Learn Iphone Editing! Easy skills and tips! From Beginner to YouTuber | Imovie tutorial | Maximus Rigby | Skillshare

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Learn Iphone Editing! Easy skills and tips! From Beginner to YouTuber | Imovie tutorial

teacher avatar Maximus Rigby, YouTuber + Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction | My experience on Imovie and extra information

    • 2. Introduction To Imovie - Download + the basics

    • 3. Creating your First movie | Learn the basics

    • 4. How to edit your movie - Split, detach, delete and duplicate

    • 5. Advanced settings for video clips - speed, length, sound, filter and text

    • 6. How to add music and edit audio

    • 7. Adding and Understanding TRANSITIONS

    • 8. Basics done! Moving on to advanced editing!

    • 9. Adding photos + Advanced photo settings

    • 10. Advanced video editing + settings

    • 11. How to use the green screen effect

    • 12. How to make a trailer On Imovie

    • 13. Class project + Thanks for watching! How did you find it?

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About This Class

In today's class I'm going to be showing you how easy it is to make professional videos, films and trailers from simply just your Iphone and using the editing software Imovie. 

This Class will cover everything you need to know about Imovie from downloading the app to creating green screen masterclass edits!

The following class will cover these main topics:

  •  Introduction to Imovie 
  • Creating your first project
  • Advanced video settings 
  • Advanced photo settings 
  • Audio and Music
  • Making trailers 
  • Basic editing skills and tricks
  • My personnel experience with Imovie 
  • Using the Green screen effect

So if your eager to start making content Imovie is the software your going to want to use!

By the end of this course you should have a great understanding for editing and provided you practice, there is no reason why you won't be making professional videos after your first month!

Here is a list of the things you should be able to do by the end of the course:

  1. Create a movie, film, video or trailer
  2. Easily edit an imovie project
  3. Add a variety of things such as music, audio, text and more!
  4. Gather advanced knowledge, tips and tricks to help you edit
  5. The green screen effect
  6. Add advanced video settings 
  7. Have a good idea when to use transitions

That's it from me, hope you enjoyed the class - feel free to leave a review on how it went! 

