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Learn How to Develop a Mindset for SUCCESS

teacher avatar Alli Bartlett, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. A few Reasons Why this Course is for YOU!

    • 2. Introduction and What You'll Learn

    • 3. Get Clear on What Success Looks Like to You

    • 4. Make Room to Think Like a Successful Person

    • 5. Quiet Your Inner Critic

    • 6. How to Be a Doer and Embrace Failure

    • 7. Set Your Environment Up for Success

    • 8. How to Manage Your Time like a Pro

    • 9. How to Decide Who to Spend Time With

    • 10. See it to Be it, Create a Vision Board That Works

    • 11. Use Visualization to Your Advantage

    • 12. Daily Visualization for Success

    • 13. It's All About Attitude

    • 14. Be the Problem Solver

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to this course on How to Have a Mindset for Success! 

If asked; do you want to be successful? Like anyone, you would answer yes. If we all want to be successful, why are less than 5% of the worlds population considered successful? 

In this course you will learn the tools and practices that successful people use, so that you can incorporate success principles into your own life to become the best version of yourself and be more successful now!

You'll learn:

  • How successful people think

  • How to get clearer on what your goals are

  • How to manage your time more effectively

  • Visualization for success

  • How to remove toxic or negative people from your life

  • How to identify key areas in your life for improvement

  • How to have a growth mindset

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alli Bartlett

Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner


Connect with me:

