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    • 1. Course introduction

    • 2. Alphabet, pronunciation, how to introduce yourself, numbers

    • 3. Numbers from 10 to 100, singular and plural form, family members, th masculine and the femines gende

    • 4. Definite and indefinite articles, animals, possessive and demonstrartive pronouns

    • 5. Adjectives, verbs to be/to have,food, there is/are

    • 6. Months, holidays, how to ask the time, parts of the day, days of the week

    • 7. "WH" questions, vocabulary of the house, vocabulary of the school

    • 8. The present tense, adverbs of frequency, new words

    • 9. Body parts, adverbs, clothes


    • 11. Prepositions of places, names of the shops

    • 12. Negative form, direct object pronouns, weather

    • 13. Prepositions

    • 14. Verb to like (piacere)

    • 15. Simple past, introduction of the present perfect

    • 16. Present perfect

    • 17. Relative pronouns

    • 18. The imperfect tense

    • 19. The future tense

    • 20. The imperative

    • 21. The reflexive pronouns

    • 22. The pronoun "SI"

    • 23. The present conditional


About This Class

Partecipare a questa classe è il modo più veloce per imparare l'italiano. Ti verrà insegnato da un madrelingua italiano e durante il corso parleremo di:

-come presentarti



-tempo presente

-tempi passati

-alfabeto italiano e la pronuncia delle diverse lettere

-tempo futuro


E molto altro personale


1. Course introduction: Hello, everybody. I'm Joya on diamond native Italian Speaker welcomes my class. I will take you from a beginner level, which is the A one level toe on upper intermediate level course. A cold B two level in my class. I will teach you the title articles. Florals There is There are verbs in the present as adjectives adverbs The past ties is directing direct pros The purpose he shows reflexive verbs on the impersonal for with C We also talk about the two Italian genders, flew out the future conditional fancies numbers in patio their effects and knows the past tens and how to make pressure. So the under my course will be able to write, told speaks perfect Italian. So see you in class, child. 2. Alphabet, pronunciation, how to introduce yourself, numbers: chow beauty limit Lhasa. Hello. Back into my class today I'm going to teach you the child Half a bit different Pronunciations the colors. How do you introduce yourself in Italian? And the numbers. Let's start with the half of it. So the better off the Italian artful bit are? Uh huh. Me, She de yeah f g e live and may. And for P Cool S p cejka the letter J k x value. And why are not using the Italian language? Now let's go back to the alphabet because it's time for the perros ea shin, which is pretty easy because everything in Italian is written and the way you pronounce it . So now I'm going to say the sound off each blacker off the out from it, uh, the could the it for good that her age doesn't have a solid tell you e no. Uh, no. Oh, super cool. So toe Oh, the so no. The problem comes with the receipt and the energy because both of them can have two different sounds depending on the following letter There, See, can people ouster as a chair when is followed by an E or an eye for example shallow, which means sky for a future. Which means flight. There see is Penelas as a when it's followed by an A and O and you, Orrin H. For example, Caza, which means house or Kizza, which means church. Same for that. I heard G allergy is pronounced as a Jew. When is followed by an E or an eye? For example, Jocko, Which means games core Daniel, which means genius. He's pronounced as a girl when it's followed by an A and O and you or an H, for example, Gateau. Which means that or yeah, Chou Which muse? Paice. No. Let's move to the colors So yellow in Italian is post John alone. Black is NATO green. It's bad death pink is rolls up gray. He's pro nosed. Really job blue. It's the same. So blue read is so brown. Moroni, orange. It's pretty similar are untrue. New and poor. Poll. It's post viola. Then we have the color right, which is the uncle. Let's move to the greetings. So in Italian to say I use a child. Good morning, one George. Good night is born. Good evening. He's Macedo and by use the same as high so child. So now I'm going to teach you how to introduce yourself in Italian to say What's your name we say Call me to hear me And they are served Will be Mickey Ammo Simon My name is silent to ask How hold are you quality on I And the answer will be Oh, yeah I'm 10 years old to ask Where are you from? We say Dedo they say And the answer will be Solo Italiano Which wheels? I'm Italian Other questions you can ask can be What's your job? Que lavoro? Fine. And the answer can be solo only full senior, which means highly teacher You can also ask Do you have siblings? Which is I they fraternity and the house her is safe. Oh Bouna sora Which means yes, I've got one sister you could ask Do you have kids between tired and he's I they feel and the answer can be c o do it, Phoebe, which means Yes, I have two kids. Now let's move to the numbers in this class. I'm going to teach you only the 1st 10 numbers. So one he's oh, no tools is do with three years. Four is What role? Five is Ching quit. Six is say several is set eight. He's Oh, don't nine. He's no there. 10. He's the So now, if we repeat them from the start, it will be Oh, no! Do with Quattro Ching. Quit se set the Oh, no, This cheese. Thank you for taking part in these class. Got CIA help to see you in the next one to keep practicing chow. 3. Numbers from 10 to 100, singular and plural form, family members, th masculine and the femines gende: tell the ability, Lamia. Classy. Hello. Welcome to my class. Today I'm going to teach you the numbers from time to 100. The gender off the lows. How to form the singular and perform. And the family members any tiger. Let's start with the number Here I wrote the number from 11 to 15. So 11 is de cheer. 12 is go teach here. 13 Really cheap. 14 quacked or itchy? 15 cooling. Dhe. So it will be wound. Itchy, though. Dhe. Dhe Questar. Did she point? Beachy Here we have the numbers from 16 to 20. So 16 Si dhe 17. He just sat there. 18. The Charter 19. The Chung No. 20 venti. So it will be savy cheap. Be just set There the chalk Go the chung No. Then now let's move to the 10th. So 20 then 30 four teeth. What? On the 50 ***. So it will be They did strange. What? Um Chengguan. Then we have 60 cyst on 70. Sit down. 80 90 No, 400 chin. So it will be Sit down. No one change. So we firm Italian compound numbers by simply heading each element in these murder. So let's take back the health and the number you learn in the previous lesson. So the strike it out by formal some numbers. For example, let's take the number 57 50 is *** want? So we had chicken. Then we have the seven which is set there. So 57 it will be *** one. Does that flow? Let's try with another number. 