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Learn How To Use Powerful Instagram Quote Posts To Grow Your Instagram!

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction to Instagram Quote Posts

    • 2. Some successful instagram quote posts

    • 3. Aiming For Your NIche

    • 4. Finding The Perfect Quotes

    • 5. Creating Top Notch Quote Posts

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About This Class

People often think of Instagram quotes as filler content — the kind of thing you post on Instagram when you run out of other ideas. But the truth is that quotes can be used for all kinds of reasons, from generating more engagement to promoting specific campaigns.

If you haven’t used Instagram quotes yet.... I got you!   
In this class I will introduce you to the skill of how to create an Instagram Quote Post and why you should be using them in your posting schedule.

This content is a skill that every Instagramer should have and is invaluable when it comes to growth and interacting with your audience. i will show you how to create Quote Posts quickly and easily and i will also show you how to keep them in line with you niche.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction to Instagram Quote Posts: Awesome, so we're gonna jump into Instagram, quote posts now Instagram corpus are an amazing, amazing tool for you to grow your engagement and your audience with Instagram, it's one of the simplest things that you can do. And I'm going to show you the best ways to do it so you can connect with the real customers of your business and brand out there on Instagram that actually going to make a difference to your day-to-day life all by making very simple but beautiful quote posts using Canvas. So we're gonna walk through the entire process together, starting from why it works and how it works, how to find what's right for your business. At the end of this, you're going to have ten quote posts that you can post to your Instagram account and measure the massive burst and engagement that you get from these posts compared to the normal stuff that you're posting, that you're not a 100% happy with the engagement front. So let's jump straight in and not waste any time. 2. Some successful instagram quote posts: Awesome. So before we get into the how to get your CT person out there, I want to show you just how powerful they are and give you a few ideas on creating your project with me in this course. So this is Lois House. He runs a podcast, is a New York Times best-selling author, and he's a very, very good digital marketer. You can see if I come down here to his posts on Instagram, there are lot of quote posts. You can see posts, videos, and he posts. Quote posts is basically the only thing is posting. And these really what people are not doing. A lot of people are posting selfies. A lot of people are posting photos of them, photos that product. But if you want to get high engagement on your posts, you need to be taken advantage of quote posts, which is very, very reverse in what you may be thinking. It's like Instagram is a place for pitches. But because everyone else's posting pitches, text actually does really well inside of a pitcher. And I'm going to show you exactly how you should do it for your account, expressing your creativity in the way that you want to. So you can see Lois House, 1.6 million followers. He has a quote posterior with 11 thousand legs, 19 thousand likes, 18 thousand links. And you can see he does it in almost like a Twitter sort of way where he has he's verified tick and he has his as if he's tweeted this out. And you can see they get very, very good engagement. And you can see this one over here, which is a photo of a post, which is actually a very interesting one. Got 22 thousand likes this one over here, 25 thousand, it's one of you have 14 thousand. You can see these quotes do much better than he's normal content. Here's another quote post, but it's actually inside a bigger pitch up. So he's experimenting and seeing which ones to do the best. And this is how a big reason why he's grantees accounts so big. James clear, another really awesome digital marketer, and he is a blogger and also New York Times bestselling author. You can see his entire count grown unquote posts. He has a pattern. You can see angers, black than white than black them went them back them wet. You also does some highlighting to help you see, no longer quotes exactly where you should be looking. And you can see his account has turned in 78 thousand followers, but it's entirely quote post. It's because these offer value to their view is they offer value to their audience and they actually help them learn. J Chetty, another great example, I always use 7.2 million followers, obviously another New York Times bestselling author, there seems to be quite a few of them. But here you can see quit Post quote, Post, quote, post career post. All these 200 thousand or a hundred and ninety three thousand, eight hundred and forty three thousand likes, which is absolutely incredible when you see something like this, which is a photo of his own book in a bookstore, got way less likes. And this is him holding a book got way less likes. Then the actual, just a random piece of text with a quote on it. Now, what we wanna do is we wanna take advantage of this for us. How do we get more engagement, but also keep our target audience relevant. We don't want to post to anyone and anyone in general, but we wanna make sure that people reading this are our target audience. So we're gonna jump into that. And then I'm going to jump into how you can create these for yourself. 3. Aiming For Your NIche: Awesome. So I'm going to teach you something very simple that once we can understand, you're really going to know how to blow up your Instagram to people who are relevant to your actual account and to your brand and your business. That's the most important thing on Instagram. We don't want 10 million random followers who don't care about you. We want really high-quality followers who love your stuff and he's really excited about the content you're putting out. And I'm going to teach you exactly how to do that. So on the screen at the moment you can see this is the Instagram post. Sums can put Instagram post up here. Ig, this is what people normally post on Instagram. Maybe it's a photo of them working out, maybe it's a photo them eating. In this in this situation, we're pretending that we run a fitness account for female. So we're targeting females who want to get fit of females who want to, who like working out being healthy, eating good food. That is our target audience. And this is the type of content that moves people post in that niche. And now this is the target audience. When you post this sort of content, you're at the very, very start of the spectrum. You're targeting very small amounts of