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1. A few Reasons Why this Course is for YOU!: Hi. My name is Ali Sanders, and I want to let you in on a little secret. You can be successful, you can reach and surpass your wildest goals, and you could have the money, the friends and the career in the life you want. But for some reason, you just aren't there yet. Maybe you desperately want success, but you don't know what you're doing wrong or where to begin to achieve it. Maybe you haven't really taken the time to think about what success means to you. Whatever the missing ingredient is for you becoming successful, this course will teach you how to overcome what's holding you back from success and the tools and practices you can easily incorporate into your life so you can reach success. If everyone wants success, why are only 5% of the people on this planet successful? I've traveled to more than 25 countries. I own three thriving businesses, and I've worked with great companies all over the world. In this course, you'll learn how to become the best version of yourself and how to progress. Every single day you'll learn the key qualities you need to develop and how to develop them to become successful so you can step into your best self. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools of mindset you need to live the big life I always dreamt about. If you'd like to learn how to become successful in role now and let's get started on your path to success. 2. Introduction and What You'll Learn: Hi there. My name is Allie Saunders, and I'm the owner of several successful companies, and they're not successful because I chose the best industry ever to focus my attention on their successful. Because of the attitude, mind set and actions I and my team do every day to progress, adapt and move towards more and more success. I have spent 15 years learning about success through personal experience, education, surrounding myself with other successful people, reading, attending every workshop and every conference I could on the subject and paying close attention to the personality traits, branding and areas that the most successful people focus their energy on. This course is not on Lee going to teach you the tools you need to become successful. But it's taught in a way that will allow the information to sink into your subconscious mind so that you really absorbed these practices and thought shifts around success. The messages, ideas and information I present may at times be repeated in different ways because, as Earl Nightingale shares, whatever we plan into our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will become a reality. I've personally tested out all of these tools. I'm going to share with you to determine how effective they are, how easy to apply to daily life they are, and to make sure anyone can do them and keep in mind, I'm here to answer any questions you have, so please ask along the way. Write down key points from this course that stick out so that even when you aren't watching , you can reinforce the trolls presented. Now there's no better time than right now to start moving towards success, so let's get started. 3. Get Clear on What Success Looks Like to You: everyone's definition of success is different. Of course, we all want wealth, good relationships and lots of vacation time. But what does all that actually look like to you? To find out what sort of successes we want in our lives, we must first ask ourselves what the success look like to me. An easy indicator as to what sort of success you want is to notice the successful people that you feel jealous of when you see Oprah Allen on TV hosting a popular show that's viewed all around the world. Do you save yourself? Hey, I think I could do that and do pretty good at it, too. Do you look up to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates for creating revolutionary software that's changed the world and think I could create something that would change the way people do business, communicate and receive information? Too many people who haven't reached success in their lives have also never asked themselves what being successful means to them. This may seem like a really small thing to do, and it is, but doing it makes a huge difference in the direction your life is heading. Most people live day to day focusing on small things that don't matter, getting caught up in minor issues and worries like over thinking about what someone may think of you, or feeling bothered that someone cut you off in traffic and not thinking about the bigger picture of what they want their lives to look like. If you don't know what you want out of your life and what success means to you, or rather if you don't know where you want to go, how we ever get there saying I want to be successful without a clear definition of what being successful means to you is like saying I want to go on a vacation somewhere but having no specific idea as to where you actually want to go and what kind of experience you wanna have on that vacation. Imagine you told a travel agent, I want to go on vacation and that was it. And they sent you to a crummy place to stay in a dingy hostel during off season. Would you be happy spending your vacation like that? Well, by not defining success, your life will just continue down a directionless path and who knows where you'll end up getting clear on creating your definition of success is a key step that will take you closer to reaching success. Let me know how you define success. And if you have any favorite success quotes that motivate you to achieve success, I have my favorite success quotes printed up and around my house to remind me throughout the day off what success means to me. This is a great practice to introduce into your own life. 4. Make Room to Think Like a Successful Person: in order to become clear on our definition of success, it's important to do a little housecleaning in your head and to de clutter, identify and remove the useless thoughts that are taking up space in your mind. Robin Sharma, inspirational guru and author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari Siris, says that your subconscious runs 95% of your reality 95%. So most of what's happening in your life right now is happening because of the messages stored deep within your mind. And if you don't consider yourself successful, your subconscious probably holds a lot of limiting beliefs. It's important to be aware that a lot of this programming comes from outer sources. Think about it when you were a baby, you believe you could do anything and have anything you wanted. Then your parents, friends, teachers and society told you what you were good at and bad at and what you should do and shouldn't do. And the thing is, you started believing it. It's so easy to let what other people think of how we should live. Our lives dictate what we think were capable of doing. Their voices often creep in and override our own truest wants and needs toe live a life of success. You have to learn to nowhere or, better yet, mute the volume on these misaligned messages that have been planted in your psyche. It's important to understand that some of the external message is that fuel your decisions aren't even negative. They're just not the right messages you should believe if you want to live your successful life on your terms. An example of this is your loving husband telling you that you should really focus on selling yourself and your coaching business so you can make more money. Now, logically, he's right, and he isn't saying anything negative. But he's advising you that you should do something that deep down you aren't happy doing because you hate direct selling. And when you force yourself to go to an event and sell what you do leading up to it, you wish you get a flat tire so you'd have an excuse not to go. Maybe what you really felt pulled to do is write your first personal development book and, naturally, through reading a great book, money would come. You achieve the goal of reaching a lot of people who need your help and expertise, and you wouldn't have to go through direct selling as the Onley method. To make an income and to become successful, you can achieve success using your strength and your talents and in a way that's aligned with your wants and your values. But not on Lee. Do you have your husband encouraging you to do things the way he thinks are best for you? You also have your inner dialogue reminding you that you're not a writer, and your family might judge you for thinking you have something important enough to be shared through a book. So you quiet the inner voice that tells you writing a book is what will bring you success. In fact, you shushed that voice because you've attached fear and discomfort to the idea of doing what you really want to dio. You continue doing things that other people tell you to do to become successful that deep down, if you're honest with yourself, you know, won't bring you success because you hate doing them. If this sounds like a familiar pattern, that's OK because you're taking big leaps towards success by doing things like taking this course now letting elder messages from