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10 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Introduction

    • Optional Video: How to install a localhost

    • Introduction to PHP & hello world

    • Strings, variables & constants

    • PHP data types & operators

    • Arrays

    • Functions

    • Conditional statements & more operators

    • Switch statements

    • Loops


About This Class

Begin your journey into the PHP programming language with this short, straight to the point course. We cover all the basic syntax in just 1 hour including:

  • Setting up a localhost to run PHP
  • PHP tags and hello world example
  • Comments
  • Strings, Variables &¬†Constants
  • Data Types & Operators
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Conditional statements
  • Switch statements
  • PHP loops

This course is ideal to begin learning the PHP programming language or refreshing your skills.

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I was already familiar with Javascript so I just wanted to see how PHP compared. This course did a nice job of running through the fundamentals and now I feel I have a decent working knowledge of PHP as well. Thanks Chris!
Great intro lesson! Moves fast so that you don't get bored...
A Very basic intro into PHP. Chris made a good set of videos for those who are not into reading and learning. I find most of what he teaches here is the absolute basics which people who have some experience in any other programming language will already know.It's still a great class to get started so would definitely recommend .





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My personal motivation was to become my own boss and have more freedom and flexibility in my life. I also enjoy the technical challenge it provides and the way it constantly evolves. I built my first website...

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