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Learn How to Paper Print: Print Your Own Veggie or Fruit Inspired Pattern

teacher avatar Katerina Sonntagova

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project & Inspiration

    • 3. Gathering Materials

    • 4. Drawing your Design

    • 5. Cutting your Design

    • 6. Printing fun

    • 7. Wrap up

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About This Class

Printing your own cushion cover, tea-towel or tote bag with a sheet of paper? No problem! If you would love to learn to print your own fabrics in no time, then this class is for you. I have developed this technique inspired by relief printing. You will get amazing effects without expensive software and equipment. Previous experience in paper cutting is an advantage, but not a necessity. This class is completely analogue (nothing digital here) so get ready to get your hands dirty!

Meet Your Teacher

Believer in living a bright and balanced life. Printing with paper for fun, doing graphic design for living.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone, and welcome to my skill shape. Sprinting with paper money, Miss Katarina. And it's a designer Lots of my time. I always like to look for new inspiration outside of my desk. I love friending with bigger because it's a great way to quickly produced my own separates using simple tools. Plus, it's extremely fun, and it's really nice creative exercise. Today I learned very basics of paper cutting and then using the paper Cuts for printing with favorites are inspirational veggies and Great. And on the end of the project, you will have a printed piece of fabric ready to be turned into kitchen towel. A napkin are pushing cover. You can also print on canvas bag. 2. Project & Inspiration : so again and thank you for enrolling. Today we learned very basics of paper cutting and then using the paper cuts with printing on fabrics. Our inspiration will be veggies and threat. And in the end of the project, you have printed piece of fabric ready to be turned into kitchen towel Napkin are pushing cover. You can also print on canvas back the final inspiration for the design of your new partner . Don't started group fruit or vegetables. Really, This is about being created to go for Walk to the Community Garden Farmer's Market. Or just think about most delicious vegetarian nearly head lately. And it's also okay to drawing designs from memory s piano, looking for perfect images for something that is yours, some something authentic. 3. Gathering Materials: Before we start with the project, you will have to get some tools and materials. You will be able to get them at your local out supply ship or a hardware store. So let's start with the tools for drawing and paper cutting. Um, so you will need, of course, a favor. I have here 100 and 60 grand paper quoted, um, I would recommend to try at least three different paper types to see what suits you best. You shouldn't. You know. My paper is quiets 30 and nice, but not too much address. I wouldn't be able to cut through. And if you go too soft video paper, you want to be able to reuse your sense of so many times. You will need, of course, a cutting knife. You can use one of the more expensive ones, but it's not necessary. Can also start with a normal you know, entry level cutting knives. Or, if you don't feel comfortable with knives, weaken. Just have a systems that's also fine, and I will do my drawings with test the Know Ben. So this is just a normal HB pencil here. You will also need a cutting meant But again, if this is just the one time project for you, you don't have to buy one of the expensive professional cutting mats. You can just take a normal wooden cutting board from your kitchen. Just make sure it's clean and dry. Okay, so now the tools and materials for the actual printing Let's start with fabric. Um, you in some natural fabric. Lannan or him worked really well. Also all organic fabrics because they don't have any synthetic materials in them. So the more you know if you use precut and it works really nicely because the pink socks really well, you probably want to try a different type of fabrics. Also, just don't take anything that the grayness too rough and the paint I'm using here. It's actually a fabric bait, so it's not a printing ink or anything. It's just a normal fabric paint. I have one from our local supplier. I'm sure you will be able to find something similar. You can get them in different sizes and different colors, so you know the consistency is you don't want anything that is too liquid, but also not do 30. So something like that just fine it's a water based. Also, I have to say so you don't really want all based fabric now. If it Brendan toes, you will need, um, couple of sheets of recycled office paper. So just take a look in your office and your second books even does. Don't worry about it. It's on them today. Clean or dirty? No. And then you will need something to protect your desk. So I always use a big sheet off old paper year just a friend on and mix my colors only to make sure my desk doesn't get too. You will need an old April. It's not a professional, but it will protect your growth. So you're probably doing there now. You will need a sponge roller. You can get a piece at a hardware store. You can also get them to get over this container Disquiet. Nice for actually rolling your paint in it, but if you don't get this container, you can also use something. You know, this is like old packaging from something, and it really works my safe for rolling my paint on it. You don't need also Trevor Roller. You probably want to go with a smaller one. You know, they are different types like this larger one. But to start with, I would really recommend to get yourself a little. It's much easier to control. And lastly, you will need a special, which is a really difficult word for me to pronounce. Actually, you probably want to get to headed in one, because if you work with more colors, you don't want to go and clean your tools every time you print a different color. So that would be it s o if you feel like it has. You know, old that cloth handy because you sometimes need to clean off your hands just to make sure you don't make your fabric piece 30. So it's it's quite handed to have it on the table Barney printing. 