people speak louder in your mind than the voice that telling you what you really want will ultimately result in living a small life. And the reason so many people aren't living lives that are successful is because they let the inner critics and outer sources control what they do and what they don't do. And it's much easier to just blame your husband or your family or the economy or your halfhearted attempts at trying to sell your business and everyone else just not being interested on why were not successful. Then it is toe. Let your in your voice speak up and declare what you really want out of your life, admitting even to yourself. What you define the successful could be scary because it comes with a lot of what ifs. But to become successful, you have to do what may feel uncomfortable in order to get clear about where you want to go , and I promise you it will be well worth it. 5. Quiet Your Inner Critic: Now that we have a better understanding of how all of these messages gets stored in our conscious and subconscious minds, it's time to adjust the volume. Isn't it amazing to know that you you can control how loud or how quiet your positive thoughts and your negative thoughts are? You can even choose which ones toe listen to think about your thoughts like a song on your iPod and remember, you get to decide what you're gonna listen to. The exercise were about to do will help make you aware of the messages stored in your subconscious that keep your life small but also how to take control of your inner thoughts . And by doing so, take control of your life. Get your notebook out and on one side, right small me and on the other side, right Big me, Your inner me is the voice within you that is overly protective, afraid of the unknown failure and disapproval. I picture my small me looking just like me, sitting hunched over in a little chair in a dull little room in the cop webs of my mind, looking fearful and literally a very, very small size, like the size of the end of a pin isn't funny that are small. Mies can make most of the decisions that hugely affect your lives. My Big Me also looks just like me, but it's full of life and joy and love. She radiates a paused of glow that reaches out 50 feet in front of her. She's smiling and excited toe leap up and say Yes, toe life and all of the incredible opportunities that come her way as well as the opportunity she creates for herself. She takes risks and she's fearless and she's huge. Over 100 feet tall. Everyone has thies to inter versions of themselves. Unsuccessful people let the small me do all of the decision making, and even choosing to do nothing at all is still a decision. When you let your big mean make decisions, your energy becomes bigger and can even be felt as you step into a new space. That's why successful people have a larger than life presence. So when you catch yourself letting your small me make decisions, take a moment, become aware of that, then thank your small me for caring about you and let your big me step in and make a decision with the highest possible outcome as the intention. Let's take the time to write down some of the inner dialogue we tell ourselves and place it in either the small me or the big Me column. Acknowledging your thoughts by putting them on paper is an incredibly powerful way to realize how silly some of the thoughts that rule your decisions really are. Here's some comments small me examples. It's going to be too hard to do this, and it may not even work. So what's their point in trying? I'm not smart enough. Strong enough. Good enough to do this. What if I do it and no one likes it or cares? What if it doesn't get me the recognition fame, wealth that I hope it will? What if I spend a ton of time on this and nothing comes from it? What if I started and then quit after a few months? Because I don't see the results. Imagine if Steve Jobs or Tony Robbins let their inner small means make their decisions for them. Wow, I only want to think of a world without the influence and creations of their incredible minds. Now Let's write something we tell ourselves in the big me column, and if you realize you don't have a lot that can go into this column right now, that's okay. Be honest with yourself and write down on Lee What you do tell yourself so that you could become aware off which inner you makes your decisions. It's important to always be honest with yourself about how you currently think and feel in order to acknowledge and accept it so you can heal that part of you and be ready for bigger and better things later on, we'll look at moving most of our inner dialogue into the Big ME column. Here are some examples of some things your big Me may say I will meet some great people at this weekend's barbecue. I'll do a good job on the pitch and writing. Better yet, a great job. Everyone, no matter how successful they are. Here's both their big me and they're small. Me, but successful, people know, went to adjust the volume by turning their inner small means down and they're big knees up . Whenever you hear your small me speaking up, telling you lots of reasons why you shouldn't go out and do something. Acknowledge him or her for wanting to protect you and then gently turn down the volume. Pay attention to when you're small. Meat does interfere with your dreams and goals when he or she does speak up and say aloud or in your head. Thank you. I love you. I'll be okay. I've got this. And with that, let your small me know that it's OK to let you grow and explore your truest desires, bringing awareness to your inner small me and quieting him or her as an important step in living a more successful life. Let me know in the comments some of the things in the thoughts that keep you small that you're ready to mute so you can start filling your mind with positive thoughts that will replace them. I'm remember you'll get more out of this journey by asking any questions that you may have . I'm here to help, so please connect with me so we can work together on these tools that will give you a more successful life 6. How to Be a Doer and Embrace Failure: be a Duer. Challenge yourself a little more. Whatever you're doing, do it 100% and be there fully successful. People didn't just say OK, I'm gonna sit around and do some boring things every day and just become successful. Rather, they pushed and still do push themselves constantly. They embrace, change fear and lean into what makes them uncomfortable. They do things that they've never done before. They take action. They didn't start off as the best at what they do. But they started and they kept at it and they did it. And they still do what they're doing. They're consistent in taking action. If you want to be successful, you absolutely must stop complaining. Stop making excuses as to why you can't do something and just do it. There are people who started out with way less fortune than you have, who made it to success. Be okay with making mistakes with failing because you will fail at some things. But the things you fail out will get you closer to the things you'll succeed at. And if you look at anything hard you've done and conquered in your life, you know that this is true think about something in your life doesn't even have to be career related. Just something that you've conquered. For me, it was something a small is learning how to drive standard. It was working hard and I wanted to give up because it was scary. It was unnatural. And I hated the learning process. And I failed at it much longer than the average standard driver took me about three weeks to feel OK driving standard. And now I pick manual cars over automatic. I'm proud of myself for making mistakes and failing ah lot at it because I did succeed. Every failure brings you a step closer to your success whether you learn what doesn't work for you, what type of people you don't mesh with or what you thought you were good at. But you really will never have the tone for There are lessons in every failure. Successful people are the ones who have taken risks failed but never given up. I have a few great mindset tidbits that come from the book. How I feel that everything and still one big by Adam Scott. I definitely recommend you read that book, by the way. So here they are be a lion, not a sheep. People who make changes who make the world a better place are the people who speak up and express the better changes that should be made when smoking became illegal in restaurants. That was because someone spoke up and pushed for the change and came up with a solution. Be the change that you want to see, provide solutions and be persistent. Here's the thing most people do as the herd does. So if you do something that goes against the herd, you will be criticized. Be okay with that. People will give you their opinions and sometimes will be hard to hear. But if you're pushing towards something good that you believe in, people will support you, too, and as you move forward, you'll become the leader of the herd. So be prepared for setbacks and know that this is just part of the journey. Be true to what's in your heart and keep pushing. Remember, whatever you want to start doing isn't going to be perfect. No matter how many