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Learn How to make Epic Gopro Travel Videos - The Complete Workflow

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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27 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Gopro 6 intro

    • 2. Gopro 6 Gear Kit

    • 3. Connecting to gopro & settings

    • 4. Accessories

    • 5. How to get great footage

    • 6. Gopro 6 menu Pt 1

    • 7. Gopro 6 Gopro Voice Commands

    • 8. Gopro 6 time lapse tips from the maldivesb

    • 9. Most important

    • 10. Gopro 6 charging gopro while on the go

    • 11. A Word on Gopro 7

    • 12. Rent vs buy

    • 13. Gopro 6 Bali Complete workflow Pt 1 of 3

    • 14. Entire workflow Bali video Pt 2 of 3

    • 15. Gopro 6 Bali Finished project Pt 3

    • 16. Gopro 5 vs gopro 6

    • 17. Gopro quick app

    • 18. Maldives gopro produced by Quick App

    • 19. Gopro 6 Summary Final

    • 20. Intro Gopro Fusion

    • 21. Gopro Fusion -Camera Design

    • 22. Gopro Fusion Computer software

    • 23. Gopro Fusion Gopro app sec

    • 24. Gopro Fusion Landscape section 2 1

    • 25. Gopro Fusion Quick start sec

    • 26. Gopro Fusion Stockfootage

    • 27. Gopro Fusion -Summary


About This Class

In this course you're going to learn how to make the most of the latest Gopro products to film amazing Videos with veteran Travel Videographer Greg Hung and 360 VR Expert Al Caudullo. As Travel Videographers you're going to learn how to use your Gopro products in exotic destinations like the Maldives and also practical applications of the technology. Some of features of the course include learning time-lapses in the Maldives, Filming sea-life in the ocean, learning a full editing workflow, and getting a chance to edit your own video project using our supplied project footage. You will get a chance to work with 4K drone footage, and footage shot with a gopro using a variety of different resolutions. A unique feature of this course is that we actually take your through the entire video edit of a client Gopro vacation video.

You're also going to have a chance to learn 360 video with Gopro's Fusion camera with multiple 3D award Al Caudullo


