Now I'm taking my Docker sign fellow which is yellow ochre born. Say now I am just giving little strokes onto the view. Make sure you don't make exact line while you're doing this. I am just giving it in some part to meet slate Shadow of the wheel which is coming on the signed. But don't make a clean line. Bouldering your entire vi, don't do that. Make sure you do that. Insulting parts to give a slave shadow effect. Now I'm just mixing some little amount of blue color with my bone Cenacolo together very deep brown share. And I'm just giving it very lightly on some parts do mock my shadows of the wave. So we then see how immediately the view has got some death due to doing this. So low it on very little spaces. The entire wave line. And our painting is done now will just remove the ground feet. And the painting is ready to beautify our oceans. So let's move on to our next Beach now. 6. Project 02 - Beach Sunset Front View: Now I have my liquid on all the four sides with the scotch tape. And let's start giving a thin layer of Mordor to add a PN diode people with offline cache. So when giving more debt it make sure that you don't use too much of withdrawal. So I'm not doing less of Motorola sued. So basically you're in dire. People should be covered in one thing, that of mortar, brick. There should not be puddles of water anywhere on your people, suggesting some orderings Bailey nicely and evenly on your people. Now will first make some fellowships which will require for this being Day. So we require a cool chrome yellow orderly below some audience Below the crimson red color. And I'm making some bulk, bulk allow by mixing some crimson red with myself alien view, if you directly have a bulk below modern shield, you can use the eigenstate, Sam starting by in the middle abortion with my yellow. Then I'm going with my audience alone and dropping in a crimson red and Franco blended in with my orange. I'm last time dropping in my formula sheet and aimed. So again, I need to go with clean when I am doing this because we need to complete it hurt when our LED is still awake. Dabbing off with my issue paper or SOPA Linda, same, Good. I am this now cleaning the edges and making a circuit. So this is our sun, which is acting right now. So you can do it in this way. Audience, If you forget to do this or if you don't get the entire palette off your people, if you're not dead, you can leave it on US. Await by low. I'm just me or SOPA Linda, same bird. Even like really work. So I'm just showing you this new technique. I hope that will help you. So now I am going very quickly because I need to complete this thing diode being thin when my water bill is rate, which I have dealt with that before. So I am going with horizontal strokes now to draw some work though. With the same shields again in reverse order, like this. They are low force, then the orange, then migraines and grade, and then the fopen sheet, which I mean. So just going in with simple horizontal strokes for that. And that's why I'm trying to do it very quickly because if my what DO background has dried up, doublers one to blended nicely. So I am just going without really nice speed while you're doing this because I don't want the background to get dried up. So make sure you do it with Lee orders. If your background is drying up, make sure you add some water door, looking for great, and then continue painting. So you will definitely keep one getting it with more practice. So forth. Dynamic might be a bit difficult for you. Even I have gone through a lot of practice to reach this stage. So make sure you keep practicing. You will definitely masturbate very soon. So I'm just adding some open lines which I got by mixing crimson plus blue. And if you're going on to the corners, then make sure you bring it in with the brush like this so that it does geo-coordinates won't get darpa shield. Now wait for the entire layer to buy up or user dryer to write up past. So this has completely dried up. Now. I now am starting giving my sticking layer to make it more vibrant. So I have started with my full time doing this to get the notches grade right now. Then I assign blending my audience. And now let's put in some yeah, local law and blended nicely with the add o earlier. So we need doing this yellow color is embedded in the same boat, so the horizon line is somewhere in the center of the people. I am then I'm continuing with the same yellow below. But batters now my work till now I am going in with some audience strokes. So I'm doing this audience or nurse. And this Android bypass still yellow, just pushing in the audience in layer logo gate this books. And in the same boat you can just clean off some follow-up with your tissue paper to get better flexion of the sun and then just make some horizontal strokes with Yo-Yo local law. Now am going again with the same kind of strokes with my crimson color into my audience. I'm lastly with map albedo fellowship. So I'm trying to do it fast. You can pause the video anytime I'm do it slowly. N2 problem. So I'm just going in with some open lines. Meaning you oblige issue whenever you are doing this now has gone up. So now I am just adding a few strokes that orange Gallo. Then I'm mixing some iterative method and again, adding a few strokes. After that, I'll take some crimson red directly. And now I'm meeting some opal by adding Bu Duan crimson and again, finishing off with the bow stroke. So these drugs are not exactly straight, as