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Learn How To Reliably Grow Your Instagram Following in 2021 (Increase Your Reach)

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Get Clear

    • 3. The Scale

    • 4. The Fundamental Truth

    • 5. Learn The Skill

    • 6. Powerful Content

    • 7. Schedule

    • 8. Reach

    • 9. Bring It All Together

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About This Class

If you are struggling to gain traction on Instagram you are not alone. Most of the hacks and information out there is hurting your Instagram account and restricting it's reach.

In this training we will start with the absolute first principles of your instagram account and build it's reach legitimately by understanding how to maximise each feature and channel of your instagram growth and brand.

I am looking forward to helping you go from absolute 0 to achieving your dreams using the incredible power of Instagram.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: Awesome. So many people at teaching Instagram growth strategies that are really damaging to your account and don't allow you to connect with people who actually enjoy your brand or enjoy you as a person. In this course, we're going to break down the principles that you need to know in order to go out there and feel confident in Instagram growth and the ability to reach people who matter most to you as a business. So I'm excited to get started. I'll see you in the next lecture. 2. Get Clear: Awesome. So to understand how to really use Instagram to connect with your ideal customer and have them love you, and then grow this 1000 or 1000 times. We need to first start with the simplest fundamental. So please bear with me in this because it is very important. We are going to be starting with what is Instagram. So to demonstrate this, we are going to have a piece of cheese here. And this is our creative craft or the product that we are wanting to create content around. We need a camera or a phone that can take a photo of this. And of course, our output, our end product is a photo of our piece of cheese or a photo of whatever it is that your product or service is. This technology, however, has existed for a couple of 100 years. You know, you could take a photo of whatever you wanted. But where Instagram plays its integral role is in the distribution of this creativity. So if you had a photo of a piece of cheese and it was about 25 years ago, how would you get people to see it? You'd have to either make prints of it and send it out in the mail. You'd have to have people over to your house and show them. Maybe go through your your photos from your holidays. Oh, and could go and hang it in an art gallery. However, these days, Instagram make distribution so much easier at literally the click of a button, at the push of a button, you can have hundreds of thousands of people see your creativity, c, whatever it is that you are creating, whatever you brand is, whatever your products out, whoever you are, you can be in front of hundreds of thousands of people instantly. So at its core, you have to understand that the creativity and the craft has always been there. The ability to photograph and documented as, also as being there. But the ability to share this journey and distributed to hundreds of thousands of people is what we need out of Instagram. And I'm gonna show you exactly how you can do that. But remember our first takeaway here, and we're going to stack on top of these takeaways until we get to the really advanced FUN stuff that's going to be actionable for you is to remember, Instagram is distribution. It's the most effective way currently without technology, that you can distribute your photos to hundreds of thousands of people. 3. The Scale: Awesome. So another Instagram is distribution for you and your creative pursuit. However, I want us to start the next foundational principle of why are we using Instagram? To stop that, we need to know a little bit into the history of Instagram. So Instagram launched in 2010. It was originally just for photographers to help them apply filters to their photos. Almost ten years later, they have over a billion users and over 500 million people log in to their Instagram account and give the app attention every single day. You can see here from the graph from 2013 where they really started and take things seriously all the way up to 2018, just over five years, eight years after they launched, they crossed the billion meters, a mock. And on the last ten years, it is the fourth most downloaded app of the decade. So basically, everybody out there who's using their phone or using Instagram in some form or fashion. Now, this is really, really important because it doesn't matter what Nishimura and it doesn't matter what your specialty is, what you teach, what you share, what your message and your purpose is. And no matter what niche you're in, your audience is on Instagram. And if you could just get in front of them, if you could just have the account that has their attention, your business would be transformed over night. So it doesn't matter if you're in the real estate industry, doesn't matter if you're a jeweler or you sell your own Jewry and you sell them on Etsy. It doesn't matter if you're an artist to paint their own paintings. A baker who has their own treats, so maybe they make their own customized ice creams. It doesn't matter if you're a fitness junkie or you're a fitness trainer and help other people lose weight or you hope other people build muscle, or it doesn't even matter if you are a Christmas tree salesmen. Every single one of these customer audiences, every single one of your clients on Instagram. So what we taken away from this is yes, Instagram is distribution, but it's honestly the best form of distribution that you can get in today's day and age because it has not only over a billion plus uses now, but they log on every single day and they're broken down from all these different niches. And your goal is to identify your target customer and connect with them on mass. 4. The Fundamental Truth: Awesome. So now that we know Instagram is a way to distribute your creative work or whatever your message is out to over a billion people who are going to be interested in it. We need to know the fundamentals of Instagram, to know how we can actually connect and reach our audience. So let's go back to our original example. We have a piece of cheese which represents our product or our service, or a brand message. Now, we want this piece of cheese to reach out target audience who are on Instagram. However, you know, if you holding your phone in your hand and you're holding a piece of cheese and the other hand, you can't just get the piece of cheese in front of everyone without going through the appropriate channels. And I know this sounds simple, but please bear with me cuz it's gonna make a lot of sense in a second. So we know that you can't go straight towards the audience, but you can't take a photo of the cheese, upload