Beginner to pro| Learn how create + edit video with Imovie 

Thanks Max

Meet Your Teacher

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Maximus Rigby

YouTuber + Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction | My experience on Imovie and extra information: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my second ever skill share lesson. Let's not beat around the bush here two days because how to use I'm movie on the iPhone time film with right now, let me show you guys all the tips, all the trick and some other things you probably didn't know On the I move, we obviously need to download it. I'll show you how to maximize all the tools on. I'm obviously later on in this fierce. If you want to skip the intro, feel free. But what I'm gonna tell you know, some of this stuff Why I've used how it's helped me on how I've got this background right now, which is harm using anonymous. I'll actually show you how I got the background and enjoy the class. Thank you for the support in the last class was much appreciate how to create a YouTube gaming class that is honestly on my profile's gonna follow. May feel free to back onto my movie. I mean, absolutely fantastic, considering it's free and you can actually correct something off your phone. I think the main thing of it was on the Mac book pro on a map but I've never used any so far. I just used on my phone and honestly, I managed to produce a wicked videos just from my phone for free. I mean, obviously need to by phone. But it's free, super easy to use and often like any other views. So my experience with I mean I've been using I'm movie for years now. I've always edited on my phone. I've always done YouTube for just, like, a bit of fun. I've never gone into it. What proper camera got some proper editing self around my laptop? I just haven't had time. YouTube just isn't that feel like, as important to me to actually do that? So I've always use loads of different maps on the iPhone. I've gone through loads different once ones that crash software. Very primitive. But until I found I'm gonna be a few years ago, which is obviously one of the main apse that Apple have designed for editing. It has been unbelievable, and it has helped me gain over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. So about it, well, I'm pretty sure I found another up, but I move. It is It's simple, but it gets the job done, and it doesn't integrate. Professional weighs 100%. Recommend it as you'll see. How about show yet? Well, obviously developed onto a little tiny things from transitions, the things you can do. So on the back of a green screen split screen is so many different things. I'm gonna show all the basics on Bassett. Ready, guys. Hope you enjoy the lesson. Obviously, leave a review. If you do enjoy it. And I'll catch you guys in the next lesson. Thank you. Thank you. 2. Introduction To Imovie - Download + the basics: OK, moving on from introduction. That's going to the introduction of I'm movie. Obviously, what you want to do is going to the APP store simply type in my movie. I am O V I e. Think about that right? And then obviously, once you've done that, you want to see the purple one, The icon I'm moving. Click on that and obviously download it is completely freed afterwards. Anything to do with that? Know enough purchases or anything like that? I'm pretty sure. And obviously, once you've downloaded it, you want to open it up and I'll show you the main things that the APP offers. And then, obviously, as the video goes in, will break down all the little pieces. But let's move on to the main things of Iran, which will mostly just be me voice over the video. I won't really show my face, you probably. But let's get into the main part of I mean Okay, Then let's start with the basics of my movie. You open it up and they'll be nothing here, but this is just all my projects. Over the time, anyway, you'll see a few things. You got a button here on the top left is where you import projects. Nothing I've ever done before. What you gonna do that you can do that? You pressed the excrement. No question marks are in the top, right? It will come up with how it just basically like a to toy around. Citing if we have learned more about moving trailers. Okay, so I should know there's only two things you could do on my movie. You can create a movie. As you can see, Add your own videos, photos, our music optionally apply theme and a preset graphics. And then the other thing you do is a trailer which, like a like it says, Ah, Hollywood style film, trailer videos and photos on us. If you do want really in depth on what to press, you know what you what you have to do. This is perfect for that. So I'll just quickly weren't through this. You guys get a good idea of it so you can edit top to return. Four Screenplay tuck. Share the product up to delete. There's a few things on that. We're not really that basically cover the basics, but let me show you what exactly so this is obviously just start. You can do it in portrayed, but obviously I want to correct lunch yet, so I can't just turn it around like this. But I'm not going to say, Obviously you can correct approach actually say it's a movie or a trailer, like a movie you asked you to create. Put some moments and you could go to video photo albums. Comes a lot or if you want to create a trailer, which is something I really do, But you can actually decide which kind of trailing you want, but we'll go through it. This is very, very good First, like I say, yeah, those different things you do, which is just, you know, amazing for such a amazing free up. But this is the basics, like basically, you pick what you want to do and say, When you do have a movie like you say, look, you can free of UK moving on for me or you can simply just delete it. You can download it, share it, export it safe somewhere lotus things you can do. But that's simply just the basic on a Let's get breaking down into your first ever movie 3. Creating your First movie | Learn the basics : Okay, then, guy starting off with how to make your first ever movie slash bs obviously wanna press the plus icon and press movie. Now it will give you an option to loads of different things to say. You've just created video all about I don't know flowers and you've taken a big job. Every flower You want to take a video office, you want to go to video? This is basically just all your stuff in your camera roll. So So that video there was about my cameras. I first tick mark there and that was about the one. And I take that. Take that, take all the ones that I wanted. And once you've done that, you see on the bottom, right? Says