4. Drawing your Design: So I hope you brought some nice fruit or vegetables with you. If you didn't, you can draw from your memory. It's I do. That's also fine. But before we start with the fun part withdrawing and printing, I would like to just show you how it works. The working positive stands out here. So that means whatever you drove, whatever you cut out dead will be your design. So before you start withdrawing, think about you know, think about how you divide your artwork into colors. I would recommend you don't use more than two colors to start it. And, uh, you know, just different start to draw. Just think about that. You will have to each color layer you will have to cut apart. So I would just start drawing mature quite a simple shape of a waterman slide. So I want something that IHS more like a watermelon color here kind of pinkish and something green outside. So I will have to work with to stencils. Basically. So I tried to divide it already on my drawing. If you if you still struggle to do dead, just a drawing or design and say OK, well, Druid and one drawing and say, OK, this I want to be pink. But this green So what do I do? So you just make sure, actually, just can't cut them apart while you actually paper cutting. It doesn't matter. But I already do it in one here, and I also want a little bit of detail. So whatever I cut out from this positive stencil will be white on my design. So a little bit of the seeds in there to add a bit of detail on Actually, I'm pretty happy with what I have here. If I can just drive, it's too small. Try it. Sure, I know this doesn't work. I don't. So, you know, you can just for fun just drive around and see that it works or it doesn't. This one actually looks better. So I'm quite happy with my design. If you If you do, you know if you want a drone, apple or pear or whatever, really try to simplify our driving as much as you can, so you don't want to go in little details. If you do, that's a pair. Maybe I want to do half its cut. I don't know. I'm thinking about something. It has like a couple of seats here. You know, it's quite stylized, but it's nice about so I can even do in one color. Or I can do the outside in a different colored and inside. We don't want anything that it's too complex just yet. Once you will get more confident in favour cutting and printing, you can go in quite a lot of detail. But as I said, maybe don't know. Okay, so I'm going with my watermelon and I'm now I'm going to put it out. 5. Cutting your Design: So let's get into the baby thing. I have started here in the majority. If you don't feel confident with a cutting knife, you can just use scissors. But then your artwork will be really simplified because for the details inside you, you do have to use a cutting knife. The one thing is the little trick about paper getting its start with your details details inside of your artwork first because if you cut out your shape, you then have not much space to hold onto your artwork and cut. So you gonna even have a whole sheet of paper value cutting your details. So, as you see, I started already to cutting out the seeds for my watermelon. Remember, whatever we cut out will be bite on our artwork. I'm not really no much into the detail now, so it's quite enough design, but doesn't matter because they look really cool and our fine print. So now I got out my does. No, I average is gonna go around with scissors because it will give it a little bit of breath. Our designed to look at this to make it look like it's actually happening. It's not printed by a machine. So now I have my bottom Ellen. But now, as we were speaking about using two cars so because we've printing in layers, I will have Teoh cut also disliked here because my outside of the bottom own will be green and inside me. Thank you. So I would just cut down part also very enough, but even sticking to the line, I think little could do a better job than me. But it's fine on again because we need a little bit of space by the printing, there will be a little bit of space in our artwork. So we just need to cut a little bit more this one. So they fit nicely to get it because now they are close. So we need to give it a bit more space. I just cut the meat here. Doesn't matter. It doesn't fit completed E. So now it's really nice design. So now, once you have it, maybe you wanna cut more than one. You maybe want to have. Do you different sizes or something else? I recommend you cut more than one stencils just and I mean, in case you need, you need to back up or if you want to alternate your designs. So these are also different stencils. They don't look like it, but it gives it a little bit more off the hand made feel, so I'm gonna draw just another. 