1. Gopro 6 intro: Welcome to the GoPro six course. Hi, I'm Greg and I'm killing. This course is aimed at beginners and travelers that want to get the most out of the GoPro and put together an amazing vacation video. We're going to the Maldives to film awesome GoPro footage off sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, dolphins and a whole lot more vestibule. We're gonna share the secrets and techniques that were used to pull off these amazing shots . With this camera, we're going to cover the entire work flow from our destination to post. We're also going to the editing room to share our work for video. We're also going to share how you can monetize on your go pro footage on Make a Passive income. We're going to share what other cameras you can use to partner with your GoPro on invitation to film that amazing video. So click and roll on. Let's get started 2. Gopro 6 Gear Kit: this lesson gonna cover my go pro gear kit? Keep in mind, everyone may have a different gear kit depending on what the purpose off their GoPro trip is. But if you watch some of the other courses for previous versions of GoPro, you may see that I have a slightly different gear kit for GoPro for I think I had a suction cup mount. I mean, that mountain was great for getting stable point of view shots from a car or anything that a suction cup would amount to. And for this trip, I'm in the Maldives and I decided to get my hands on this carbon fiber stick for diving to give me extra reach and give me some stability from the micro jitter that happens if you're just holding it with your hand. Also nice is that it has adjustable wrist strap. So the way that this mount works is that you attach it with the screw so you'd line it up over here and then you would attach it with screw that comes over here. Okay, I'm not gonna do that right now. We're gonna talk about dive housing. So the naked GoPro by itself has according to Go Pro, It's waterproof up to 10 meters. And if you watch the other lesson, uh, you would know I don't trust the naked GoPro to go underwater. Sure, you know, I would take it into maybe, Ah, some rain. But I wouldn't take it underwater. I mean, you know, if he opened some of the areas to charge this thing, you, it's done. I just don't feel comfortable with it. But that's just me. So this dive housing gives the go pro. Some protection also allows you to attach something like the pole because he can't do that with a naked GoPro. Bad design, in my opinion. All right, that should have an adapter at on the GoPro body itself. But so the Steiff housing allows you to take it down to 30 meters. It gives you some additional protection, but I cannot control the GoPro touchscreen with this case on. So that's sort of ah Khan of using this dive housing. You do have access to change the mode using this button over here, you do have access to record, and that's it. So let me just show you it's pretty similar to the other cage how you open it. So you may have other casings that that all prayed a little differently. But just follow the arrow there and you pull on the latch of the top. Lift up the gate. Open the door here. Now, some lessons learned here. This dive housing You do not want to get any moisture inside. Otherwise, when you take it on the water, it's gonna fog up, and then you'll have to dried out thoroughly before you can use the housing again. I was pretty nervous in earlier generations when I did get something went inside. But now because the naked GoPro body does have protection, don't worry if you have a little bit of water inside the casing. Okay, so the way this works is you put the GoPro in, but this model GoPro six has the lens that protrudes out. So you need to take this off before you put it back in. Okay, Now can do that now, but I'll just show you how you close the housing. So you close it and then put the latch at the bottom on that hook and then snap it in place . Okay? I also have this red lens filter. And ah, you would use this if you go between 20 and 50 feet as it says here, if you're just going snorkeling, you're not gonna probably go that deep. So you don't need this. I actually did take some test footage with it and without if you want to take a look. But the way that that this works is that you attach it to the lens here. There's a screw that comes with the kit and not do right now. But basically, just attach it here in front of the lens and you have the ability to open up the door when you do not want the filter. All right, so you can close it from my experience when I was actually using this underwater, it's hard to keep the red filter off because the water movement brings this filter in the way. But anyways, just know that you have some options. If you want Teoh attach additional accessories on the case and this red filters one of them . The rights also in my kit is this adopter. So this is down fair. Will I to touch too other devices, you might have something on a surfboard or something on a helmet. So this is just another one of these adapters and got another battery here. Definitely recommend another battery. Batteries last about an hour. I think the go pro life on the scope pro six is a lot better than previous generations, but still not good enough. I recommend having ah, Power Bank, which I will show you that you can charge while you're out in the field. Also over here is an SD adapter. Pretty hard to get out. It's wedged in. She's it's really it's really in there. Okay, here we go. So that goes in there to this pouch is pretty useful. It allows you to store the GoPro and accessories on, and this one is sm a tree. But I'm sure you can get a lot of different kits. It just allows you to keep all the little bits and parts. Actually, this casing doesn't go. This casing just allows you to keep all the GoPro and accessories in one safe place. And since his impact proof, I think it is got a certain amount of water resistance and got a nice carrying handle 3. Connecting to gopro & settings: Okay, guys, in this lesson, I'm going to quickly go over how you can set up the connection from your go pro to your mobile device on the APP. So first, let's just wake up the GoPro. Let's hit the mode button on the right hand sides. Very first thing is, you want to swipe down from the top, select connections and make sure that wireless connections is on okay? No, either. Ready? Set this up the very first time I selected GoPro up and I went through the menus. And now on my smartphone, I want to go over to my WiFi settings. Okay, we have the GoPro app connected. I'm gonna go through really quickly. That icon there is to preview the clips that he recorded. We can go on a cloud option there, but then you have to sign up, and I haven't gone through that, so I'm not gonna cover that right now. Um, over here we can see a couple of things. Top left is the image size. The angle was a wind or linear and the number off images that we can take. So let's go ahead and record. Okay? We can see the WiFi and the battery, and we can see the Mogren over here in the bottom, right? This is probably the most important part of the menu Over here. We can toggle different photo moans From photo, NYT and burst. We can switch over to the time locks area. This will allow us to switch from time last video time lapse. Photo, NYT, LAPSE photo Or here's the video modes. We can do regular video or a looping function, all right, and to go to settings here. This is probably the main reason why I want to go to the GoPro up. You can see all the options you can change and this very advance. I would much prefer to set things up here than on the GoPro screen, so that's that's the main reason why I would use the up. And I mean, it's great if you wanna take a photo of yourself through remote control. Used the app as a remote. It's also good for after you've taken a day of footage on the Go Pro, you can go on a media browser and then download footage straight to your phone, and that's pretty nice and, ah, each different mode is gonna give you different options. Like if you're in video, you're gonna get different options on the main screen. And, um, for video, I've been shooting a lot in four K 60 frames. This is one of the new modes that the GoPro has trying to promote. But there is no stabilization in this feature. And every resolution, every different photo mode may have different options available or or not, so just be aware of that. I've got another lesson where ah, deep dive into this menu over there. But just be aware that it's there and you can do everything from four. Match your SD card set the resolution pro tune and unable voice control. And that's the GoPro app. In a nutshell. Remember, check the in depth video if you want more from that, but at least now you know how to connect. You know the essential functions in the GoPro app 4. Accessories: this video we're going talk about which accessories and mounts should you get for your GoPro six, or even just any model of GoPro. Since I've been using GoPro, I found out that stability is really pointing, forgetting great footage. So in this lesson, I'm going to cover some of the actual useful amounts, not the useless mounts that GoPro tries a cell. But don't help with your footage. For example, that had strapped mounts looks cool but is useless. But the suction cup mouth was one of my favorite mounts for a long time. Very versatile. You could attach it to a helmet attached to the foot of a car. He can touch it, Teoh a glass window on the side of the building and get a time lapse. That's what I call useful mounts. So another amount that I used on the mold these trip was a carbon fiber poll that could float in the water and had a risk drop and gave me extra reach and it attached to the dive housing. So I had extra reach. I had underwater capability, so I took full advantage of that. Another, less exciting but traditional mount is the tripod this is useful if you want to take time lapses or maybe even videos like this with your GoPro. Yes, you can't use a GoPro for that. It is a pretty decent camera, but it's limited by the lens Focal length it's can zoom in digitally, but it's not the same as an interchangeable lens, so tripod is useful. When I was in the Maldives, I took a time lapse, but I didn't have a tripod. So I just stopped the poll in the beach sand and that gave it stability. I stuck the fall in my backpack. You can use your creativity and your environment to improvise, to get off of those shots. Because the GoPro is a pretty like camera, it just needs to be level, needs some stability and just set it up to do its thing. The dive housing is very useful for the go pro naked. GoPro can go down the 10 meters, but with the housing, you could bring it down to 30 meters and it gives you an extra amount so you can attach things like the GoPro to it. Last we got the red filter, especially going on the water. This is useful. If you're going further down, then 10 meters It is, I believe, where you can color correct the footage so you don't get that overly green turquoise look when you're going to deep levels, especially if you're gonna be scuba diving. 