83 80 Then we are the three, which is trust. So 83 We will be better. No going to teach you so busy first, But you need when you know that I which so get out See, it means thanks. Perego means your wife cook si means yes. No, it's the same when it means no, your father Where means please schools are means Excuse me, medias Fiat means I'm sorry Kit Order So no means What time is it? Solo early. DHL No means it's seven PM Parlin Glaser After meals. Do you speak English? Now let's move to the gender. In Italian, we have two different genders masculine on family. Usually the words ending with an O. R. Masculine and the worst ending within a are feminine. Here were some example of my skin's word. And here we have some example of Finian's word. Although there are so muscular words that hand within a for example, problema, which means problem. Chima, which means cinema trump as Mark, which means Ghost and Baba, which means father here are some feminine worse that has within it. Oh, my final, which means hand radio. Which means Radio Marto, which means motorcycle Palumbo, which means valuable. Worse. Handing with E can be either masculine her family. Here the blue words are masculine while the pink one, our family words so restore around there. Which means restaurant is masculine. They live his unit, which means television is permanent. Come idiot, it means waker. Parley meals, bread No, it means vote calm your meals. Dark Bakhit It means glass. Not that means night And the moderate muse see well, I'm going to teach out of from the singular and perform so when a word ends within a the purer form will be ending with an eight. When a word ends with an O, the poor form will be ending with an I And when a word hands with them e, the powerful will be handing with an I so here we have some example Liberal, which means book in the singular firm is ending with an O while in the plural is ending with an I Maaleh, which means Hepple in the singular Firmer. It's ending with an A. So in the future, one will be handing with an eight be Kira, which means glass in the singular firm is selling within a So in the poorer one, it will be handing with an I. Now let's move to a cabinetry here. I'm going to teach you the Italian family members. So let's start. Mama means Mother Papa means Father sort of love means Sister Fratello means brother nipple . That means nephew Swat Cheryl Mills, father alone but within a in the end means mother in law. Business no means great grandfather, but within a in the M means great grandmother. No, no means father, but with an angel. Gender music grandmother Zeal means hunk O. But within a and yet means hunt quit. Gino means causing. Now let's repeat them together. Mama pop out. Sora long. No people there sua chiro Swatch era B is known No least Lana. No, no, no, no. See, you see, uh who Gino Lugina. Thank you for taking part in this class. Hope to see in the next one. Will them keep practicing, Tao? 4. Definite and indefinite articles, animals, possessive and demonstrartive pronouns: toe the beauty limitless. Hello, Welcome to my class. Today. I'm going to teach you definitely indefinite articles, the animals possessive and demonstrative. Palau's on the objectives. Let's start with their articles in Italian. The definite article has different forms, depending on the gender and number. Off the following word and on the letter with which the follower work begins. Here are the firms, so the family informs are used before family words law and look for the singular and live for the bureau. A lot of issues before worse, beginning with the constant lo, is used before worst, beginning with a vowel for an H. There are three different forms for the masculine, singular alone, no and look and two for the parole E. And he called these forms her used before last words. The love is used before worst, beginning with a vowel or H. Here are some example of the feminine form, so Larry got TSA means the girl. Little gutsy means the gears. La Casa means the house lay cards. It means how this last ANSA news, the room Let's news rooms. Lautaro me is the car. Let our dog means the cars. This video in some means Vicks periods let experience minutes the experiences and here are some example off the masking former in Torino means the train E three means of trays. Blood zeal missed the hunger leads e news, the hung cause Even I got so used to the boy Eat that I got C means the voice Lanco missed the friend lead. Amegy means the friends. Now let's moated indefinite articles like the definite articles thing. Definite articles have different forms, depending on the gender off the World Day to reverse to on the ladder with which the following world begins, there is low, purer for the indefinite articles. Here are the forms the family informs on Hula argues before family words. Una is used before words, beginning with a vowel or an age. Ola is used before words, beginning with a constant the masculine forms. You know, our years before Muskie words you know, is used before words, Sergeant, with that g, n, p s and s plus constant and is used before all other worse. Here are some examples loud. A car lost fist hostas. Oh, that's so girl. Older cars our house on our stands. A room here are some example of the muscular for Momo. A man broke a leg, a colleague, a restaurant, a restaurant. Let's I know a back pack. Let's see you and uncle Not us both to proceed. The letters G and L, when they are near each other. Her Panos has a year for example. By yeah t shirt. You garlic, You better money. Your sweater. No, This move to the letters G and that when the G is near and and Depor OSI ation off these two letters is here for example. So you around you leave your No, that's both to the letters SRC when the letter s is followed by C can have two different Maroc Asian For example, when the letter C is followed by in I or a depreciation will be sure for example, she aria, while when the letter C is followed by a and o you or an age, the procession will be skirt for example squalor. Now it's time for vocabularies Over here. I'm going to teach you the names off the animals in Italian. So Kana means dog Dr Means cat Lou Poor means of wars cow Been there means like my nose pig got you know, 10. Cover me horse patient fish Shame you Meals Mochi. Now let's move to the possessive pronouns The firm's off. The possessive pronoun rules are the same as those off the possesses objectives and they're always proceeded. But the definite article here are de possessive pronoun was talking. Here are some examples on how to use them Louisa Ace wife Liza under brothers Carlo Any sway Sauron, Carla sisters Bolivia in sworn court Olivia and her friends s story Joshua Arnica and his friend Lamia My letter e toilet every your books Galanos trust Scola are worse. Cool level straight Your idea Laurel stance They roll a little Ginny Torrey Very parents. Now let's go to the demonstrative pronouns. Questo is the masculine form for days and questa is the family informed for days Questi is the masculine form for thes inquest. It is the feminine form for these Quinn is the masculine form for that And quella is the family in form for that