Learn JQuery: A Fun And Simple Introduction!

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

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11 Videos (1h 19m)
    • An Introduction to an Introduction

    • What is jQuery?

    • Things You'll Need

    • First Steps

    • jQuery Selectors

    • jQuery Traversing

    • jQuery Events

    • jQuery Getting and Setting

    • jQuery Animation

    • Build Your Own Accordion

    • Share It!


About This Class


Wanting to take your website building skills to the next level? Want to write JavaScript that's easy to code, quick to code, and works accross browsers? Or maybe you've heard of jQuery but never known what it really is? jQuery will change your web life! It allows you to focus making the next big thing (or cool little thing) rather than worrying about cross-browser bugs, optimization, and writing massive amounts of code for almost everything you're wanting to do.

This class is a fun introduction to jQuery, and covers the basics! The class is structured in an easy-to-understand way. We go step by step through writing your own jQuery, and what it all means – through a few simple examples :)

If you're new to building websites I have a beginners class on building your first website with HTML and CSS and a beginners class on writing JavaScript. I'd suggest doing these beforehand, or having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (only the basics needed).

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It's fun and crisp.For the beginners an excellent way to start of learning jQuery confidently.
nice build up to understanding how the accordion works in jQuery. Would love to see the tab and slideshows, modals explained and progressed to, in this way...future additions or courses. Really fun...not off putting snore fest which is a danger of courses like these!
Overall the class was very good. Tad bit fast at times, but here is a pause button! He shows multiple ways of doing the same thing, which is great to see different pattern styles.





Rich Armstrong

Product Designer

Rich's title is Product Designer but he's more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn. He designs, animates and codes. He's studied multimedia design and graphic design, and is a self-taught programmer. He's freelanced, worked for agencies and startups, and now runs Studio Armstrong, an Amsterdam-based creation company, with his wife. He also doodles all the time, has super ginger-powers and can touch his nose with his tongue!

He spends most of his working day researching and experimenting, much like his hero, Lucius Fox, does. Rich likes to think he's a minimalist, but he's fooling himself – he's as messy and unorganised as the any other creative genius.

Rich has been teaching online classes on Skillshare since late 2015 – and he likes it a lot :) He's since created the weirdly named Tap Tap Kaboom brand that showcases his experiments, designs and classes. Follow him on Dribbble, Instagram, Ello and YouTube. He also has a newsletter type thing that you can subscribe to.