5. How to get great footage: How do you get great footage with Go Pro six? Well, there's several different things you need to know. So let's start with video options. GoPro six is a small camera, but it's really powerful. You have to understand the different options you have with this camera. For example, you can set different video resolutions from four K all the way to 10. 80 p, and then you have a choice of different frame rates. GoPro six is special because you can film full four K at 60 frames per 2nd 10 80 p at 240 frames per second. Okay, that's just getting started. Depending on the resolution and the frame rate combination you have, you have different options on your field of view. GoPro's famous for that wide fish angle look, which is what you're gonna be limited to if you're foaming something like four K 60 frames per second. But if you use a lower resolution, different frame rates, those options open up. You have the option to do Super View or Lanier, where you can actually zoom in and get a totally different look with depending on the combination off video settings, you have options between enabling stabilization built in camera as well as low light performance. So experiment with those different things as well as experience using pro tune. And if you want super duper slow motion, maybe you want a film at 10. 80 p. 240 frames per second through traditional cinematic look, which everyone has been used to for many years until all these resolutions and frame rates and all these fancy options came up waas 10 80 p 24 frames per second. So if all this decision making is bogging it down, you can always go with 10 80 p 24 frames per second just to keep things simple. Next, we've got to focus on their lighting. GoPro really does well in great lights, so it's a simple as just looking at the sunshine looking at which direction the sun is facing. If you're filming midday at noontime, chances are the sun's gonna be filming straight down. So if you're in the water, you want to try focus on shots that are gonna be angling down. If you're foaming at a different time of day. Maybe the sun is shining in a particular direction. If you're in the water and you have fish. You can film from that same direction than use it. You're going to get much better shots and makes a big difference. You also want to consider using a red filter on your GoPro, especially if you're below 10 80 feet. You can get a red filter attachment that you can just put over the factory lens, and you can take this on and off the red filters going to color. Correct the colors. Once you get that green turquoise look, that red filter is going to remove that. If you're just filming shuttle depths and you're just snorkeling, you don't need that red filter. Now the GoPro six has protection that you can bring it down to about 10 meters without any dive housing. But I would recommend getting dive housing because I just don't trust that water is not going to get in the naked GoPro body. Plus, you can bring the camera down below 10 meters. It's just nice to have that comfort as well as you need to attach. Ah poll. You're gonna need something amount to the GoPro body, so you would need the dive housing to do that. You want to consider other mounts where GoPro to get stability, stability and lighting are going to be your friends when it comes to getting amazing GoPro footage so you can get the pole, which I used in the mould. He's trip that removes micro jitter and gives you extra reach. You can get the suction cup mount, which I've covered in previous courses really good for mounting to multiple services, especially the car get really smooth, stable footage. You've also got options like gimbals, which automatically adjust for movement and different techniques. Be creative, depending on the mouse that you have. I had this GoPro poll, so I was able to use a technique where I was bringing the pole to the floor. The camera image was upside down, but it would correct itself. Or you can always correct out in postproduction. I stuck the poll out of the speedboats to get really close footage right just above the ocean surface. So just experiment what you can form of the GoPro, that's what it's for is durable, especially with the dive housing. You don't have to worry about it getting damage. That's what GoPro's for Teoh experiment. Take wrists and ah, get those rewarding shots, so help these tips help you for getting amazing underwater footage 6. Gopro 6 menu Pt 1: Hi. We're gonna cover the main menu on the go pro. So depending on what Mo Deron, for example, video or photo, it's gonna very slightly. And, um and then I'm just gonna give you some guides on how to navigate the screen. All right, so GoPro is automatically start recording. So that's recording time. The top right is our battery and right side. Saying pro tune is on bottom. Left is the resolution frame rate and the field of view so it could be white or linear. All right, so we can see those same settings at the bottom. One left tells us that we've got we're in video mode and the right side is giving us information for pro tune. The left side is where media is, and the top is saying the moment of recording time that we have left. Let's just flip over to photo mode by pressing the right button on the go pro. So we switched to photo moved by just pressing the mode button on the right side of the GoPro. And the stats here are a little bit different. We can see the number of images, battery and proteins the same and our media browser and we have an option between feel of you and F O V. Now, if we top that, it allows us to switch between the two linear or wide. And we can actually zoom in with that slider there on both options. So you can see linear is not as wide as the wide setting. I'm just gonna leave it on linear. Okay, let's let's tap the mope until the right. So this takes us to the burst menu, and over here you can see one little difference. And we have this rate auto. We can change the verse rate. We can also change the photos per second. I don't use this option too much, but that's where it is. Some. Next, we're going to cover how we can dig into some of the menu options on the GoPro sex 7. Gopro 6 Gopro Voice Commands: this video. We're gonna talk about the GoPro voice commands and I'll demonstrate some of the ones that I use Not gonna cover them all. You can just do a quick Google and go to go pro site for a command, Lis. But why would you want to use this? I found that when I was taking this out diving and I had the case on sometimes it's just easier to give GoPro a quick command, especially if it's in video mode. And I could just say Go pro, take a photo and it would switch to photo mode automatically and take that photo. And while I had it on a selfie stick, it was just a nice way to remote control it. I also had a friend hold the GoPro on a stick and he did not operate the go pro. So I was able to remotely control the GoPro. So there's some really creative uses of how you can use this and some of the commands that I may use Our GoPro take a photo. I can switch to video mode by going GoPro video mode GoPro Time lapse mode GoPro Video mode GoPro, start recording GoPro, Stop recording. GoPro, turn off. Okay, so I just demoed some of the commands over there again. Take a look at that list and think about how you can creatively use it. You can still commands the go pro with voice activation, even if it has a case on. So this is a good Segway. I'm gonna cover my current GoPro gear kit as well as Thebe. I've housing. 8. Gopro 6 time lapse tips from the maldivesb: I think you guys is Greg here? I'm in the Maldives and finishing up my filming assignments. Animal Geaves With the time lapse No better way to finish things off eso It's sunset now It's six o'clock and I Googled the sunset time in the Maldives. Excuse the noise, but I just wanted to film it out here. What's actually happening? Just so. Some tips for pulling off this time lapse is that I've just used whatever tools I have, and the GoPro itself is not enough to pull this off. It doesn't have enough height, so I'm just using the pole plan to get in the sand. And I've said this on, I think, a two second interval todo time lapse video facing it in the direction all the sunsets and set it to four K pretty much just hit record and I let it go. I'm actually filming this while it's doing the time lapse eso. So if you're doing a time lapse, whatever tools that you have, try to get some stability, whether it's a tripod or putting it on a high table user environment to your advantage and then you want to do things like set the interval if things were changing quickly like a sunrise and you want to do one or two second interval and then set the resolution and create a higher quality time lapse that you can crop in or it just matches the type of footage that you're shooting. And in this case, I'm filming a lot of four K footage these days. So I'm doing a four K footage time lots with his go pro. Hopefully, it turns out. 9. Most important: in this video, we could talk well. What's the most important use of the GoPro? Why do you need to go pro? For me? It's taking underwater shot to take it into the ocean. We're talking between 10 and 30 meters, So if you're actually doing scuba diving, I'm sure that you wouldn't want to take your SLR camera or invest in underwater dive housing that costs 12 $3000. If you do have the budget, that's great. You can bring your a camera down in that dive housing. But for most of us, we just don't have the budget to do that. And that's why the GoPro's an awesome option, because you can still get great footage. And although the GoPro's between that 500 US price point or 400 years depending on which model you get, it's not the end of the world. If you lose it that go purses signs, they can take it under water. So that's why so many people use it, including professional divers that film, video and photo on a regular basis. Of course, there's advantages to taking your account like an SLR where you can get better footage because of