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Learn Illustrator CC : Create Simple Vector Characters (Infographics)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction 111

    • 2. How to Create the Head

    • 3. How to Create Hair and Mouth

    • 4. How to Create a Medium Body

    • 5. How to Create a Slim Body

    • 6. How to Create a Big Body

    • 7. How to Create Skin Color Character

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create vector illustrations quickly & easily and create assets for video games or animation? You can do it in this course and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC by creating some simple flat character designs! This class is perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, game artists, mobile game developers and anyone else who would like to learn how to create vector graphics. Through this assignment you will learn:

  • How to create three different base characters

  • How to create three different body types

  • How to create different color schemes for your characters

Content & Overview 

This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to Adobe Illustrator. Starting with a basic overview of the program, the course will help familiarise you with the tools you will need. Each step will be broken down to make understanding the process even easier, starting with creating a simple vector shape to creating your different character designs.

Follow along as we take simple vector shapes and step by step create three different character designs which can be used in your own animation or video game projects.

I have included the .AlI file here for you to use as reference. So you'll be able to work alongside the videos to learn and create your own flat vector characters. Please feel free to share your creations as well! 

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1. Introduction 111: welcome to how to create simple black characters in Adobe Illustrator Hi, My name is John Lamb and I'm a game artist from London. This class will learn how to create three simple, flat characters in Adobe Illustrator. Starting with some simple basic shapes, I'll take you through all the tools and skills necessary for the project, including one of fine shapes and simple drawing. By the end of the training, you'll have learned how to create three different flat characters off different body types that you can use in your own projects and designs. This class is perfect for designers, illustrators and anyone else looking perhaps, um, fun, creating some simple, flat characters, so sign up on Let's get Started. 2. How to Create the Head: end of the sessions is they had to create these three distinct in 20 types. So let's get started by creating a new document. That's a file you. I usually like to use a screen like 10 80 by 7 20 but you can use whichever I mentioned right, and next we want to set the color to use or skin turn. So let's go here. First of all that we want to be removed from color from the strips, and it's just picked another. And then for our color. Let's go ahead and double click on the field on. You can choose which other sorts of skin turn for the character. That's great. Let's go ahead or you already know what color do you want to use and input? Like so, having feel free to use whichever sort of color you want. And then one of the easiest and quickest ways to creating a symbol is by using simple geometric forms, and we can access most of these shapes from the button over here. The rectangle. Now what you need to do is you need to go ahead and select this tour. Just click can make a square or rectangle like so by kicking, dragging the board. If you want to go ahead and step more shapes and hold the rectangle tool button here and it will bring up some new options to choose. Let's go ahead and choose the rounded. Now, as this joint this on. The easiest way to use this tool again is track. Now what controlled the amount you is dr. For the tool so that you can see the outline shape before you let go off mousepad. Just press the up she Teoh, make the cornice roundup or e down. You make the on this a little bit shocked so you can see on the bottom right hand corner off our shape. The art is increasing in value to represent how curved the roundness of the corners are or decrease. Awesome. Just release the button, Do you Now we're just going to start off with a simple background rectangle. Go ahead and throw a simple rectangle, and then this draw another, smaller one. You just inspect the selection tool or press a key on the keyboard and you can go ahead and copy. This is a copy on then case of control seats could be controlled Beat paste, which place these is on my So now what I like to do is like to use the alignment tours so you can find the environment it once I select both of these is here. I can make sure that the but the lines this also you want to make sure that you're not in line with the arm awards went to line its to the selections. Sounds like so C. C. I think aligned to you you can select line selection or lined up. If you line into the art, what it will center it to this white it. I just want something line. It's too well. I've been selected alliance you selection, but the line, like so then what do from him is you can root. These two is like wresting control and G on the And then let's move this Teoh our heads