Learn JSON and JSON Schema for Absolute Beginners | Nilay Mehta | Skillshare

Learn JSON and JSON Schema for Absolute Beginners

Nilay Mehta

Learn JSON and JSON Schema for Absolute Beginners

Nilay Mehta

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10 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Introduction to JSON

    • 3. Understanding Syntax of JSON

    • 4. How ro retrive data from JSON in JavaScript

    • 5. Understandind Number, String, Boolean

    • 6. Understanding Object and Array

    • 7. JSON Tricks & Tips

    • 8. JSON v/s XML

    • 9. How Schema Works

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course will give you a low level understanding of JSON syntax, data types, and formatting, and schema

JSON stands for JavaScript object notation, which became very popular format for transferring data over XML. 

JSON became very popular because of it is light-weight as well as Human readable therefor we can easily understood it. JSON is extended from JavaScript but it is used in various Programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby, Java and many more. in some languages JSON is supported through external library.

In JSON all the data are store in the form of key/value pair. those key/value pair is also known as Property We are using this key to retrieve the value from property. Key and values are separated by colon. Each properties are separated by commas. JSON supports wide range of data types which includes Number, String, Boolean, Array, Object, Null.

JSON Schema is a standard (currently in draft) which provides a coherent schema by which to validate a JSON "item" against. Properties within the schema are defined and with another object containing their expected type.

We will Learn all above things through this video series. If you have any doubts then you can contact me via mail and Q & A.

