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Learn How to Apply Neon Text Effects in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Class overview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Design Process part 1

    • 4. Design Process part 2

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to apply a text effect in adobe illustrator. Basically, we know that Adobe Illustrator is not a popular program when it comes to applying text effects like the photoshop but in this class, we're going to design a neon text effect in illiustrator. This is simple step and can be used in different text styles which I always use. If you're interested in improving your design skills click that enroll button and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Class overview: Hello and thank you for checking out this class May Name is guess Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I publish weekly tutorials here on skin share. So be sure to follow me to receive in bite size graphic design glasses in this class, you are going to learn how toe apply a takes effect in Adobe Illustrator. Basically, as we know that the baby straight or is not a popular program when it comes to applying, takes events like the partnership. But in this class, very going to design a neon takes effect in Illustrator. This is a simple step by step tutorial and can be used in different textiles, which I always use. If you're interested in improving your designs, please click the enroll button and let's get started. 2. Introduction: Hello and welcome. Thank you for enrolling in for this last meaninglessness, Tony. And the 1st 1 Get someone. I think you because you keep on and rolling to my classes. It means a lot to me. Inspires me toe great. More classes, grabbing design glasses for you. So I thank you for watching my classes. Thanks so much, guys. So in this class, we're going toe. I'm going to show you something. Fix that you can do in a dome very straight or you're probably wondering why doing some effects, You know, um, and get the question from one of my students. And she's asking if we if we can make some effects specifics in Adobe Illustrator, I guess just ah, fairly new in design. And she wants to know if it's possible, you know, without using the Adobe Photo shop. Because, of course, we know that in other Bayport shop we can add a lot off status or, you know, if xto our takes and of course, it's possible we can do it in Adobe Illustrator. Although it's not really uh, no, it's not on my dream shop. I fix that we can do, but we can do some. So in this short, less we're going to do a neon effect in an administrator. So, um, missus and, er, Kempley that we're going to do, We're going toe the way. Ah NIU, in effect for the stakes. Okay, so the I'm going to show you the outcome for our project. Uh, this one. All right. So this is the Afghan the father of the same. And you may wondering, where did I get this? Had a glass about the retro door design? No, you may want to intro to that. And also this ah examples that I was playing with. I really go. So it's a different fund, but you can do of course. Ah, different. You can use different points with same effect. All right? Yes, Yes. Judge it according to your liking according to your taste. But we start with business. Our template. I'm gonna upload this file. Yes, I don't know. And the open in your adobe illustrator. Uh, and it's the lowest version. Is satisfied by? Yes, Yes, by let me know if you are. If you're still using these. Yes, for I'm gonna make a new file about I'm going to say within us? Yes, for But if you're using safe, I've given up in this u r c c So this is the template off on open this and I don't know this file and we're going toe turn it into something like this with the new one effect, the effects in Adobe Illustrator is scandalous Limited compared to Adobe 40 shop. Because in 40 shop we know that we're working on a vector in a pixels. And in this traitorous in victor program, it's kind of different, you know, when we use the demonstrators for logo compared to fourth shops, more off image based program. But that window, we can do attacks like this one with the new owner and the other effects that we usually do in Fort Shop. I'm thinking about doing more or something like this, You know, in case it you have only in straighter and you don't have the courtship and thinking off are doing more exercise. It's about illustrator. The effects that we can do Administrator. All right, so, yeah, that's not for the introduction video, So don't know this file. Uh, deformed. Yes, nor my front area surrounded. I'm gonna I think this one is lobster lobster toe. It's available in Ah, Google on the phone document. Yes. Also, these were sort of sorts since pro or so free from Google. So, yeah, I'm gonna blow this file it stopping it stunned the points. And let's do it in the next video, we're gonna turn it into, ah, neon sign board. All right. And if you are interested how we came up with this design, something like this. Um, we want toe create your own something like this from scratch. Just watch the retro door signing scores. I'm gonna put a link for the class. So yes and no to it And watch it is. And then after that, you can go back to this class and it's turned into, ah, neon signage. All right, so that's