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7 Videos (13m)
    • Learn How to Read Tarot

    • Intro

    • History of Tarot

    • Choose Your First Deck

    • Tarot Meanings

    • Caring for Your Cards

    • Tarot Spreads

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About This Class


The art of Tarot has been around for centuries. For me, the true magick of the Tarot does not come from a rule book written by the publisher, nor does it depend on it's controversial history or origin. The images themselves – and the underlying abstract messages, speak to the human psyche in a way that is difficult to find anywhere else. So many layers of symbolism and meaning are wrapped into the illustrations, that every deck – regardless of their creator – will find a way to effect those who use them. 

Each deck is a piece of art – a tangible collection of manifestation at work. Each artist had to meditate on the meaning of the card itself, and decide what it means to them. They then recreate that vision onto blank canvas or paper and put it out into the world for you and me to admire and interpret for ourselves.

Tarot is a way for humanity to connect with one another, to share our inner dreams and perspectives and dig deeply into the farthest reaches of our subconscious mind. The best tarot readings stir up great feelings of emotion, forgotten memories of the past, desires for the future and inspiration for our spirits – and that is what makes Tarot a beautiful and powerful tool for our lives.

In this course I will cover:

  • What is Tarot and where did it come from
  • How to find the right deck
  • Interpreting the meanings of the cards
  • Three easy spreads for beginners

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I've always been curious about tarot, but I'm more of the "set intentions" rather than "mystic" side of the coin. I enjoyed this class, and I really like how Elisha provided options for personalizing the experience. Thanks!
A great introductory course! I knew nothing about Tarot when I started watching and now I know just enough to get excited and want to learn more. Thanks for sharing your information and experience with us Elisha!
Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku





Elisha Kayne

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Elisha Kayne is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger for modern mystics. Her favorite topics include spirituality, writing/blogging, holistic parenting, vegetarian cooking and heart centered entrepreneurship.

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