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Nilay Mehta


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1. Promo Video: Hello, guys. Myself, Really? And I'm going to teach Use isn't world these cities? This it is, is ah, designed for the absolute beginners just just transforms our script. Object notice in Jason is a lightweight format that is used for the diameter. Changing this any is are widely using the services and the FBI's, because objects and use a language independent, it is used by the many programming languages that s P S, P C, sub Java, Buyten's Robbie and many more. This course will give you understanding for lowly of ah descends in text to the highly orgies and schema courts are claiming crude the index off the adjacent where yesterday that I've supported by the Jason how to use the adjacent India JavaScript and use off the at an object and some drinks that help you and the final ages and schema at the end. Off this course, you will be confidently understood the edges and data Xuxa and use it in the edge. Our scrape pre requirement for these the courses just basic knowledgeable DEA JavaScript. Join me for this course. Pigs 2. Introduction to JSON: Hello guys myself vanilla and I'm going to do juices. And throughout this city's this city is is this facilities and for absolute beginners. Let's start with what is this in disaster and forge I was objecting. Arisen, as the name suggests, reduce the eckstrom from the JavaScript primary purpose objects. And is that transfer data this chance? Well, maybe between the air, different pages application nds are work those applicants and maybe building the A different languages or in the environment. Disney is a lightweight in compared with the excimer, which also provide years and video from family. The up Dear France for India data. But X families are very were wars Well, that's why Jason is a widely used in the modern applications. How urges Aeneas action from the JavaScript. It is using the air many programming languages such as the PSP, C, sub Jawa, Pitre rugby and Bar and many more. Do you send it off to go in there fighting with D extension off Georgeson mime type of the disease, any is applications less. Jason, which is a using the Web application rich producing the descended are dynamically less mortal uses off the adjacent VIP service and eBay are using the edges and former for producing the your leader. Many new escorted, a bizarre based on the ages and, like mango to be no s. Where the debate is a store, the data in the form of developer like Tia Jason Glenside, M v see also using the adjacent, such as angular. JIA's many modern programming languages are using the edges and less seedy characteristics of the uses because objects and he's the text ways, it is. Ah, easy toe. Understood, andya right juice and data Destiny is a lightweight and used by the many. But when I'm in a lame really is less eats. A simple example in this example did us who in the Dome Off Key and Value pair, which is also known as the A property in this example name, capita and currency are the key for the or did um and India really and re P. R. V a value in this example? All the value are in deform off. Shame that so I enclose with the double court. We will see other different type of ah, India our next season 3. Understanding Syntax of JSON: indecision with Dylan. How do create a fight that Rupert's and the edges and leader and also on some brew that we must nido followed during creating images and data in Jason? A lot of industrial in the form up Give L. A pair, which is easily known as the A property key and value a separated by de cologne. Anti probably are separated by the coma for creating a area injuries, and we need to use the S crab bracket. And for creating object, we need to use physical embraces. Less understood is with the our progress. Example. In reach, name, capital and currency are key, and India, Italy and re PRD, a value G and value are submitted by D Colon. The entire properties are separated by the year. Coma builds up. This is object. It is enclosed with the ECA. Liberace is Jason Data can be created in the any text editor, such as the not but knot plus plus sublime text in any other i d. I am using sublime text Walk this series. Let's create our forces indeed, of which represent item retail Rich held three properties. Let's take item i d. Item tighter and the item description opening this a blame Dex on and started with creating objects through by a Liberace ease. The first thing we need to write is the key, which is enclosure. We are, which is seen. That's why Anglos with the edible court in our work is, uh I m I t moms, you know, one. Oh, my four Separate e. I am greater as a key and colon for suppression in the mind. Tighter azo value. Oh, my Ford separation again. I am this Corruption is key. Calling for separation and long, long description as a value that's sick. This is our for Jason. Data for the air last probably we does not need to write dear Goma as the saying. The previous said listen, saved was Ah, quite with the extension off. Lord Jason, I am 17 AM Awfully dark, Lord. Okay, Okay. We will learn how to recruit those overvalue by using the a Gyroscope Indian next lesson 4. How ro retrive data from JSON in JavaScript: is in this lesson. We will learn how towed through the data from Oh, what is it today? That we are alerted India Progress lesson for these I am switched to sublime decks creating a new file Syria with the actions and all for dot That's demon. They're more about at studio Man file. We need to rd a script Egg poor reading a script cord for many prison. Do you know video that Ah, hold the awards is indeed a and copy A previously created data and a street in the woods. Oscar Onda, I am giving go proper in dead do Drew will be a value from the averages and leader. We need to write the very one name that with the Edwardses ended up and the key name for retrieving. Uh, much. See Cindy Daughter, I don't Daido go long opening their opened the file in the Red Closer. We are getting the my Daido, which is ah withdrew from the world. Judges and data. We can use these in anywhere in the age of Oscar in the allowed India document door the window and in the other function call or many places we're gonna was up one get ah, might be but real ouzo with dear string. Take example Irene commenting teas and using document dot Right, In this case document or right, i de door. I don't already I, um di dio just the Lord. I don't know. I come description less just Cindy died. Door item description on idea and Sammy Godal Right in new lines so you can easily suit. Okay, Now the real ordered the other beach regard the i d 101 item might Idol and the item description long, long description. That's it. In this example, we are using number and the string format only We can also use the complex former such as bullion area object. We will see those in the later share our little lesson toward in this series. 