like so, And from here you can make sure that they also lined to center by selecting everything here but thinking, dragging with the mouse and then pressing the horizontal line center. So just to make sure that everything is in line, Scelzi so awesome. Next thing what's do is we want to create the eyes. Now let's do this by using the vegetables that's clicking. Hold on Iran and rectangles for button here and select the village too. And now let's go ahead and zoom into our faces like Mission Control on the plus key on keyboards. Just be that a few times zoom in on the face. I'm just going to go ahead and draw first. So drugging, like so with these once you're happy with the overall size pinching the I now we also wanted to change the cunts and making sure that the shape still selected. Let's go ahead and go into the color box, double sick and let's go ahead and choose a suitable with the eyes selecting color here. Or do you already know the number for your huh? I I so okay when she put the color and you see straight away, color with shape has changed. Using the selection tool again, make sure that I selected control, See, to copy control, be Teoh based, and now place our eyes where you want them on the face. On this, exactly the same thing as what we did years. We're just going to make sure that these are lines, probably route. Then that's everything. And then used the horizontal line sentimental to make sure since it you just range. See now if I select everything here, the horizontal line sensitive, everything snaps into place. Was it so? Oh, remember this only works for things that aren't based symmetric so you can see him but to two years to eyes on obviously faces. That's why the alignment works. Now let's go ahead on select pencil hit, which is P on the keyboard. We're just going to use this tool to draw the eyebrows stance. It means face here a little bit more. See what we're doing. Let's change the film icon head on. Stop this. So you see, I had the face selected, so make sure you don't have any off your your shape. Selective when you do this and change the spatter filled. So, using the selection tool, check out that I want to change this into a stroke. What's to choose the right color? But if you stick on the ice here, you see that I've changed the color of the color of the this filled See the ice. I'm sure to start this back into a stroke. It's used pencil hit just going Teoh. Create one point. Now I'm going Teoh, click and drag to create a second when you dragged pencil. See that I'm creating these handles, which now it's true. So so once that. See, now that I've created Eyebrow just can't press escape on keyboards. So you make sure that it's a battle the selection tool again over the top. Here I slipped he over the top. Here, you'll see that we have our stroke options. Let's click on stroke to open up. A strict panel could change the way that line behaves, such as giving its rounded tens. So around it, zoom into each stroke here, make this stroke a little bit bigger so you can see out Previously was just a but just straight street, and I can around the so and just like what you saw me dio here. You can also make the stroke wait dinner or thicker so we can also change these shape of the line by clicking on the Pro is even experiment all these different types of minds. I'm just going to choose this profile hit now creates our eyebrow shape awesome. Zoom out so we could see a whole face again. You just sort of just the mine, like so I just went to copy this. So copy control, See? And you can also, uh, copy and paste this into place by pressing control, shift and V. And that will poppy any shape or any line. It's the exact same place as the previous shape. So once you've done that, just go to right click on the line. I'm going to go to transform. And you want to select, reflect it. Sees right on the line, transform. And you want to select vanity. Okay. See, now it is swapped the line for this poor. So swap the the line on this slide as well. So? So we can change that, going to stroke, and then you cross awesome. And then because both the eyebrows are symmetrical, go ahead on Ruthie's and this align everything to the center like so excellent. So now that we have the general shape of the head ears on the ice and the next listen will go through how to create here on the mouth off. See you all there 3. How to Create Hair and Mouth : hi, everyone, and welcome back to the object. A character class. So now that we have the head of our hearts next we want to create the head. Let's go ahead on select the random directing again and that's your shape close by. I think so. Thanks. Now we want to change this back into Phil. See? Swap the stroke for Phil. So it's going to use selection Tour Century. So now we want to send us to the acts of right. Click on that, think on a range and what's select sent back. This is C right click arrange and sentiment, and that will send this shape behind our hit next one, since you create some which in front of it. So let's go back into a round rectangle tool. Just war out the new shape. So Knicks using selection, go ahead. So now let's go ahead and just these shapes just going to move. Just get to make this using selection and you'll notice that we've got these white little and if we go ahead and kick on them, you can use these to make corners rounder or shot thinking. Let's go