times you re record your first flog or rewrite the first chapter of your first book or prepare your first workshop. It won't be perfect, and that is okay, because you will have done it as long as you do it to the best that you can at that time and use the information you currently have access to to create something great. You're on the path to success. Another tidbit is. Surround yourself with people who are doers, being around people who don't just talk about what they're going to do, but people who actually get these things done. This is a huge motivating way to become a do it yourself. Be results driven, setting goals for yourself like sell out my next speaker event or make $5000 by the end of the month. Be realistic with yourself. Be aware that your goal may take time to reach. You may get nine knows for everyone. Yes, that you get failure is the step you need to take to get closer to success. Think of failure this way. Imagine a big hotel with lots of doors behind. One of those doors is gold. You know, if you open each door you will find that gold, but you don't know if the gold will be behind door number one or door number 10. Failure is opening the door and seeing it wasn't the right door. Now, you know, and there might be something great behind the next one. If you find you make excuses about why you can't do something that could really change your life, become aware of those lies that you tell yourself and then have a logical analysis of whether or not your excuse is even valid. For example, if you say I'm too young to be successful, think about people like Cameron Johnson, who became a 1,000,000 there, who's making around $400,000 per month for creating unique greeting cards, read things that inspire you and make you realize that there are people out there that are living successful lives who had more of a reason to make excuses than you. Dio. Forbes is great. Following inspiring people like Pedic Kelly or Robin Sharma on social media is great. Surround yourself with whoever you can. That's a positive Duer 7. Set Your Environment Up for Success: be tidy and organized because if your life is full of clutter, it will affect your life. Excess things in your surroundings could have a negative impact on your ability to focus and even process information. That's exactly what neuroscientists at Princeton University found when they looked at people's task performance in an organized versus disorganized environment. The results of the study showed that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decrease performance and increased stress. How many hours do you think you've spent and wasted thinking about something as small as buying a filing cabinet before you bought it? Maybe, you know you wanted one, and you know it would help you stay organized. But you didn't want to jump up and buy it because you thought, Well, maybe it won't look the nicest in my office, so I really even need it. But deep down, you knew it would work for you and make your life easier. When it comes to purchasing things, I asked myself. Well, this make my life easier and happier. You will be much more productive if you aren't distracted by your environment. Your environment should accommodate your life and enhance whatever it's meant for your work environment should fit your work style. Your bedroom should be relaxing to serve the purpose of sleeping, and your family room should be cozy, comfortable and inviting. Make each room that you spend your time in fit and feel the way it's meant to make sense. The energy of your environment will hugely affect your life, and your brain is trained to fit its conditions. Have you ever tried to do work from your bed and then ended up feeling tired and then eventually started to fall asleep? Being in your bed will trigger tiredness. Being at a desk will trigger working, so be where your tasks makes sense. Toe happen. Every area of your life affects another. If you're miserable in your job. When you get home, you're going to spend energy feeling grumpy about that job. Make your environments symbolize something. If you want to grow in your career, put plants in your environment. If you want to attract posh clients, have a posh, stylized environment. Create the space you want, you're successful self toe work in. Right now, you don't have to spend a ton of money, either. You can literally put up photos of what you want, your life toe look and feel like. Know yourself and be true to yourself by doing what works for you. If you've tried to use your digital calendar to keep your to do lists and schedules, because it seems like it's a smart thing to do. But, you know, you really work best through writing things down, then do what works. I really, really wanted my cell phone calendar to be the thing that organized my whole life because I liked that it was environmentally friendly and always on me. But it didn't work for me because I really organized my time best by writing in it in an agenda. So the result of me trying to use my cell phone as a more efficient thing when I really knew wasn't gonna work for me was that I'd spend some time putting stuff into my cell phone calendar, and then I'd still go back to the agenda and write in things for my day. And I ended up having a lot of double bookings because I was using two different methods to try and stay organized. So if you know that something isn't gonna work for you. Try it. But if it really isn't gonna work, view, then don't keep doing it. 8. How to Manage Your Time like a Pro: successful people realize that their most valuable currency isn't money because money comes and money goes, but that it's time. Time is the one thing you can't get back. You can't create more of it. Everyone has time, but most unsuccessful. Unhappy people don't spend it in ways that will better their lives. By implementing the tools in this video, you can learn how to use your time wisely. Most people lack productive time management skills. They don't manage their time effectively. They don't treat their time with respect or place high value on it. They spend too much of it on social media, paying attention to what other people are doing in their lives or kick chatting and gossiping. It's very easy and effortless to spend your time focusing on someone else's life, because that removes any responsibility for enhancing your own life. But if you want to be successful, you have to be in control of how you spend your time. What are you saying yes to with your time on, what you saying no to looking at your social media news feed leading a negative person, take up your energy and thoughts by thinking, Why would she say that to me. I can't believe she did that. Going out with people doing things you don't really care about that are gonna make your life better. If you're saying yes often to these things, you have to start respecting your time more and saying no. If you value yourself successful people do say yes to having conversations that air progressive that will make their lives bigger and better spending time with people who are also successful and happy educating themselves on ways to become more successful by choosing what to say yes to spending your time doing and what to say no to you will add more value to yourself. You become the person in the driver's seat of your life, and you have the freedom to determine which direction you're heading in a great tip to manage your time better is to break up your day into hourly events, for example, from eight AM to nine AM, meeting with a client, 9 a.m. To 10 a.m. Drive to the office and write a proposal. And so one. This causes you to determine how much time you should be spending on things, and this is a game changer. Before I started using this time management method, I would write a concept that I check Facebook and I go eat something that I come back and I'd have to review the concept and kind of rewriting the gangs. I couldn't remember exactly where I left off, and because of this, I had let tons of interruptions and distractions stop me from progressing. What should have taken me 30 minutes of my time was dragging on for several hours. Mapping out your day with an hourly schedule will hugely amplify your productivity. We all have the same 24 hours a day available to us. It's how we used um, that makes the difference. So to become clear on how you spend your time, start implementing the following mind shifts. Analyze how you currently use your time. Keep track of what you do in a day. You have to be aware of how you currently spend your time to truly realized the areas of your day that you need to change. Write down what you do in the next 24 hours, including the mundane stuff like watching TV going on Facebook, etcetera. Because becoming aware of this is essential, and there's no judgment here. If you feel like you're going to start judging yourself for watching four hours of TV, gently become aware of that judgment and release it. It's really easy to tell yourself. I spent an entire hour reading a personal development book when you know deep down that, yes, you set aside an hour of time for reading. But during that time you scan a few pages of the book and then you check your phone and