Learn How to Draw! Fun & Easy Exercises for Nailing Proportion, Shading, and More | Brooke Glaser | Skillshare

Learn How to Draw! Fun & Easy Exercises for Nailing Proportion, Shading, and More staff pick badge

Brooke Glaser, Illustrator and Children's Designer

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13 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learning To See

    • 3. Ex 1: Upside Down/Access Drawing Side of Brain

    • 4. Ex 2: Shape Method/Draw Anything

    • 5. Ex 3: Grid/Clock Method: Proportion

    • 6. Drawing from Imagination, Tracing, and Reference

    • 7. Giveaway + Second Part of Drawing

    • 8. Base Color and Dealing with Layer Limits in Procreate

    • 9. Shadows: Where to Add Them

    • 10. Shading Techniques in Procreate

    • 11. Line Quality: Keep People's Attention for Longer

    • 12. Stay Motivated

    • 13. Final Notes and Project

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About This Class

Drawing is a learned skill. Even people who seem insanely 'talented' weren't born that way: we all start as beginners. My name is Brooke Glaser, I'm a full-time illustrator. Drawing didn't come naturally to me, at first I struggled with it. But now I work as a professional illustrator. In this class, I'm going to share the techniques I use to draw proportions quickly and accurately, tips for getting in the 'zone' of drawing, and we're going to dive deep into shading. I'll share the different types of shadows, where to place them and different tricks for drawing them digitally.

My goal with this class is to show you that anyone can learn to draw. If you're a new to drawing, this is the perfect class for you. The examples will be done entirely in Procreate, but if you prefer working with traditional mediums, you'll be able to follow along just fine.

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