people, but you are targeting the right sort of person. They are the person who likes this photo and engages with this following follows you. The people who obviously want to see more of this, but this is not that many of them because it's harder to engage with this as it is to engage your stuff down here, which I'm going to show you. So down on this side of the spectrum, let me just get rid of that. This is a spectrum that goes this way. So as you travel along this spectrum, people get more general, the target audience you're targeting and more general. But there's more of them. So on the far other side is a big crowd of people. Now what a big crowd of people like, they love Oprah, and I love Oprah quotes, the very general quotes. Be thankful for what you have. You'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you'll never ever have enough, which is an amazing quote, and I'm, Oprah is amazing. Everybody loves Oprah. But if you're running a fitness account, remember, this is how we make it contextual to you and your posting, this quote, you're going to actually start attracting people who aren't your target audience. You're gonna attract a lot of people because they love Oprah and they love are prokaryotes and really amazing quotes. But you have to remember the purpose of Instagram account is to attract people who are actually relevant target audience to you. So if you're on this side of the spectrum, you too general and there's too many people who follow you in. The problem with this is when you start putting out content about your niche, maybe two-thirds of the people are not actually going to be interested in that. You may have just 1 third of people interested in that. And you're gonna have really low engagement rates on Instagram and you're counts gonna get penalized. So that's why you don't wanna be too generic. What you need to do is you need the Goldilocks perfect balance in the middle where you're targeting your target audience. Still. Females interested in fitness and health and living life full of vitality. And you're targeting them on mass though you are not singling out one, you're going to be able to scale that. And that's where the balance comes in, in the type of quote that you are going to create today in your project and the type of chord that you're going to post. So for us, take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live is an amazing quote by Jim Rhone. You can see it's in a nice pink color and nice color that a lot of girls like on Instagram. And it is about taking care of your body. And obviously, the Instagram is about taking care of you body. That Instagram is about being healthy and the target audience of women who are interested in fitness are going to like this post way more than this post because it's easier to relate to, you know, this is not a photo. It's just a photo of a viewer, photo of a girl working out. But everyone can relate to their body. And that's why we're going to have the perfect balance of not being too general New quotes, not being too specific in the type of post people post, but striking the perfect balance of targeting their target audience or keeping it on topic, but also making it a little bit more general. So people on nasa can start to lack it, engage with it and follow your account. 4. Finding The Perfect Quotes: Also now you know the context of the quotes that you're going to put out to perfectly target your audience. Not too general, not too specific, but shareable and still go viral within your niche, you want to come over to Google. It's a very easy way to research quotes and just type in fitness quotes. If you're in the real estate niche, type in real estate quotes, if you are in the candle making niche type in aroma therapy or Canuck quotes or mental health quotes, whatever niche you're in, start typing that into Google to get ideas of the quotes that you want to put onto your actual Instagram posts that we're making together. So it's very simple. You want to come in and see what resonates with you and what you think's gonna resonate with your target audience. So here's 20 fitness motivation quotes. You can see you can come in at the last 34 reps or that makes them also grow. The area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. So analyse wasn't UNGA seven time Mr. Olympia, which is amazing quote to put on a fitness page, Nim and bow fitness pages for women. So it's not going to resonate with them as much as if this was a woman, but it still might be a good one for us. You can come down and you can find the ones that have actually said by women or ones that are set by people who think women will resonate well with. And you want to hand pick these quotes. And I can come back and type in fitness quotes for women, which is, as you can see, a popular search term there. And you can go and get actual fitness courts for women that are specific. Now you don't have to worry about which quotes you use. You can put any quote you want in your Instagram, but you must always say where it came from. So if you, according Arnold Schwarzenegger, Make sure you tag on or shortening FE, quoting this website. Make sure you just tag Jim pick because they seem to be made up their own quotes there. And you can see, it's very simple to come and find the quotes and you wanna make sure you do this in a batch because a lot of people are going to make one poster. The time while we're making ten posts is because you don't have to come back every single day and be consumed with making that content. If you're gonna do ten posts, I wanted to begin to a 100 posts at once. Then you've got a 100 days of content all planned out for you. And you can go and focus on other areas of your business and really improved that. So that's why we want to batch it. But essentially, you want to come in and find the best quotes that relevant for your niche that are going to target your audience. And then once you do that, we're gonna go over the canvas and we're going to show you how to create them in your own creative way that expresses exactly what you want to express with the right graphics and visuals that are gonna make people stop scrolling on the Instagram account. 