the sensors and the lenses can reach a lot more. But overall, the GoPro is your best option point of view footage. So if you're mounting and GoPro to bike, helmet or the hood of your car, you just can't do that with a lot of other cameras. So GoPro's awesome for that action adventure footage like I mentioned before, as good as a B cam, you can also use it to get awesome. Time lapses is really good. A time lapses. Aziz Well, as NYTPhotos, it's improved. It's night photo ability if you take a look at some of the shots I took in the Maldives really good for taking night laps. So if you understand all these things, you can get the most out of the go pro camera. It's not just used, you know, to attach shift. You're jumping out of the plane or parachute. There's underwater option point of view. Um, it's a very durable camera, so use your creativity 10. Gopro 6 charging gopro while on the go: All right, We have a go pro that is in need of charging. So how do you charge think? So if you see here, the battery level is low, and that's that. 43%. So this is where a power bank comes in handy. This is a 1,004,000 Empower Bank, but you can get ones that very from 2 to 3000. These days, I recommend a 4001. Uh, this one is made by Show me. It allows you to charge your smartphone, your GoPro, anything that has USB so mashing it and demonstrate how we do that. So we take the GoPro cable and plug that and and got to make sure the GoPro's off before we charge it. So I'm gonna hold down on the mode button just to take the power off and then on the other side on a press the button open up the door for the mini USB. So the mini USB side where we plug that in. All right, so we can see our power bank is working Sometimes is a button there. You need Teoh, Activate it. And of course, it needs to be charged and on the go pro you can see we have the red lights at the bottom. There's also one over here on the top corner. You can see it's flashing right on my finger, but it's going to keep flashing red and told fully charged. And if you're at home, obviously I'd recommend using the power doctor the plugs in the wall that's going to be faster. But if you're already out filming, just know that you can bring your own power source so you can charge a GoPro and a recommend to batteries so that you can charger GoPro while it's your in transit to your next location. But you always have that comfort. You've got another battery charged at 100% so I think, to batteries and the power bank should be enough for most people. 11. A Word on Gopro 7: It's great Kung here in this video, we're gonna talk about GoPro seven. It is currently September 2018 and GoPro just announced their new model just as I was filming the courts for GoPro six. Um, I think of finding and a lot of people are finding these days that technology companies like Apple on GoPro are releasing technologies so fast that people cannot catch up. You're feeling a bit stress that they always have to have the latest model. And I think companies are doing this to make money because people usually feel compelled to spend money on the latest model. That's just the way things are lately. Solicit, actually talk about the bank. That's why would you wanna get co pro seven two Main benefits is a stabilization. So if you watch Casey Neistat review of GoPro seven, you can actually see the footage off How good the stabilization is. He took it out to the park. When it some water slides, you can see it's actually doing a pretty good job. So do you need to buy GoPro? Set the pens on what type of camera do you need? If you're going out on trips, I need the highest quality video, and you need that stabilization. And you're doing this, Um, on a serious basis. Meaning you're getting paid to do it, then? Yes, I will get it. If you're scuba diver, you need to go up on dives everyday phone videos, influence for customers. Yes, I would get it. If you already have a GoPro six, do you need to go out and get GoPro seven? Maybe not. Maybe you can just rent um, GoPro seven. Or maybe you could get another action camera. Um, so it may or may not be a ground breaking feature for you. It's still forming at four K 60 frames per second. Uh, the other main feature that GoPro seven is promising is better sound. So maybe it's better for blogging. Eso This could also be a good for loggers adventurers. But again, you have to look at your situation. What? Cameron, you currently have in your bag. If you don't have an auction camera of the budget, maybe go pro seven is good for you. Or maybe a GoPro six. Or maybe you want to consider the other alternatives like the YY four k. The Chinese company is a competitors that is selling action cameras at 1/3 of the price. Eso hope this gives you some idea off whether go percent would be good for you and how to deal with the constant change. I'm having some trouble keeping up with recording the content for all these product releases. They're happening so fast, it's not actually released yet. So if I do get my hands on that, I may do some hands on. But ah, my sense is because the design is gonna be something to go Pro six and GoPro five. I don't think there's gonna be a huge shift in how you can control the camera on the app and and the menu. So I think that's a skinny. Similar is just gonna be those incremental upgrades, stabilization and better sound. 12. Rent vs buy: okay, we're gonna talk about should you rent the GoPro or show you by? Did you ever consider renting the GoPro? It depends on your situation. If you're going on a vacation underwater once a year and you want the latest features in this case GoPro six that maybe you want to think about renting just Google rent GoPro in the city you're in and chances are you're going to get some results that allow you contact them. Give them your information and you can go rent it. You can rent a GoPro six for three days for 50 U. S. Dollars. $50 versus 500 U. S. Dollars. So you want to think about how often are you going to use your go pro like I mentioned earlier? If you're a professional diver and you're going out quite often to film underwater footage , of course I would get the GoPro six. If you're gonna be focusing on stock footage and you want high quality four K stable underwater footage, I would get to go pro six. If you're just going on vacation occasionally then renting is the option. Depends what? Your goal is for me personally, only go on underwater vacations twice a year where I'm filming stock footage and I want the latest technology, but I don't necessarily use it the entire year. You can also use a GoPro for B cam footage. So getting that second camera angle, you can just position it so you can switch between two different cameras. But most smartphones are forming a lot better video now. Personally, I have an SLR that I can use a second camera angle so I don't have a need for a GoPro for B cam footage. That all depends on your situation, but at least I want to make you aware that renting a GoPro is an option for those occasional travelers. 13. Gopro 6 Bali Complete workflow Pt 1 of 3: Hey, guys, Greg Hung hair. I'm in front of my computer in video editing mode and in this video, Sary's. I wanted to share the entire process from beginning to end for editing a client's trouble video. We're gonna be using footage shock from GoPro six. We're gonna be editing on Final Cut Pro X using a Mac with pro. But whether you're using Adobe Premiere Final Cut Pro Axe if you're shooting from a drone through GoPro Rs Law or Morals camera, I think there's something in this video Siris for everyone from the business side of things through the communication with declined remotely through the entire workflow and putting this entire video together. So let's dive right in, and this sounds interesting and let's get ready to learn. Okay, so let's talk about the consultation and the presales. So this is the stage where you're talking with a customer. You're tryingto figure out and nail down those details so that you're on the same page about exactly it is what they want. For example, this video was gonna be a vacation shot in Bali, so have to confirm things like what type of camera there, the using GoPro six is capable of four K resolution. So before they even went on their vacation, we were talking about what resolution or you're gonna shoot the video in and based on resolution that uses more. Processing power usually takes more time to work for the footage, so that type of video is going to cost a bit more, so that comes down the price. So when it comes on the pricing, you have to figure out what you're comfortable working with, what the customer is comfortable with. If you're willing to put in, let's just say you've edited videos before. Like for me. For a five minute video, it's gonna take me about two dedicated days. There's a lot of work that goes behind the scenes to get the footage from the customer to communicating with them and, ah, laying down the tracks trends, quoting them before you actually work through it. And then you got to show them the draft, and then we're gonna get feedback on the draft and then make some changes, show them the next version, and then if they're happy, then you're going to give him the full video and receive our payment. So ah, you have to factor that all in and figure out what's your time and effort worth. And then you can start negotiating and you have to find the middle ground. So just to give you a ballpark, I mean, if it's, ah, five minute video, you can charge anywhere from 200 to 500 us. It depends on the client what camera they're using. What was the nature of their vacation? And, um, in this case actually agreed on a price for the go pro footage. But then I realized they didn't have enough clips and it in shoe with the drone. I actually have drone footage, so I offered to give them a license off my stock footage. Beer old because I have drone shots of Bali as an add on to the video project. So that takes a little time for me to pull out the different clips that they want. But it adds value to their video because now they can show some drone shots off locations that I've already shot. So there's a little tip for you, and then you have to figure out things like, What's the actual data of vacation? When do they need the video by and, um Yeah, Then you can take it from there. So after that, then we have to look at the set up. Then we're actually going to get the footage. So in the next section, we're going to talk about the set up all the video project. Okay, we're gonna talk about the set up of the video project. So this is after the