5. Understandind Number, String, Boolean: Hello guys in the sense and reveal India very yesterday type supporter by the ageism descent support the A wide range operated I rich include number seeing bullion, every object and now number is a used to store both India as well as applauding going to values, freeing Finger Prison, the Arab funny Marie character. Not that the air string is enclosed with the edible courts for editing the ISMs with a collector, we need to use the A skeptic ones. Following are the escape sequence it's less ah, the record for double conditions. Last single good for single code is in There was less for backs, less less ports less for almost less slash you followed by the year for disease do prison. The unicord needed Slesin for new lines last e for or is under tab bullion well into represent either true or false value. A today's collection on the Homo engineers said Dada, which is in the form of the year Sick ones object object is the collection off key and value pairs nerve represented here. Empty value legend assured, with the small example Okay, in these example we are Our offering is a normal thing. We are not using the any escape sequence let to use the s less. And on that I am in committing this alert and reloaded. Now we are good. The title India New Lane How are not Inc is because it is creating the STM Merkel or for here If we want to Ah create an Ulan here We need to use the BR interrupts lesson Horsch less are for creating the Uniqlo Tex, we need to write to you follow by before Did you okay? Yeah, over you. Any gold River is India. Don't narrow you Unicord visit Uh include the off eggs are dizzy which start from the A 1 12 when we are getting more proper teen These did our ah item of every day and the item prize item availability would be Ah yes or no Therefore we are taking the a 1,000,000,000. I don't really calling for separation And it's a value Your true or false? I am taking course. No and everyone knew Property item prize. I don't fries. I am giving Never Because I told me, is not over. But I can't say it's praise and recruit those data using the jealous creep. Bless I don't availability. Let's see. Descended our daughter item our ability close. All right, um, prize Go along. Plus, and this is indeed a dog item price on real ordered the our babies. We can see that the item abilities now with the value of falls and the apprise with the panel baby Lundy Oh, area and object in the next listen. 6. Understanding Object and Array: in this season. We will learn about the object and arranges object in a boat sound Russian mirror. But days the difference between them. Let's see Object is on order, said Open the main value pair while Aires or recollection off the value object is in close in. Calibri sees why are easing close with the A square brackets. We already see how to create object in the our previous example off the item, which has Theophile de from property. Let's create a simple example for the Andhra Trudeau's We're live from the l. A. I am switched to sublime decks creating a new fire which you do prison the uses and data First off or create object on cleared A property with dear name off for master Jeez calling for separation and the square brigade with specify idea, Harry, I am create ah area off the string. So I am it the radius finger her law. Uh, you Good morning. See you. Uh uh. There. See in this example Forcible react creator object, which has a one property name messages which condemned the A three different element in the form off area. Now we are creating ah new file in which we are doing those The data using the edge of us Great Syria with the animal for demo who brought next year. Ah, a steamer call on twi. Just turn. Ah, every there. What? She's soon did the equal toe. And now I am copy theologies invader, and I send you the already about. Um, do the A proper intent for drawing the element from the area. We need to write the available that hold the is indeed our Lord tea or beer property. And it's, ah, Index that we want toe access, for example, Bach, you man door, right? What state? Oh, Lord is too soon. Deter door, Miss. It is. Oh, Sposito. Run, Daddy. Indexes that started with DS zero and earlier. Colon. Now open it in the browser. We got the other desert. Hello. How are you Began. Get any item within the year. Harry letters. You all of the item away. Right? Uh, immigrating. Get attacked for suppression on a copy. Bears doors, intrude off was a a second on towed and change to your index score one on do. And now the Lord regard all the elements to Hello. How are you? Good morning and see you later began creating area up DEA any day in this example via career that all things But we can even could hear the Eddie off objects. Troll legend has to do with the our previous example in which we are creating the item object. No, we are creating the job. These item object for these. I am creator a new property with the name off items which hold the area off each item and calling for separation at the Esquire. But I could, uh, give you the proper and then close three years crab record and closed the ECA. Liberace, ease. No, I am copping these item object multiple times and earthy year coma and changing the value to zero toe. Uh, second Daito. I can't I dough certain ground. This could hopefully strips an orderly return Heart saido car on her description on changes a force toe True on and it really would be Let's dig 100. I'm reading the horizontal rula in these document or trite and now copping teas. No, First of all, I am good idea. Mortified is so we can access the item we did for these. We are writing the variable name we need to add the property name means ski in the straight men for showing the data items Lord and really do cause the index for these and add it is into the all of the statement from by using district when we can get all the leader of the item place on the A zero in theirs. That is these item and no, we are lordy of a previous example. Uh, undefined. I am quite a ghetto in this line as well as Pierce. Okay, we got the A 10 in my data long, long description Availability force. And now for doing other. I am now copy and paste. You may use the look. I am performed the search and replace operation replace the zero index 20 of one on zero index with the year two Syrian and reloaded. Now we are get the letters off the all the item I am Forget retain the index up Toledo. But here's the description. He is he, uh so I can identify. This is Todd item for the true ing. The element from object with the area we need to write Deer Valley birth which hold the ages and bigger Lord, he off the property and special fighting Index Lord, keep up the our property that we want room with a triple. 