5. Creating Top Notch Quote Posts: Awesome. Now we're up to the fun part, actually creating your quotes. Remember, we always want to be batching this task. If we're not batching this task, we're focusing on the wrong things on Instagram and your business. You want to make sure that you can make these on scale. A lot of people make a 100 of these at once and have almost a year's worth of quote posts planned out in one sitting and then you just don't have to worry about it. Of course, you can always come back and slot in some posts between them. You can slot some, some photos of you on your Instagram wasn't other quotes between them, but that just becomes the automated post every three days at quote. And then the days between that you can post whatever you want. But that's why we're teaching you. And that's why you're learning how to do this on mass and invoke batched so that you don't have to spend all day creating these quotes. And you can really spend that time focusing on something that's going to move the needle for these new people that are coming in to your Instagram account. So we're on canva.com and you wanna come down to design anything. This is an amazing, amazing tool, neuronal type in Instagram. And it's gonna pull up Instagram post for you because that's what we're designing. So we click on Instagram post. And what we're gonna do is in the templates that already got templates first type in quotes. And you can see it's going to immediately pull up these quote pages. And you can see a lot of them are really well-designed. You want to choose the one that resonates with you. Now remember all of these customizable in any way on Canva. And you can see that this is a really nice one. And honestly what I would advise you to do is make sure you're within the aesthetic and the design requirements of your type of Instagram account. But the other thing you need to do is you need to make sure that it's going to stop people scrolling on the Instagram when they actually see this, you know, what's going to stand out? This really stands out to me here. This one I clicked on a peer because it did really stand out with that black hole there in the middle. And you want to see which ones are making, you stop scrolling because that's what's going to happen to people when they see it on their news feed. So we really need to do that ourselves. Now, if we scroll back up to the top over here, we can start to come over here and actually edit what is inside this template. Now, the easiest way to do this is just to change the text over so you can remember what our quote was. Our quote was take care of your body. Take care of your body. So I'm just filling that out here, just typing it, it, it, it, it's very simple. It's the only place you have to live. And you can sort of like, quotes are always interesting because it depends how they're spaced on, how they come across and how people read it. So you can you can space it out a little bit more. And I'm actually just going to increase the size of that black smudge to make sure that it fits there. Because people sort of stop at the end of the sentences. So you wanna make sure you've got that lined up properly. And then down here, obviously put in, you must do this. Who the court is by. And if they have an Instagram account, you can come in here and actually tagged their Instagram account down that too. And then the other thing you wanna do is you want to add in your own Instagram account handle. Instagram, insta, fitness. Whatever it is. You put follow insta fitness like that and maybe you can gray out the top one and a little bit more. Seeing come up here to the fonts. Anything grayed out just a little bit so that follow Instagram fitness is a little bit more bright and it looks like a little bit to tone down there, which looks great. Now if you want to change your background image, of course, you can simply need to double-click on it here and you can change the positioning. What's exactly where the palm tree said? Now if I wanted a different image in the background, Canada has photos that I can use in here. You can also upload your own if these aren't enough, that you can see say was Halloween theme, I could make some Halloween thing backgrounds to match because today's actually Halloween. I can make some Halloween theme quotes to match the actual season that it is on Instagram at the moment it, because people are going to be talking about Halloween is going to be very front of mind. Now you can see that that's going to slot straight in there as the backgrounds a little bit blurry because it was a smaller image. But again, if I wanted something like fitness images, because remember we're running a goes fitness page. You can see this is a pro image here, which means you do need to pay a couple of dollars to use it. Which is also fine if it's going to, if you were wanted to invest that money, this is not a bad place to invest it at all. But you can see that would slot straight on in there. And if it's going behind you probably don't use the pro ones. You may just want to click on one of these free ones here, which also does the job very well. And sometimes the more casual photos really do stand out more than any of the other ones. So you can see that this is how you create these instagram quote pose. You want to find your theme, what works well for you and you want to stick with depth. And you can see that all the three examples that we started with, the inside this course, they all use the same thing once they got it. And it could just be simple like this. It could be in a book, it could be something like neon riding quote post. You could use any of these templates are templates up here. I'm, I'm, I'm typing in photos there. And you can put your face in there like loose housed. And you could do this one here, which is actually very interesting. It's almost like a inside the Instagram. This is software. It looks like it's actually part of Instagram here, which could be a very cool one when you pull a photo and then the quote, and then down here. But your job now is to take the ten quotes that you found online, which don't have to be a quote. So it can be anyone's Kurtz member and come in here and make ten of these quotes. And it's very easy to actually just duplicate. Also you page and change occurred in here. Duplicate again, change occurred in here and they can come in and change the backgrounds on top. Very easy to batches out, but you need to create your first quote post. And then you need to create nine more. It's very importantly batch these because that's what I've been saying the whole time. You really need to focus on things that are going to move your business once these people come in and see it. When you're ready, just click on the download button and that's going to download to your computer. You can upload them straight to Instagram, start posting him. And this is the best fit, starts seeing the ridiculous engagement that these things get. You're going to be hooked, you're gonna be posting two or three of these a day because the perfect balance of so easy to make, they connected the target audience, they get high engagement and they bring new people back to your account. So I'm so excited, make sure you post your projects inside skill share for me to see. I'd love to see a quote POS, and also loved to see the results of engagement that you're getting out there on Instagram. Congratulations on finishing this course. Please let me know how you liked it. Please let me know if you've learned anything and I'll see you in the next one.