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Learn Negative Layering with Step by step Instructions

teacher avatar Femvisionary, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Drawing Leaves

    • 4. Negative Painting

    • 5. Tones

    • 6. Composition Planning

    • 7. Class project -Step 1

    • 8. Class project - Step 2

    • 9. Class project - Step 3

    • 10. Class project - Step 4

    • 11. Class project - Step 5

    • 12. Bonus Inspirations

    • 13. Final thoughts and Sneak Peek

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About This Class

Eye-catching and vibrant, Negative painting is such a new and beautiful watercolor technique. There are infinite possibilities while using this technique and you can put your own spin to it. In this class, you will be learning how to create my favorite technique with step by step instructions.

At the end of the class, post your final project to the project gallery so I can see your amazing work! If you post on Instagram, make sure to tag me @femvisionary and I'll mention you in my stories!:D:D
Let's get to painting and unveil the mystery behind the negative painting.

*Pls note, if you find the class to fast, you can easily reduce the speed in the speed options

Meet Your Teacher

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Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hi there! I am Madhumika Sankar and I go by the name Femvisionary on Instagram. I am originally from India and have lived my entire life in the Middle East. I am an avid traveler and really enjoy dreaming up new places.


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1. Introduction: Hi. Good evening to off you on. Thank you for having a look at my clothes. My name ISS mother makes Shankar. I'm a watercolor artists on in today's class. I'm gonna be talking to you about how you can create a negative watercolor technique on delivering in this class. I'm gonna be covering how to create leaves that other different. I'm going to be talking about painting and showing your demonstration off. Create negative painting. I'm gonna be talking about different tunes off. Connors has created a compositions kitsch. I'll also be talking about the step by step approach that I used to create my negative painting technique. And that would be your class project. I'm really excited about this class. I hope you guys enjoy it. And I'm looking forward to seeing your class projects. Good luck. 2. Materials: So let's start with the art supplies that we're gonna be using today. Uh, I'm using my cats unwanted book. Oh, I really love it. It's 1 80 gm, which is quite less, but I really love the paper on honesty. I've not had any issues comfort, too other brands, even though it's morning PCs. And so I would suggest maybe getting a 300 which might work better. But today I'm gonna use a 1 18 You'll see it works really well. The other thing that you would need ISS paints on for today. I'm actually using a primo tropical sit, and it's one of my favorite Kahlo sets. Also, because it has a really nice, bold colors. You can see these ones on today. We'll actually be using just one color. So it's a monotone art book so you can use a primo set you can use. Call us that you have, and I'll be talking about that a little bit more. The other thing that we're gonna be using his brushes so I actually have three different type of precious. One is a 12 size 12 so it's quite big. Another is a size four, so it's not too big that it's kind of around a nice and then you have one That's Asiedu. Actually, that's the one that I would be using a lot more off. I also have a skill because we're gonna join some lines, have got a pencil and a razor. Also some paper towels just to wipe off any of the excess water and a mug with water. So let's start with our practice. 3. Drawing Leaves: So now I'm gonna show you different leaves, and I'm gonna do a quick example. Use caught just some ideas. You've got ones that are shape you could do. One step more droned. You could do one set up more long and elongated on. That does make a difference. And I would suggest for your entire piece to stick to one type of beef because it becomes easier and looks a lot nicer. And you can also do complicated ones. So if you're just starting off, I would suggest starting with something really simple, because if you're doing something like the one enjoying, it would be more difficult to do. So starting with something simple and I'll be actually doing just this one. Just a normal simple leaf. Andi also notice that I just haven't done it in one line of kind of created a branch have added some smaller leaves, so playing 4. Negative Painting: so negative. Painting is basically a technique where you don't paint the actual object, you paint around it and that's why it is so interesting. It looks really new on very, very different. So I'm first adding a little bit of water to call that I'm gonna use. And then, as I mentioned, we're not doing inside. The leaves were painting outside and also to remember that you need to have a stem of us. Really? Look, really, or just has leaves. So I leave a small gap. You can see that between my life. And I do want you guys to practice this because when we go into our class project, this is really important. You should be able to do sort of negative painting, because from there