Learn PHP basics in 1 hour | Chris Dixon | Skillshare
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10 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Introduction

    • Optional Video: How to install a localhost

    • Introduction to PHP & hello world

    • Strings, variables & constants

    • PHP data types & operators

    • Arrays

    • Functions

    • Conditional statements & more operators

    • Switch statements

    • Loops


About This Class

Begin your journey into the PHP programming language with this short, straight to the point course. We cover all the basic syntax in just 1 hour including:

  • Setting up a localhost to run PHP
  • PHP tags and hello world example
  • Comments
  • Strings, Variables &¬†Constants
  • Data Types & Operators
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Conditional statements
  • Switch statements
  • PHP loops

This course is ideal to begin learning the PHP programming language or refreshing your skills.

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Another great, easy to follow - I learn so much from your classes, keep up the good work!
Allowing for pausing to digest it will take considerably more than one hour to run through. No mention of back end php scripting to post html form contents. Chris is easy to listen to, bitesize lessons, clearly very skilled at php programming. Can also recommend Chris' Wordpress course.
I personally recommend these lecture because they are very suitable for the beginner level PHP developers





Chris Dixon

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Hello, My name is Chris and I am a web developer and online teacher. I am passionate about what I do and about teaching others. I have started various online and offline businesses.

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My personal motivation was to become my own boss and have more freedom and flexibility in my life. I also enjoy the technical challenge it provides and the way it constantly evolves. I built my first website...

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