Learn How to Bake Layer Cakes: Step by Step Chocolate Cake | Daniela Lambova | Skillshare

Learn How to Bake Layer Cakes: Step by Step Chocolate Cake

Daniela Lambova, Food Blogger & Photographer

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12 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Equipment needed

    • 3. Ingredients

    • 4. Cut a circle of paper

    • 5. Make the Batter

    • 6. Transfer the batter to the pans

    • 7. Remove the Cakes from pans

    • 8. Make The Frosting

    • 9. Assemble and Frost

    • 10. Decoration

    • 11. Cut the cake

    • 12. Class Project

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About This Class

Learn how to bake an amazing Chocolate Cake with this Cake Baking Class!

If you are new to baking layer cakes or you just want to improve your skills in the area, this class is for you!

You will see all the steps to make a Chocolate Cake: dough, frosting and cake assembly. You will learn why we are using certain ingredients in that recipe and what is the necessary equipment to have at home in order to bake layer cakes.

You will also learn some important baking tips. 

This class is for home bakers who are willing to get better with layer cakes. No professional equipment and no special ingredients are required.

The goal of this class is not only to help you to bake this particular cake but also to give you general knowledge about cake baking so that you can follow any layer cake recipe. It is a class for beginners but also people with some baking experience could benefit from it.

In the Projects & Resources section of the class you can download the recipe of the cake and also the necessary equipment.