ahead and make this around this possible kind for the front of it once creating some highlights. So let's go ahead on shoes slightly in light of color. This is used to Brandon Rectangles will again, I think, and draw out another shape, like so selection. Toe this place. Go ahead and make final my lights. Let's go ahead here. I'm just going to use the I drove it so it's in steak. The white backgrounds make this shape. Whites. It's it's still meets so and use the selections here. These shapes now next, what we're going to use within the group. These objects up. So let's go ahead and stick all of these routes by pressing shift on the key bowl and then just clicking on shapes, impressing control on G keyboard every time, respect these shapes or select all of them. Go on. I'm just going to go ahead, make one lost Randi and then using selection tool you're sending back. So it's that both of these shapes on this irritating ever so slightly just a little bit of parents just missed size. Next adds the final touches to our heads. Let's go ahead and create another rectangle just against use to these one Yeah, slightly. So it's a copy and paste another one. Take this. Now we have the head for cancer. Next, we want to create the mountain. So the first shape we will use from this year's units talks. Let's go ahead. That's still again. We just want half the suit. So that's going ahead. Certainly just bearing in mind how big you want him out to be. So just be looking at heart. Then we want to use direct selection to hear a on the keyboard. We seem in shape, could see these anchor points so we can go in and slipped one of these points, which is the top one, and then hit delete on the keyboard to delete that anchor point. And now we just want Teoh seal this hold great shape by using pencil. So clicking on Bianca Point with pencil and they thinking on the second we did to seal them , was it? It's now we've bought it next we wanted to create. So again, taking on your lips tour here wants to create long. So just FYI on the keyboards select the white off our background, just going to line these to the center like so and then I'm going to select on mouth control. See to copy in short ship V two paces in place, and I'm going to select mouth shape plus the circle shape, then using the Pathfinder tour here. When you click on that and you want to find the intersects when you click on this, you'll see there were only we're only left with the shape in between, like so let's go ahead. I on keyboards read color that next. We want to draw the tongue so that's used the lips tool again and again of lacking the mouth like so wants to lyinto to make soul. So center now do exactly the same thing So wants to do dictate on mouth shape, control shift, show seat, copy Control. She beat paste in place in selecting both these shapes again one to and they go to back to the path behind it all and then click on intersect to create to cut out the excess shapes just now with its tongue here, Uh, now we have to do here is select a suitable color. Our time. Awesome. So now we have our mouth here. Next, The last thing that I want to do is select the mouth shape and use the direct selection tool to bring up these two small round white buttons. See them. I want to round off the mountain drag. Not too far along. Otherwise over luck. T Just enough. Make all mouth round nice and round. Awesome. So one final check to make sure that everything is lying to the center. I want to highlight everything. Press control. G group everything together now. And so you will say sort of slightly tilt amount. Currency base. Awesome. So there you have it. Now first head or are flat back to Karen. The next list. That's pretty a medium sized cvalda. 4. How to Create a Medium Body: Hi, everyone, and welcome back to the flat victor character class. In this lesson, we're going to have to create a medium sized body all right now that we have the head. But let's go ahead and whole head and cooking paste this three times three heads, good three body types. Kids place these. It's outside on board. Likes it back to the States. Wrong. Excellent. Now, before we get started with, that's created colors for us to pick from and to keep parentis consistent. So just get used tangle to hit and just get to create some scripts excreted perfect square precedent. Hold the shift key on the keyboard. You're creating it like so great they fix quit. Let's go ahead. This this place this five times I'm squares, so I'm just gets used. The alignment of this of this. Highlight everything and make sure that everything is a line. Now this. Go ahead. Make sure that first booth first boxes and just gets used. The hydra. We're going to stay in the color. The use of the skin. It's now my first books is exactly the same color as the skin because of, well, the head. Now the other colors we can use. This color has a base and gradually make it darker as given. So let's go ahead thickness. This way it's the whole of this quiz. Same color. I'm just going to go to the second square, and like so, and each time you go along, let's go ahead and stick each time I go in alone. And so on. The last defense, the last with we wanted to use. We want to make this into a highlights. Selects on lightest Connor. Instead of going darker, he wants to go lighter. So excellent. So whatever should be met that we now make, we can use the eye