it for this video. Open the file and let's do it. 3. Design Process part 1: Hello in. Welcome back. So in this video, we're going toe turn our a simple design into a new in effect takes epic. Alright, So I've already open this file and also open your administrator first son, find the, um you can use any neon colors if you went on, Get this scholar being color from this one from interest. I'm gonna post a link in keys he went toe get from these colors, all right. And the or your assignment just annual. Right now you can go toe pics of a that come and in the search bar the neon sign or neon and then look for some examples and then try to regulate them, right? Or cap it because there are so few again, you know, for some inspiration. So in Mexico, back going straight or get very gonna turn it into something like this. Okay, so up in this file, I'm gonna get my type door. I'm gonna don't click here, and then I'm gonna I drop this color you went toe, get this color. It's a 63894 Okay. And then I'm gonna goto type great outlines. And when you click on, create outlines, you can begin at the end of the text anymore. All right, So make sure it's the right text that you put in there so great outlines and then has to go toe object, but upset us. All right. Now click on Premium and ah, you would see that the effect going on your the upset, it means it will add another. You know, it will duplicate the the object that you have with the extra 10 points the offset. But I mean, the negative we went, the the smaller done that. So the negative negative sign. And, uh, and see what they have. A year I'll put the negative. Get them then are Yeah, negative. Nine. Get them nine points and then click on. OK, All right. And then, um, we're going toe group it the smaller one and the normal size off our ship. So that's elected again. Right? Click on group. Now I'm gonna zoom in so we can see it closely. I'm gonna select the presidency. The inner line here? Yes, like that one by one. Holding my shift key in windows. It's like that and then control g group it and then you would see, it's now a group scalding your ship while moving it up. Something like this. And then I'm gonna grope this not on my face. The universe that we created, Rongji and then, um, $40. But we're going to do is going to make it into our nobody cooler stopping your governor Palin. Ah, swatches. And then click. Make sure it's in here in the Scholar. All right, And then that's great. And your swatch click on global. So what? It means that once we change in the colder later everything related to this up in color neon color will change. Okay, according to his settings. So please go on. Okay, it's like that. And now open your color guide. Um, first, let's like this s mother smaller. Uh uh uh. Thanks here, up in the corner guide. And then for the teens, you would see here the shades and then the things you can go to window and then said the quarter guide right there and then for the things you make it a lighter color. Or we can say this one or this one. Okay, now it's a lighter color, so let's bring it down again. Holding your shift key make. It's in the center of the text. Okay. All right. And then I'm gonna select the, uh, 1st 1 near pink color, Not the light one. All right. And then listen, Goto, uh, effect goto there, Gaussian blur. And then here it's acceptable. How you want the ah, the blur. Uh, showing in your design on right now, we can see. But that let's let's cancel this one extinction the color of the background so we can clearly see the blur. We can clearly see the blur defect. Now, we're, uh, a number signage summer on our same. So I'm gonna get the scholar. Okay. I'm gonna lock this background control toe so I don't move. It seems a year can't selected non isco back here. Nowhere. My subject, gatto effect in them blur Gaussian blur when we click to preview and then this pump up the reduce thanks us and I don't know began to see the effect going on here. Maybe I want something at least 31 at the 1.9. Because for me, I'm gonna click on OK, it's like that. And while it's still selected, don't and sell a gator or if you want to, you can so leg it again. I'm gonna get the copy off this control. See? And throw will be right there. And to make sure it's there, it's here it is in the 1st 1 that we did. And this this is the copy. All right, Make sure it's selected. We're going toe up in the appearance panel. Click on this guy. Ocean goes Himmler. We got a preview right here. This one should be higher, so it's like a the, you know, the reflection of the lights. All right, so this one's a little liar. Maybe three. Yeah, it did. Three picks us Nikolay going okay. Or for minus 57. Besides, now they can okay, up in need transparency one is up in the, uh their past. Een over done. I made lower at least 70 to 80%. All right. 