quay is the masking for for those on Quayle is the family form for thoughts. Here are some examples on how to use them Thank you for taking part in this class. How to see in the next one till them keep practicing toe 5. Adjectives, verbs to be/to have,food, there is/are: Chow Bilukidi Clasen. Hello, Welcome to my class today. I'm going to teach you various. There are Thea objectives, the verbs to be and 12 from the food. Let's start with the objectives. There are a few diversities between Italian and English usage off adjectives, first of all, Italian. The objectives are after now what in English objectives are before now. For example, here we have maquina Rosa, which means red car. But in Italian it's not written red car. It's written card rent. Another aspect of the title objectives is that they need to agree with the known there, describing in terms of gender and number. For example, here we have a feminine noun and the musk you now maquina is a family now heading within a . So the objective will be family handing within a two. Then we are top. Peter also topped potato ism onscreen now, so the adjective will be also unmasking adjective Adeline with no Now let's help lying. A few simple rules. First, the adjectives in Italian are divided into three classes. The first world contains adjectives whose dictionary firms handing for these will have four forms basking, singular, family, singular, musky and plural. I'm tell me. In Europe, for example, Margo, but get out about three. Margaret. Which means saying next we have the objectives whose dictionary forms hands in heat. These we have only two forms, singular and plural. Here we have an example of the adjective fast. The culture is singular. Loci is plural. In the third class, we have the object use that have just one invariable form. So regardless of gender or number, we always use the same form here. As an example, I put the objective blue, which means blue. Here are some examples off adjectives that belong to the first class grow so bad. Americano America Alto told Bassel short objectives that belong to the second class can be intelligent, intelligent, in blizzard English around their big. And in third class we have Rosa Pink Biala. Poor poll hear her. So come on. Italian festivities. Bad law. The route. Carrie, you know bass. So build indoor. They bully far death. My group. Good Hostile Joe Value that cure Lee show Riccio Carnival. Don't know intelligent, same particle. Here we have the verb to be fun toe. Have learning to read the verb to be your solo toe say Louis Noise Samel Loi c Laura. So no. Now it's time for a div Herb to have he'll toe I Louis know your family? Voy a V did no on Here are some phrases with the verbs to be and so no medico como co Jeannie I see it. The strong area power A on a solo Cloudy O Neill Fratello, our own Children. I eat a meal indeed. So I'm no Is army on a Mullah Kitahara over here are the subject for nose He'll tool play or Louis? No, we boy Laurel here we have some praises of the interrogative for, say, grown toe. See this train? Nearly I meal indeed. So Kalyan, I'm not is army. And here we have phrases in the negative form. The negative is formed by putting Noronha before the verb. For example Claudio No, no meal Fratello No CIA More italiani? No. See it test Ranieri? No, I mean your injury. So the verb a very um toe have followed by a noun is also using a number off idiomatic expressions which correspond toe English expression using to be followed by an adjective or adverb A phrase? Here are some examples a very is also used in entitled to express Age. Francesca After leaders at the Gun 20 omni I. Now let's move to the expressions there is there are which correspond to the Italian Chef Solo. Here are some examples on how to use them in the phrase chair check. Check more temple check on problema She solo doing Gracie Now it's time for vocabulary today going to teach you the food so may lower polo toward town. Pardon me for my job, Pierrot. Over. Berna. Karnit Jokela. You know a what? Beer. So cool. Laughter. Thank you for taking part. India's class I hope to see in the next one. Till then, keep practicing toe. 6. Months, holidays, how to ask the time, parts of the day, days of the week: chow the guilty element last Hello. Welcome to my class Today I'm going to teach you the part of the day, The days off, the week, the seasons, the holidays, the month and how to say the time Intaglio. Let's start with the days Luna de Mark D D Marika, Lady Jovan The Finnair The SAB After domain Icka Now let's go to the seasons. So totem is out? No, Spring is prima Vera. Winter is invariable and summer is spotty. How to know Pretty movie it up Invest low It started now. The months gin save you, Mark. So a really my job doing you, Louis? Your I go still sick them Toby November the chamber Here are the parts off the day Martina Murni Poor Mary Jo Afternoon Sierra Evening. No death night, Matina. Poor Mary. Sarah not here are the names off the holidays. Not Ali Christmas Pascua east There capitano You receive No tally Basque Whoa, Couple down Now This fall to a cabin Eri Jornal Day I'm no here Maiziere Month We can we can City Mariner Week Va can say holiday Pull it down Power So entire when you want to know what time is it you say Que order solo and the person cancer. So lonely. Normal beats minor block here. So examples. Solar. Dhe. It's 10 o'clock Solar Queen Beachy. It's 3 p.m. solo eleventy do. Well, it's Tom PM Solana. Only chairman. It's half past 11. Thank you for taking part in his class. Hi. I hope to see in the next one field. Thank you. Practicing child. 7. "WH" questions, vocabulary of the house, vocabulary of the school: so the glass Hello. Welcome to class today and Linda Teacher wh questions The vocabulary of the house in the vocabulary Off the school. Let's start with the wh questions who corresponds to the side inward key when corresponds toe Wandell What To to cause out where Dover and why corresponds Toe cap key Cuando caza dove in Here are some examples off some phrases using them Ki se Who are you Cuando jockey at tennis? When do you blame tenis concert Fi Domani? What do you do tomorrow? Does Bryan McCann Za where do you go on vacation? Per k a B t a Milano? Why do you live in Milan? And then we have how which corresponds today. Tyler Ward, call me. Here are some examples comb ever larger. How is your day going calmest? I How are you now? Let's move to devote Cavalleri off the house roof. These take window is Phoenix Throne Door is Porta Giardino is garden and carriage is carriage. Here we have Sala, which is living room, and Banyoles, which is a bathroom Sala by you. And here we have Cocina, which is kitchen and Cometa for camera. Miletto, which is backed through Cucina. Come in now let's pull to the objects we confined in a house left toe that are my ideal wardrobe or a law. Joe Clark Halevi Zawra Television pulled Drona Harm Chair de Varo So far Tableaux table. Sadia Chair, Leto Armada Dio or a lodger they levies or a full roller de varo. Taveau Sadio