drops. Let's let these colors easily whenever we want. Just remember shaping colored for using the eyedropper tool. It's the color like So now it's just getting around that anywhere on the board. I'm just going to slate skin color so that we can draw out joining. And now I'm just going to copy this Nick control ship vite paste this into place, scared to move it up. Create a shadow. I keep state. Shut up. Just stick shapes, right click arrange sent back. I think it's a place excellent. Now let's just go back to your branded rectangles will again. And now enjoy starting with chest draw out. I just thanks to you our place. Now that's true. Rest these shapes here and used the line. Sent it to make sure everything is it excellent from him? We can create some details to help sell using the first up. Let's give our character something to do this That's copy and paste this place so and now what we're going to do You're going to use a rectangle since you covered the area of this shape that we want to leave this like So So we're just aiming to have this area here? No. And now that select both these shapes here, let's find two. We want to select minus and this will remove that shape and we're left with underwear shape . Nor that stuff to do its press fight on the keyboard to select white out. Excellent. Now this at some shadow for chest. So again, just duplicate this chest by pressing control, see, and then control ship V to paste into place. Now let's go ahead each other color. Now that's press control shift again to paste just again Move this slightly up. So now that's select those shapes and again pressing the minus fronts. Hudson. All that's there is the shape off the shutter or chest. Awesome. Now let's go ahead and zoom in here so you create some nipples. Rochester. Let's go. It's like the ellipse toe. I'm just going to go and take a darker color here. Details. Wonderful here. So show seeds a copy control ship paste into place. Going to move this two nipples. I'm just going to group those nipples control Geeta Group. Make sure that these nipples aligns Teoh the center by picking our horizontal linemen and all that's left to do here for our torso. Small little highlight just and then selecting highlights. Excellent. Now let's draw some next shit going to zoom out here, Remove this. No. Oh, so he can see. Let's go ahead and sleep now, uh, easily. So in two states, our normal skin color scheduled draw out by what you then throughout the ship. So the show is going to be slightly smaller against you Slipped Passion. This is our color and the ascendance. Teoh, be back. It's like both of these shapes here on what's in line. The sides off Monday said its strength to do this way have new slick, both objects and check on the horizontal lines the T minus or once it's at minus two rights way. Think horizontal lines. Just choose which side you want, your Shin tweet based on. And now that's used your lips, too. It's your outfits, it looks. So just get what? Some point using the direct selection Rx selection. So it's like the anchor point here. First of it to create a semi circle pressure P button on the keyboard. Select our pencil. It's now using our direct selection. So I'm just going to seems these white circles, our just around the corners. How will this to do? Move this foot into place like so excellent. Let's choose Doctor. Just that. A little bit of form. Now we can leave the day like this. And then just so do cake, too. Thanks. Range back, uh, or we can give our character slots so that both of these shapes has controlled G on the keyboards. Agreed. Base this like no distance. A little bit longer. Press control. Gene. So you read these these legs together these shapes and then I'm going to see risking chose C. I hope you die in place, right Click our big and let's go to transform flights and reflect vertical to make. Excellent. Now that said, this rupees legs together, centralized Cool. Now, once you're happy with what we're doing now is create the arms. We could do this simply by using the pencil hit, making sure that Phil is selected as a stroke. Like so and then for years, he wants to short line from the shoulder. I then another point, risk. Just click and drag once you've thrown point wrists, just like when we created the white girls. Happy with your shape. Just Chris escape. Keep do. If we want to adjust the size of our by going into the strip options here and then make Wait. Oh, I was true. Make this. I think character. And now this. Go ahead was the camp is a ground captain. No show position. Rent used. Um, you are shaped by small little increments. Just get to send this to the back and next. Once it's you creates. So just soon using the random directing again. I want to make sure that we've changed it from a stroke to a film. I just want to create shaped palm it just few fingers. He's one thing in here just going to copy this finger. Is this His fingers above slipped slightly, No go to shake hands, dig up signal to pace one more finger for now, old it's Jews, a slight. And we have this to the back right range and since excellent. These shapes together this sentence correct place just looking at a character. You can see that arm is a little bit too long. So if you want to make adjustments to simply use the direct selection tool, set the anchor point and then just and around like so then using the normal section again place Awesome. Now let's go ahead and group arm on our hands. I prosecute geology on the keyboard. Send this back to back. Do you take this arm? Right Click Transform elects vertical Move This. It's a place. Send this back and lost the also both these arms. Make sure that is center. Group those arms together, staked everything and then center line beats. Now you can see once life center line these our highlight here has also moved to the sentence. Don't want that to happen. Move this back into place and group this along. Now just one more. I like excellent. And there we have it, a medium sized flat vector cap, and the next lesson we'll learn how to draw a. 5. How to Create a Slim Body: hi, everyone, and welcome back to the flat vector character. