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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Learn How to Read Tarot

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. History of Tarot

    • 4. Choose Your First Deck

    • 5. Tarot Meanings

    • 6. Caring for Your Cards

    • 7. Tarot Spreads

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About This Class


The art of Tarot has been around for centuries. For me, the true magick of the Tarot does not come from a rule book written by the publisher, nor does it depend on it's controversial history or origin. The images themselves – and the underlying abstract messages, speak to the human psyche in a way that is difficult to find anywhere else. So many layers of symbolism and meaning are wrapped into the illustrations, that every deck – regardless of their creator – will find a way to effect those who use them. 

Each deck is a piece of art – a tangible collection of manifestation at work. Each artist had to meditate on the meaning of the card itself, and decide what it means to them. They then recreate that vision onto blank canvas or paper and put it out into the world for you and me to admire and interpret for ourselves.

Tarot is a way for humanity to connect with one another, to share our inner dreams and perspectives and dig deeply into the farthest reaches of our subconscious mind. The best tarot readings stir up great feelings of emotion, forgotten memories of the past, desires for the future and inspiration for our spirits – and that is what makes Tarot a beautiful and powerful tool for our lives.

In this course I will cover:

  • What is Tarot and where did it come from
  • How to find the right deck
  • Interpreting the meanings of the cards
  • Three easy spreads for beginners

Meet Your Teacher

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Freelance Writer, Artist and Lifestyle Blogger


Elisha is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger for modern mystics. Her favorite topics include spirituality, writing/blogging, holistic parenting and heart centered entrepreneurship. 

