Learn How to Edit Videos for a Smooth Professional Look (A Beginners Course) | Janelle Nichol | Skillshare

Learn How to Edit Videos for a Smooth Professional Look (A Beginners Course)

Janelle Nichol, Self taught artist

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10 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Intro to Editing in Premiere

    • Starting Your Project

    • Converting Files And Adding Screenshots

    • Adding Narration And Working with Audio

    • Using Transitions

    • Lighting, Rendering And Cropping Your Frame

    • Using Time Stretch And Adding Text

    • Adding Music and Combining Sound and Film

    • Pan And Zoom And Saving Your Project In The Correct File Format

    • How To Deal With Copyright Disputes On Youtube


About This Class

Hey everyone, in this class I want to show you how to edit videos on photoshop premiere elements. . In this class we are going to be using just the basic premiere elements software.

Now this class is for beginners but as I said, Ive been editing videos for years for myself and for others & I STILL use only this program. I’ve tried others but I am just really comfortable with premiere & it works really great for me. So this software is not just for beginners but for advanced users as well. It’s just that this software is really great if you are a beginner in your video editing.

I am going to take you through many different techniques you can use that are NOT complicated at all. From working and changing audio from video, adding narration, time remapping (which is just timelapse or time stretch), transitions and much more. 

I have listed projects you can work on with each video lesson to help you learn in a step by step format. 





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Janelle Nichol

Self taught artist

Hi, my name is Janelle Nichol and I am an artist from Canada.

Some of my favorite things to create on my pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. I particularly enjoy creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. My art has been described as abstract folk-art and I enjoy working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire me are ...

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