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to create a incised walk. So to start creating off in character, let's grab our second head here just going to move this those two, our first character for reference and then using these selection to just going to make this a little bit thinner. So just to create appearance of a in the face or creating the rest of the body is quite similar to the medium sized body that starts off by creating the neck. Are using rounded rectangle tool like so on. Then we're going to move this behind it, selecting a dark color. Now, next thing we want to do is want to create these shoulders or character. Let's go ahead this center then. So now for the chest, I can actually grab the chest of our medium size. I've just got to go paste this, thanks to our character, just going to resize it slightly to make it a little bit okay, that abusing its position so has to make our shoulders with this. Now draw the rest of the let's go ahead, create some dumps. It States. Nice shape, and again we want to create under interest. But this shape If it's Teoh, make now it's resized. These rectangle, these rounded rectangular shape. Sometimes you have to make the corners a little bit. This rounds. What's sighs? Tangle round, So cool. Now let's go ahead the wet. So just go to copy so so hit control C control ship to create. Also, they'll cover area that don't want stick to both shapes and then using the par five to minus front. There were no on the wind. Just good speak. Wear little bits smaller. So let's go ahead using their extraction toe. Selecting these small and it's here. Now I drop it. What Color six and then a Benny. But that's used to great. Excellent from it. Let's go ahead and create next. So exact, the same ways we create legs or out medium character. Let's go ahead and used to abandon break too little grates me fine. Your character, then great legs are gonna be a little bit thinner and of previous character. Good thing about having a previous currents here easily use the regimental to select. It's easier color selection East. No owns this mind. Fine front. Hopefully right thing range and brings front. I'm just going to see you select our remiss character. Parents? Yeah, once you slice the foot here so I'm going to do cake This book. It's this. It suits so cool that script today Move this angle just like previous character angle. Just slightly range since the back. Now we wanted to do kid this. Duplicate this leg transform next since place. Just send these just to make sure everything is mind Select Everything hit Gary said line and then horizontal line. So excellent. Now that's not now. What's left is to create you. So exactly the same way is how we create your previous character. Let's go ahead and grab a pencil hit. And in fact, if we slept arm off our previous captain, this will automatically select the same presets off this same color. It's turned into a stroke. Here you state the pencil. It will also create the same size stroke with the same size, width off arm. Let's go ahead and use this tool here. Let's use the gentle key on the keyboard to create and, um, in character, right, The shoulder point again risk point. Then we can use the direct selection tool just accordingly. So also, adjust the handle here is also we can move. Uh, changed. Wait, um, looks so because I characters is been character. Let's go ahead. Change the stroke. 40 to use something like se see by a little bit thinner. Just the curve Here. Now send this back. See what it looks like. Oh, looking. I'm liking the look of this. No. So, again, using the arrow keys on the keyboard, making sure that you've got directs the selection tool here. It's like the arm. Just use the arrow keys to move it up or down by small. Now, I'm just going to one group. The zones copy the hands here. Use the same hands well up in current. Just get to make a slightly smaller Well suits the site. Parents like, so cool. Now all that's left no big hands now will be after the is group this arm by pressing control G on the keyboard. Press control, see to copy and control shift Vite Paste it in place rightly, uh, transform flick. But now it's moved. Second gone. Correct position, Like so cool. That's both those arms, select everything and, as usual, horizontal lines sensor to make sure everything is aligned. Send these arms to excellent. Now will. This step is to create a small little highlight for, like this Just going to copy this light light This this and there we have it a pin sized lattes victor character in the next lesson will then had true. 6. How to Create a Big Body : to enhance to create