text. For most of what you've told yourself is your reading time. You need to be completely honest with yourself about what you do day to day, because showing yourself honesty is the best way to make a change. If you lie to yourself, then you'll never really change for the better plan your day the night before. So you clearly know where you need to focus. Writing out your to do's for the next day also allows you to go to bed, not worrying about them. As Brian Tracy says, every one minute of planning saves 10 minutes of execution. As Tony Robbins says, most people major in minor things. So by becoming aware of what you're spending your time on, you'll be able to determine where you should be spending your time, ask for help or delegate tasks so you can get some stuff off your plate that won't help you grow. Think about this for a second. You have your plate, you have two healthy portions of a meal on it. Then you have a big piece, a large flapped right on there, and another portion is something stale. And your plate is now so heavy and so overflowing with toxic stuff. Wait, but wait. Now you're told you have to eat the bad stuff first because it will go cold. But the time you eat all the bad stuff, you don't have rumor energy left for the good stuff. This is what happens when you take on too many mundane tasks. They aren't good for you or making your life any better. You know, if you only had good, healthy stuff filling you up, you'd be really on track. But you keep letting your meals be full of bad. Sure, it's all right to have a little bit of father sugar, but it has to be less than the good stuff. For example, if at home you currently do your whole family's laundry and make meals for everyone and do the dishes off course Afterwards, you're gonna feel tired out and, like you want to spend the rest of the evening just chilling out. Ask for help so that you can shave an hour off of tours and so that you don't feel so burnt out afterwards that you want to just turn your brain off at work. Have an assistant or an intern help you by taking some of the small tasks off your plate so that you can spend your time doing things that will move you forward. Eliminate interruptions. Things like checking your phone or Facebook, chatting quickly with someone at your desk and so one or interruptions. Even if it's a quick interruption, it takes you 20 minutes to mentally get back into what you're doing. So what can you do to prevent these interruptions? While you can turn your phone off or turn the notifications off, you can let people know you need to focus on work. Put up a sign that politely says, Leave me alone. Do what you need to do so that you can focus 100% on what you're doing and use your time in the most effective way possible. Prioritize your tasks. Decide which tasks need to get done and then do the task that will make the biggest difference in your life. Plan your tasks around your energy level throughout the day. If you know when you wake up in the morning that you'll be fired up, that's the time to exercise. Because you know at the end of the long work day, you won't have the energy to. If you know you're focused, level is best after you eat lunch. Plan accordingly. On your to do list, make sure to include something that will help you reach freedom, whatever that means to you. And make sure that you put three stars beside this task and do it daily. If it's creating content that can help others take their lives or careers to the next level . Triple Star that and make it a priority every day. Work towards something that will bring you freedom throughout your working time. Set a timer and work for 20 minutes straight. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds, but it will quickly help you realize how easily you may get distracted. Applying these tools to spend your greatest currency time in the best way possible is a huge key to being successful. If you have any questions about how to apply these strategies to your life, remember I'm here to help, so ask away. 9. How to Decide Who to Spend Time With: If you spend the majority of your time with people who suck your energy and drag you down or keep you small, you will never be successful. You were extremely affected by the thoughts, opinions and actions of the people you spend the most time with. Whether we like it or not, we hear what they say. Let it sink in a worst of all, believe it. So it's very important to choose. The key word here is Choose who we spend our time with by nature. Human beings, air social. We crave connection. You've heard the saying the five people you spend the most time with. You'll become the most like right? Well, it's absolutely true. Think about it. If all of your closest friends are into holistic health, you'll become more into it. If you hang out with people who get drunk and party all the time, that's how you'll be spending your time. If you work somewhere that people complain and blame external sources on the things going on in their life, that's the attitude you'll adapt. It's extremely necessary on the path to success that you surround yourself with people who admire and want to be like people who bring you up who do things that you're interested in and that are positive. You may not know where to find these people just yet, but keep an eye. Oh, because they will show up in your life. Spending time with negative people is is unhealthy for you as eating french fries every single day. It will make or break your successful life. Look at the people you spend the most time with now and ask, Does this person talk about future plans with me that will make our lives better? Do we collaborate together? Is this person positive, supportive and encouraging? Does this person live in a way that I want to live? Do I respect and look up to this person? Getting clear on who you should be spending your time with is key toe living a successful life. These people are the nutrients that help you grow or keep peace wall. Now, this may be a hard thing to do, but again, the theme these videos is to be honest with yourself. So write down who you spend the majority of your time with. Maybe it's your significant other your boss, your coworker, your sister or your best friend. Which of these people bring you up? Which of these people are positive and on their way to success? When you're around each of these individuals, how do you feel afterwards? I'll give you a really powerful tool in recognizing who is good for you and who isn't after you leave the person you feel energised, happy, excited. If so, this means you should be spending more time with them because they bring you up. If, however, you feel tired, drained stressed, then this is a sign you should stop spending time with this person or definitely limit the time you spend with them. Now, realizing that some of the people in your life aren't the most positive to spend time with is a great thing. Now you could be aware of how you let negative people that you can't get away from affect you, and also consider some of the options to spending time with more positive people. Everyone gives off of frequency and energy negative people, even if they aren't saying anything negative. Even if they're simply thinking, negative thoughts are giving off a negative frequency that's going to affect you, and it's even more powerful if they do speak negatively. Complaining certainly gets you nowhere in life. It keeps you in the same frame of mind you were in when you develop the reason to be bothered or upset in the first place. Don't get this confused with me saying Just hold in everything you feel bad about because that's that's not what I mean. I mean, frame your mind and the way you think in a position where you don't want to complain about an instant or person, but rather you want to see the lesson learned, or the benefit or the solution to whatever the problem or the complaint. Maybe problems in life come up for everyone, no matter how rich or poor, thin or overweight you are. When people choose to find results to problems, they're making progression, making the best of a bad situation negative. People only see the attention they get from complaining. Negative people suck up energy from others. Negativity is await. You don't need to carry for someone else. Negative people aren't in control of their lives. They blame misfortune or bad locker instance that come up in their lives or other people spend time with people who fill up here. Cup negative people will find the worst in every situation. Make themselves the victim negative. People don't bring good into your life. They aren't aware of how their negativity affects you. Humans are sponges, so you soak up negativity, limiting beliefs, judgments, blame. Remember, you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Let this sink in because it's true. Watch out for people who are judgmental victims. Stay away from dramatic people. Angry people be allergic to negativity. Now I've got some really great news for you. The five people you spend most of your time with. You don't actually have to spend your timeless. You can listen to successful people on podcasts. You can watch their videos or read their books. The point