70 to 80 etc. No que? Let's see. What the of Yeah. It's like the, uh you know, the bulb in the near light when you see the exact missing here. Yeah. No, we can make it. Ah, this white part little blur CNC here. We can see the, uh, the bulb in here. It's all light. Okay, so what we going? We're going to do his son and another Gaussian blur. Go to effect. There goes from there in Anglican. Brave Unite Year on its too much. Let's make it a little And C five, it's seen nine nine point topics is we can okay. And data. All right, that's our neo nitpick. Uh, thanks if it you know where the administrator. So now let's distinction this going out of mistakes, I'm gonna change your toe. It's going our right now, okay? And then the ornaments its own exchange that toe the scholar dream Gunner, It's ah f D F c toe if you want to copy the color. All right, the background, Golar. It's already encoded in your find That a uploaded So But then ways you can see in the cooler. Carter is 54 to 437 Making okay there. It's like this again. I hope it's not that one, but this one. All right, so that's our first I neon takes effect on. We can duplicate this. Gonna duplicated so And you go up in the layers, make sure there's no luck layer here. I'm gonna Okay, so click on the art burn tool. It's like that once Noah is no selected, you're out and then drug for the right side. It's like that, and it will duplicate our design and then click on the selection tool to remove the art Bartolo. 4. Design Process part 2: No, we cannot let this one. No. Since you can edit that, we can edit this takes because we already create Make it into our outlines. So let's for someone gonna, uh, luck on the elements that we have year control dough. It's like that. We're gonna be able to select it. So this one, you stating that no control. So there. And then I'm gonna like this and dilated. And these someone a not niece. Sentiments again. All right, don't get our type tool. And, ah, closed. The phone is area rounded, empty, bold. You can use anything like I said, um, I'm gonna take it. All right, I'm gonna It's smaller. Holding my shift key dragging down. Send nothing up. We need to make it smaller and then exchanged the bowler to being I think that Okay, the same The same steps that we did. It is very simple person. Let's go toe type Canedo on create outlines. Click on create outlines Goto object bus upset bath. It's like that Click on preview so you can see what you're doing here. Nine points against literate on nine points. We go on. Okay, I'm gonna zoom in. We can see it whole the ah, that's ah minute to change in tow. Remove that. I'm gonna control Z undo it menacing go back toe object but upset birth. So basically, if it's a 9.7 c, you don't want a belly CD, You know, the smaller the in line in line takes here. So it's a good here. Let's see, Maybe by find points Yeah, my brain seems so gave me and click on. OK, And then let's ah, group this on group And then let's select this in latex hunting your ship gear and then control G there. Let's bring it down here. It's like that and then I'm gonna select neath control. Gee, I'm gonna make this one lighter. Open your color guide goto tents or you can click on this. Ah, um drop down arrow and you can select which one here you like against the analogous or monochromatic on this one is so giving me. So I'm gonna select on this. Uh, think going there. Bring it up. Bring it up here holding my shift key. Make sure it's saying third right there. Okay, Only selling the 1st 1 here. Goto effect there. Go see him there. Make on preview and it's pumped up here inside gets for December in 40. Yeah, right now it's and make it into a 34. You can play with the radios, Philando. You don't want too much of the blur. They're the form that the voice mine pecan OK, there. And then I'm gonna duplicate it. Fantozzi Control be and they not I beg gets up in the, uh, beer despondently. Congo. Similar. We completely right here. Should be hired on the last one. Make it 44. That's when he started. For now is for the war, maybe for six. All right, and then go to transparency. Lower it down. No one it down. At least 80. Our 7 676 Okay, good. Now the inland techs were going toe Very. It just the same. Uh, what we did in the last one you can preview. That's too much. Maybe least 0.7. All right, eight. Okay, so that's it, guys, that's our noon takes epic here in Adobe Illustrator. So it's possible. You know, we can create some thanks effect by using Ah, simple, uh, you know, technique here. Some duplicating some layers you know? Of course, I know that you can. We can do every, you know, effects available in port shop here in an administrator. But we can try some like this one. The colors need tax effects. And they said the global color, everything. That the same golder again up in these swatches, panel and number, Click on this one on the color. Now the swatches span in Swatch Options window click on preview. And now, if we can change in the cooler like this one, it will change. All right. You see the other change, right? So that's the beauty off using the global corners. All right, let me say in this corner, some are built. All right, Nessie One, that's good enough. All right, So you guys thank you for ah, watching. I hope you do some exercise of this and, ah, I have another, uh, elements that we can play around with from the metro door sign H design. You can go some of it. And I go toe pics of a and see some examples up neon colors. New in a sign board saying All right, so yeah, Nice. That's it for this class. And I hope you enjoy this and you learned something. So that's all for this video. Let me know what you think of this class by living a review. And don't forget Toe also designs in the gallery section of this class. So that's all for this video. See you in the next class.