create movie and press that But then say you took a few pictures. Where you going? To photos. Recent added pictures. You click on that one. I want that flower. I think you guys know where I'm coming from here, but yes. So once you've clicked on all you want, you want, you can actually fall for that. But basically this part here, which is always the album's focus for years a moment. This is all you camel Essentially. So once you've got everything you want, you can You don't have to add everything in now you could just add the first video in and adding another video later. That I mean, that's press great movie, and I'll put it all together. Take a few seconds to render it about. She made it quite long. Four minutes. But anyway, all of your content will be and this is just some screenshot. I don't know. It's just run them. Put it is that is the interest. Morning. It's quite well because I have actually screen recording me editing. But this is the video I just did a minute ago. And as you'll see is put it all in together. And it looks like this usually one of Eddie I do actually do it like portrayed like this. But just for the purpose of the video, keep it like this on this is it, guys, it just puts all your stuff in here and then you have Well, this has got no structure to it. But imagine you are just filmed the video. It has put it in chronological order, how you tapped it and this is it. And then now, in the next clip, we're gonna move on to all the gifts specific details of your first film movie video. Okay, so we've added everything in, and luckily, I movie is perfect for beginners. As you can see there again, there is another question mark in the top right, which obviously means if you don't know what you're doing, click that and it's got loads of stuff. Now I know if you click that says, learn more, this takes you again toe I maybe help, which is very specific. So if you guys do want to interrupt much death, it's all their fear, so I won't bother explaining it. But the basics of it asked, You got tapped to reduce if, say, If I touch that, I say split on our God, I didn't want to do that. You simply just pressed up to redo obviously the main things there. So I'll just go through each little yellow icon here so tough to select. This will select the clip, actually concede there are many different things you can do. I'll save that for the next part lesson that obviously you can do lots different things. Simply just movie finger across the drug. It from left to right here is done. Go back to your projects. And as you can see all the prints, the same principles apply on and pause. Play on the left here and then. The plus sign is where you can add more clips and it gets a bit more complicated. Now is to say, if you only added if one flower clip keep referring to flowers, then you can go on and back and add on another clip. So there's an unlimited amount of cliff. You can add this. There's no saying when you have to, Adam, and this is where you can. I d photos again. You can add audio so that I may have got their own song tracks. They've got their own sound effects. You got your music. You can even start recording straight from the camera. It's, uh, here I am. It's going on. Do you go back to that? Cancel. You cannot. Other things you could do a voice over, which is what I'm do. A lot of the time, this very effective just press record council on you can do other things like files have never uses before, which is similar to important and that that's the basics. In terms of everything. You've got settings here. This is the last thing you can do. A project filter dependent on the type of video you making. I don't tend to add any. You can do a theme that you can see many different things to choose from. You can use a soundtrack on a few other things, but that is the main basics off the start of an I'm movie film, and obviously it gets a lot more complicated. So that is the main introduction to start in the Union straight in your first movie. Next time we're gonna move toe every single thing you can do on a video. 4. How to edit your movie - Split, detach, delete and duplicate: Hey, so I narrowed down my test. This is my test I movie screen recalled. Test screen record anyway, even on tiny details. Now we're going to edit, right? Let's go from the start. Right. So this is just a clip. Now, as you can see, if I click on the clip, lots of different things come up. We got split detached. Do click on, delete off cover these next four things. And then after that, we're gonna moment of things on the left. As you can see, you can see the scissors, little time thing, the sound m o. And then we have the text on the field to think we'll move onto that in the next lesson. We're gonna stick to these four things first. The first thing we have got is, of course, delete. You'll be doing that a lot. But if you do want to redo that, you simply just go back. I was my door shooting. Sorry. Yes. You just go back the league. Go back, Seattle Eat. You'll have to do at some point on then. Do you pick a very simple You just clones the clips. You have two of the same pieces it clips say, If you wanted to do a replace, you just do play the clip again. We go back on that and the next one have got is detached, which is a bit more sophisticated. Essentially, what that does is extracts the audio from that clip on. It lets you move it to a later part of the video. So if I move that, we'll take it over there. So if I've muted that, which will get onto in the next part, it's not a play it a phone for free. I mean, you can hear its obits quiet, super easy to be yet. Yet the idea of this basically has extracted the audio from this clip here. So if you want to do that and that's a cool way to do, and then finally will go back the last one, we have a split, which is the most common thing you will do split and essentially puts the clip in half. Eso safe wanted Teoh duplicate it. Let's say I wanted to do Pok. Only one bit of this video say I want to duplicate the first bit when I'm sitting down in my chair, so I split it there. Stop it. Last which two different clips. Now I select that one and understand people's duplicate, and it will duplicate that clip that you've just seen. So that is all the different parts of editing a clip. The next part we're gonna go on to is a little bit on the bottom left of the screen here, as you can see, when teach you guys all the vics in the next lesson. 