a big size. Now for the final bloody time. What character is going to be the biggest? So we need to reflect that in the size of its head. Let's go ahead and grab this base hit in position and we're going to use the selections or hit make bigger like son. Why there is, well, cool. Now moving on to the body. You about parents. Let's select the lips to this time. We're just going to draw a perfect circle by holding shift key on the keyboard. This will be this movie is its position. I use the eye drop insult one and now this. Go ahead, increase the shadow. Our Nick making a smaller circle hit, inspecting shadow color That's these colors post easier. And now listen slick. Both these circles, right link, Arrange center back so you can see what we're doing. This he's of it. So sure, Let's make this so then behind the head, just these to make it so that everything is centralized. Excellent. Next we want to draw a big chest. Our character that would go ahead and select the chest that we had world's first character . Do you think this this time. That's making bigger place this place. So it's just now that now that we've made the shape bigger, this shape behind has started to come out in order to rectify this way. Need to do. It's like this shape Maine this round. So bring this. But maybe that's bring this shut up. Fronts. Let's bring this a month. It's that seconds. So this just now we can bring our heads and arrange this awesome. Now what's new is once to you create the stomach off the this do it is again. Draw another circle straw. Biggest hit. You create stomach color and that's sinister. This these two bigs. Let's make small, small in what place? This just below our chest. So, in fact, let's make this the color off each other. No, it's big. A smaller circle make this rights, and this bigger It's supposed line these. You see that we've created a shadow underbelly or our stomach. Cool. Now let's go ahead and create many boats. This another. It's still it's please. And finally, we want to create underwear big character, simply creating lips through another Circle six and whites that sending this back. It's a place maybe bigger. No, on the way. Make sure everything is lines. Probably that you want to give our characters some FIC links. Creation legs is exactly same as what we've done before for people started, except they're going to be a great except by using thank you. That's all you grant taking. So it's a big thighs here this great. So line these and once select the foot again. It's like the foot. Do you take this foot? We want to make this bigger just to help support the weight off our character. Let's make this front now These legs descent angle So previous two characters send this back just to see what with this Once you're happy with shape you've been like you're like, Ah, do that transform reflect vertical. Send this Teoh side right? Arrange sent just going to both these legs them Savitt submit. Wait, he's the lined the objects to say next. Now we've got Woody over large character and the likes of our lost final thing that we need to do is the arms. Now we can easily draw up the arms again or we can take arms off our character here. Move this place and we can increase the stroke sighs like So let's make this arm size fine and you can see the arm that slightly or use the direct selection. It's like these points just the way that's bring this point. Shoulder the show. So I'm just going to use this handle, make the cover of our arm little bit more down. Also copy one of our hands, Paste it This time we want to make this next. And then once you're happy with the way that your hands on your arm looks, select both of these group Trump seeds Akopian Inch Ocean V to paste right now transform Flint and Instinct Vertical second on place. So usual both these arms grouped them So this metrical now make sure everything is the lines. Now if he wants to read a little bit more contrast, change the color. So selecting the arms here. So using rex elation, both bombs use the now steak. A doctor? No, If you select the cover like this, you'll notice that it becomes a ville stroke. So in order to change this back to a stroke, let's go back. Teoh, strength this swap This It's a strict bust now in that the stroke. So him priest, the weights, not 2 55 Once you hit, what would you change? That's true into what is it? Range said. You might also want to change the color. Hence just going to ungroomed. This section just made hands. It's everything. Instead, both hands just using the right selection tool. Do you stay? Thumbs hit thumbs. Excellent. Finally having a highlight who and there we have it. A big sized, flat vector character. In the next lesson, we'll learn how to create different color schemes or a different skin comes. See you will then. 7. How to Create Skin Color Character : hi, everyone, and welcome back to the flat vector character class. And this lesson we're going to learn had to create different color schemes for this. Okay, now that we have our basic three different character types, the next thing we want to think about is how to customise them in order to create a wide variety of characters to use for your projects. So let's look at some different color schemes use. So taking our original color scheme, we construct all of the boxes here, copy them and then pasting them you created to pick up. We cannot use these