7. JSON Tricks & Tips: Hello, guys. Indus is and we will Indio very a strict that help us to parts, manipulate and related the edges. And let's create a simple example for days which represent only one identity there and retire with through the years. I wa script open the problem decks create a new file Syria on hashtag with anymore for them or three daughter s PML Ah HTM a call on fly to saying creeks create a skin tag. Be quiet. A very able that can hold the orgies and data on assigned the arches. And sure, I am using the edges instructor, which is using the previous examples I doom. I'd be 101 I don't tyto my right. Uh, Onda, I don't description long, long and miss corruption on Now I am using the A document or twice treatment for throwing the item tighter. Doc, You man, no right tryto is sunlit our door. I don't ideo circle on save it and open it in the A browser. Oops! Lengel put This is what happened when the other in the orgies and data or the JavaScript. There are two way 200 ing the ah those letter the first trees used the quants or tab in the inspect element. I am using the of file folks in which I need to praise the after for it. Ah, for the good work room. You also need toe praise The effort for opening the inspect element on the inspector remain toe switch to the concert tab and we can immediately see that the days of syntax error on the airline number nine on with the message of the missing colon after the A property i d. So we can easily understood that day we need toe. Maybe a change is on the line. Number nine. So switch back to court on We can see that the I am poor get the Colin year. So I am at it Syria and rewrote it. So I am Gadi about federal put and the another way to solve these is used the Jason Validation tour or website that are various web side exist. I am using the urges and leaned Read you the perfect at our details. Uh, into Sunland Korpi our data Vidia better Onda the shooting to the Broza ankle relative so we can easily see that the other one, The line number three and it also through the air. But if a description about the error make the agent is in the line number three and again, click on the related to sign. So we are now getting the villages and message with the A green box. Yeah, along with the validating the s and data. It also may be a proper marzen for each property. This is important Future, which helped tow are easily under sure the gorgeous and data. This is a poor Wendy. We are getting the year data in the form of the, um unified. Now copy this leader and faced with the on the file Siri it on it. You know, it really got the same output If you want to display the allergies and guitar. So what? So do you do many off puting that the year? What idea? Ah, descended in this form it. Let's see. What did you put? Did you give the object object in short of the largest and they die in the form of the collaboration Shore square box. What do you want to do when the you want data in the form of calibrates its or the square bracket in the situation of greening to use the finger pie matter rob the edges and objects . Just an object is Ah, pretty fine object in the years, our script for these Ah, I am committing these. And right, Doc, you mind door, right? Ah, son, Daughter shrink you fi And was the variable name that will the over Justin leader And the second argument specified that the, uh function that much be executed two during the row. Person? No, I am taking no and third argument specified the land office space I am using the air Force space and at the semicolon reflects a So you are getting the item two days. However, these details in the a single line What if we want to display in the property sector like the edges and leaned back? A Liberace is new line and the property in the situation. We need to use the A project off the HTML. Now we will get the each property on the new line and with the appropriate And then if you are right, this core in the ah alert balls in the real beauty of data India property. And then without the pretty tag you can see that the they dies India property and then without using, do you, Peter, do you know we are passing the urges and did ah to the year? Very. About what? What? The charges. And it is in the form of the extreme mist that Dror entirely days angulos with the single court or the court let understood it with the example. Now we're entire item object is in close with the single chord. What if we are trying to the to the world? Tyto? Is this work or not? It were real nd undefined because we must need to parse the year or sing for medicine into the year. Jason said that weekend. Excessive using the adored operator. What is There are two way the first rays used the year. I am to India River name for the Elita on and reared on your very words. Soon they, uh, called toe use the hash matter. Off the edge is an object J soon door what's And because the our thing, Jason, former as you might. And now we're right through it. Really Get the out. Another way of order doing is evil. However evil is not. However, the U. S is in what's traditionally because it can compile and execute any JavaScript this treatment. That's why we need to award it for finding the arrow. We can use the Ikhwan sort of been the inspect element. Or we can use the any tool signed websites such as Justin Lane and, uh, dis endorsing your five matter of American What the orgies ended into the string and just indoor parts Matter very convert the or string. Did I into the L word, Jason? 8. JSON v/s XML: Hello, guys. In this lesson, we were City is human already between the ages and an XML as well as the difference between both of them. Let's start with the years old, but already between both of them. Jason an excellent both hard human, readable for mine. Both are returning the year form off Tex. Therefore, they can be easily understood by the human. Both are used by the and many programming languages. Therefore, they are the language independent. XML and Jason, both Hadiya designed for describing the different kind off for hijack ago be the structure and president their transport is in. Okay now moving to the difference between what up them Extra Mary is a more wolves than the adjacent. So it is ah, fashion rule idea. Jason compared toa xml Excellent does not include the rare barges and includes the A this and does not support the comments. So why XML supported the your comments. Comment is important future or deer programming language but just and does not supported this and does not support the name Spacey's Why excellent support the Indian species. Jason. Use the ages indoor, partial or even elemental for parsing. Well maximal used to year room document Object model. Let's see, it was different. Ah, through the example in this example both Jason and accepted rumors in the same data. But there is a difference in terms off the years index In excimer, each element is enclosed with the starting and ending elements of while in the Jason we need to use ah kee only therefore X Emery's are very werewolves. But Jason is ah, lightweight. 