Learn How to Paint Flowers! Create White Abstract Peonies with Acrylic Paint: Flower Painting Class

Elle Byers, Artist and Teacher

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8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro to Peonies

    • 2. Supplies and Setup

    • 3. First Layer

    • 4. Flowers Layer 1

    • 5. Greenery Layer 2

    • 6. Flowers Layer 2

    • 7. Final Layer - Add Details

    • 8. Final Tips

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About This Class

How to Paint Flowers!

Welcome to my second Skillshare class!  Acrylic painting can be easy and fun!  This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to paint abstract flowers using acrylic paints.  In this class I walk you through my painting process step by step.  I start off by showing you how I set up my work space and the supplies I'm using to create this painting.  Then I show you how I create a sense of depth with my layering process.  I also teach you how to paint white peonies that really pop!   

Here is a list of supplies I used for this class:

10 x 10 inch canvas (I used Artist's Loft)
Palette paper (I used Strathmore palette paper - a paper plate works well, too!)
Water for cleaning my brushes
Paper towels
Pastel stick (I used Prismacolor)
Flat and round paint brushes (I use Artist's Loft)
Liquitex Basics acrylic paints

Paint colors used:
Prussian Blue
Raw Umber
Hooker's Green
Light Olive Green
Yellow Oxide
Deep Violet
Neutral Gray 
Light Blue Permanent
Portrait Pink
Titanium White