customer has finished shooting their video. And now we need to get a hold of the footage. Now, assuming we're not in the same country, we're not in the same city. How does this all happen? So I have used Google Drive. I've also use Dropbox in the past, and I've set up a folder for the customer to upload their footage. So I just added their email dress, gave them permission to the folder, made sure I had enough room, and they had to upload the footage. Now they shot their GoPro footage in ultra four K resolution. So they had single video clips in the neighborhood off 12 300 megabytes. These air big files. So they actually had some problems up loading it, and I suggested that they at least clock their speed using speed speed tests not not, I believe, allow you to engage the actual speed off your upload. Ah, WiFi connection. So I recommend a speed of least 20 megabits per second, maybe a Starbucks, or you can go to coworker dot com. Look up a co work space in your city and cork. Spaces are built for productivity, and they usually have high speed connections. So that's how they got the files to me. I usually try to working spaces that have high speed connections and whether it's Malaysia , Thailand or Canada. So downloading the footage isn't a problem for me. So once I downloaded and I start to look at the music, if the plan for the videos put on YouTube, you want to make sure that that music truck has been cleared and it's YouTube friendly. Otherwise, you want to go to something like Sisi, mixture out or grow epidemic sound, which has a large selection on free trucks. YouTube also has trucks that they can use. But to be honest, the music isn't that good, I find from YouTube. So whatever track use, just make sure that it's something that customers me happy with and that it's gonna be cleared for YouTube if they plan to do that. And once you have the music track, that's sort of the first step. You need to lay down that track now. If it's a YouTube link that a customer sends you, you can use a converter. You can just type in converter YouTube to MP three and then allow you to grab it on your truck from the YouTube video. Once you have the music you can. Then late on the truck in your video. Editor. I like to import the footage onto Final Cut Pro Wax, several trans code. It will create a proxy, so this process may take quite a while. So I use this time to go for coffee, take a break. But this will save me time doing the video edit. So it's actually faster to work with the footage, especially if it's four K footage. So after I imported, I'll creates a separate events in final Cut Pro X, and, um, I agree on what type of resolution they want the project to be Now, if they shot in four K resolution, we can still create a high definition project. The advantages of using a high definition project for four K footage is that you can zoom in on the four K footage without losing sharpness in the picture. You could create a four K video project, but then you don't have that ability and you're gonna end up with the larger fault. In this case, we're gonna do an HD project, so that allows me to zoom in now. Not all four K footage is the same. Their footage is ultra four K. So that footage I'll just pull it up over here is 38 40 by 2160. How did a Remember that so hard to remember eso with ultra four K footage. We can use that in HD project without zooming in or scaling up the footage to avoid those those black boxes at the top of the bottom. If you're working with full four K footage in HD project, you're gonna need to scale up the footage and lease 115 120% to avoid those black borders at the top in the bottom. If it's HD footage, no worries. Okay, so that's sort of the set up. We got the music. You've imported the footage and then it's important to get the notes from the customers. So I like to tell them to be as detailed as possible. In this case, they're actually pretty good. They chose the clips that they wanted in the video from the raw footage, and they actually named to those clips and we use Skype to communicate. And in the Skype chat, they've actually listed the order off the clips based on their phone name, which I thought was pretty smart. And for things like individual clips, maybe they just want the first couple of seconds off the clip. So even on the clip level asked him to be is detailed as possible for the B roll. I use YouTube to showcase some of my videos, and then they would give me the actual time step off the actual drone shot that they liked . So once you have these notes, now you can start to do your thing, get in the zone, spent time in your video other and start to work on getting the first draft. So I've got everything that I need, and now it's time for me to start laying on the draft. I've got my music track in the timeline. I've laid down the clips in the order that they want, and now I'll be going through and trimming the clubs, making sure they've got the exact portion of the clip that they want. I also have to lay down some of the B rolls of some of the drone shots and then do some minor color grading and also add some pretty cool transitions. So when we rejoin, we'll take a look at a more polished version on the video project. 14. Entire workflow Bali video Pt 2 of 3: you guys has been a long day of video editing. So just wanna cover some things that we've done during the actual edit eso been. I've actually copied the notes, the communication notes. I've had declined from Skype over to Gould off, and what I've done is just highlighted them. One by one, we got detail notes like Bali Kids Video. Stop it. Seven seconds. And then I made my own notes because when I actually tried to fall that I found that some of the footage was too shaky, it was unusable. And so I just made a note beside each bullet points and highlighted it just to know that I've, um, already done that portion and I kept the Skype window open and sent a message to the customer. I'm in relation right now. They're in the U. S. So he actually answered while I was doing the edit and just told them that Is it okay if I use the footage that's not shaking, even though it's different from what you're editing, Notes said. And they were fine with that. So that's cool. So, yeah, gone through Ah, first pass and so done some basic trimming. I've used the exact time codes, and a lot of it is just browsing the footage, finding the usable portions and doing some things like slow motion. If if requested, then some light color grading like a Justin exposure for the nightlife clips. I've added the B roll from my stock footage library into their project. I've added titles and yeah, the next step is going to be more on the color grading side. I'm gonna Tremlett even further and start to do things like add some transitions. Were are doing an HD project with four K footage, so we have the flexibility to crop in our footage and retain the sharpness. So I want to try toe do some of that and not boss isn't being playing back the project. The first music track we have here is just under four minutes, and I had a minute off footage over once I put it into the timeline. So I had a lot of chopping to do, and, um, customer said they went at another music truck, but I made sure that the music truck I now have in the timeline is gonna be the first track so I can start fine tuning the trimming, all the clips that are in here right now with the first music track. And then when he sends me the next music track, then we will see what clips are left over. And from there, I'm aim to put together the first draft. And while I'm doing this, I'm creating snapshots. So what I'm doing is, uh, right clicking on the actual projects in the media browser. So this allows me to have a backup if I want to go back at a certain point in time because I'm making all these micro changes and adjustments. It's quite a lot of stuff, little bits of work that's, ah, going into this video project. So it's nice to have that peace of mind that I do have a backup copy and what I could do and what actually will do. And this is covered in the final Cup. Relax. Course is I can export XML, and I can say that two different hard drive just so it have more than one point of failure . So I'll just say that to my local hard drive. I'm actually working off an external USB C hard drive and the performance is pretty good. Okay, start next video. We will be pretty close to the first draft, and I'll let you have a look at the actual project in the timeline and take it from there. 15. Gopro 6 Bali Finished project Pt 3: All right, guys, I have some good news. I got a Skype message from the client, and I'll just read it for you verbatim. Great job, Greg. The only thing is, I would like to change the very last clip. Can we replace that clip with some footage from your vlog? And then they gave the time code, so that was pretty easy. I just went to my stock footage library, downloaded some of the clips and replaced them right at the end over here. So these air last three clips and then just for the final finishing touch is put fade to black on the video. So what I've done is I've made another backup. I've exported a version with the watermark just to get final confirmation. If you're good with this, let me know if it's okay to send you the final invoice. And then I've got the final copy without the watermark ready to send over to them, which have uploaded to the cloud on a private location. And, um, yeah, I usually do this over PayPal. That's a pretty easy method to use for international customers. And, uh, if you take a look at the final project over here. I'll just kind of give you an overview. Let's just close on some windows here. All right? So we used a lot of B roll in the project. I use a lot my drone b roll to open up the scene to establish that where Bali. So I got some ocean, some rice fields, and then I insert a quick title here because we use four K footage from the GoPro six ultra four k. I was able to do some things like zooms, which are quite subtle, but this Adelbert of movements to static shots. So I do. I did that on the opening clip. I mean, use off transitions. So actually download 1/3 party Super zoom transition, which is a little bit intense, but I use that a few times. Final cup rocks also has a zoom transition, but it's not doesn't behave the same way. Okay, we move on there. So I experimented with some things. I did some some speeding up subsumes, and I also tried out some other transitions here, depending on the type of action in the scene. And I tried in Serbia role that matched what they had so like in this scene