5. Advanced settings for video clips - speed, length, sound, filter and text: Okay, so next don't we have all the stuff on the bottom left off the screen? As you can all see, there is a scissors, speedometer, a volume M o. A text icon. On some circles there, they all represent different things that you can do to edit each individual clip. So let's start off with the scissors. I guess the scissors essentially means to crop stuff, as you can see want you select a video or a clip. What you can do is you could drag the orange bits in on it trims the video for you. And as you can see, there's this out at the time of the top of the slow. You do it obviously 2.82 point seven. You do it quickly. Also, you could range in that. But yes, that's quite useful when you want to trim down a clip. So, like here, I'm just I'm just like this clip that the start some. There's no one, nothing actually going on there. So I just clip it until I sit down and I'll stop it there. That's very basic tip. I give you guys. I don't necessarily use this very much. Why don't do is I'll move it to where I know what. I'm ready to use the cliff. I'll stop it there. What I'll do is I'll split it instead. It's just a lot more quicker and efficient, but it's completely up to you can do Eva next. Up on the speedometer. This is simply how fast do you want the video to move all of the videos that you have all done in the normal time? But say, Let's say Let's say you're going through quite a boring part. The video where you're doing the same. So you're making a 10 or something. You set the tripod and every you want it to go a little bit quicker. So you click on that. Obviously you come to these time far on. You obviously drugged up, and you can go up to two times fighting. Go one free quarters 1/2 quarter, Yeah, two times, or simply, as you can see here, speed at what you're doing, and then it all the next clip will go back to normal. But like you say about toe one or you can even go even slower. You can go down to 1/8 of the speed. So it's really slow to say If you want, you want to do a slow, most of it quite cool, then you can simply do that. That is how you speed up such slowdown eclipse next that we have the volume. Very simple again, click on any desired clip. You want to go on that one. You can simply just move the time. It's not story time at the line here, up and down, going up to 500% and then all the way down to zero. Of course, in the middle, here is 100. You can do this on all your clips, obviously dependent. If you want a muted or muted, completely serious say, if you want to exaggerate a sound, bringing up very self explanatory and useful. Anyway, Next up we have text. Quite a big one. Here. Text is an interesting one. I'm movies. Text is quite primitive. That's the downside of this up, I would say so. As you can see here, there's lots of different verone must not mother money, but you've got about 10 variants of text here that you see you click on the tea and then you can go to, Ah, gravity atyou can see you can experiment which ones you want there they're all different. Let's go with reveal. So if we just type a few things in here, this random writes their detect in there, they have it annulled. Transition on to your screen like that on a few things you could do with this text here, you could make it lower. Like I said, there's not actually much you can do. As you can see next. The center that says lower you can change it completely up to you could make a lower down there and that's about it, really, with the in terms of text. Quite simple. But again, it's good enough to get you through it. On Down to the last thing we have is thes free circles here. This is the filter part, so here you can change the filter like you can do if you click settings on the right. You can change the whole of your videos just by quickly one of the filters above here. So let's see if we went for duo tone, which looks disgusting. I want advise using that Don that changes all of it so that? Well, yeah, that changes the whole clip of it. If you just want to do one individual clipped like this, you want to do it black and white. Done. That will change it. That's quite effective. Depending on what video you obviously making. I personally don't use it very much. That is it in terms off the changing and adapting clips, the difference in IRAs down the bomb left. So after this, we're going to want next lesson, right? Sorry, guys have missed out a few important things here on the speed on its part, Click on the clip. As you can see, you can see freeze ad and reset. You can actually freeze part of you quick. So it's at a standstill by press freeze that it was actually free. Just quit of where I'm at like that and then wants that white mark carries on. So if you want to highlight an important part of video, you can freeze something like that. Another thing you can do is you can add like a marker there. So if I click off now, you can see a white line there. And if I press another ad and then what I can do is that is a separate part of speed in that clip. So if I press freeze, I can freeze that part or that individual part. I could make that individual far slower or simply faster. So as you'll see now, it will go from a warm or too fast. That's a very useful tool. And then the last not last thing. So the next thing one show, it was on text. If I did have text on that, let's say we had some reveal. Don't you can actually have sound for when that pops up. So we got to the end of the video. You can hear that sound there actually profit. You can turn the offer. It's not very useful. I don't use it. It's quite destructive to the viewers. And then the last thing when you click on it clippers goto fresh clip. Not that clip than this one. So if you click on that, just go to the normal. As you can see, there is a magnifying glass here. One. I'm clicking here, right, So when you click that lets you zoom in, so if you want to zoom in on part if you want to go on the only dust Barnes. You can zoom in or even zoom out or zoom in. Or it's very useful if you want to focus on the specific part. The clip. So, yeah, just so that useful tip for you guys. You can zoom in, zoom out a clipped that's we want to the next lesson. 