Learn How to Make Money On Ebay: From 0 to Hero

Eric K., Entrepreneur

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15 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Introduction

    • Setup Ebay and Paypal

    • Gain credibility

    • Garage Sale

    • Making listings that sell

    • My honest view on dropshipping

    • Introduction to Dropshipping

    • Dropshippers

    • Introduction to Wholesaling

    • Alibaba

    • Profitable Products

    • Satisfying Customers

    • How to Ship Cost Effectively

    • Profit Margin

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Hi,welcome to my ebay course.

Do you want to start a home-based business?

Maybe you are tired of your job, even though you make a lot of money. Or you might want to create an additional source of income. It does not matter what your reason may be. The truth is starting a home-based business is not as hard as you might think.

I receive a great number of e-mails from my subscribers asking almost the same question. They would ask, “Please tell me an easy way to make money on eBay.” I suppose the answer to this question really revolves around how you define the term easy.

It is my belief that there is no easier way to make money on the Internet than by selling items through eBay. What could be simpler, a straight forward 5 step process.

1. Get something to sell.
2. Photograph it, and write a description.
3. Upload your listing to eBay.
4. Collect your money.
5. Dispatch the item.

Let's get started!

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I am getting back into ebay and just taking refreshers to get back in the groove and everything he said is true.. but I did notice some notices about turbolister on ebay.. what does that mean.. and you turned me on to drop shipping, i think i will give it a go and does that work with amazon too?
Liking it
Thank you very much Eric I found this extremely helpful, and I am going to go forward and try to sell a couple of home items as per your advice. Have yourself a good day. Wendy
Julii McMillan






Eric K.


Hi,there.I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience in Internet Marketing.

I am also a part time lecturer and i love blogging. Teaching is my passion and I love doing podcast, video courses and tutorials on various subjects.

I am here to share you my experience on what i know and what works for me. I am an Search Engine Optimization Expert, Social Media Marketer and a Workaholic guy.

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