Learn How to Draw: Features of the Face Staff Pick

Melissa De Nobrega, Graphic designer & Illustrator

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10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Structure of the Eyes

    • 3. Drawing Eyes

    • 4. Structure of the Nose

    • 5. Drawing Noses

    • 6. Structure of the Mouth

    • 7. Drawing Mouths

    • 8. Structure of the Ears

    • 9. Drawing Ears

    • 10. Recap and Conclusion

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Project Description

Welcome to your class project! 

The goal here is to get you drawing what you’ve learned. For quick studies, I’ve included practice sheets for you to download and draw over. Otherwise, you can skip the sheets and draw it all on your own.

Here’s the assignment:

  • A page of eyes
  • A page of noses
  • A page of mouths
  • A page of ears

If you go the practice sheet route, you’ll get one page per feature. These pages will already have the basic shapes I use for construction drawn on. You can place your own details over these for quick practice. 

To challenge yourself even further, and really solidify your new skills, draw the construction shapes yourself at various angles and then layer on the details.

I’ve included reference photos of a skull (his name is Weldon) at various angles as well as links where you can find portraiture photos. You've also got all of the anatomy reference sheets to keep close while you draw. If you feel that you’re struggling at all, make sure to use reference - this is such a valuable thing to do and will get you out of that rut instantly!

Links (free stock imagery):



Most of the links to follow here are not copyright free so please give credit where credit is due:

Pinterest Board for portraiture reference 1

Pinterest Board for portraiture reference 2

Tumblr references

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