is that you want to absorb their positive vibe, be receptive to their views and being motivated by them. Some of my favorite podcasters are John Lee do miss of Entrepreneur Fire and Katie Dow about off Let It Out. I also love Marie TV and Tony Robbins through regularly bringing these people's perspectives and vibes and teachings into my life. I constantly grow and constantly and reminded that I can live and be the best version of myself. Now, of course, you can't always choose the people in your life like family or coworkers, some of them you love. Despite their negativity, we're now going to look at how to not let negative people affect you. The easiest solution is to avoid them and get them out of your life. Limit how much time you're around them. Be prepared. If you know you're about to be around the negative person, decide ahead of time that you're going to remain positive around them and not let their negativity get to you. It's easy to get caught up in it if you aren't prepared, so be sure to take a minute to make the decision to remain positive. Before you spend time with this negative Nelly remain detached. Choose to think of this negativity or negative talk, and as an external energy that doesn't need to influence or affect you if you're around this negative person regularly, Ah, great visualization. To protect yourself from their negative vibes is to visualize invisible box and imagine a white bright light around you that doesn't let any negativity enter put up the mental barriers that won't allow negativity to get to you. Carry this image in your mind whenever you feel negativity might try to creep into your life. It really does help send these negative people love. If the person is really negative, they need some love. Either openly let them know that you love them or think I love you. Fill in the blank and I wish you a positive mindset. Don't go along with their negative talk. Stay positive to rub off on them. Negative people are desperate for more negativity, which won't do them any good. So respond to their negative comments with a positive outlook Be the change that you want to see in them. Don't let someone rent space in your head. Your mind is your most precious commodity, so make sure you take great care of it. If you start to think of a negative conversation that a negative person brought up to you or of a way that a negative person tried to bring you down, become aware that you're thinking about this and then kick that tenant out. You don't need to let anyone take up space in your head who isn't benefiting you. Question what you're getting out of the relationship. Sometimes negative people will go to you toe, listen to them wine and complain about big and often small things and not give or be there when it's time to reciprocate in any which way. This is what I call a one side and give and take relationship. Let me explain. The negative person is giving you all of their negative energy and taking all of your good energy. This is an unfair relationship, and it's okay for you to recognize and acknowledge that and not put yourself in that situation. Don't take on their problems. Their problems are their problems. If they're serious problems, yes, be there for them. If they're problems that they're finding within anything and everything, then don't take him on yourself. Negative people have a tendency to see the worst in everything and blame everyone else and every external factor on why their life It's so hard they often self sabotage and blame not getting promoted or how much money they don't make or how much they hate their dob on everyone around them and everything else without taking responsibility and realizing that they need to change your outlook on life to change their life. So remember that a positive and successful person will be responsible for themselves and their feelings. Change the subject. This is a really easy way to let people know you don't have time to listen to the negative outlook, and it prevents more negativity from coming out of them. Here's a great way to politely change the topic when they start to complain. Say, Wow, that sounds like you're really handling the situation in the best way you could. And I'm sure you want to talk about something happier now. So why don't we do that? Sometimes you just need to be straightforward and change the topic. So, for example, if you're speaking with someone and they're going down to negative town, just literally change the subject. Just say, Hey, how's your mom doing? Or hey ah, really cool weather right now it kind of just literally pull the rug from under their feet and they'll get it and hopefully realise they're being negative and start toe up their tone a little bit. Spend time with positive people. This will support you and maintaining positivity in your own life so you can combat any negativity that may come up from other people. Don't take what negative people say personally, because it's about them, not you. Smile. Smiling is contagious. It literally changes your energy, and people often match other people's body language and mannerisms. So keep smiling and smiling. And eventually the person you're speaking to will to tell them they're being negative, flat out. Tell them that their positive ways to look at any situation and their negativity will keep them stagnant. Maybe that's the wake up call that they need. For a while. A very good friend of mine was talking, Ah, lot of smack about her brother's girlfriend, who wasn't the most pleasant person in the world. And it is very easy to just follow along and add to the smack talking. But this focusing on negative gossip help you doesn't do any good in any way for you or the person sharing in the act of gossiping. No, it keeps you small. Successful people don't waste their time gossiping about people who live negatively. I always pay attention in conversations with people to what they're talking about, and I found that unsuccessful people spend ah, lot of their conversational energy talking about drama. Successful people don't have time to gossip or talk about drama going on in other people's lives. Successful people, on the other hand, spend their conversational time focusing on progressive, forward thinking solutions. It takes a bit more effort to choose to change the subject or to say giving our energy away to this person and letting her rent space in our minds isn't going to do any good for us. So why don't we talk about how we can live better, Happier Life's instead choosing to speak about positive subjects and bringing awareness to that decision will help the other person in the conversation realize that the skill of choosing positivity is better to. 10. See it to Be it, Create a Vision Board That Works: Do you know what you want? You're successful life toe look like if not start thinking about it, you couldn't get to a destination you've never been to without a map or some sort of direction. So many people just let life happen to them. They don't decide on the life they want tohave, and so they just exist. Do more than just exist. No, what you want and decide to commit toe what it's going to take to get there and make it happen. Visualization is a tool that all successful people use. Experts say that it's the act of visualization that helps bring the things you hold in your mind into your life. And it's important to note that whatever you hold in your mind, whether it's good or bad, you're going to bring into your life, even if it's just the emotion within you. If you're in a bad mood and you remain in that bad nude, you're going to picture more bad and get more bad. If, however, you're in a bad mood, but you take a second to realize that you are in control of how you feel and you change the way you feel toe positive, which will talk more about how to do in less than five minutes in another video, then you will start to get more good. Now imagine what you're successful life looks like, and I highly recommend making a vision board to constantly imprint these images in your subconscious. Whatever you see and create in this picture, you also have to truly want again. We're being honest with ourselves. Now we're going to get into a little sort of funky boy thing right now for a minute, and I could create a whole video course I'm Fung's way. So if you want me to just let me know, Okay, So to create a vision board that actually works, you can't just put these pictures of the life you want up without you actually being in the picture for you to live the life you paint of yourself, you have to be in it and use a photo that represents the version of yourself wants to be. Show yourself smiling, happy wearing the clothes you'll be wearing in your successful life. If you want to be in a relationship, find a picture of what your ideal partner looks like and put him or her in your picture. If you want a loving relationship, make sure you have a picture of the two of you in the picture. If you are in a relationship and you want that relationship to continue to be loving and magical than on your vision board, put a photo of you with your significant other looking happy together because if you put a single picture of you, you're attracting single