here. They're going for coffee, and then they didn't have enough clips. So then you see my stock footage over here with the cat coffee. This is mine over here again, showing some culture some temples which blended in well with their clips. Which is this one. What's all right then? I didn't overuse that zoom transition tried to use some different ones. So you have that clock transition going over into the drone shots that match the beats. And actually, in this aerial clip by color graded it. I did it. I did a key frame zoo, so it's actually zooming in a little bit. And then we transition Teoh another scene. So there were driving. So then actually inserted one of my point of view clips in monkey forests in U boot. So here's their monkey clips over here and actually inserted my stock footage clip just to show it close up. A lot of the GoPro footage was a little bit shaky, but by blending it in with so my footage at some variety so that the viewer doesn't get too dizzy near experimented. This is a very key point over here because We're switching from music track one to track, too. So actually put on my headphones to Dio listen to the be carefully to fade It all faded into the right point and have a clip to match. So actually, did this ex transition, which goes in the night time. And then we got a different type of beef from the second song. Lighten up the nightlife clips a little bit, and then I did a zoom into some of the static night shots in the dancing scene. And then we're onto another action. Seen driving. Andi inserted another drone shot. This is some surfing which goes into their water sports that a super zoom. And then we go into my waterfall clip to establish the scene Slow motion waterfall scene that I sped up. And then it goes into his go pro footage jumping off the cliff. Hey, slides! And then it did a crazy super zoom with war, and then it goes back into their speedboats. And then they have a nice underwater scene with some speedboat scenes, which I clipped according to the beat and then the end, with some tubing and zip lining, which is in the forest. So it's green. And this is where we transition into some of the clips that he wanted from my vlog, which are Yeah, there you got the Buddhist statue. It's got another statue in the rice fields and then we end very last, seen with rice field and fade to black. So that's it. I hope you learned a lot about this entire process editing video from the client from beginning the scratch on final Cut Pro X. And, um, I'm thankful that everything worked out very quickly and smoothly. There is actually a lot of ah details to work up between the clients actually was planning to get some help on this, but it ended up I was responsible for making this happen. And, uh, I I think I'm a pretty efficient video editor, not comes with editing a lot of videos. I've I think I've added thousands of videos on Final Cut Pro X and just finding a nice set up nice moaner and then just focusing and getting down to it. So, uh, hope you learned to lots about workflow business and how I get things done. And, uh, let's take a look at the video to see actually, how it turned out CIA way 16. Gopro 5 vs gopro 6: All right, we're gonna talk about GoPro six versus GoPro five versus other Alternatives. So 2018 we have a lot of other options. GoPro six is 500 us versus GoPro five, $400 U. S. That's a chunk of money, So you wanna consider whether those upgrades are worth it to you? The best source of information is, of course, to go to go pro site. Look at the comparison table and you'll see a lot of differences. So for me as a stock footage videographer travel videographer, the one speck that really stands out for me is four K 60 frames per 2nd 10 80 p. 240 frames per second. What this means in English is four k slow motion, half rate and super smooth, super duper HD. Slow motion. You can get decent slow motion at 60 frames, but once you get to 120 frames, you're getting super slow. But 240 frames. That's unreal slow motion. So you want to consider I actually even using super duper slow motion. If not, then maybe you want to consider GoPro five GoPro five confirming four K 30 frames so getting decent resolution at four k. Are you even using four K? If not, you can film 10 80 p 120 frames per second on GoPro five. That's good enough for most people that are just going on vacations. They want nice looking footage, but they don't need that high resolution. A lot of tech companies are trying to sell us on these new features. They keep pushing the envelope because they want to sell more products. But for most people, they don't need it. Do you need to spend that extra $100? So another features that are better I mean, it's better resolution, better stabilization. Other enhancement between GoPro six and GoPro five. Is there quick stories up? It's supposed to be better for editing raw footage. It's supposed have better WiFi frequency. It's supposed to have better stabilization. Of course, GoPro is the gold standard for underwater action footage cameras in 2018. But there is a competitors, and it's a Chinese company called Ye, which is owned by Shell Me, which may actually acquire GoPro the features. So you want to keep an eye on that. You need to buy the dive housing so it is waterproof. You can take it underwater, but it's almost 1/3 last in the GoPro six. So you need to really consider all the features. Do you really need to pay $500 versus 150 U. S. Dollars? If you're an occasional vacationer than you know, I would get the four k action camera. But if your professional if you're a diver, that's going on every day and you need to take the best videos and best photos, then maybe GoPro six is a better option for you. The next lesson. I'm gonna talk about rent versus buy as an option for you when it comes to the GoPro six. 17. Gopro quick app: everyone, this is Greg Kung, and in this video, we're going to cover how we can add it. A video with footage shot from GoPro are big camera using the quick app So quick app was developed by go pro and it's available, I believe on android and apple ecosystems And my set up right now is I'm using a show me Redmi Note five This is four gigabytes of Ram. It's got a current CPU process a very powerful and ah, I have plenty of storage which you will need to work with this. I've got an SD card straight from my Panasonic GH five my Marylise camera, but we're gonna be working Wish for that footage shot from a GoPro six. So I'm gonna go ahead and, um, show you a projected I created. And then if we have time, will create a quick new project. So if you want to create a new project is hit the plus. But let's go through. One I've created already is called the Maldives and you can see already have some projects set up on the right hand sides. You can delete them by clicking the trash can or click the pencil if you want to edit. So just play this back and you can see there's some tiles at the bottom here. And what this is are different themes, which will have different ways of cutting or presenting the video. So I'm using the light theme right now on it. Really like this app because he's got some really nice cuts and digital pans and zooms on the transitions on the music. And the themes are pretty exciting. Pretty cutting edge, I think out of compared to most of the other ups, really makes your video look pretty good. So this is footage I shot on the GoPro sex in Maldives. But I've also mixed in some drone footage at the beginning. Okay, so that's my video, so I'm just gonna cover some other options we have here. So if you click the icon that looks like the music note, we have the ability to change the music we can select from the presets. Or if we hit the arrows on the left or right, we can access our music library. I'm just going to stick to the music they provide. If we hit this settings, I can. We have some more options. Who can apply global filter? You can see they have quite a lot. You can add fonts, fan style. You can turn off the altro. Altro is gonna display the quick logo at the end. So a lot of options, actually, to be honest, having export all of them. That's where that is on. If you want to edit the video, you can click the pencil there. Let's just pause the video so we can add text chair. Just click out texts and then type something pretty simple, pretty snappy. And, uh, we can actually trim an individual clip. Let's just throw this. We can highlight a clip, and then, if we want to trim it, click trim. Okay, you can see there's different filters for trimming that Will. Looks like GoPro will trim it based on the filter that de select, and it gives a description here. So if we select the action filters looking for jumps or top speed in the video travels looking for slope hands and people, so that's pretty cool. That's pretty neat. Okay, we also have a plus sign on either side, so that allows you to add an additional clip either from your gallery, these air actually drone footage or albums or you can even connected to Dropbox. So that's pretty powerful. Ah, lot more flexibility than the DJ I up. Sorry, D J. I. Okay, I want to demonstrate something unique. So this clip here, you'll notice the speed O meter icon doesn't light up for some of the other clips, but for this clip, it does weaken. Click there, Theo. Ability to change speeds, find slow, regular lips. I want to delete that. So let's remove. But let's go back to that clip there so we can change it from slow motion to regular and fast on dumb. This might be one of the clips where I shot it at a higher frame rate, 60 frames per second or 120 frames per second. So the software is smart enough to recognize that and give me this speedometer option because this clip is shot with the higher frame rate, so it's something to be aware of. You can change the order of the clips by holding down on the clip and dragging it left her rights. Have other options like rotates split, change the layout to fit or auto minds on auto on takeoff. Blue thief Loop is on is just gonna keep playing one clip over again. Okay, you can highlight a clip. And if one turn off the audio, you can change the mix, which is going to quit audio from the go pro camera, which you don't really want, or you can just turn it off. Okay? And I've got an image there as well. Teoh. So I think I've covered quite a bit. Weaken. Take out the sound there. And ah, let's just take a look at the overall project. So we've covered how to add clips. We've covered how dio and filters at the clip level, how to trim a clip, powdery order and delete clips. So overall, I think this is a pretty powerful editing program with some cool effects. We're at the main screen now, and here's where we can apply different filters. Now, let's click this icon here too. Saver video. And we have an option right over there if we click it to share it out or center to instagram stories. Okay, So I'm gonna go ahead and save this video, and I'm gonna put the actual video right after this so you can watch it so you can see how we can create a quick, powerful video using a mixture off a manual process where we can select the clips we want, how we want to reorder it. Transitions filtering. Um, and the GoPro has some good software built in that allows you to, um, helps save you time by cutting to the beat and recognizes things like higher frame rates. If you shot that with your GoPro and a higher frame rains and ah, at some texts overall, this is a good well balance up for editing your video, not only with go pro footage but also footage from your drone from D dry or your big camera . Just be sure to put in that footage on a mini SD cards and then stick it into your phone. 