Learn Negotiation Skills and Never Get Screwed Over Again [Eazl's Easy MBA Series] | Davis Jones | Skillshare

Learn Negotiation Skills and Never Get Screwed Over Again [Eazl's Easy MBA Series]

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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15 Videos (1h 30m)
    • A Brief Introduction to the Negotiation Section

    • Access to Brain Boosts and the Private Facebook Group

    • Integrative Bargaining: Learn to How to Make a Bigger Pie

    • How to Prepare for Negotiations

    • Access to the Negotiation Preparation Worksheet

    • The Psychological Factors that Impact Negotiations

    • 5 Ways to Be Better at the Table and Close Deals

    • Checking in on Your Progress

    • Cross-cultural Negotiations and Hofstede’s 6 Dimensions

    • Short Video Quiz on Negotiation Concepts

    • Introducing the Expert Interviews

    • EazlView: Hymie Bielsky, Former CEO of Safety-Kleen Europe

    • EazlView: Ian Butcher, Partner at MWM Consulting in London

    • SideBYSide: Exploring Surface and Deeper Cultural Preferences

    • Bonus: Brian Burwell on Lawyers and Negotiating


About This Class

This is Part 4 of Eazl's Easy MBA Series.

Series Table of Contents:

Part 1: Hiring and Managing People: the Kick-ass Management Toolkit

Part 2: Become a More Persuasive Person (Persuasion and Communication)

Part 3: Let's Organize! Organization and Productivity Hacks for Busy People

Part 4: Learn Negotiation Skills and Never Get Screwed Over Again

Part 5: Thinking Big: Learn Macroeconomics and Be Global-Minded

Part 6: Learn how to Read People, Lead People, and Manage a Team


Learn how to be a better negotiator in a course that's similar to the Negotiation for Managers and Executives course in MIT's Advanced Management Training Program. We're almost always negotiating--whether in business, making a major purchase, or in our personal lives.

Learn an Important Skill that isn't Taught in Most Schools

  • Get more, build relationships, and create value simultaneously.
  • Prepare for high-stakes negotiations with tools like the BATNA.
  • Understand the psychology that drives behavior at negotiating tables.
  • Work smarter when negotiating with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Tools to Keep Your Business Brain Engaged and Provide Direct Support

You are invited to use two tools that our team has created to keep your business brain engaged in the changing world of business, technology, and work and to give you direct support from the Eazl community. Click here to subscribe to Eazl's free YouTube channel where you will get weekly Brain Boosts that are designed to reinforce your business learning outcomes and keep you engaged in the changing world of work. Click here to request access to the Eazl Career Lounge, a private and moderated community on Facebook. You can use the Eazl Career Lounge to get feedback on anything related to your career from Eazl instructors and the Eazl community.

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

Negotiation is a skill that we constantly need. Whether buying home or car, negotiating with an employer or client, or stucturing partnerships, being able to both create and claim value through negotiations is essential. This course will give you the approaches, tools, and communication strategies necessary to be a much stronger negotiator with each conceptual module presenting approaches and concepts backed by data from today's preeminent institutions like Harvard and MIT.

Negotiation Approaches that Can be Learned and Used by Anyone

Suitable for people with no formal training in law or business, this course is fun to watch, offers interactive tools and exercies, and includes interviews with two senior executives who have years of experience with high-stakes negotiations. 

Starting with an introduction to the concept of integrative bargaining, you'll then move on to negotiation preparation, then negotiation psychology, then closing strategies, and finally an in-depth look at one of the most relevant and difficult concepts in negotiation--cross cultural negotiations. The course wraps up two expert interviews and an Eazl SideBYSide tutorial that will take you through the use of Hofstede's web-based culture analysis tool.


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Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the Chief Learning Officer at Eazl, a business school whose courseware is used by organizations like Tesla, Harvard, the World Bank, and Lyft and more than 150,000 students worldwide. Mr. Jones also participated in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Leaders of Learning program in 2018. He specializes in:

Curriculum Design for Digital Learning Experiences User Experience Design for Distributed Digital Education Products Business Education Pro...

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