Here we have cushy no pillow. Cassity drove lam bada lamb. Who are the painting free Gory ferro fridge. Love a three chairs washing machine. Love and Dino Sing Baska Bar stub Coche, Edo Castle The Lump Father. Quadrille free, Gory Ferro Lovat, Reacher Love Andi Know Laska. No, that's Walter. The school subjects mathematic. Oh, less English English Italiano, Italian gymnastic, a physical education, Shane's Styles story our history, geography, a geography, Out of day art. Mathematical. English Italiano Gymnastic Shin's story. A geography yah Out of here we have some school subject. Caesar's far to reach you. Council Black word. Lavagna notebook. There. No book. Liberal teacher Master Penn Pinna fares Okay is a start. So let's repeat them for bitchy Martita Lavagna Quader Long liberal. My strong pay now are searcher Thank you for taking barge. India's class trial to seeing the nurse one until them keep practicing child 8. The present tense, adverbs of frequency, new words: Chow bevel Attila McGlasson. Hello. Welcome to my class. In this class, I'm going to teach you the present Hands off the verbs, the adverbs, off frequency and some new words. Let's start. Italian verbs are divided into three main groups. The congregations the congregation of her belongs to is determined by the ending off it infinitive. So the three congregations are body it it either the firm's off the present depend on which conjugation verb belongs to. The present is formed by changing the ending off the definitive as follows Regular Rob seen Arda are congregated as follows Here we have an example of the verb to talk which in card unease, partner, I'm going to read it your part ago to bodily on the way noise partly on me boy latte, laurel, part of lemon. And here we have an example off the verb to love which in Italian is a my you Armel to follow me. No, we comma Loy boy. Laurel, come on. Here We have some phrases with some burbs off the first conjugation. I'm going to read them, boy Marlatt Malta Your ammo loca to love a worry Moral toe. Loi Abby gmo Milano you buy low. Regular verbs in areas are conjugated as follows. Here there is an example of the verb to win which Kalyan is being. I'm gonna read Eat you being cool to the chief. Louis being Jim noise being charming, boy. Things change there, Loro being Cano. And here we have an example of the verb to read Which Italian is legit you like. Go toe, Louis. Let noise job boy. Laura, like here were some phrases with some verbs off the second conjugation you Lego liberal annoys me charming seem tool Trendy Bouna Louis. More talk. Divers handing in era are congregated as follows. Here we have an example off the verb to sleep which in Italian is door media you door to door me, Louis knowing, boy Loro Door. And we also have an example off the verb to understand which Italian is copyright. Your copy. School toe. Copy she Louis topping. Shit. Noi. Copy em, boy. Copy. Laura Cappy School. Here we have some crazies with suburbs off the third conjugation e o k pisco. He let you know door me More noise. Party ammo! Domani boy door me Here is the conjugation off some off the more frequently used irregular verbs in talent. Here were some crazies off some regular and irregular verbs that belongs to the 1st 2nd or third congregation. Nice time for the others off frequency. So we have always seem usually solely for still space. So sometimes have all day. Rarely. Never. My Now I'm going to repeat some slowly. Same de sollitto space. So, uh, Dad, I mean my Now it's time for recovery. Here are some new words. Beachy clip Bicycle, Torino train maquina car. I really plain a leak or Tero helicopter out. Oh, Boose bus. Thank you for taking part in this class. I hope to see in the next What then keep practicing so 9. Body parts, adverbs, clothes: how The military in your class. Hello. Welcome to my class. This class I'm going to teach you the part off the body. The close on the odd verbs. OK, let's start with body parts. So here we have a beautiful least off body parts and different for girls off our body. And now I'm going to read all of them. Let's start from the top. That's O que quality love campaign. Now also my No. Yeah. Come Pierre there, Chip value star Marco. But actually 40 que carl spot. Now it's time for the odd Gerbes. So English adverbs are usually formed by Headingley. Twin adjective, for example. Cleverly seemly. Gently, kindly Italian ob herbs are usually just as easy to firm. You need to add men's to the adjective. Here are some examples we take the adjective slow which economies Linda and then we have meant there. I mean, for the second example, we take the other two quick Cipollini's and then we have meaning same for the other two out burbs. Same preacher in friend. When the adjective hand seen Lee or very proceeded by a bowel, the final E is dropped before adding mean, for example, for example, in the world, gentlemen, which means kindly that he off Ginny TDN is dropped. Same thing for me. The last what? Verbs are verbs in which the adjective hands in so that e is dropped. And there you are meant Mark Jermyn. Here were some examples off so phrases using adverbs, cumbia, Kamina here we could respond the same factual compete E Ray Bowler. Some words denoting quantity can be used balls as adverbs and adjectives. For example, mold or or Tando, which means a lot off. Very many drop, which means too much to money. And Barco, which means few. A little, not much, not very. And when they are used as adverbs, they are invariable here. There are some examples with the translation on the site. Now let's learn some new words. Panta Loanee Charter's won t close shot above scarf, of course. Gourmet bikini based Ito dress. Capello Head Jack Jacket. Steve Ali Boots Calc Knee socks Scott Shows Sign or that Back for the for you wallet. Okay, Ali, That soldier Sunglasses. Borsa Beck. Okay, lead at least Glasses. Umbrella, umbrella T shirt. Ducky heels. Thank you for taking part in this class. I hope to see you in the next one. Till then, keep practicing toe 10. DICTATION TEST: so the ability really glasses. Hello. Welcome to my class today. We're going to dictation test. I'm going to dictate eight phrases and one short text. You will find the solutions off the test at the end of the lesson. So let's start. Let's begin with the hate phrases. I'm gonna repeat each phrase two times the first warm He's me pr chin via jar They me PR chair via Jari. The second phrase is meal Cool glory Pretty fairy door. Uh, Rose meal. Cool Ori fare. E uh, he Roger the third phrase. He's I'm no a paolo part of land new They load shaming there. I'm no e Paolo Part Landau, The Lord shaming there. The next phrase he's so no, that is there Pared Que Jovi de peel the So no Therese There their care, Joe VD pure The next phrase Thieves Odd G man Joe No, Mila Odd g Monjo. You know Maaleh. The next phrase. He's quay store. I really and get down there Way store. I know you, uh get on the the next phrase he's cause, uh fyi the low Jordan. No, the not Ali cause out. FYI, George? No. De not