Learn How to create Heart Crafts DIY - Mini Course | Himas Rafeek | Skillshare

Learn How to create Heart Crafts DIY - Mini Course

Himas Rafeek, Web Developer

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction to the Coourse

    • Things We Needed

    • How to Do it

    • How to Do


About This Class


You will Learn How to Create Your Own Beautiful Diy Paper Heart Crafts!

This Mini-course will Demonstrate you how It's Done!

After taking this course you can create for yourself to decor Home,Wall,Birthday Cards and anything you want!

Just Start Now and Do it Yourself!

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This Course will be Updated!





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Himas Rafeek

Web Developer

Hello, Everyone, I am Himas Rafeek from Sri Lanka and I am 19, I am a Professional web developer and this is my passion, I am not a professional Software Engineer, I love coding, Coding is always fun so I started learning to create my own desktop applications using c#.

I know there are lots of people out there who love to program like me, So I am here to teach peoples who are interested and have a passion to learn more than they know!.


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