6. How to add music and edit audio : start to get a bit more complicated now and doing some more advanced stuff with mentioned, which makes your video even more professional. And it did beforehand. So now we're gonna be moving on to audio simply on the left hand side. It's a green press the plus, and then you'll see all the different options and you want to scroll down it says Audio. Here on their free, different options you have. You have soundtracked, which provided by my movie themselves. There's loads of different ones you can choose from, so you got this click on them, and as you'll see on the right side, it'll download it once he's done this one of the top. But you'd simply just press ad and it would put it into the video swap. Play it. You can hear the music here is down here. So when you are that you get a few things, that you can actually change the clip down here, as you can see, just just like when you click on a clip, you have the same sort of principles apart from the car text and change of speed. Of course, you can change how loud you want it to be just like you can do it. Any other clip. One thing you cannot do on a normal clip. This faded ends. You could make it so it's quiet and slowly building like this. I can't hear it slowly gets louder, and obviously you can extend that however long you want. And that's the main thing you can do with these sort of things in terms of the sound truck . Next thing you can obviously do. So let's go to my music. Say, if you've got some music, let's just go to songs will come up with all the songs you have in your album and then sound effects again. This is produced by I movie. These are quite useful. You've got quite a few, and here you go alarm. A lot depends on what you can't salt content. If you want to use any of this, quite a few in here's let's use a hard spot in. And that's why I wanted to split this year, just like on any of that clip split that that splits it here again, let's make the sound of it. Zero sending figure from here another thing you can do with this guys is as you can see, music hear music. You can put it in the foreground. So as you can see, the rain here is in. The four is in the foreground around now It is a prioritized clip or is this right here is in the background. So when it's in the background, what you built tell is it? It prioritizes the video in front of it. So the this clip here, if the sound was on it would be prioritized. If you play it sound from here will be apartheid just for me on anyway. So if you put it in the background like this is not prioritized, sound in the first click won't be able to hear the music as now. It would be if it was in the foreground to five point. Listen to for the foreground, it would be a lot louder than it would be in the background. I think you understand what I'm saying, but that's something you want to be safe. The clip here wasn't of me talking. It was a clip of me doing something that didn't really require any sound from that clip. You can put it in the foreground, and I put the sound more of a focus on the song itself. Now that's all of the things in terms of them audio and music. I think I've covered everything on this. Yes, even again, you can put the effects in the background. You can duplicate, delete it, speed up same thing, just like it's very slim matter. Just out in a simple video clip. The last thing I would recommend. Now I don't actually use any of the sound trucks. I use my own music, but because I don't have it on my phone, what I do is I screen record the figures off YouTube like you'll see Here is my camera roll here. And if I go to it here, this is a screen record, see of a YouTube video, which is for music. So what you do is you press the free dots, and this is where we'll go onto another lesson, but just sticking to the audio. But as you can see at the bottom here, you click it free dots. It says audio only. Click on that, and it takes the audio off that clip and puts it in the video. It's very useful. You can lip she get any music you want to go onto YouTube screen, record it, and that's it. Put it straight extract. That is probably one of the best tips I could give you. One thing I will mention as well when you put something in the background or automatically sends it to the back. So, like, say, if I short on that now and then uh, I did something again, added that clip again. Let's make board you only as you can see if it's in the foreground here. It's placed exactly where you where your marker is. Here, the white line. If you put it into the background, I say we moved up here beside what say, If I wanted the music here, I could have it here. If you put it into the background, it goes straight back to the last bit of the background music, so bear that in mind automatically places right to the back severity in mind that all the background music eyes sent to the back. So I say, If I did, you create this again. It sent it straight to the but But bear in mind if you did want to avoid this. What you could do is do you play like I just did then and say, If you don't want any music from this part here onwards, you could simply then just split is clip here, split it there, turn off the sound and then it just fills in, basically accidents of filler. So it's technically, there's no music, but there is music. It's just so it all fits in together until that when you next go on the music and then go back on being the right spots. That's just a little tip for you guys. Then finally, last of all. That's pretty much it in terms of audio. But the last thing I would advise is, if you really do want, say, Let's say I maybe didn't have all the sound effects he wanted. So you wanted to know the sound of a frog, and they don't have a frank sound in here. Simply gone to YouTube. Find that clip screen recorded and go to video and you'll have it, and all you do is click on it Free dogs, and then you get audio only. It's a simpler is that it's so effective. This is something that I would highly recommend. Doing his audio sound effects is really good to increase your viewers. Yeah, that's probably one of the best bits of advice I give you. Let's move on to transitions. 7. Adding and Understanding TRANSITIONS: okay, Next part we have transitions, a weird part of I mean, it's not weird, but it's small, but it does make quite a big difference in new video. So the transition is basically what happens when you go from one video to the next one. Is this little thing here in the middle writes Let's create our own two clips. Let if we split this. This becomes two different clips now, which means there is a transition in the middle. And as you can see, there is 123456 different transitions. Let me just cut the sound off both for these so I can explain it to you guys right? OK, so this one is known. Let's go through each one. This is not so when I play this as you'll see, nothing will happen. It will quickly skip to the next ones, as if nothing has happened. Obviously, that's a bit really unrealistic. Actually. Click that because it won't go. It wouldn't be a smooth was, and that was only because it was the same clip. As you can see, it's a quick transition, less time, nothing, nothing. No messing about stress. So that is a common one. I use a lot just to