we're gonna go into buring and creating multiple layers off. - So I'm showing you another leaf example. I'm gonna select a different color Stein, maybe an orange on get notice how I am painting around the leave. - Thank you. One of the beef done. Now, the inside pencil, if you're wondering, will be used off to the peace drives. So also try to make sure that you don't draw your pencil lines really dark 5. Tones: I'm gonna talk to you a little bit more about values off. So as I mentioned for this well show, we're gonna be using the primo tropical set. So if you're using the same set, I'm actually using number 23. So it's this one. It's a very nice start. Blue, and I actually love it. Um, so we're gonna go into a little bit more about what colors to choose and how it effects your final work. So one of the things to do before you start being thing is to actually check different values off the paint. And what I mean by that is how many different shades tunes of color that you could create with the same things. And I'll show you an example. So I've seen a couple of artists do it multiple ways. So what you do is first, you actually take a little bit of paint and you take a lot of the water. She conceits trilogy Jodi Light, and that would be the first off beat. You could do a little bit darker just taking more off Pete. You could do even more Darko taking even more of the beans. More doc and then finally I do one that IHS just beamed and very, very, very little. You can see that it's really nice encourage. Now, if you select a paint for color that doesn't give you this many layers. Our tunes. It affects the number of yours and your final painting. So, for example, if I take a yellow, I probably wouldn't be able to get this many tunes. I would probably get maybe two. And that means the number of Leah's I could create on my final artwork would be to. So if you want to create more Leo's, you need to create, you need to take pains that have more stones, and this is very, very important to remember. 6. Composition Planning: So before we start with our class project, let's do a little bit off composition planning. So I'm just gonna take a rough people and I'm gonna draw out a rectangle Now, I don't do it all the time, but sometimes it's just nice to see, um, what direction? I want my leaves to go. So I've just drawn a nice rectangle here on I'm just, um, kind of seeing how everyone my name's to go. So I'm gonna have thieves starting from pure on it goes Hi. Oh, and Hyo And I'm gonna see if I can do about four layers off lease and then I'm gonna have that space on top. That's empty. So this is just an idea. Sometimes if I'm doing multiple colors, I usually like to do a small sketch just to get an idea off how I'm one of planet or how would I use my colors? 7. Class project -Step 1: Let's start with our class project. So this is step one of drawn A rectangle has I showed for my composition, and I'm taking a pencil. Very, very likely. I'm gonna draw some leaves. And as I mentioned, I'm just doing the normal leaves that I showed you in the previous unit. You could try different kind of leaves. Obviously, that's Tom leaves up there, and you could just do that. So I'm actually just doing, um, one layer, please. You can see that. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my biggest brush that size 12. A lot of water brush had thinkinit. Not 1/4 a little bit of paint. And then I'm gonna do my first wash just at the time. So if you're not very used to painting and making sure lines of Chris, I would suggest taping the edge of stone. - So let's start with Step two. This spot is a little bit more complicated and it takes a little bit of practice, so we'll actually be doing this layer if you can see this shade of who it could be this one as well, because quite similar. So I'm gonna take and more full support and I'll try it out and see if it kind of works are finding to add more painter more water. And I'm using the smallest brush because I wanted to to make sure that get all the details and make nor mistakes. So I'm painting again around the branches. You see, I mean a mistake because I called with stand and I want you guys to be affair of how you can fix that so immediately. Don't panic. Pick up using water the paint so it's not affected. I'm just gonna let that try. I'm gonna paint the other side. - I'm using a slightly bigger brush. Just kind of make sure that it's not on flat color. It came small guns out. - I know that it's try. I can fix my mistake. In case you do put, um, darker shade like right now, I put two on maybe one tone dark off you can in need. Lee put water and kind of lighten it up. So don't worry. It's OK if you know you're not able to get it perfect the first time because you can always fix it while you're doing it, and you always get more practice again. No painting. Just actually. Just putting water towards the edges. That's it. This is my second leader. Wait for it to dry and then go on to the next. 8. Class project - Step 2: way to go to the next step on whatever she donors have let it dry overnight. Andi, um, you could also use a trial, but I just sometimes just leave it to dry. So I'm gonna go into the next step again. I'm taking my pencil on. I'm going to start drawing leaves. And this time I'm actually gonna draw leave from the old ready existing leaves. You could start all