9. How Schema Works: Hello, guys. India's listen. We will learn about the edges and schema, XML engines and boats about the Eskimo Howard Rasinski Mayes and or standardize as the XML Jason Schema is still under development. Current war zone off. It is a draft Before this is Kim eyes. They used to define the structure off, which is indeed a for while it is an end. Your documentation. Syntex for Jason. We'll ask you my is this a mirror to the edges? And however there are several pretty fine and property winning to use, such as a type require properties predawn at Spectra. There are the various tools ah, available for checking. The validity of pH isn't s but the edges and schema. I am using the ages and ski Marlene to dot com for these. Open it in poser. I am already opening to It's you. Other is adjacent schema lynch dot com. You can see that there are four boxes are better to walk since the first condemned the Jason scheme and the second contend the year Allergies and data. Let's create ideal push Symbology is and schema started by Dick A. Liberace is which represent the object. Maybe a proper form it and well, you. Now over this, in the days of led s party or schema, let's underscore what desk emerges from the first show. For we are creating the object which has the A property named probably de aqui off dollar schema which represent the years came hours in. This is the option line. We can also imitate the second line described the I hope we devalue our phone number, which is that the VR need d A number in the gorges and data Indian or work is we have right the emerges in the day in the form of a deliberate sees means the indium off objects last modified The over thirties example said that the represented in the year object special for I am Omid this line because off optional and you should offer them better. I am right. Object, Omar. Forties Really basis On and off. I mean media proper format and canned. What over these retire as part of the in object? Uh, I d hopes in straight off the audio. Yeah, I d Now over this, any day is a valid dance for the schema. Less than their shoe. What does came on this trip. The first lanes physical we are require the object in the orgies and data. Second, I destroy object, Contend ear following properties. No forces The idea with the A type of phone number there Here is the idea with the enemy. If I am trendy, it's a value to have seen. We can say that DEA data dot ideas of wrong type. However, I can omit these entire property. Still, the our digitize the valley because ah, these property is optional for creating the compass. A. Probably we need toe use the required key in the space if idea a day off all the peace flushes I d make me a proper form A immediately. We can see that the data about ID's require when I am again I d with the number. Adrian, What a perfectly In this example, I have only one property. I would object meek and India multiple property. Let convert these example toe. We deal my deeper property and the, uh, name and home peace. In these data, I am the name as a require food and the type off name. Mm. Obviously name is that eyeball sheen may be a proper for mint. We can see that dearly. That name is required. So I am ad name in this name with the value off string. Our document is a valued along with Dave Begin. Also specify the year some condition such as Peter. We can see that DP attorneys mismanage India Britain Key began specified The irregular Rex wasn't that must be following these our value. These regular X wasn't specified that the value must be started with the A k P Really. However it is that started with the baby. If I am right a then what are coming to become devalued now? Where did the home page, which is optional property and it's type and alternatives cool or earned? It starts with a B XML. Oh, sorry, it would be seeing and it's a farm aid would be You are at it sole for Merck would be you. Are I resurgence in the year You wanna maybe a proper form. It's so you can initial. You can see that the weather today is overvalued. How? What? There is a known property off the homepage because it is not required. I am married the old fish Nobody read the wrong Well, you can see the deal itself. Wrong type we Was it required thing l the, uh, stream. Then we got the a different era with the message off much be in you are a form it No, I am copy Currently Waters on pace it So I was so worried. So audio rallied document Jason scheme I usually use for your relatives in or India Documentation Following are the A pretty fine keys for these dollar scheme are description titled I require property minimum maximum in new pattern format and many more scheme I z used to specify the ages Since Kim a virgin description entitle use for the A document is and diabetes used to specify the type of the value that true must be exist India Richeson requires specified the very are released off required Fields properties To specify the list of the appropriate DVD's. It's Ah uh oh constrains minimum and maximum argues with the number which is used. Respect about minimum and maximum value that can hold in New me is a huge to specify the immolation forcing, but it is also used with the Ischinger. It is the use you are to specify idea regular X Person for muddies the usual specified he everyone's type following idea pretty fine. Form eight Big time email Whose name I be before I've every six and you are I and the types are the stream number object, a brilliant and those old type are supported by the ages and 10. Conclusion: Okay, so corners on making end up course. I hope you are able to follow along with the all of the example, and I really hope that do you find the immediate area is full? Anyone now able to create your Wendy's and day dodges and schema and threw it through the edge of a script as a sale previously, just an easy using many programming languages such as Ajax PSP, C, Sub Java fight, Andrabi and many more. However, in this city's you will learn only how to read through it through that was script only. I promise I will design a new series in which you can learn How do the truth descended are with other languages, too. I want to stay class, opportunity to say that if you have any questions or feedback regarding course, or if you want to get in touch with me for any reason, feel free to send me mail and you can also pose to York reading question answered Sexton. So thanks again for taking course and Bishop look for creating the or one Gisin leader and Jason Schema