the photo of the cheese, and then distribute that to the billion people at the click of a button, which is one just magical, but two, very important because there's only a limited amount of ways that you can get your audience's attention. And we're gonna go through them now together in order to get your brand message or your piece of cheese in front of these people, you have to use one of the following six mechanisms. One, you can upload a photo to your news feed, just a simple photo to your news feed. To you can upload a video to your news feed. Three, you can upload what's called an Instagram story, which is going to be a photo, or a video, or a boomerang, or any form of media that Instagram except to upload it to your Instagram story, which is going to be a temporary piece of content. You can also go live on Instagram and have a live feed or a live video being fed to your target audience. You can now also use something called Instagram reels to create content. Or you can message somebody. You can use text and direct messaging to send them photos or videos or just words as content. Now, these six channels are the filters to your brand message. These are the ones that we're going to maximize for you because they're the only way that you can reach your audience with your brand message. So to understand these fundamentals now and be able to put them to use your understand the Instagram is distribution to over 1 billion people who among them are a big section of your target audience. And there are only six ways, the six ways we just went through to be able to reach your audience and share your message. And the more we can master each one of these six ways, because there's a lot of right and wrong ways to actually going about this and approaching these six channels. We want to make sure that we're maximizing every single one of these channels so that our brand grows exponentially. And people are buying into our message, people buying into our products and really passionate about giving you their attention on an ongoing basis. 5. Learn The Skill: Awesome. So we know that Instagram is distribution to over a billion people. And we have six ways to reach these people who are going to be interested in our brand. The next thing that we need to learn for we crunched down into specifics, is that Instagram is a skill. Everything that is succeeding on Instagram, every account that succeeding on Instagram, you are able to model this account and get the exact same results, the exact same amount of followers or more, just by doing exactly what they've been doing already. So this is called modelling success. And it's very, very important for you to learn because a lot of people teach the specific strategies, where the specific strategies are always going to be changing day to day. So if you can learn how to know what specific strategies working in that day, you are going to be conquering Instagram and getting some amazing results. So if you were to learn taekwondo or karate, you would go to somebody who's a black belt in taekwondo or karate. If you wanted to learn how to shoot a basketball, you wouldn't go to some random person. You'd go to the person who could hit a 100 out of a 100 shots, if that's possible, on a basketball hoop. If you wanted to learn Photoshop, once again, you would not go to your brother or sister or just a random friend. You'd go to somebody who has incredible skills at Photoshop that you would like to actually have and then model exactly what they did to learn and to get there. This is massive because a lot of people think there's the haves and have nots. But in reality, you have to switch your mind to being, I can become an learn any skill and get any result that anyone's already got just by modeling exactly the steps that they took to get there. So on Instagram, we need to go to the Instagram account to have the results that you want, whether it be the millions of followers or just a couple of thousands of followers. But they've got really passionate raving fans or someone who's got really incredible content that you'd like to be able to create. And we have to understand that we just need to build that skill to be able to put out the same content, to put out the same value that they're putting out and therefore getting the exact same results or better if we can make some slight modifications and improvements to it. So this is an action-based module. The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go look at the top five experts on Instagram. Who on Instagram has ridiculously high engagement, go under some searches. Maybe that people you already follow, maybe that people you heard about before, but who has a really high amount of followers and something, you wouldn't wanna go try and follow that Justin Bieber's because he's got a lot of followers, not because of Instagram, because he's a singer, but you want to go find people on Instagram. We're doing really well. And you think women shouldn't be, think, I don't know how they are doing so well. Go and find these top five experts on Instagram. People with millions of followers are just hundreds of thousands of followers. And the big thing here is I don't have to be related to your niche or to your market or whatever it is that you do. These just need to be people who have conquered Instagram over them and conquered the Instagram skill already. We're going to write them down and you're going to follow them because you're going to see what they're posting and what they're doing on a daily basis and start to model it. Secondly, and more importantly, we're now going to find the top five niche experts, meaning you're going to write down what Ni Shou in. And if you don't know, you need to get clear on it. For example, if you are in the real estate niche right down real estate and keep it broad. Don't say I'm in the real estate for Queensland. In Australia or some specific little town. Make sure you just say I'm in the real estate niche. And then you're gonna go and find the top five niche experts who are the top five accounts that you know, if you've heard of or you can go and search now using the discovery tool and find the people with millions of followers, a hundreds of thousands of followers are just the ones with a couple of 1000 followers. But a lot of engagement. When you do this, write them down. Here in the top five. You can write them down on a piece of paper would just number one to five, make sure you follow them. And what we're gonna be doing is we are going to be breaking them down together and modelling their success. Because once again, the strategies, day-to-day Change used to be able to follow and unfollow, just follow a bunch of random people and then unfollow them a day later. And you would have a few thousand followers. But these strategies change over time and we need to change with the times. And we need to make sure that you have the skills to be able to adapt and learn and innovate in this market so you can become a niche expert. 