duplicate swears. Do you create a different color scheme for characters? Let's go ahead and zoom in here so you can see our squishes more really. So starting with the first color, which will act as the base or the base skin tone color weaken. Select this square double click on the color box here and that. Select another color, taking either slate, they different time here, or if you really know what sorts of color you want to go for, you can improve the number here with the current here, so and then choosing a darker shade off that color as you move along as we did previously. All of these covers here let's use the I drop it all to you slept that color and now this dark shades like so then state next three and state a dark shades continuously going darker . So the last two double click on the color square and use the final dark color. And for the final square wanted Teoh. Use that as our highlights where? So that's highlights. Let's use the argument sortie to use the original color here. Now that select a lighter color, this will be our highlight. Same thing is what we used for our chest here and by as a little bit of shyness. Excellent. Now we want to apply these new colors Teoh the new set of characters so that zoom out here . I want to state alot of our characters here like so making sure we sex all of the shapes. We're going to press control, see to copy these characters and now control v paste them. And what we're going to do now is going to use our new color scheme for these characters. Let's bring this color scheme appear going to zoom in on one of our characters. And now what we have to do is we use the direct selection talks to select the shapes off the character that we won't cover it. So just using a combination of this direct selection tool on the I drop, it'll to apply the new color schemes to our characters. Let's do this for our medium size character. First to using this as an example. First, I'm going to select the heads and then used the eyedropper tool to select the your skin. Type their new skin tone like so and you can. You can also use the direct selection tour to select multiple shape by holding shift on the keyboard. Let's hold shift on the keyboard to select all off the shapes that we want colored in. So just we just want to slate the shapes which have the same color moments. So thank you to all these fingers here. Also his So once you collected all of the same colors used the eyedropper tool to select the skin color that you want, like so now the reason why I didn't selected the arms because the arms is actually a a stroke so Let's go ahead and slept the arms here. We can actually convert these arms into a shape. So that's select those arms here, go to objects, expense and then slipped. Both Phil and stroke like so, And they will actually turn these arms these strokes into shape. Now for you it now. So excellent. Now, another way of doing that is, if you want to. Do you still want to have the arms of stroke just so that we can easily and it's the the shape of our arms by using direction, tool the direct selections. Just moving the anchor points like so well we have to do from here is select the arms. Use the eyedrops or sex color that we want. Change the fill back into a stroke like so and then using the stroke actions here change the way back to the number that we once it think it was something like five, then specks in the arms again. You can then use the stroke options here to make sure this stroke it's now around. It has around so excellent. Now let's go ahead and change the colors for the rest of the so here we want to make sure that we select all these shadow colors. Let's select the shadow for our heads or on our neck here, shadow under our chest thumbs and also the legs. Here. All of these objects use the same color, and we want to go down a shades of that. Select the next shape down, like so using the hydro pencil. Now you'll see that all of these shapes have changed color. Excellent. Now we want to do the same for the feet. So that's used the direct selection tool to select the feet holding shift to select the other foot and then selecting the dark shape like so. And now we want to use the highlights so that select the highlights. Both highlights on the keyboards in that state. The highlights Hello next to them. Now finally, the nipples. It's like these nipples here and the darkest color using the cool. So that's how you create a new color scheme for your characters and also how to apply them to existing characters that you've created. So that's it for this lesson in the next lesson will go through the conclusion of what we learnt in the project. See you all there 8. Conclusion : So with that, we've come to the end off the flat vector character class. Now that you know the basics of creating different times, characters try and experiment with different shapes and colors. You can use the basic characters here as a base and maybe exaggerate them even more. Make them even bigger or even thinner, trying different hairstyles and facial expressions and creates a set using female characters. I hope you fled a lot in this demo, and then you found some new things Adobe Illustrator that you can take to use in your own future projects and designs. Make sure to upload your project to the product so that we can see your creations, and I'll see you next time for the next vector tutorial.