keep videos flowing. Next up, we have theme. Now the themes a bit strange. One, as you can see it kind of like just transitions into black. What? You can't do it. You can add on the bottom right here. A lot of them have sound to them. So if you click that, you could have a sound to them. So if we go next to it, you can hear a sound. You hear that? I got, like, a little sound to any way you could have that on and off person. I'd have it off. That's my personal preferences. And as you can see on the left as well, you can say how much over this you want. So if you want it to be a quick one, no 0.5 seconds. I've wanted to be long. You could make it even longer. So it's a slow transition, obviously, depending on what you want to do and you at the next one, we have dissolved this one. This dissolve is what gets placed every time, no matter what. This is the default transition that I movies. So save you put oil eclipse in the dissolved will automatically place in between each clip . Let's play it. As you can see, that was quite slow. So we do it. No 0.5. I'll play the sound just for you guys, just so you can understand what it sounds like. There you go, on the next woman who have slide. This is quite a call. One place, one for you as well, literally just slides the clip on what you can. If you press on this one, you have options on the next free. You have options as you could hear those little dots. If I click it, look, it goes from the other side. Now, unless you can see you guys from up two down. Yes, you from every different angle you get to choose from anyway in two seconds. Sound just like last one and wipe, I'll play white. It's very similar to slide and again, if you click him, you get lots of different ways. You want to come in left, right up down, up to you, and then last of all we have fade, which is quite a nice one if you're finishing the video, or however again you can have it like that, or you can have it from white again useful on whatever is you want to do on what I'd will mention his guys. Please remember this when you add a transition, say it's known the video finishes how he wanted to finish. But if you add dissolved, what does it as you can see that if I go from non, not the video, actually short and so dissolve it shortens the videos. You have to be careful, because now it doesn't quite finish off the rest off the clip. So you have to be careful in that manner because if you do put, dissolve on all of them, it may look like you miss out bits of the video you can see because it's a slow transition . So just be wary of that. Because when you do put a transition, especially if you make it a two second when you see that jump, then there's no 0.5. You probably won't notice that, what, two seconds? Look how that jumps in. You miss two seconds of the clip, which I don't know whether that will be effective for you guys, but just remember that in case when you do put a transition in, but that's it for transitions. There quite a small part by movie, but it's important you get them right and put them in the right manner. Let's move on to the next lesson. 8. Basics done! Moving on to advanced editing!: okay, then I think if you've made it so far, you have covered all the basics. Now I think we've kind of cracked all the basics for my movie. The introduction adding different bits and bobs. I think you guys understand that all now. But the next part of this class is going to be the more complicated stuff. Stuff, stuff like green screen. I didn't pictures, slash photos to your videos and then even doing trailers. And then last of all, I didn't advanced video settings like split screen. All of these sort of things which will make your content look so much more professional, which is all going to be in this next part of the class. So thanks for watching so far on the spot to get a lot more interesting. For those of you that have already mastered the basics, let's carry on 9. Adding photos + Advanced photo settings : Okay, guys, moving onto the next lesson, we are going to be looking at photos. So what you want to do is a start and press the plus button and you want to come down to photos. Now there are a few things you can do when it comes to photos here. I just went outside in the garden to change for you guys rather than just a stupid picture . My face next to green screen, Ford got silent Texan pictures of some nice flowers just to make it a bit more. Anyway, that has put in a picture, has made it six seconds that's put on in the other one. I did as well, six second that you can see that the transition in is there, which I did. You see there's an annoying little slide, which I don't tend to like. So what I'm gonna do is make non rights. We have two pictures here. What other things? You can do the pictures, right? So as soon as you put in a picture, it automaticity enables this Ken Burns effect. As you see. If I click on it as you can see, it says Ken Burns, enabled on What that does is it moves the picture as it's playing, and you can change this allergic anti position to the starts. Let's say if you wanted to start down here and then position at the end if you go, I want the position and finishes as your seats. Now, if I play it, it will slowly gravity upwards towards the end. It's a cool little feature, but I personally I mean, it's not bad for you. It all depends on what you re preferences are. But yeah, that's the can bird in a well. Or you can simply just disable it and move it to what part pitch you actually want. And it just stays there. That is a very useful effect in terms of the photos, just like the video you cannot text, you cannot filter quite nice. Believe it, that you can trim it, of course, don't have to be six seconds, just like video. You can move it on again. Very similar. You can duplicate it could delete it. It's very similar, Teoh just out in the video. But there seems few extra bits, which is quite tricky but also make videos a bit different and professional the advance parts for photos slash pictures. We will also do this with videos in the next lesson. So let's start so saying you have a video or as we have a picture in here, this is what you can do. So say if you want to add another picture on top of it, let's go to our photos again on We've already used this picture. What? We're going to use this one, and that should be free dots coming next to it as your seat. There are four different options. We will get onto the green slash blue screen later on in the class. First we're going to do is use the cut away. They simply puts another picture over the top of the current piece of footage below. Essentially, this is most importantly, used in videos to say, if this bottom layer was a video, it would carry on using the sound from that. But it would just add a different video slash picture over the top of it. So it's something I wouldn't really use for photos, but you can if you want. Second of all, we have this picture in picture you press that and This is quite a cool one for this sort of topic. As you'll see, it puts in a picture in picture as it says that there are a few things you can do on the top. Right? There is a few tools. 