you can see that very few 100 random goals to do this with a smaller size. So I am drawing a nice five with my black. Then let's meet one or two leaves which are coming inside. So for that I have drawn the central line of the leaf Imam just meeting some strokes pointing downwards with my smaller size brush. So I am using a phone number brush. You can use a nice brush which you are comfortable with meetings. Small ten lines. So I'm just but I think my brush and picking it up to me. So now the sky underwater, you don't need to worry much about the shapes that you are getting. Midway Lead Belly, no audio can be on weeks lower-end achieved many ships. So the detailing is going to announce our drawings more. Let's make a boat. You're with our black color sheet. It is going to be already small boards since I am considering it to be verified a v. So I'm not be delivered out very much, just making us allow the board to meet obese and do drawing a triangle on both the side. So now let's make some big, some brown color shield. You can use a bone center for this. And I'm just going with small horizontal strokes to make the reflection of the board. You can see literally enhance the drawing immediately. So the elements will be what we'll be enhancing your drawing more. So let's make a few boards onto the sky. So this I am doing again with my black highlight cells. So I am considering this board to be a little more closer to us and making a Tobago with oh head under Dale and beings. Let's make a nod though. So when meeting the modes now you need to remember that you don't meet oil the boards with the exact same sheep. Otherwise they will look on nitrogen or BB Student. So we mean the malls with a little bit of variation, at least two small ones behind. And I'm making pins at the bottom going north because there is no element there, which is there below. It's not looking nice balanced. So I'm just adding all small half wave bends at the bottom corner with my black political self. Let's make the wire mesh. And let's put some highlights on the bends that is there below with vertical awake, not guiding less slave labor. And let's use the same way to add some reflection of the sun in the water also. So just giving some horizontal strokes. And we are done with API. Then let's remove off by removing the bees law and be assumed. And this painting is also ready to beautify your shelves now and let's move on to our last being doing. 7. Project 03 - Beach Side View: Now I have the big board on all the four sides with them asking deep. And let's start by giving a wash of work done on the entire people. When giving words, you can go with the scroll source, that is by going vertically and then horizontally one so that the work that is dead on every part of your people. Now let's start digging up some digging local white. I'm mixing some water with it. And I'm just dropping in my blue color now with some random shapes to meet our sky. So as you can see though, is not that much. Since I have, I did a lot of water toward, because I don't want my psi to be very dark sensor. That's going to be ready background data element. And I don't want to serve the Lord. So I'm not hiding. My trough galloping maimed onto this Carlo keeping a delayed though. So don't overdo the sky or don't do your sky. Deliberately record. I'm just adding a little bit darker blue sheet onto my flowers when they are still await to give a nice effort. But again, don't use a lot of key effortless, big main, use modals. Now I'm mixing blue and green to create a CBO and just giving it on the right most important chord note off my before to mark my C. And now I am using yellow, offered some amount of bone Sl2 word. And I will be being done on the leftmost corner of my paper to mth assigned. Don't go to mix. Yellow and the blue shell. Keep them has they are on the side. So let me make some born say now without green, give dipole lymphedema shade in the background. Don't meet a late mountain. So make it very late in the war, did he? Because we don't want it to be two-way bring they are the elements which are there in the background. And I don't want to highlight. The main highlight will be our assignment C. So we are keeping the background elements completely laid. Let this layer completely dry up an afterlife, make a sea blue seed, and start going with horizontal strokes on your dough. Waiting my dubbing the excess water off my shoe, and spelling in the strokes. John flue. You can use a needle Blue, which is a 30 million B10 are implemented in blue for abortion mu and dropping in some seeds onto the rightmost corner with the brush. This I am doing when my oily propeller steady rate. Now let's take some yellow ochre color. Start making some horizontal strokes on ISIL has value. So what you're doing, I'm not building the entire sign as you can see, I'm just making some rough random strokes. So this is not a clean wars. Now I'm digging some born Selima follow. I'm mixing a Sabrina. And let's just isolate our mountain or big mod. So again, going with varied random strokes while doing this. And don't take too much of color pigment. And I have some water door it since we don't want to make a doula. Now I'm mixing some colored domain or brown glass shield. So I have taken some buoyancy Mar, and I have, I did a very little amount of Sap Green. And I am giving voice layer for Iraq. So these are marked very nicely shaped right now. So again, I'm taking some born same Apollo and