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Learn How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro! Part 2 of 2

Erikka Fogleman, Interior Designer

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4 Videos (44m)
    • Learn how to Easily Infuse a New Style with 3 Key Elements

    • Design Cousins: Styles that will Easily Mix Together

    • Design Partners: Styles that will Definitely Work Well Together

    • Putting Style Mixing Theory into Action!


About This Class

Do you find yourself wanting to create a unique, curated look in your home by mixing different interior design styles together?

Are you unsure of how to do that so it looks fabulous and well pulled together, instead of flat our chaotic?

If so, then this would be a great class for you!  In this course, which is Part 2 to my larger interior design styles course, you will learn how to easily and effectively mix different styles on your own using a systematic approach.  

Specifically, in the first part of this course, you will learn how to easily infuse a new style into an existing style through 3 key interior design elements.  

Next, you will learn all about what I like to call "Design Cousins" and "Design Partners", which will help you identify what styles naturally work well together.  

Finally, you will learn, in a step-by-step approach, how exactly to mix multiple styles together in your home by using a style mixing guide that I created to help you do this easily on your own.

This course is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn how to mix different interior design styles in their own home or for designers new to the field who want to help their clients achieve their own curated look.

Join me for a exciting journey into the world of interior design style coordination!





Erikka Fogleman

Interior Designer

While Interior design is my main career and passion, I also absolutely love to teach others, so I am thrilled to have found Skillshare so that I can share that passion and knowledge with others just like you.

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