1st 1 is the magnifying glass you can pinch in where you want to zoom in. Let's take the flower, for example, below that, if you click on it again, it's some arrows, and this lets you move it wherever you want it to move. It's put it over here, and finally, at the bottom is a little border, a little square. This lets you click on and off for a border. That's quite cool. Very useful little tool there. And as you'll see on the bomb, never forgot to mention you can see two rectangles. This lets you change it here. So if you want to go back to a cut away there you go back to cut away on. I didn't mean to do that. Let's go back to picture in picture just to let you know. But just for the purpose of this video will school start from scratch, and then the last one we have is the split screen great for comparing photos and videos. You divorce or see me use it early on in the video as well when I was introduced in my movie. So as you can see, it's simply just switches. Obviously, if you didn't want to do that, you could have it at the same time. So it comes in like that so you can see a direct comparison. Very good tool, very useful videos to. So these were all the advanced setting to photos like pictures. Next up, we're going to move on to the same, but with videos. 10. Advanced video editing + settings : Okay. Now, moving onto the advanced video settings, I couldn't say to you guys. How much similar is to just what we did with the photos and the principles and nearly exactly the same. Apart from there is one more things you guys not to get too. Video to go to recently added will use, um, examples of me weight lifting. Just some more purpose to it. Click on it again. There is the free dots there on. If you do want to prove you a little tip for you guys, you can just play there. If you want to know exactly what video aging just gets small little preview that Anyway, three dots first we're gonna do. The only thing that's different is there's audio only which I didn't show you in the previous one. But I'll show you again The green slash blue spring again. We will say it for a different lesson anyway. Cuts away same thing as the photos. You just s so what it does is it mutes it on again. You can zoom in and what that will do is, as you can see, my video here continue to speak to say, if I was speaking about weightlifting here. I could use this as an example whilst I was doing a voice over. So yeah, that's quite a useful tip. Their 2nd 1 we will do is the picture in picture. And again, if you do want to do is a quick away You can use the rectangles at the bottom to quickly change it. But for the purpose of the tutorial, we won't anyway, picture in picture just like the photos simply lets you zoom in things it move it, magnify which part you want to look up, create a white border and again it will mute it so that when you play it covered all of the basics. Now I think again you can hit just this clip and obviously you can change this as well. Change the speed. Obviously you couldn't do this. We photos But you can change the speed now and also change the volume and trim it anyway moving on to the next part which is and then we just delete this one first and again you can still freeze. Change all the stuff guys just like you could with any normal video. Next part we have is the split screen again. Great comparisons are uses at the start, that video to say, If I was safe, I had to know I wanted to check my squad technique. I could have from a year ago on the left side, here said in my face Me squat in a year ago and then to compare it. You understand where I'm coming up from here, guys, but again, similar principles. You can actually press this button here, which moves the order of it. You can add that little line gives it a border. You can zoom in on particular things, but that's quite a cool feet. Jeff, You want to, like, change the order around. You can do that. I think that this one's the best, but it's completely up to you again, because that's probably one of the coolest features I like. And then when we want to the next one, we have ah, split screen we did, and then audio only is the last one. Like I say, greens exclusion will say for another time, but so this is what I would use for safe. You want it. Like I said in the audio part, you can use it for sound effects, or you can use it for music. So let's say here screen recorded this piece of music off YouTube, and this is when you press audio only, and I should be able to tell Made it. So far, you have covered all the bases, starts playing music. Now this is probably one of my favorite features because you can literally put any sound effects and music here and again actually live known off the order thing. You put it in the background. You can do all sorts of stuff, which I've already explained. So that is it. In terms of video settings, they're very advanced, but they can really take your videos to the next level as you can do money, different things experiment on again. Take your video creation toe another level. Let's move on to green screen 11. How to use the green screen effect: interesting and from part about my movie. We have the green screen effect. Now you want to come to videos or pictures, and what you want to do is you want to hide your base layer so video that you want at the back off the green screen. So I screen recorded this nice little clip here, which you'll see in the intro. This is the interim actually editing now, so I won't show you exactly how I medicine it about showed the green string parts. And make sure you have a base layer pretty much. And what you want to do is go to here on these free clips apart Mike Intro for the skill share. Classy. When a press the three dots and agile has seen the green slash blue screen appears they don't have to be a green tree inn abuse. As you've seen, I used a big green background for my chair, but you can use blue. I don't want to click that as you'll see your work. Its magic and boom There is so there is you can see it has got rid of, but there is a few things I want to change as you'll see on the bottom, right? It's a bit shady. There's little