get where I'm going with us. So create the best picture of yourself with the people you really want. Tohave close in your successful life in the photos as well. You have to re program your mind to start seeing yourself living the life you want to live and also incorporate colors that make you feel the way you want to feel in your successful life. Again. Color ties into fung shway and I won't get into the meanings behind all the different colors right now, but think about how colors make you feel. If you love the color red because it's energetic and lively and passionate than accent. Your vision board with colors of red. If you love cream colors because the color cream represents peace and serenity. Then great. Find photos that have that cream color in it and use them in your vision. Board colors make you feel certain ways, and they bring out certain emotions. So remember that and really have fun with your vision board, because the more positive, loving energy you put into the creation of it, the more positive the outcome. The key here is to surround yourself with things that enhance your happiness. For example, if you're in love with snowboarding and you have these photos of your amazing snowboarding trip you did last year, put them around your house. Put them around where you'll see them, because every time you look at them, you'll get happy and you'll give off that happy vibration everywhere. By visualizing big, positive outcomes for your life, you're literally putting out a frequency and energy to attract that. Another important and overlooked element in the practice of visualizing the life you want is thinking about what you truly want. For example, I don't really care at all about what kind of car he drives. If I had a portion or either cold vault, it would make no difference to me because I don't value having a fancier, expensive car. So even though it may be something I have in my head that I'm supposed to want, because most people do want it at this stage and becoming more mindful for success, it's not worth focusing your visualization practice on something that isn't truly what you want. Get really clear on focusing on visualizing what you truly do want not what would be cool toe have but you don't care deeply about and again. An important an ongoing theme in this video is be honest and real with yourself. Don't put up a fitness photo if you don't really care about fitness. Maybe you know would be great to be really fit. But right now, that isn't where your heart and your priorities lay. I don't care about going to the gym and having a shredded body, so although it be awesome, if my body rock like that, it's not truly important to me. So I'm not going to put photos up of ripped bodies on my board. Rather enjoy yoga and meditation, so I have photos that represent those forms of exercise on my vision board. Once you create a picture of what you're successful life looks like. Put this picture somewhere that you'll see it a lot. That way it will really sink into your subconscious programming. I have mine on my computer screen, and I look at it first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep, the more time you spend looking at it and visualize ing and living the life you've created on the vision board, the closer you'll be to having it. 11. Use Visualization to Your Advantage: successful people understand the importance and the value of keeping a positive mindset. It gives you more energy, makes you more efficient and productive, creative and able to solve problems, just to name a few. The intention of success visualization is to play out situations with the best possible outcome in your head before they happen, allowing us to get really clear on what we want to manifest so we can focus our inner and outer energy on attracting just that. I remember back when I was 18 years old, I was going to school for business, but I really wanted to work in radio at a particular rock radio station in Toronto. I would visualize me waving to my fellow coworkers wearing the radio station logo shirts. I picture me at the concerts, the radio stations promoted, but I wouldn't just picture it. I really feel the feeling of working there. I had no idea how or why the station would ever even consider hiring me as I had no radio experience. But that didn't stop me. One day I was a Dundas Square, a famous area in Toronto, and sure enough, the radio stations promotion team was there handing out swag without even thinking about feeling shy or nervous, I felt pulled. I walked right up to the promo team and coincidentally started talking to Tyler, the guy in charge. I told him I loved the station. I always wanted to work there. And then he had me in for an interview and shortly after I was hired working at my favorite radio station, which at the time was where I wanted to be. And I made my dreams of reality. The power of a positive mindsets and knowing where you want to go on local you want to achieve is really incredible. And it really does work. Remember when you visualize your successful life that you have to go deeper than just holding images of what success means to you in your mind. You also have to feel what you'll feel like when you start toe. Have that success, the feelings you would have have them right now, the emotions and good vibes you'll feel when your successful feel them now, because you'll get more of the energy that you give out. If you're radiating positivity and success because you feel the feelings of success, you will attract more of that. Any successful person will tell you that they visualize what they want before they get it, and then they do get it. You're today, and your future will start with the picture you see in your head of how your life is. You're self conscious. Mind operates through interpreting images by seeing images of the successful life that you want. Your actions will follow in doing things that will bring that success into your life. Success. Visualization Re programmes your mind to attract situations that will bring you more success. Let's look at the picture you currently pain of your life, which is easy. You by looking at your average day. This is the quickest way to spot how big you see your life because the picture you held in your head until now is the life you've created for yourself. Are you sitting at a desk in an office eight hours a day? Are you sitting in traffic to and from your 9 to 5 job? Are you watching TV all night? They were repeating the process again and again. Let's associates, um, colors to these pictures of your life because colors closely relate to emotions. Do you feel your days or dull and dreary? Do you feel stressful and chaotic? If this is what your current life looks like and you're not making daily efforts to repaint the picture in your mind, remember, you are the artist that creates your life. This is what your life will continue to look like. If this is all you continue to see. If you spend your time daydreaming about what you're gonna do on the weekend and it's going out and getting drunk with your friends and then sleeping in and then catching up on a TV show, or better yet, watching an entire TV, Siri's in a day, then you don't want to be successful. And if you're aware of this, you're going Oh my God, that actually kind of sounds like me crap. Then start seeing and looking forward to something bigger and something different tohave the successful life that deep down you want. If you're worrying and therefore picturing yourself not making a deal with a big client, then you're thinking from a small, fearful part of your mind, and you're more likely to attract that small outcome. But by becoming aware that this is how you visualize your client meetings going. You can replace the visualization with your big client, smiling at you, shaking your hand and telling you she's really excited to work with you. You smiling hugely and feeling great about the deal going through. Being aware of what you see in your mind is very important as it allows you to stop those negative inter images from filling of space and your thoughts. 12. Daily Visualization for Success: now that you have tools to create a visual of what you're successful, life is going to look like. Let's get down to the details of the day today. How we spend her days is how we spend our lives. Let that sink in for a second. