Learn Laravel from beginner to expert

Faisal Imtiaz, Web Developer and teacher

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13 Videos (1h 44m)
    • Introductions

    • Overview, installation and create project

    • Folder structure

    • Mvc, views

    • Model migrations

    • Forms and reqquest

    • Forms validation

    • Query builders

    • Login, register

    • Add articles

    • File uploading

    • File resizing

    • Mails and ajax


About This Class

Laravel is the most popular framework according to 2015 survey and it is gaining popularity day by day only because of its code structure, flexibility and maintainability. According to the survey Laravel is more popular framework then Codeignitor, yii and symfony together. The best time to learn this framework is NOW.

How is this course unique from there?

This course helped beginners as well as experts solving regular problems during coding. In this course you will learn all the available features given to us from Laravel framework. This course is all about students who are willing to learn Laravel and want their programming skills enhanced. Becoming a professional is not difficult until you find the right mentor. You will learn all sort of Best Practices that professionals use for web application development.

This course will make you a professional

In this course I will describe you all the most famous features of Laravel that is making this framework fly. Some of them will be like:

  • Login/Register Scaffolding
  • Forms and form submission with validation rules and resizing
  • All concepts for MVC architecture with practice.
  • Layouts, Routes
  • Migrations, Databases, Eloquent
  • All important features like these

You will learn the code that uses by professionals All the BEST PRACTICES that will make your application more fast secure and accurate.

After taking this course you will be able to work on either your own Website or work as a freelancer taking Laravel projects and earn money with high rates because Laravel developers are hard to find. And those who have Laravel skills can earn a decent money from their home.

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Well explained and condensed
Hidran Arias

Programming is fun!





Faisal Imtiaz

Web Developer and teacher

Hello Everybody. I am Faisal Imtiaz. I am a PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnite, Wordpress and Ruby on rails developer as well as web development instructor from last 3 years.

Studied Masters in information technology from BZU and now working as a Freelancer on different platforms from the past t 4 years.

I love teaching and spreading out my knowledge and skills about programming and all the concept that I have learned throughout my programming background. I want to spread that experience...

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