live the next one. He's ill meal. Come play on. No! Yeah. Look. Been are really meal calm. Play on. No! And mentee there are really Now it's time for the tax to I'm gonna read it once, and then I'm gonna dictate it. Child Solo Marco, He'll queen itchy on me. So no Italiano gave evil Uh, Milan. Oh, capitally needy A New York e b a all Carney normal being called Lamia. Mama Cooler meal bad. Don't do it, you Bado squalor e la mere mart area Geo Graphia Now I'm going to the state Chow So no Marco! Yeah. Oh, Queen Chief on knee. So no Italiano? Yeah, the evil uh Milano Oh e Cappie Lee Nary e e Oh, key there. Oh, no Carinae. So war No, man. Yeah, being cool. Mia! Mom? Mom? Yeah! Oh, now my eyes E meal pod Today uh, for now, don't know where he'll the door I have Skoula. Okay? Commedia my area. Uh, Geo Graphia Here you have the solutions. These are date phrases and this is the text. And here there is the translation in English off the text. I hope the test 1 12 Thank you for taking part in this class. I hope to see you in the next one. Till then, keep practicing. Chow 11. Prepositions of places, names of the shops: chow built er McGlasson. Hello. Welcome to my class. In this class, I'm going to teach you the propositions off place and for recovery. The different names off the shops. Let's start with the proposition goes off place. So in this picture we have Then throw which means inside the throne there which means in front off. So Oprah, which means on you throw which means behind Tra or FRA which means between Soto which means under a canto which means in the year a de esta which means on the right and are seen extra which means under left here we have some examples on how to use them. La maquina. Yeah. Then throw. Gosh blue spade, Allah de Franta all change. Throw calmer Charlie Love BBO taker Okay, Love pharma Chia ale much allow you can in a soap opera you so no different there in God's the eighth row ill tabbouleh for their vocabulary part here we have some pictures off different shops and we have Fatima Chia, which is chemist. Much allow you, which is butcher post paid Ali which is hospital Chandra Kumari Charlie Shopping Center The video Take a library ci nema Cinema on this page. We have keys are church a DeCota newsagents para que joe car park Super Mercato supermarket . Baracoa Park. Nay. Got seal shop here. We have some examples. Vatel in a hospital worker store. Molly Auggie. Vado In people taken ark Studio eso solo in far Murcia Cuando abbiamo temple Andi Ammo enema off. Contrato questi pantaloon e in questo. *** tsu. And here there is the translation in English, off each centers. Thank you for taking part in these class. I hope to see you in the next one. Till then, keep practicing chow. 12. Negative form, direct object pronouns, weather: Chou liminal, Tell any class Hello, Welcome from my class in this class. We're going to teach you the direct object, the negative form and the weather. Okay, let's start with the weather, which in Italian is called Temple or made a deal. Here we have some weather related words. They were going to read them, then toes or so. Let John pure boards or move or laws Vinto solely maybe, yeah, actually, move along for you. Okay, now let's move through the direct object partners. Direct object pronounce replaces a noun use as a direct object, so it must therefore agree in gender and number with the known. It refers to their object. Palau's normally calm before the verb here are the firm's off the direct object pronouns me de no masculine la feminine she v Lee masking lay family Here we have some examples on how to use them. Giacomo me in vita space. So our Chena save Roy de you don't no cola, Roscoe being in long the door toe de Okay, Jordan Me V in veto A lot of fast. The pronoun law is often used to replace the whole clothes. Here are some examples Psyche RG ill completely lost the card. See? No. So Dover. So no Li ke Avi No, no Lo saw Davey cambiado la carte No factual Subito Nala School to the negative for which in Italian is formed by putting known er before the pronoun Here are some phrases in the negative form. No, no, no, no no! Score Dana No! No three in veto Allah Faster! No ni vedo space No, no t copy school. Thank you for taking part in this class. I hope to see you in the next one. Till then, keep practicing chow. 13. Prepositions: child ability only lasts Hello. Welcome to my class. In this class, I went to teach you the propositions. The Italian propositions are the, uh, the in corner. So, Pierrot, the river is It shows the dot in Seoul when used together with a noun. Proceed by the definite article. Always combined with the article. Here are examples The Revelation D is typically used to express possession. Le moto di Luca Rosa Lucas motorbike. He's red material will jack up the another jacket Time D. C at our school. I don't go out in the evening and subject Wanna Let's unity story a history lesson. The proposition A is typically used to express Please. Alvito, our Lola. I live in London time. Vado in Yolanda are real. I'm going Toe Island in July. Indirect object. He'll dock liberal arts Celia, I give the book toe Sylvia and quantity Volume. Gelato, Gelato. Do you want to chocolate ice cream? The last one is means or manner. The jackets is handmade. The proposition down is typically used to express place part. Oh, Milano, I am leaving from Milan to express time. Studio Italiano. Luna Mae's it. I've been starting Italian for a month function Sort of scar bed down then They are tennis shoes. The opposition in is used to express place. You are Beato Italian. I need it really means, um Gamow in trainer in mark in a Are we going by train or by car? The position colon is typically used to express company. Vado Allah chill. Emma called Luca. I'm going to the cinema with Luca Means they scream Very corn. Hula Rosa, I have to write with the red pan and quality owner Senora Corner Capelli Region The lady with gray hair The proposition so is typically used to express police it. Oy Li Bri Solo So last Cubana, Your books are on the desk. Subject Questo A liberal stool culture. This is a book about football. The proposition pair is typically used to express time. A school where the cheap meaning would you? I go out for 10 minutes coz Mullah moved up there. It just saw the village in town. A fine for speeding came studio basada Lizama. I study to pass the except the propositions drop and fraud are typically used to express. Please trump me Lalo a bologna between Milan and Bologna time so do it for them in two hours. That's see for today's class. Thank you for taking martinis class I hope to see in the next one. Do you then keep practicing, child? 