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. The daily visualization practice we're going to learn now is extremely effective in creating a better life, and it takes under 10 minutes. It's best to do right before you go to bed or when you first wake up first thing to Dio. Get yourself into a happy and positive state by picturing things that make you happy like your best friend's quirkiness that you love her four or listening to your favorite pump up song. Mine is sweet disposition by temper tramp. When I listen to that song afterwards, I'm in complete happiness and I'm excited for everything. So visualize how your day is going to go focus, especially in the areas of the day ahead that you may be nervous about. Say, you're a bit nervous about a client phone call. Visualize it going exactly the way you'd like it to Is your client on the other end of the call, smiling and happy agreeing to all your recommendations? Are you speaking confidently about your services and discussing how your services will positively affect their needs? Are you being pleasantly surprised throughout the day by great opportunities easily coming your way? Are you being introduced to other successful and wonderful people who can help take you to the next level? Picture the absolute best version of your day ahead and spend some time here feeling the happy feeling that you'll feel when your day does come to fruition. What does success look like to you? Are you debt free? Better yet, do you have financial freedom? Are you traveling wherever and whenever you'd like to Owning a flourishing business? Writing a best seller What do you need in your life to feel truly proud to feel like you've achieved the greatness that's always been in you? What does your successful life look like? Where are you? Are you a huge home? Are you in a remote part of the world experiencing its beauty and culture? Are you standing on the stage speaking in front of thousands? What do you feel like, Do you feel powerful? Confidence secure? Who's with you? Is that your husband or your wife? Your family? Your business partner? Ah, group of people that you work closely with. What are you doing? Are you teaching? Are you inventing? Are you selling? Are you presenting? Keep these responses with you throughout your journey to success. At the end of this video, there will be a list of these questions so that you can take the time to really think about what your answers are and so that you can start applying them to your visualizations. It's important to look at your answers, often as a map that shows the direction you're heading in. 13. It's All About Attitude: attitude is everything. Think about the people you really enjoy being around. Think of other attitudes. If you have a positive attitude, it will affect others. Your vibe will be contagious. So if you feel good and give off good vibes, people around you will feel that your attitude will make or break every area of your life. Do you know any happy and successful people who are miserable and have a miserable attitude ? If you're in a position where you're looking to attract more successful people, consider this. You are in control of your emotions. You are in control of your reactions. People don't forget the way you made them feel. So if you want to attract more successful people to spend your time with, maintain a positive attitude. Think about how people's attitudes are after work. Calendar, eating a healthy meal are getting a good sleep. They're upbeat and happy. Compare this to the opposite. Be enthusiastic about everything you believe in. Positive energy is contagious. Believe that you can choose to be happy and choose to have a successful life. Once you realize this, you become the person in control of your life, and this creates a much healthier, better attitude your attitude can make or break you, which would you prefer not on. Lee can make or break you. It can also hugely affect other people. Your attitude is the difference between you getting the client getting the job, landing the meeting and not your attitude matters more than your skills and talents. People can be taught to become a great editor Web designer, but attitude is something that is within you to perfect. Having a positive attitude can create completely different results. Henry Ford had an idea for an eight cylinder engine and knew it would be a huge success. He told his engineers to create it and they said it couldn't be done. He told them, Do it anyway. He kept an attitude of openness, positivity and success, and his engineers did build it, and it shot towards the next level of success way ahead of its competitors. Martin Zulick Hman said. The meaning you give to events means everything with sales people. If its sales person sees rejection as negative, they won't be a successful as a sales person who sees rejection as one step closer to getting the yes optimistic people are more successful. Achievers believe it can be done. Successful people look a failure as a lesson 14. Be the Problem Solver: successful people are those who find solutions to problems. They look a challenge as an opportunity toe, learn, grow and do better be. The problems over there is always an answer. There's always a way people pay others to solve their problems. Treat a complex problem like a simple one. It's on Leah's big or small as you make it. Look at the problem and determine exactly what it is. Get in the habit of finding solutions to small problems. This will help you solve bigger problems, solve one small problem after another. And as human beings, we're fortunate enough to have the ability to be conscious of our thoughts and to bring our thoughts toe life through creation. Successful people are doers, people who create things and often create things to help others. Success often comes because what you do has positively reached other people. What can you do to create that will help others? Whether your talents and gifts, what do you good at doing or being that can enhance people's lives? Are you a great communicator? Are you great fixing things? Are you greedy, connecting people? Successful people provide value to others. That's how and why they are successful. Take five minutes to write down your strings. Once you've done this right down ways that these drinks can help other people. If you're a good communicator, maybe you could be the voice for other people who have trouble communicating and share their goodness through yourself. Maybe you're great at solving problems, and you can use this quality to help businesses solve their problems. Now that you're aware of the qualities you have that can help other people allow this awareness to shift your perspective and move your actions towards a bigger life purpose, using your strength to create good vibes, good videos, workshopped products or ideas that can not only benefit yourself, but others is a key element to becoming successful. Now let's think about what words would you want other people to use to describe you and your life. Positive motivating fund Happy Someone who made a difference in the world. Write down the words that come to mind and put them up on your wall, your fridge on sticky notes on the mirror to remind yourself of the traits and values that you want to be. Write down what you want to create in your life and then write down why you haven't done it . It could be something as simple is creating a course and uploading it to you to me. Why haven't you done that yet? Have you not prioritized setting time aside to do it? Are you afraid it won't be successful? You think it would be overwhelming to put a course together? Unsuccessful People let excuses stop them from doing what they want to do to reach their goals. Successful people don't let anything stop them. They realize if Plan A doesn't work there, 25 other letters in the alphabet. All successful people have discipline the discipline to do something that they don't feel like doing because it's good for them. We all know what we need to do to head towards success. So why don't we do it? It's a lack of discipline. You have to think about the area. You need to be disciplined, eating healthier, speaking your mind, more completing projects, focusing on what you actually want, Not what you've heard makes other people happy that you don't really care about every day. Take five minutes to think about how you would benefit from what you want but need this one tohave. Be aware of the things that stop you from being disciplined. Maybe you want to go for a run in the morning, but what stops you is that you have to get in the bed. You have to put on your running shoes and you have to walk through snow. Eliminate as many factors that stop you, so it's easy for you to do them when you feel unmotivated. Don't let in distractions When you're doing what you want to do. Don't let your day be taken over by unimportant things. Schedule what you need to do and check off when you do it. Work on your discipline with someone else. If it's going to the gym, do it with someone else. It's easier to follow the pact and not disappoint others than to just disappoint yourself. Build the discipline to do what you need to do over just doing what you want to dio when you feel lazy and distracted. Write down what you're doing right now and ask yourself what it is about this that's gonna get closer to success. Then write down how you will feel after you do it. Then do it 15. Final Thoughts: you can't just do nothing and think you'll be successful. Focus. Be a Duer. Manage your time effectively. Never stop learning. Map out the life you want, and then go get it. Look for a solution to every problem. You are now on your path to becoming the best version of yourself and the most successful. You watch this course over and over to remind you of the tools you need to keep in your toolbox for success. If you have any questions or you'd like to reach out to let me know how these tools have helped you, I'd be happy to hear about your progress. Thank you so much and happy learning.