creases. You can see it here just on the bottom, right? So what I want to do is I want to change. The way you can do that is at the top right here. We've got a few settings, them lines here, the strength of its. If I strengthen it up to the top here, it actually gets rid off it. So make sure you were just a strength to the green screens that makes it look much better on the second part we have. Is this here? The squares on the lines anyway, As you can see, you could drive these all in, and you can get rid of the parts of it is you want to get rid of. So it's such useful to you could see there was parts off the green screen which were not fully captured. So all after do is bring that in that I have to bring anything on the top, right? But I want to get out of that subscribe thing there, so that's it literally gets rid of everything. It's such a cool clip on a feature for their green screen. So as you can see, it looks pretty cool now. Obviously, it doesn't look so good with my chair, but I could have just sat down and just how they greet him on the back of the sofa. Next time, I'll definitely do that. As you can see, it's worked out pretty well. To be honest, I definitely think that looks pretty cool. And again, you can change that on the bottom left here. But yeah, that is how to do a green screen, guys, it's obviously you can actually do this. We've pictures as well done that you can do blue screen. It's what's we put that in the free doctor? Quick. That. And as you will see, what we can do is my skill share profile. Reduce the blow. It goes like that, which is super cool. Absolutely love it. You can easily, not really did with White like a safe blue and Green works the best. But say it could have been any picture. Click the blue on it takes it away very clearly, and that sets of us a pretty cool shot. Actually, some what we could do is we could drug that in here. She looks quite cool. We've got our own little profile. I quite like that. Actually. Looks pretty cool. Um, that's just an example of what you could do. Actually looked wicked, but yeah, that's what you can do with pictures as well on Finally, guys. One of the best tips I could give you slept me. Let me go to videos. This is a very one of these tips that I 100% advice writes. Let's go to video. Let's go to a weightlifting clip just for pure example Rights. We had this right. Watch these guys Let me delete us if we had that way. Stay out here. What you can do is you can screen record again YouTube clips that have green screen. So I got a video and we go to all I've actually got some green screen clips. So let me go find them. It's literally just for like so they say. If you want to encourage people to like the video, encourage people to separate subscribe lots of different things. You can get all sorts of funny things, but again, screen recording, YouTube stuff. It's super powerful, so it's just down here. There it is. Right. So watch this. If I click on that and go green plus blue screen, it puts it in. But look, this is the cool part about it. Say I want someone. I mean, this is just let me get let me start here, okay? Watch this thing, guys, to say if you're dirty video you wanted someone to subscribe going this blue screen that looks supercool. I 100% advice doing I've only recently are not that I found that might but only recently started to do it. And it's super cool. You know, It just makes you look so much more. I want to do that green screen Cem subscriber effects. It's super easy to dio You can make you look so much better. That's why we want to the next lesson. 12. How to make a trailer On Imovie: we teach you guys today before the class project, we have got trailers, something I person and never really use. But as you can see, there is loads of different categories. They all have a different sort of vibe to its You've got family one storytelling, one. They're all different and they all have a different soften. But we're gonna be going for adrenaline. And this is the sort of thing you look out when it comes to trailers, okay? And that's the sort of just you get from anyway. So if you press a correct in the top, right, as you can see, this is the story storyboard to it. As you'll see it has everything. So, like you can change high def films if we change the text id Teoh Max films. What that will do is you press done that will come up here as you can see on the storyboard . So you played now. Essentially, you just tell the story pretty much so. As you can see, you can change the text on all the blue highlighted parts there and then here, where it says the North point A. It will take north 0.0.8 seconds off a video or a picture. So if you go to any video, let's use Ah, the flower one. It will just take 1.8 seconds off that video. And obviously you could decide where that 1.8 seconds is 1.2 seconds there. And then there's 1.8 seconds there will use this one. Okay, so then once you've done that, press done and it will have them. They're essentially just do that for all of the different ones here. And then also the outline which, of course you can name This is where you text change the text of it all, but most of it's pretty much already done. See the movie name you can change, Obviously, Did you, g whatever you want to call it all up to you. And it's essentially just a homemade trailer, which is really call. Not many other APS I know offer this sort of editing stuff anyway, So So you've done it all. There's also the question mark. If you need help, talk to edit or add a video tap that it text, the question always helps. You got the redo button on the top, right? Think of it. You know, it's all adrenaline types. So again, we didn't want to use the adrenaline typed one. You could change it and go for a different sort of model, such as Quick the trailer. So you've got a family, a family day out. You can use the family one and so on. That's it for the trailers, guys, something I don't use very often. So let's get on to the final class project. 13. Class project + Thanks for watching! How did you find it?: 11 lessons later, and now you have it. The i movie masterclass. If you didn't make it towards the end, thank you so much for your support, and I hope you find it helpful more than anything. And if you did, make sure you leave a review. And for the class project I've got you guys. All I want you to do is create your first ever. I'm every project over. It's a trailer movie or short little clip wherever it is. Send it to me by my social media links or just put it in the class student project. That would be awesome. If not, see you guys in the next skills your lesson. Take out and see soon peace.