14. Verb to like (piacere): chow belittled here and last. Hello. Welcome to my class In this class, I'm going to teach you the verb Ph area to like. So Davor Ph area corresponds toe like, but it is used in a different way from its English counterpart in Italian. The subject off the verb is the thing, or Purcell, while likes the person who likes something, is de notated by any direct object pronouns. Here are some examples me pho la pizza tp ach Bala cheap. Yeah. You know, Petra is an irregular verb, mostly used in the third person Singular piace and third person Plural Natural piace is used if the thing that while likes is a singular NARAL or pronoun or the infinitive off a verb Yeah, you know is used if the thing that one lives are a plural noun or pronoun, you can see in the examples There are other verbs which are using the same ways especially . And these verbs are Moncada set of Yeutter and Simba, for example Me monkey Me Saturday Bouna model None me Same drew stuff. The never t form is pretty easy. You just need to put known of before the pronoun Here are some examples, Nana me PR beats. No, no. Live PR check. Khonsari. No, no cheese. Yeah. Show no e video jockey. Thank you for taking part in this class. I have to see in the next one to then keep practicing chow. 15. Simple past, introduction of the present perfect: chow. Hello, Welcome for my class. In these class, you choose a time present. Perfect. The president Perfect cold in Italian Possible process is one of the two most used past tenses of the indicative. In Italian, the president perfect is often used the like the English present perfect to state. The inaction has happened in the past, but that its effects are still lost thing in the present. However, in northern Italy and in the language of the media is also equivalent to the English simple past, referring to action which happened in a more distant past and have no immediate consequences in the presence. Indeed, it more Off Inc respond to the English simple past. Turn to the English present Perfect. In other words, in Italian, The difference between present, perfect and simple past is not always marked, and it is always possible to use the firmer. Here are the examples off some crazies in the present. Perfect the president Perfection is a compound tints and it's formed as in English, with the present house off the axillary burb, followed by the past participle off the verb. As the examples confirmed the bust out a process make respond to either the simple past or the present, perfect in English. But there are also other differences between the Italian and English structure. There is only one, actually reverb in English, which is to have but in Italian the choice off to Bavaria and S area tohave and to be when acid it Toby is used, the past participle has to agree in gender and number with the subject Finally, whether to use a very or s a T is not usually a free choice. We will look all these differences in detail, but first we need to look at the firm's off the Italian past participle. So the irregular firms off the past participle are obtained by changing the ending off the infinitive as follows aren it becomes Otto. It is you too, and eat it. Each of here are some examples parla la injury man Giotto Caldera Piacere Ruto part Ito copyright capito The past participle off verbs in your hands, in auto, for example. In Italian, as in most languages, many verbs have any regular passport is support which is best learned by heart and with use here is the least off the most frequently used. Thank you for taking part in this class. Are you to see you in the next one? Till then, keep practicing, Chow. 16. Present perfect: so the little tailor made last Hello. Welcome to my class in this class Ireland issue the present. Perfect. So let's start of the present. Perfect in Italian is formed with the president Negative off a very tohave or asir to be followed by the past. Participle off the verb Here are took samples. What you think of it? And the other s it. Hell Oh, scree Toe toe I excrete toe Loy a script. Oh Loi a bmo script. Oh boy Awaited Discreet toe Laura A no script and the other one ear solo under tow. Tow, say under tow. Louis noise Iago on Dirty Laura solo as can be seen when the present perfect is formed with a Veria The past participle does not change. But when the present perfect is formed with acid in the past participle behaves like an adjective are green in gender and number with the subject off the verb. Here are some examples. Here we have the present perfect off the verb. Bavaria, you go toe toe I a photo. Louis, a photo Loy Obama Bhutto Voigt Photo Laura! And here we have the percent Perfect off the verb SS Your solar start toe, say, start a start knowing self started Boy said. Started floor solar stock Deciding whether to use a city or a very can be a bit of a problem. The only for rules are those governing atrocity versa and reflexive verbs. Transitive verse always used a very reflexive verbs. Always use asset. As for intransitive verbs, some use of area and others, asset in general can be said that birds off movements such as undoubted to go via needed to come partier to leave. Who sheeted to go out and try to come in, or non movement such as Re Malia remain very sorry to stay and verb soft state such as Dave entirely toe become Kambia to change pressure to grow. Use the actually very esoteric knowledge to the negative for the negative is formed by putting non before the subsidiary like in these examples, the adverse court are by pure and job, are normally placed between the CRE and the verb. For example, Oh, John, please. Pasta. I've already replied Thank you for taking part in this class I have to see in the next ward . Till then, keep practicing Chow 17. Relative pronouns: Chow, Lieutenant. Hello. Welcome to my class in this class, I'm really actually Roger Perot's The tire rush Paroles correspond today English, which their home who's and they have two forms invariable que qui and variable quality, which is masking singular lack Wiley, which is seven singular equality, which is masculine, plural and lick quality which is coming in the world. Here are some examples Il terreno Cape Riendeau, Matina, Sempra, Montel A full auto lost Aurea K o Leto s glad I got sake or low quality our telephone Arto Busoni Unifab or Yamaichi care Or equally so, no penalty after of Army. So no Lunde's I am court like IAVI que your doctor The invariable forms which can replace or lounge So last scream summing singular in flora are there was frequently used in Italian collective nose such as a group or the group and La Squadra. The score does the team are always followed by the singular off the verb Never deplorable Here there is a really important role So in Italian to say the reason why were the reasons why you need to say Lara, Jonah Kui and the purer it will be later Droney and here we are Some examples. So phrases using rash put hours. Paolo Il quality simply. Riccardo Luna. Ancora Open lotto cooler I got to tell you in for. So you're a solo Ahmici. Equality mean little space. She saw the way, senor. Quality? No, La Monica called Qala. Can't see. And here there is the ratify announce. Quite know which has four form. So queer lawyers masking singular quit love family Singular. Quickly. Must be emperor Quickly. Family in plural. Thank you for taking part in this class. I have to see in the next one. Till then, keep practicing, child. 