6. Printing fun: So let's first, I will start with rolling Mine Paint. As I said before, it's a water based fabric band. I just think it's special and put a little bit. I'm starting Good. Never miss picture. It's fine. We're making do it anyway. Screen even close your fans make sure doesn't. So I'm going to start with the outside part of the green part to make sure the placing It's fine now printing pattern with paper is you can imagine the placing is not gonna be perfect because you all do it one by one. But it doesn't matter. You kind of get an idea. You would be. So actually, I'm here. So I start with the green layer. Spent my role. My pain Don't roll too quickly. Adverse, Daniel. Spray everywhere. Now you can hear a little bit like a nice and sticky noise. That's what you want. Thank you. Beats Can you roll the paint on in one direction or no one is better. I was moving too much. Then I just think it with my fingers. I don't really mind finger marks, but if you do one finger marks, just take a brush and just go over your design with a brush afterwards, so I'm gonna place carefully my design where I wanted to be. There we go. Take a sheet of my old Put it over. The pieces are in print. Take my brother roller in a role. Order it in one direction. It's important to go in one direction. If you go back in fort, you may move your artwork. Make sure that I grew over everything. Now, sometimes when you start, you have to try with the paper you bring because sometimes the first friend, it's not very good, but this one actually worked out nicely. E it depends how much your paper soaks in. So the second print champion, If if you have more stencils, that's good, because you can print about three prints that he will wait five minutes. Do what your stencil to dry out a little bit. Advising will get to better than a break. So if you cut your stencils, really cut two or more. Even so, it can kind of print and print and they will dry out nicely. So I would just do run through here. You see, that's a bit of a different green that I was there before. Use the same outside. Okay, honey, I said here, make sure your fingers on dirty. That's why we have Yvette Claude has He will have marks around your artwork. That's would be done. No, you don't. You can reuse it. Just make sure that this is dry would leave marks on your fabric direction. I can just because No. Okay. So, yes, you can see I have printed my outlines. My green outlines. The pattern is the perfect, and I don't really mind it again. I have a little bit of chaotic approach to my printing, but if you want a plan it carefully, you can can make a blood on a piece of paper before in terms off. What part am I gonna create with your vegetable or fruit? And now I'm gonna bring all the pink inside. So again I roll my No. Sometimes, you know, you need to make sure that there's enough of nothing but faint on your artwork when your stencil. So this looks pretty good already. But sometimes, if not all areas are covered, you need to add a little bit of pained. But I guess you will learn as you go. So it's pretty much the same as we did with our green. Our minds. I just place the big insides. I know over so dispenser is perfect. But sometimes it happens that your print is not perfect like this one. Lets say I wanted a little bit of working. There is a possibility that you can go over your artwork again. So you know if if you bring something and there is not enough England, it don't be said because you can actually make it better. So I just think it's a little bit drinky. But it works. I made mistakes. What's time? So I just wanna go over again. But this time you need to make sure that you place you artwork exactly on the existing friend I always allow with one corner and then just push it down. So I go over it again and there you go much nicer. Now you can also see that my paper is starting to soak true. Don't throw it away. Don't try a sensible way Just given five minutes to dry and then you can reuse it again and again, though actually breaks completely Arias my stints many times so Yeah, just let it dry. And it's also good to have again seconds then. So also notice. When it's nice and dry, I can use it again. So now you can go ahead and complete your nice pattern, and then I will see you in the next video. 7. Wrap up: So this is and a C C. I did print it. My whole napkin Summary watermelon return, which I'm quite happy with. Now I just need to find a seam. Stress do so around the edges here because I'm pretty useless. And that area And, uh yeah, so I hope it worked for you. And now just three d instruction on your paint because sometimes you do have to go over your piece of fabric over the designs with a heart iron. So just to make sure that the paint is fixed to the fabric and you can wash it, please applaud your photos of your butt off your finished fabric piece to the project section. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. And, uh, I hope you can use it. You can print a nice gift for your family and friends. But also, you know, if you are a designer, it's actually really nice way of doing for two tabs or just to bring a different perspective. Illustrations. You also get very beautiful texture, and you can use this technique for printing on paper, but it's a little bit of a tricky, but it's possible. So the more your friend no dumb or evil found out other areas for use of this technique. It's It's really great. So, yeah, I hope you're having a nice day. I hope he had found and, uh, keep