the way down, and I have done that in some of my previous pieces. So if you see this one, it starts all the way from here. But it's a little bit more difficult to do. And that's why in this class, I'm just showing you how to do it from here. As you get more practice on using your detail brush, you would be able to do smaller areas. So also, if you notice I'm not trying to do them all in one line, because that just again makes it look really boring. So I'm trying Teoh actually get some of them, hire some of the newer the shape of the leaves a little bit different in some of them and just trying to play around with that I want you guys to do this with me. You can kind of see how I do each but on, If you feel that the do is really fast, you can slow it down. That's an option. The site where you can reduce the speed off the class on the fact that I'm painting over yesterday's The interaction makes a lot more dark, so I'm kind of building on the values. 9. Class project - Step 3: I have let my painting to dry completely. It's no wet And before you go on to the next step what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use the pencil marks and they're quite obvious. So I'm just gonna it is it out? Let's go make it a lot more easy. Oh, good. The next step on to our next step again Going to draw some leaves on this time, as I mentioned previously, I'll be drawing it from the algae drawn again. Keep in mind, I'm no making them exactly same. I'm making them some of the smaller I'm making the height of friend. I'm being around with the branches, making them sweet. All of that makes it really interesting when you finish. Okay, so I'm gonna start beating on. I'm gonna do that. She'd a Lord Darko, and I'm being very, very careful into Slayer because any mistake that I need in the previous there I can actually fix. So, for example, if I feel like this, Leaf is really big studio where I can actually go in and make it smaller. So it's really important because it's clear that defines the entire piece. - Okay , so we're done with this on, gonna let a dry or you can use a dryer and then you go on to the next meal. 10. Class project - Step 4: So now that this clear iss completely dry, I'm again gonna serious out all these mental months. Just Chris. Easier for me to go if you notice the previous Leo. We actually did a combination off this and this. So that's why I know that since there's more of this, I can actually do a darken layer, and that's really important to judge. And I'm gonna draw out leaves. I also try to do some at the start, so taking very little auto more off pigment, So this is gonna be really, really, really dark, - but it's trying towards the next. 11. Class project - Step 5: so that piece is dry again. Got taken, Reza. Gonna areas our own are pencil lost. Keep doing this because it just makes it more of your I'm being very light. I'm naturally like, um, doing very hard because you don't want your painting to get tripped on. I'm making sure that my people is completely drive. If I hear anything, you can even get these are your hands, which now almost look like leaves are coming from the white inside, which is really cool. And we're gonna do the final step. And I actually get a lot of questions how I get this kind of really Don Carlo. And it's not because I use black and because I do this. So I take my brush. I put a little bit of water on Pete. Andi. I make sure that the entire being brush is filled with the paint pigment and very little water and actually test it out because I wanted to be really, really, really Doc. You can see it's Julie dark, almost black. And that's happened to me in some places previously. But now I'm actually bring it out, and I'm actually using to my advantage. You could also do somebody's with clear and then do this technique. So let's do that. I'm gonna draw out some really small thieves, not too small again, because you know how the taking gifts, it's a little bit tough if you're trying to do it with lots of the pigment fair even wanted . 12. Bonus Inspirations: completed the peace our class project on. I've just cut out the entire rectangle. So any color pleading that occurred while I was painting it's all gone and most running lights on. And I also want to show you some ideas which do for the same technique. So you could try something like this where I've kind of played around with the direction of the Leeds have also added cool thoughts to make it quite interesting. You could do something like this, Um, where it's in a circle, which is like enjoying fun. You could even do something like this where it's in trying on if you notice I've actually painted out this yellow color to the first white color that we had done I painted out. So it looks really different and kind of contrasting and interesting. You can check out my instagram page. I have a lot of different inspirations. You can see a lot of different color combinations and ideas for you guys to please with 13. Final thoughts and Sneak Peek: so excited that you guys class, please leave your valuables back in common school because it would really help me understand how my next class is gonna be advanced negative painting technique which would involve 200. Carlos and I think it's very different class from this one. It's a bit more some exciting about it. And I hope you guys have a great D. Thank you, I