maximum little amount offset ilium blue to it and dropping in on my Rajiv. Now I've rated for malaria to completely dry up and I am taking a small brush now and mixing some born number answer really in blue. So I have mixed alien blue to get the very dark brown sheet. I'm going smaller strokes. I'm just defining the shape of the rocks a bit more. With this on the bottom parts and on the left-hand side of the rock, since those are the areas which are going to be a big part of the rocks. I'd be painting my local seed later on. So now I'm taking my yellow on the right. I'm giving some strokes on the same bus. So as you can see, these strokes are ready law find natural. I'm not giving nice, good a splines while I'm doing this, I want them to be a bit uneven. So again, going with the dark brown color on the left side and on the right side, we integrated with my yellow could. Now I am just making some Doblin follow with my sap green. So this is adopted or live green sheet which I have made. And now I'm using my round brush. You'll make some bushes in the background with this bylaw. Again, I'm going with strokes, just tapping the brush on with my fellow in random directions to get the bushes. Now I am do speaking some DOM blue, blue, blue for this. I am again going in with few strokes on my water, onto the right-most side. And again, just cleaning off my brush with water and nothing off the X is spreading more. So now for the VMs, we will again need a opaque white gallo. I'll be using a fabric weight below. You can even use a Greylock order coastal wait for this. We are using opaque wipe since E2 will be by darpa shoulder waves in this color to make it more prominent. So I've mixed up any legal amount of water with this, I am, I am going to end with a small brush and making some strokes. These strokes I'm making at the junction of the word DO with this signed to mock the form of my workday. So wherever there are rocks in the auto, beats flashing on and I'm just making some lines and some dots to saw this flash of worker on the rocks. And this making some small strokes would violate colour. And this wide I have only used in the Frank bite afterwards. In the right part I am using a vertical away now. So that eight part, I don't want it. The way that we do dominate lead slammed willing with the vertical wave, since the work of a low rate will be a little faded. Now I'm making some dark view of a diorama in blue and green. I'm giving you my Aviv's do just mock some live, I'm shadows onto the water. So I'm willing and with some strokes with my dog Blue Shield. So you can see this has started enhancing liar seem more. Now I'm mixing some borns enough alert. I'm some blue color again to make a dark browns shared. I'm again just going in giving in on my rocks. On the leftmost five, don't give it more depth on my rocks. And you can see that oxide now clearly. And hence to more than they were before, since we have our nice depth Don dwarf. So I am giving you on the left and the bottom parts of my rocks. So this is a very dark would be vibrating fallow which I am using. So this has a lot of Galapagos main Do it now. I'm when I did my rocks. And let's just do a lipid reflection of that officer debate in the word dog and also their dreams. So for that I'm going with the same rocking three fellowships and with some horizontal strokes in the war does not go, we're doing just already let alone moms do make it nicer. And just going with my a law. But on my assigned with the fuel strokes here and there. Now let's make some bonds in our with Sap Green and meet the Frank most element of our bean thing, which is the coconut tree. For data have drawn on a nice dung for sharing their Dong. Make sure you don't make it to five vectors, don't make art deco stroke. And the main trunk going to not at the dock. And it can be a bit more technical at the bees. Do more in the background. So the background database lately, I'm not making up for the background ones. I'm using my sap green. Again, I'm just drawing some leaves at the background trees. So you don't need to worry much because they are going to be in the background. So I am just drawing the same line and then marking those strokes of the leaves. So do this for the smaller size brush, it will be easier for you. And then I'm mixing some sap green, handsome yellow color door and going with the leaves. So I've started making the leaves for the Frank P. Now that I am using a liberal amount of Einstein giving this in the similar way. Three. So I am Does Dr. Linda Frank most trees green by mixing of darker blue and brown on the why not green? And this going over the same leaves again with darker green shade. And now let's decide a few more leaves onto our dreams to make it a bit more freedom. So the ground with my mom getting some distance below the line of dough mountain, I am adding few strokes. Do show some grass. Then draw a few boards flying in the sky. And we are done with this painting also. Remove off their tips from the edges. And this painting is also ready to beautify yourself with the other, we're developing things that you did. 8. Conclusion - Thank You: So if you enjoyed this class, don't forget to leave a fade it back in the infections. You're gonna ask me if you have any other doubts. So that got me into hey, y'all, I know is I've your dry out these things. Don't forget the same them in this sorting projects so that I can have a look at them and give you my feedback. Do