18. The imperfect tense: chow building on it last held. Welcome to my class in this class. I'm going to teach you the in perfect tens. The perfect is together with the present. Perfect. What off there was used to pass senses, Natalia. It is called in perfect because generally speaking, the reason a reference to the beginning or end off the action. It expresses either the lands off time. The actual lasted is not relevant or the action is seen as the background toe another actual or to action to place at the same time and last the same length of time. The firm's off them perfect are very regular. Here are the endings for the three congregation Got it. It it either. Here there is the congregation off reverb parla ending in our area, which means to talk here the reserve herb handing in area which is printed it to take. And here we have the conjugation off the verb to have, which is avea your parla bow to our lobby lui por la loi Alabama Boy, Your plan Able toe plan a B boy. No, you are able to a very Louis I've ever noise boy regarding Laura love many very certain rebel are in new perfect, but Esser is one of them. Your it'll too airy Louis area. Lloyd it Obama boy it about dodo and these is the verb to be. Other irregular verbs are better to drink, dear to say and farting to do or to make all overs handling in order to have the following pattern here. Rather example off the world troubadour, which means toe trust late. So the congregation off this firm will be your trad achieve go toe TV Louis Achieva Knowing more travel Loro try to change The negative is formed as usual by putting Nana before the verb. For example, the Sollitto Lanta Munich are known who Shiva Cuando I telephone Otto, known for CI Vil in the newspaper Charlie. Off the in Perfect is used for the scriptures off situation in the past, when it is not necessary to say how long an actual lasted. Thes generally happens. Rivers like has started to be Sambre two seam and a very to have and with verbs expressing wheel desire or intention, possibility or ability. But it can happen with other words as well. Here are some examples Cheryl O Mould taper solely K Hospital Barlow Trail. You're a sailor. Same Ravi Montel Stunkel. Yeah. Lorna Caramel Toa alta A favor Capelli Bianchi. Foci of afraid, though in Montagna. Close out for Navy the way only for our Miller Swot Padre Air Medical The perfect is also used to express actions which were Raboteau are or upend repeatedly in the past. There are some examples. Let's start isco RSA joke alarm Oh, same great art Cuando aire off in Kansas ci nema t Jordan Tell him a steely acolytes Julia praying Dave Solo They affect chill Obama Our little toe. Thank you for taking part in this class. I've seen the legs one did then keep practicing, child. 19. The future tense: the future tense is off course Used to refer to events which will happen in the future as in the following examples Energy under able in machina No soft Wando Partido there are Okay process Senora, The future is also used to express probability or gas. Here are some examples Sarah Lo Li ching llamada de pitro Avera Trenton Me key set up The future can also correspond to the English present Progressive. Here are some examples he little presto port era in a shady You did it The last very girl in general, the future tells is used the less in Italian that in English. And it is often possible when talking about something which we are all assure will happen to use the present. Here are some examples para total domani Any Uncle Landau process Learn No pursue solo our universe, Icka. The future endings for the three congregations are as follows Regular were selling in our area are conjugated as follows Your parlor. Oh, toe parlor. I, Louis Barletta Oy Very more. Voi Loro Parque. And here there is the congregation off the roads, handing in it your printed all toe in there. I Louis lend it out? No, I am a boy friend Nora and verse ending in era are congregating like days. You to party, Louis Knowing party remove boy party there Loro verbs ending in Karla and Gary at an age before the ending off the future in order to keep the art sound off C and G here we have an example. Soft verb. So the 1st 1 is chair career. Which means came for why the 2nd 1 is magaria and it means to pay He'll chip Kittle Toe chair kid I Louis Chorkina Lloyd Chair Kareem Voy Churkin Noro Chair Karen You forget all to forget I Louis Aguirre noi faggot emo boy Loro Forget firms ending in a chatty and Jonah dropped the I in the future Here some examples Here we have the congregation off some irregular verbs in the future which are assets to be a very toe. Have Daddy to give fire to do or to make and started to say the verbs underrated to go cat area to fall do very to have to put there can superior it to no video to see the very to live followed the same pattern as a very as usual. The narrative is formed by poaching. Known before the verb. No, no. On draw. A lot faster. No, no dream Romo. Moto. No, No need our little my pew. Thank you for taking part in news class. I have to see in the next one. Pill them. Keep practicing, child. 20. The imperative: chow ability and I'm aggressive. Hello. Welcome to my class in these class. I'm going to teach you the imperative. The imperative is used in Italian, as in English to express orders, comments or strong requests. Years like samples. What? That in data? Kadiatou, Padre, Andi Ammo. Me a liberal. So if your narrative is pretty easy and entirely because he's congregating as the president has here I put some crazy so you can see that there is no difference for Lata. Call Iraq's three in senior trendy own analgesia. Sicko Paraty, Romo Subito Finnish Computer, Brenda Prima Strada. Now let's move to the negative form for the second person. Singular are the negative is formed with the infinitive off the verbal proceeded by no for the other person's. The usual rule applies and known proceeds the firm off the imperative as an example. Here is the negative conjugation off the verb to talk parla to loan parla Louis No parla, no oy known Carly Ammo boy known for Lata No no longer part. When the imperative is used in an affirmative sentence with general stress pronouns, the pronouns is always attached to the verb. He is in a second person for? For the first person plural. For here are some examples quickly liberal, friendly. Does kids family uto c i d. Probably me part Lanie. Also TV. But I got to see Thank you for taking part in this class. I have to see in the lex one. Till that Keep practicing, child. 