18. Maldives gopro produced by Quick App: 19. Gopro 6 Summary Final: GoPro has many models and continues to improve their technology. It's a camera that should definitely be in your camera bag, especially if you're going to be doing Beach Island vacations where you're gonna be diving or snorkeling or going underwater. It's not the only camera that you should bring on your vacation. You might want to consider bringing a drone like the maverick pro or maverick Air or Maverick, to maybe even bringing a A camp. So what I mean by that is an SLR camera that could be a hairless camera that could be a gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone, or maybe even a popular logging camera like the Canon G seven. Next, you might want to invest in stabilization on accessories to get the most out of your GoPro . A GoPro doesn't shoot great footage if you're just hand holding it or you're using accessories like the head mounds where there's a lot of natural jitter. So things like the poll, which we spoke about or getting mounts or suction cup amounts will allow you to get the most out of your GoPro footage. GoPro's still get brand, but you want to keep an eye out on his competition on the alternatives because companies like E, which is Chinese own, is slowly catching up. Teoh the GoPro on the cost It's almost like 1/4 less than the GoPro six, so you definitely want to consider that. And as time goes on, that gap is gonna be closing a lot more. Take the time to learn the different video settings, as well as the pros and cons off using those video settings. For example, if you shoot at four K 60 frames per second, you cannot use any stabilization built into the GoPro. But if you shoot at a lower resolution, different cremate, you can so learn those different pros and cons of each different video setting voice commands there Really useful, I found for doing things like salty photos, especially if it's in a dive housing. You've got it on a GoPro stick, and you want to take a quick selfie photo. It's just a lot easier to do with your voice activation, so those features are nice toe have, and it's also nice to know when to use them. Stabilisation in the GoPro is cool. Like I mentioned before. You just have to have it on the right video settings, so get familiar with that, as well as the low life capabilities of the GoPro. It's also dependent on the type of video setting that you have. This is a good camera for professionals that are really filming a lot underwater. They need to film four K resolution at 60 frames per second. If you're just doing this for occasional vacation, you might want to consider maybe another camera, maybe GoPro five. Maybe even renting it, maybe even the E four k, which is the alternative camera. So definitely weigh your options, depending on your situation. Do you want to rent a GoPro? Do you only go on a vacation where you need water footage once a year? Then maybe you want to rent it, because GoPro's always releasing new models so often with the latest technology. So by renting, you're going to get the latest technology save on costs, and you just use it when you need it. If you need help editing your GoPro footage and you don't want to put in the time after your vacation and you're busy with your regular life, check out my website. Sheikh Leoz production is not calm. We can help you. Added vacation footage. If you would like to learn more on other cameras that you may want to bring on your vacation like the Maverick Air Drone, the Magic Pro or maybe other cameras like the Panasonic gauge five. Only one learn how to monetize on your footage or you're interested in this travel video of her lifestyle. Check on my other courses on your Demi as well as my side. Sheikhly. Our productions dot com Thanks again for taking this course and hope you learned the locks and enjoyed it. 20. Intro Gopro Fusion: Hi, I'm Al Qaeda Low, and this is the GoPro Fusion 3 60 camera. This camera's been on the market for about a year now, and it's by far considered by all the experts to be the best pro Sumer camera on the market . And if you want to learn how to use this and maximize your 3 60 images both stills and video, we're going to take you through all the steps and show you how to do it all. You have to dio click enroll. 21. Gopro Fusion -Camera Design: the GoPro fusion was designed with two lenses. You've got one in the back, one in the front, and if you notice here from on top, you'll see that the lenses air slightly offset. This enabled GoPro to make a design for this camera that kept it tighter and smaller, which for doing 3 60 that's called the nodal points at the center, and you wanna have a tight nodal point because then you can have better overlap between the two lenses and therefore you make a nicer stitch. And one of the things that the GoPro Fusion does best is give you a beautifully stitched image. Stitching is where they put together to the two images and fuse them together. Each one of these lenses is about 200 degrees, so it's actually seeing beyond itself. So you get about a 20 to 30% overlap, which is great. Also, it shoots in 5.2 K but later on in the course, we're going to show you some little secrets to where you can get 5.7 K And if you really push it even six K images out of this little baby, one of things about it. That also is very unique is that it's waterproof. Now I'm going to give you one provides. Oh, it's waterproof it. That doesn't mean you can shoot underwater with this camera unless you have an underwater housing. Light to fraction, once you get into the water, is much different than when you're in the air. And so, unfortunately, taking this underwater just as it is is not going to stitch together at all. But if you have a housing which we're going to show you, you'll be able to take this underwater and shoot beautiful underwater video. It also does very well in low light. But again, there are some things about that that I'll tell you about to where you can maximize your images. Now about the waterproofing you're going to see here, that all of the doors you're gonna open this up here to show you or have a little click, And if you look on the inside here, you'll see that there's rubber. So this makes this area waterproof, and this other area here, where you have the USB connection, it's also waterproof. So that's what gives you that great underwater capability. In other words, you could be at the beach. You can be at the lake, it can fall into the water and you don't have to worry about it getting ruined. So that's a great feature for the camera. Okay, guys. There's one other thing, though, to keep in mind about the GoPro fusion. And this is common to all 3 60 cameras. They all shoot circular fisheye, so it's on. The lens sticks out, and there's no way to put a lens cover around it, so you have to be careful when you go to put it down. In fact, GoPro gives you this case. This is what comes with it. When you buy a go pro, you get the selfie stick, which is also ah, tripod. And you get the case. And you should always when you go to put the camera down quick zip and put the camera into the case and then lay it down so that you don't scratch the lens. If you do scratch the lens, you're gonna wind up having to send it back to go pro. And if you don't have insurance on it, you're gonna wind up paying a tidy sum to get it repaired. 22. Gopro Fusion Computer software: Okay, so now you know how to use the camera. You've gone out and shot. And now we're gonna take a look at how do we work with the desktop software? Lets get started. Okay, So once you've gotten done shooting with your GoPro fusion, you're going to install the fusion studio software. Now, there are two ways to connect your camera. You can connect your camera directly by using the USB C two USB connection. The only thing about that is that it's kind of slow, and sometimes it can drop the connection. I really prefer creating a set of file folders on your desktop or on your hard drive, and I label it as fusion. And then inside that I label one folder back and one folder front. Then I connect the micro SD cards using a card reader and download them into your hard drive. Once you're done, you'll see that you have a d. C. I am file inside. That one folder will say 100 g back. The other one will say 100 f back and you open it up and inside that you have your MPEG four files. I'm gonna stretch this out a little bit to show you a little bit more here and the impact for file you see right here and above that. You see this L R v file? This is what enables you to be able to see your preview on your GoPro app on your phone. These air actually MPEG four lo rez files and those air what it used to transmit over to the app on your phone. Now, in addition, here on the back, you're going to see a wave file and on the front, you don't see that way file. What they do is they integrate the audio into the impact four file on the front. This enables a fusion to be able to record and be sonic sound, and you'll have your choice of either using stereo or ambi sonic as you're working with the fusion. Now, as you get into once you have a transferred and you get into the APP, you need to decide in preferences here where you want these files to go after you encode them. So here I would go to that same folder that I created and I create a folder called Rendered Files. And if I'm working with multiple cameras. I'll even create a photo folder that is called Fusion. I select that folder and then I go back to the fusion