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1. Learn How to Read Tarot: 2. Intro: Hey, guys, thank you so much for rolling in this course. I'm Alicia Kane, an AL beer terror teacher. It's important to note that this is an introductory course. I will be creating more in depth classes in the future, but I wanted to cover the basics first. For those of you who are just now beginning your terror journey, the art of terror was been around for centuries. For me, the true magic of the Tero does not come from a rule book written by the publisher. Nor does it depend on its controversial history or origin. The images themselves in the underlying abstract messages speaks to the unconscious mind in ways that are hard to find anywhere else. So many layers of symbolism and meeting are wrapped into the illustrations that every deck , regardless of their creator, will find a way to affect those who used them. Each deck is a piece of art. The artist had meditate on the meaning of the card itself and decide what it means to them . They had to recreate that vision onto blank canvas and put it out into the world for you and me to admire and interpret for ourselves Tara was a fun way for humanity to connect with one another, to share our inner dreams and perspectives and dig deeply into the farthest reaches of our subconscious mind the best terror reading stir of great feelings of emotion for gotten memories of the past, desires for the future and inspiration for our spirits. And that is what makes Tero a beautiful and powerful tool for our lives. In this course, I will cover What is Taro and where did it come from? How to find the right deck interpreting the meetings of the cards and three easy spreads for beginners. Come on, let's dive in. 3. History of Tarot: I'd like to start the class off with a quick history of Tero. There's a lot of mysticism surrounding the origin of terror. I can only present the facts alongside the miss and allow you guys to decide for yourselves what you believe. In 17 91 John Baptiste Eliot wrote Arctic greeting cards. And would you describe their origin to be from ancient Egypt? He told his readers that the symbols and images used on the cards were a way to visually understand the messages written in the Book of Thought. The earliest known playing cards similar to Tero, came from Turkey. They're known as the Mameluke cards and are thought to have been made in the late 12th century. They're highly influenced. The first Italian tree on FedEx made during the mid 14 hundreds. These beautifully illustrated cards quickly made their way through upper class Italian and French society as a fun game. However, people begin using the card as a means of divination almost right from the start. The first decks used purely for defining purposes was the Egyptian terror, created in 17 89 by you guessed it John Baptiste Ullyett. This debt contained highly esoteric imagery, occult symbolism and astrological influences. Many later Dex, including the highly regarded and one of my personal favorites, writer Weight Smith Deck, were inspired by his interpretations of the card. 4. Choose Your First Deck: there are literally thousands of terror decks to choose from. It can be pretty overwhelming when you're starting out to know which one might be right for you. I suggest going online to do some research on the different decks available in the market today. You may also want to take a trip to your local bookstore or metaphysical shop to see what is available in your community. Sometimes it's nice to pick up a deck and hold it in your hands before you make the purchase. Most ex fall into three different categories, the first of which are the classic text. These are the ones that have been around for a really long time. The most popular of the classic Dex is the writer Wait zero, which is actually the one that I used the most. Then you have the collectible decks, these air, usually in D cards made and published by artists. They usually have a limited production run and aren't typically found a big bookstores because of this there, usually a bit more expensive to buy but appreciate in value as time goes by and finally you have the niche and novelty cards, which range from black cats to fairies and steampunk to mango. You can be sure that whatever your taste, style or interest you confined Petero deck. That's perfect for you. If you'd like some more information, These four terror websites are some of my favorite eclectic Tero, Little Red Tero, Tero Lady and two sides Tero. So let's say that you don't have a lot of money right now to spend on a brand new Tero deck , and you'd like to get started right away. Believe it or not, you can make your own with two basic sets of playing cards like these here. Poker. Two packs are available almost anywhere for less than 10 bucks. In fact, you may already have a few sets laying around the house. All you have to do to turn the poker cards into your tarot deck is to use the first deck for the minor arcana, and then you're gonna set aside 21 cards from the second deck and turn those into the major arcana. You're actually gonna have to alter the cards a bit in the second deck, and you can do this in a variety of ways. You can collage your own for magazines you can draw in things with sharpies, you can use washi tape and markers. Go ahead and get creative. Just make sure that you understand that when you're using the normal playing cards that the clubs are ones the diamonds or pinnacles. The hearts turn into cups. The spades are actually swords. The Joker is the full card. The jack are the page and nights. The queen is the queen and the king is the king. 5. Tarot Meanings: There are countless books and Web sites dedicated to interpreting the card meetings. I'm not going to get into the specifics in this class because it is a simple Intrinsa Tero . I will, however, give you some basic fundamentals. Every decade split into three groups, the major Arkan in the minor are canon and the court cards. The major Arcandor represents the alchemical or archetypal journey. Your start out at zero with the full happily setting out into the unknown and end at 21 with the world card having come full circle with another layer of wisdom, preparing to begin the next phase all over again. The minor arcana is split into four groups, called suites, each one representing an element. The wands or fire. The cups are water, the swords, air, air and the pinnacles our earth. The number begins with Ace, which stands in a primordial room full of all the potential of the element, but not yet tangible. It then moves numerological e through each card until it reaches 10 After 10. The sweet becomes the court cards. These represent culmination and personal attributes associated with the corresponding element. It starts out with a page than the night, then queen and finally the king card. Many people ask what method is better for reading terror? Should it be pure intuition guided only by psychic awareness? Or should a reader approach Tero as a scholar? Reading all about the history of TERO and studying occult philosophy and practices, I would answer a little bit of both in my own practice. I believe knowledge of the archetypal meanings of the cards is essential, but it's important to use your connection with the divine in order to give readings that provide value and guidance for a person in need of the answers. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to develop a relationship with terrible for me the perfect terror formula, this intuition plus knowledge plus experience because wisdom. Well, you're beginning your practice. You may want to reference the car hating in the book that comes with your deck. If you're using playing cards or use deck, then you can visit these websites below to get some really great interpretations 6. Caring for Your Cards: Once you have your terror deck ready, it's important to know how to take care of them. To start, you need to make sure that the deck is cleansed. This gets rid of any negative energy and makes the deck 100% ready for your unique vibe. This is especially important if you're using a used deck or a set of old playing cards. You can start by consecrating the cards. Consecrating is a verb that means to make or declare sacred, or dedicating formally to a religious or divine purpose. Under the light of the next full moon Macon. Alter outside under the moonlight. Place the cards in a vessel or on a plate with some cleansing herbs and crystals. Speak out loud or right down the sacred purpose of your cards and ask for intuitive guidance from your higher power to be channelled through your cards. Use the sacred time in space to give thanks and make an offering of gratitude. Next, you'll want to find or create a sacred space to store. Your cards were not in use. You can use the box that you're Tero debt came in, but if you want to personalize it a little more. You confined hundreds of different Tero bags and boxes online or at your local metaphysical or craft store. I personally like to stage my cards regularly. This freshens the deck up a bit after several uses. I also sage the cards before and after reading cards for someone else to ensure that the energy of the card rating is for a single person and no one else. I also prefer to store my cards with a few crystals to help keep them cleansed and protected from energetic influences when not in use. Sil a knight or clear courts are perfect for this. 7. Tarot Spreads: we're going to start out with some very basic terrorist spreads. The 1st 1 I recommend is what I call the daily draw, either. In the morning before you start your day or at night before you go to bed, pull a single card, look up the meaning and do a 10 minute meditation on how it relates to your life. Doing this exercise is the fastest way to learn Tero. In fact, many season Terrel pros do this as part of their daily spiritual practice. Next, you could move on to the basic three cards spread. There are many ways to go about using this spread. You have a situation, action and outcome, or think, feel and do or maybe problem cause solution and one of the most popular past, present and future. I also wanted to include one of my favorite that I used for myself and my clients all the time. I like to use this one the moon cycle for planning my month ahead. The first card represents the new moon, the second, the waxing moon. The third is the full moon, and finally, the fourth is the waning moon. Use this as a situational spread for different phases of life or to help choose a weekly concept to focus on. Using this spread helps me stay in sync with the lunar flow. Keeps my material plans and goals aligned with my higher purpose on skill share. Every class has a project that must be uploaded to the community in order to complete the course for this class. Our project is fun and simple. I want you to get your new deck and do a reading for yourself. Post a picture of your reading and go ahead and give us a summary of what the reading meant to you. And that's it for this intro class. Learned how to retire. Thank you so much. Once again for joining me and be on the lookout for more classes coming soon. Congratulations. You did it.