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Learn Life Skill - Learn to choose your food as per Ayurveda || Food for Deep Meditation

Pallabi Bhagawati, Knowledge is super power

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Let Ayurveda help you choose your diet

    • 2. Food for Vata individual

    • 3. Food for Pitta individual

    • 4. Food for Kapha individual

    • 5. Meditation - Loving kindness MP4


About This Class

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient science of nutrition and health. It was evolved during Vedic era in India. Great Sage Saraka was the pioneer of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is considered as the sister science of Yoga as it complete the nutritional component of a deep yogic life. Together with Yoga Ayurveda can do wonders to your health and well-being. 

In this class I will be sharing different types of food for Vata, Pita and Kapha types of individuals. You will be able to know more about Vata, Pita and Kapha individuals in my previous class link to which I have mentioned below;

Ayurveda for mindful living - Know your body type


It is really important to know your diet and its connection with our mental well being. Hence I created this course exclusively for you all.


1. Let Ayurveda help you choose your diet : let I will help you choose your diet. A simple change in your food habit Confirming to your property helps you to have healthy and balanced life and also experience a deeper meditation. The tree qualities Thomas Rogers and Satwa are necessary to maintain our psychological balance. An ideal diet is a south week, one confirming to one's nature or property higher. The said Wow deeper will be or meditation. Choose your food wisely and clear the way for a blissful, meditative experience. A healthy body and the calm mind helps us to meditate better and go deep within ourselves. A healthier, spiritually diet is easier on our body and conductive to meditation is, well, great food conducts the energy to our brain and helps us to achieve deeper form of meditation. This is the reason why I suggest you to take the help of Ayurveda to choose your diet wisely in order to achieve whatever you achieve in your life. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian and Ira Vedic food on a spiritual life, Stein will always help you to have a great mind, body and a soul. In the next lecture, I will give you some idea off some of the food and help you to understand what to eat and what to avoid 2. Food for Vata individual : So far, we have come to know about three different types off individuals. As for Ayurveda, the vata predominant individuals but every dominant and calf a predominant In these lecture , I will mostly emphasize on different types of food to be eaten or to be avoided by a vodka predominant individual. A vata preK Christie individual is usually very hungry all the time. They're lively and constantly restless, and they speak very fast. That is because off the high, mid doubly great if you are a butter predominant individual that I have a few cessation off food that you might want to eat. Fruits like banana, orange and beaches. Fred Staples like Asperger's, fresh peas and orca cooked with mine spices and only void grains and pulses like oatmeal or whole grain, rice and flour. Parley, cooked never go for half cooked ones. A small amount of milk cheese, Fresh Yorker, pata milk or butta. If possible, just limit the amount of dairy product to very little amount. As about a predominant individual, I have a few cessation of certain foods that you might want to avoid foods like dry fruits that they're not soaked in water, raw apples and melons and Ross a lot because they increases the dryness and causes constipation and indigestion for its tables, like cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and cabbages. As they causes gas. Pulse is like beans are better heart to digest. Chickpeas and red beans can be avoided. And, of course, do not forget to avoid sugar, especially the white sugar. These are just a few suggestion off what to eat and what to avoid for about a predominant individuals. 3. Food for Pitta individual : but that Biederman into people has got a really unique food habit. As a pit, a predominant individual, you might sit hungry at the dinner table half a Knauer before time You live by your watch and regret having your time wasted as a hitter. You wake up in the night and feel hot, thirsty and sometimes hungry. So I have a few situations off food for you that you might want to eat. Fruits like grapes, cocoa night and avocados. Fed tables like Asper, Ghous, cauliflower and cabbages, beans and grains like flour rice on Burleigh dady brunettes like fresh milk, butter and buttermilk food that you might want to avoid as a pitter predominant individual . Sorry, Freud's grains like white flour like in pizza and white bread sweeteners like white sugar seasonings like pickles, spices, spicy or bitter. So lad's sauce, vinegar and green and red pepper. These are a few cessation, our food to be eaten on avoidant by a bitter, predominant individuals 4. Food for Kapha individual : in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the food for cough, a predominant individuals before that. Let's have a look at certain habits. Off cover. Predominant individuals a cough, aka Predominant individual think belong before making a decision. They wake slowly. Andi like to stay in bed for a long period of time, their little bit status oriented. They service for emotional food, has graceful movement and a gentle walk even when overweight. Here are a few cessation off food for calf, a predominant individuals. Fruits like lemon, apple and pomegranate fetch tables like pumpkin beads and green leafy vegetables. Grains like corn and millets. Daly products like goat's milk and unsalted butter milk. And there is a good news. All forms of spices are good, and ginger is the best for Peter Kuffar, predominant individual and now a little bit of restriction on your food. Well, as a cough, a predominant individual, you might want to avoid grains like white flour, bread, pizzas and pastries. Dairy products like fresh yoghurt and, of course, the most common one white sugar. Not much restrictions, right? That makes you the lucky, isn't it? So the basic idea is whether you are vata, pitta or cafa. Choice of food is very important 5. Meditation - Loving kindness MP4: In this meditation on loving kindness, allow yourself to switch from the usual moored off doing to a mode of non doing of simply being as your body becomes. Still, bring your attention to the fact that you are breathing and become aware of the movement of your breath as it comes into your body and as it leaves your body, not manipulating the breath in any way or trying to change it, simply being aware of it on off the feelings associate it with breathing. I'm observing the breath deep down in your belly, feeling the abdomen as it expands gently on in breath and as it falls back towards your spine on the out breath, being totally here in each movement with each breath, not trying to do anything, not trying to get to any place, simply being with your breath, giving full care and attention to each in breath and to each out breath as they follow one after other in at a never ending cycle and a flow if distracting thoughts arises, acknowledged him, then return to the practice and now bringing to the mind someone for whom you have deep feelings of love seeing or sensing this person and noticing your feelings for them arise in your body. It may be simply a smile that spreads across your face or your chest becomes warm. Whatever the effects, allow them to be felt now, letting go off this person in your imagination and keeping in awareness the feelings that have arisen. Bring yourself to mind now and seeing if you can offer loving kindness to yourself by letting these words become your words. May I be happy? May I be healthy? May I ride the waves off my life? May I leave in peace no matter what I am given and noticing the feelings that arise and letting them be as you look within yourself with mindfulness and equanimity when you are comfortable, try offering loving kindness to someone who supports you, who has always bean on your side, bringing this person to your mind, imagining them perhaps across from you and letting those words become your words. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you ride the waves of your life. May you leave in peace no matter what you are given. Once your feelings flow easily to a loved one, turn your attention now to someone with whom you have difficulty. It is best not to start with the most difficult person, but perhaps someone who brings out feelings or irritation or annoyance and seeing if you can lead these words become your words as you keep this person in awareness, may you be happy. May you be healthy when you ride the waves of your life. May you leave in peace no matter what you would give him. Notice the sensations and feelings that arise within you and seeing if you can just allow them and let them be. And now, bringing your mind in broader community in which you are a part you might imagine your family, your workmates, your neighbors or fans out off your attention until you include all persons and creatures on the planet and including yourself in these offering of loving kindness as you lead these words become your words. May we be happy? May we be healthy? Made me ride the waves. So our lives Mary leave in peace no matter what we're even notice. Doesn't sessions now and feeling stepped arise within you sitting with them for a few moments until you are ready to end the practice. Peace and love, peace and love, Peace in love