21. The reflexive pronouns: how they voted. Hello. Welcome to my class in this class coming into Petri The reflexive pronouns Here are some phrases using reflexive pronouns t who are the same Break our laws back your me level are not Steve Estey Pierre La Festa. These examples show how the reflexive Paros are the direct object off the verbs LeVar wash , more Dari toe watch and the Steiger to get dressed and you know, to the same person as a subject. There are very many verbs which can be used in the reflexive firm in Italian and which do not respond to English Reflexive verbs. Here is a list of some of the most common wells other German Darcy, outside sink only RC demented karsi love R C offender. See recordar see people's R C. But you see, schools are see said there. See? Send your C. It's really RC Mystere. See, here are the firm so reflexive? Pronouns me. Do you see cheese? The see Here I put some examples a K or a C. Martino. Paolo's his very same petard. Maria Si on lawyer Toia meet she see value No contact Jamie, and we'll see either the purer firms off the reflexive pronouns she b c are also used as a receiver. Carpenters corresponding So they English each other Your are some examples, Paolo A Your normal, achy so perky cat got it out there. Alfredo, A peer Pelosi part dollop you reflexive pronouns can also be used in contemporary spoke Natalia as indirect object. While such use is to stress that the action express by the verb is to the advantage of the subject, here are some examples Me, Monjo panino que no look cheap for charmer owner Partita Carter Paolo Semen Just same bread toe de biscotti where a flexi war, reciprocal paroles or core with the verb in the present perfecter or any other compound tells the axillary is always asset to be, even if the verb itself would form the past tenses with a very tohave and the past Participle always agrees with the subject. Here are some examples Paolo CIA, Reato Maria CIA Migliorato Vittorio A cure that you say Al Sato Paolo Francesc RC solo Sport Salty Claudio A on a sea solo Love Ottilie Money Savina cm Andreotta panino She so no fatty kaffir. They're flexing preneurs like Willem stressed pronounce can be attached to the infinitive over mainly after Bavaria have toe Patera Can bowl area want or superior? No. In these Sanders is when the main verb is in the present. Perfect or any other compound tells the outside Very is a very tohave and the passport is full. Does not agree here. Some examples They were all tarmy. Presto New Fratello number Power Francesca Spa's RC known Obama photo. Levar, thank you for taking part in this class I have to see in the next one. Did that keep practicing, child? 22. The pronoun "SI": tell been feeling McGlasson Hello. Welcome to my path into these cars. I'm going to teach you the around. See the parole See is used as a personal subject, either in sentences without a specify subject or incentives is with a passive meeting in. Both is always put before the see is used as any personal subject in Sultan sees where the subject is not specified. And it corresponds with the English one or you, for example. One Never know what just around the corner, or you never know what's just around the corner or they meaning the number off. Unspecified people. For example, they eat kangaroo in Australia. Well, see is used in this way. The verb is always in the third person. Singular. Here are some examples. See, Asian dark, we stop or sooner started. All of Mari See, they say Abrams Arto. See, Varga, look us Just start on injured in their in all. See pasa. I understand their logic. Minto, Suspend them. You know Karen Data Moselle. See pasa. The Piazza Garibaldi si is also used as an impersonal subject in sentences which have a passive meeting like this work nobody. Rhonda's Ibarrola English. The corresponding sentence in English would have either have a passive verb or any personal one. A passive verb. English is spoken in New Zealand and an impersonal one one speaks. They speak English In your zeal. In this type of sentence, the verb can be either the third person singular for the third person plural thing. Better issues if the noun data companies the verb is singular while the blue route is used . When there. Now that our companies the verb is plural. Here we have some examples. He'll be yet toe separate. A lingering. So is Sally. See Cobra in Taba. Correa, our mercato seven. See David LeVar alien salata Prima di in the blue take ass apology rail journal. When see occurs with the verb in the present perfect. Or any compound those the oxy Ari is s it, Toby? The past participle must therefore agree with the subject off the passive er. Here are some examples, So play store momento si solo script E multi Librium in Kim on death see a same producto del born vino in a quest squalor Sea solo Sambre coming Letzion e see chair car Lavoro C can be used with reflexive verbs well see is used with a reflexive verb. The reflexive or reciprocal pronoun is she not see? And the resulting form is those g See, Here are some examples Abul in cancer. CeeCee on lawyer say in back arms. She CIA are no. Yeah, CIA called nt squalor. Thank you for taking part in this class. I have to see in the next one to them. Keep practicing, child. 23. The present conditional: chow beauty limit last. Hello, Welcome to my class. In today's class, we're going toe about the present conditional. The present conditional expresses election, which the parents are condition, as in thes English example. If I could, I would go at once. In this example, the condition is expressed with If the president conditional A is often used even when the condition is not actually mentioned. As in, I'm sure she would love a night out. Basically, the use of the time present conditional is similar to the English. Here are some examples off raises Beret Bala to Syria Me that is the past Far East Emanu Restart our council, the president Conditional in Italian, it can express wish, use or intentions, opinions or advice requests in polite for doubts For conjectures, the present conditional is formed in the same way as the future, but with different endings. Here are the endings off the fully show turns. So here we have the congregation off a verb ending in our area. Ahmadiyah Too long Your camera toe America ST Louis America Bet Boy America Step Loro Here we have verb anin area pretended to take your friend a tow friend arrested Louis, friend of Beth knowing Prenda. Remote boy friend arrester Laura. And here we have a congregation of a verb ending in era door Mira to slave. You don't need to terminate Louis medium boy. Normally step Loro burbs ending in Kati and got it at an age before the ending off the present condition in order to keep the heart sound off. C N g. Here we have some examples off the verb Chikara to look for and guard to pay school to the congregation, off the verbs, to be a city. And to have a better you today toe sadistic Louise. Feel free to our stick. Louis noise every stick, Laura the verbs dotted to give fighting to door to make and started to stay. Follow the same pattern as s city. 1/3 group off regular verbs comprising Better to drink, re malaria to stay, veneer to come Bollettieri want and 10 area to keep Have the following pattern the verbs undoubted to go. Cat area to fold. Still, there have to put area can superior. No video to see and the very to live Follow the same posture as a bit. Thank you for taking part in this class. I hope to see in the next one. Did that keep practicing, child