Learn How to Sew a Blouse | Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip) | Skillshare
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15 Videos (2h 30m)
    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 1 - Welcome and Stay Stitching

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 2 - The Back Pleat

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 3 - A French Seam

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 4 - Side and Shoulder Seams

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 5 - The Centre Front

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 6 - The Sleeve Step 1

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 7a - The Cuff

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 7b- The Cuff Cont'd

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 8 - Setting the Sleeves

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 9 - Constructing the Collar

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 10 - Attaching the Collar

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 11 - The Rolled Hem

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 12a - The Bow

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 12b - The Bow Cont'd

    • How to Sew a Blouse Part 13 - Closures and Goodbye

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About This Class

Making your own clothes is just so wonderful. In this class I show you step by step how to sew a blouse.

This is a challenging beginner/advanced level sewing project and you will need to purchase a sewing pattern, although you could watch the class to learn techniques that you could apply to different sewing projects.

The pattern that I have used is the Wear Lemonade Simona Blouse, its just adorable with its collar, cuffs and lovely bow detail.

You can access The Wear Lemonade website here, I am a member of their PDF pattern club which is great value, but you can also purchase paper patterns.

The videos are split into short lessons so that you can choose to either watch them all, or select the ones that you need help with, the lessons are as follows

  1. Welcome and Stay Stitching
  2. Sewing the Back Pleat
  3. Sewing a French Seam
  4. Sewing the Side and Shoulder Seams
  5. Preparing the Centre Front
  6. Sewing the Sleeve Step 1 (the sleeve slit)
  7. Sewing the Sleeve Step 2 (the cuff)
  8. Sewing the Sleeve Step 3 (Setting the Sleeve)
  9. Constructing the Collar
  10. Attaching the Collar to the blouse
  11. Sewing the Rolled Hem
  12. Constructing the Bow
  13. Adding the Closures and Goodbye

I hope that this class inspires you to learn how to sew and make a beautiful blouse.








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Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip)

A Dressmaker who likes to paint.

Hi I'm Mel from Handmade By Ditsy Tulip.

I recently joined Skillshare to help me to re-ignite an old skill of painting/illustration which I am absolutely loving so far (thanks lovely Teachers), but then I thought "I'd love to help others to learn how to sew"!

So, watch this space, I'm filming lessons as we speak and look forward to sharing them with you very soon.

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