Learn How To Resize Photos Automatically

Hon Z., Snack Lectures

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About This Class


Resizing images and photos can be either very tedious or very easy task.

Cameras and mobile phones are producing huge images these days. High resolution is undoubtedly better than low resolution, but if you want your latest trip photos to load fast on your website, you need to resize them. There’s no reason to post very

There’s no reason to post very high-resolution images on the web. People use mobile phones for accessing the internet more than ever, so they simply can’t tell the difference anyway.

But loading time is longer with bigger images and your hosting storage isn’t for free either. That’s why it’s a good idea to resize your images before you publish them.

You can use many tools available either online or as downloadable software. But few people are aware of the fact, that there’s very neat feature built-in to Mac you can use to set up this task automatically.

In this class I will show you how to use this feature so resizing the image will be a matter of seconds.

If you have a Mac computer, you have this feature readily available right now.

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I use both Mac and PC. Today I learned more that the what the class title suggests. Things I always found easy to do on a PC is now just as easy on a Mac.
Great information for Mac users.
This class is about resizing images in MAC computers. It did not make that clear from the description, therefore I would only recommend this class to those who have MACs.





Hon Z.

Snack Lectures