studio. Now I'm gonna add my media. So again, let's go to that folder that I created that says Fusion and select that folder. You don't have to go any further. It'll read all the information and bang. Look at that. How fast that was. There are your images. Now you notice this image is nice and straight If you want to, you can move me over to the center here. And if you want to do playback, you can do playback at that point and take a look at it. But this image you notice is doesn't look quite right. That's because I was moving. And so now what? I'm gonna dio I click and drag, and I can readjust this image and get it flattened out. Right? I can move me over again to the center if I want. And all of this can be done using either the mouse by click and hold or by these your pitch and roll. Additionally, down here for 3 60 you have a choice of stabilization modes. If you're holding it as I'm doing here, then you probably want to leave it in full stabilization. If you've got your fusing attached to a car or a motorcycle or something where you're getting vibration, you might instead want to choose anti shake. And if you've got your fusion on a mono pod and you don't have any vibration going on, it's better to go ahead and leave it at none. Now there are additional settings. You can go ahead and adjust for flat or go pro color, in this case, were shooting with Pro Tune so that we have the ability to go flat and what flat that gives you higher dynamic range for you to adjust in a program like premier. But if you just want to be done with it, you can click GoPro and output it. You can also go ahead and adjust your temperature settings, your tent, global contrast and sharpness. I'm gonna quickly reset that. Let's go back over to the front, and there's one more thing you can dio. There is the ability to use over capture with the fusion. By doing that, we can go in and right now we're shooting GoPro wide, 16 9 You notice it's adjust the F o V, that field of view we can zoom in. We consume out. We can do whatever we want to do with it. And we can use any part of the image that we want Teoh. And it will output just this as if it's two D video. You can also go down to a 43 ratio or square. Or if you want to have a little bit of fun, you can do a little planet. There's me sitting on top of the world and you can even play while it's in that mode. And you see, we had a little bit of our shutter there, so that's where the stabilization will definitely come in. Good later on. Now we're going to go back to regular 3 60 mode and let's say we're done with what we wanted to dio. And now what we want to do is we want to add this to our render queue. Once inside the render queue, you can go ahead and change your settings. If you'd like, you can choose h 0.26 or ah, but look, if you choose age 0.264 You don't get to output the 5.2 K it drops automatically down to four K. You could go down to three K or to K, but why you want that good high quality? That's why you've got this camera. So let's leave it at. I like to use pro rez and 5.2 K I usually leave. It is 3 60 audio, but you do have the option to go to stereo instead and D warp. I would leave that alone. What D warp does is it. Adjust the image on the seams to make it blend better. Once you're done with that, you can click render selected. Or you can go back to your main que where you might have additional clips here and click render role, and that's all there is to it. Then you're ready to edit in something like Premiere Pro 23. Gopro Fusion Gopro app sec: One of the great things about this camera is that you can control it with either your IOS or Android app. I'm gonna put this down for a second in the case. Now, I've got a Samsung s eight here, and this is the GoPro set up, and I'm gonna go here to camera and you notice we've already got some of the cameras set up here. Yep. Okay, so we bring up the GoPro app and we go to connect. It shows the camera name and the password. Now we're gonna add a camera, and it's searching for our camera right now. And there we go. It's found it. We click connect, And there we are, ready to record to record with a GoPro fusion using your app. We're set for video right now. If you want to change modes, you can change over to time lapse photo time lapse photo burst night or night lapse. But we're gonna leave it in video for right now. And we're gonna click the little circle, which then turns red and you notice are GoPro is recording and recording right now and you can see our countdown timer up on the top showing how much time is elapsed while we're recording. Press it again and we're finished Now we can go to this little checkerboard over here, this little tick tack toe and that will show us our video that we just shut. Let's turn it this way and you can take your fingers and twisted and manipulated. However you want to look at it, keep in mind that what you're looking at is a low rez version from the camera. So you can even take this into a tiny planet. Look here and do anything that you want to with it. And you can also go ahead and save it at this point and you can create bookmarks and you can download it and you can edit it. So the APP gives you plenty that you can do, and you can then share it online right from your phone. 24. Gopro Fusion Landscape section 2 1: So when 3 60 cameras first came out, they were usually done by amateurs who were putting together a bunch of GoPro's six or eight cameras and then trying to stitch them all together. Then we had this whole group off small, consumer friendly 3 60 cameras come along, and most of those were four K resolution, which, when you look at a monitor behind us here and this one down here, these air four K resolution and they look fantastic. But with 3 60 there's a little bit of a twist. The four K has to be wrapped around 360 degrees, but when you're looking at it in a headset, you're only seeing 100 degrees field of view. So that means that actually, what you're seeing in that 100 degrees is less than HD quality. And then along came the GoPro fusion with 5.2 K and that increased the resolution to where looking in that F. O V, it looked much, much better. And so 3 60 cameras graduated, and all of a sudden, now we've got a whole bunch of 5.25 point seven and even going as much as eight K resolution for these 3 60 cameras. And, of course, the high of the resolution, the better it looks but go profound, this niche at 5.2 K and was able to deliver a very high quality image with this camera. 25. Gopro Fusion Quick start sec: So now we're gonna go into how to get quickly started with your GoPro fusion. Once you have it plugged in and charged and you're ready to go, you really only have two buttons to worry about. Over on this side, you have a mode button and power button, and on the front you have a record and stop record. It's pretty simple. So by pressing the mode button and holding it for just a second or two, you see the little red light. Come on and then the LCD comes up in the front. The default mode is set for camera to change that. To go to photo, you press the mode button again that takes you into camera mode. From there, you press it again and you get into Interval, which you there's several different modes of Interval will go through all of those. Then the last one is this little tool wrench. And if any of you familiar would go pro cameras in the past, they've all had the tool wrench. And when you get to there, you then press the record button to toggle through the settings for each one of the modes. Here's your video mode. Press the record button again to photo again. Teoh the time lapse and again to the WiFi and connecting up to your APs and to Bluetooth. And also this also has voice recognition, and it does it in several languages. So in that in the next mode you can determine whether you want that honor off and what language you want it to be in. And then finally, the last one gives you the about. It also gives you your formatting and other little incidentals and will have some things come up on the screen to show you exactly what each one of these menus contain. Press it one more time and we're back to video. If you press the mode button, you can toggle down through to make your changes, and then down here at the bottom is done. Now we're ready to shoot to shoot, press the record button, and we're already shooting. Now, this is something you probably want to try and avoid doing. You notice my face is right in line with this. It's okay to be here, and it's okay to be here, but try to avoid this as much as you can, because you may have some weirdness with some of the stitching. It does a great job, but it's just not the best. So if you go here, you're much better. 26. Gopro Fusion Stockfootage: Now you've learned how to go ahead and shoot with your GoPro fusion. We've shown you how to go ahead and download and render your footage. Now, once you get your edit done in Premiere Pro, you're gonna want to put it someplace maybe you want to put it on social media. Maybe you want to put it into stock footage. Now, some of the stock footage agencies that handle 3 60 are upon five Getty images, and the leader in the industry right now is blend media, and they're always looking for good, unique 3 60 footage. Now let's take a look at how we do right from premier pro and post up to social media. Okay, with your edit completed, you Ochlik file and export. Then, in the published section, you're going to see a list of places that you can automatically publish to. For instance, if you want to go to Facebook, let's open that up. You would sign in. You can decide which page you wanted to post to. You can give a title and a description, and that's all there is to it. Now you're ready to go have fun with your fusion 3 60 camera 27. Gopro Fusion -Summary: Let's summarize what we did today with the GoPro fusion. We've talked about how to activate it and turn it on. How to do the set up. Have a do video, how to do photos, how to go ahead and use the app and the desktop software. And we've talked about what 3 60 is all about. It's about being able to capture the world in a unique form, but more than that, it's about being able to do to D as well as 3 60 So it's more of an action camera that's multiple cameras all in one. It's a fantastic tool for you to be able to experience new things that you've never seen before and combining it with a H M D headset. You can create some amazing visuals. I hope you enjoyed the course, and if you'd like to please give me a visit at 3 60 VR voice dot com and keep up with what's going on in the world of 3 60