6. Powerful Content: Now you might be getting the idea of what we're doing, but don't stop just because you can see the patent. This is what's gonna take your account to the next level. This is what's gonna get you to where you want to go and where these dream five accounts already. The next question you need to answer for yourself is a big one. It's what are they posting? And once again, I need you to zoom out from what you've already been posting because it hasn't been getting you the growth that you deserve, the growth that you really want. But these accounts, it has been giving them the growth. So we need to find out what are they posting. And for us in the, in the real estate industry, people seem to like luxury things seemed, people seem to like aspirational, inspirational content. So all of the sudden, I want to, as a real estate agent, post houses that aren't actually undermine management are not actually selling these houses, but they inspirational houses. And while under this is because they're shareable and it's proven that people like him. And if they're in my area, that would be amazing. But even if they're not in my area, I can still post them, help some other real estate agents out in giving them leads and also be inspiring and motivating the audience to follow me because it's more engaging and interesting content. So inspirational and motivational content is great. And then you can actually extend that even further. And you could just be posting maybe some luxury cars, maybe some luxury shopping, maybe some really nice getaway adventures. And all of a sudden, instead of just being a old real estate company who runs the business like they're putting the display photos in the window of the shop. All of a sudden, I'm a, something that people want to actually be following. And then when I start to display the homes that I'm selling, they're going to be displayed to more people and people are going to be actually seeing the post because they're there to follow the things that are really shareable. And one in every 61 in every ten can be the product or the service. This one here, real estate a US. They post not to luxury, crazy things, but they do post things that are easily sharable. You can see which you can hover over it and you can actually see which ones get the most engagement for, for this one, they got a 196 lax and four comments. And then for this one, I got almost five times the amount of likes, more than five times the amount of blacks, and more than 101112 times the amount of comments. So obviously, postmortem of this inspirational motivational stuff than just the inside. And apparently the text isn't good and you can come and double-check that to see, yeah, this one with text in do too well as the one with that text. So don't post text. Your photos, people are going to be less likely to lack him, and people are going to be less likely to share them. And this is the research that you need to be empowered by it. Because once again, everything, strategies and tips and hacks and tricks all on Instagram, they always change and you want to be able to find what's currently working. So down through and see what's getting a lot of engagement in these posts for all five of your accounts. And write down the stuff that you're going to be actually starting to post. You can see this one here. Looks to be an Instagram TV, looks to be a little bit of a video. So I'm going to wait for that, loads up and actually just meet that and then see what it is. And we can scroll through and you can say, OK, they're doing drone footage and it looks like they're doing drone footage of a cool house. So can you start post drone footage of the houses you're selling or even someone else's drone footage of the houses they're selling on their luxury real estate listings. Go and do this for your niche. This is a really cool one because it's a little niche where people aren't doing this in the real estate industry. This is not a real estate agent. This is someone who actually just finds these cheap old houses as a hobby and he posts them with their price. Can you stop posting maybe really expensive prices here with the really expensive real estate or end really cheap and see how that goes. See how your audience engages with it. And this is just expanding what you are posting in order to reach more people because the more you post and high-quality your purpose. Remember that the only ways that you can connect and then the only ways that you can engage your audience, you only have six options and making sure you do them all with really high quality is going to be crucial for your growth. 7. Schedule: Awesome. So now that you've gone and you've found your five niche experts, five people who have the result that you want on Instagram. Now we're going to be reverse engineering exactly how they got there and expanding your mind and therefore expanding your audience in what you can actually be doing. And it doesn't have to be more work. You can just be smarter work, but you are going to be modelling these people in order to get the result that they already have. So I'm gonna go through these examples with you together. We are in this example, eight real estate Instagram account or a real estate Brand who's trying to grow that Instagram audience. Now, what you may immediately be saying is, well, I'm a local real estate agent and I'm trying to grow my audience here at, but it's really hard because it's easy for luxury listings because they can just put up fancy houses and grow their own Institute million followers. But that's not really my domain. That's not really what we're doing. And this is where we really need to be expanding your mind and really be expanding the limits that you putting on yourself. Because luxury listings could sell a piece of real estate in your area a lot quicker than you could with your 30 to 200 followers from people in your area. And you have to realize that you are trying to target not just your specific people who are going to buy houses, but people who are interested in house, as people who are interested in shopping, real estate, people who are just house, house enthusiasts who likes the look at the aesthetic of houses on Instagram because these people are gonna give momentum to your account. And it's going to allow you to find more actual buyers in your actual audience. So make sure that you don't ever say, well, that's not really what I do because that's going to be keeping you exactly where you are. So the first one we have is luxury listings. And you can see there are a luxury listing Instagram account where they just post really exquisite, incredible looking houses. And of course they get really high engagement because they are very sharable, very likeable images. The next one we have Mammalia real estate now thought this was an interesting one because it's not actually the high-end luxury stuff that has 2 million followers, but it has 30 thousand followers. So that doing something right, and they get pretty good engagement on their posts here. And it'd be very easy for them to come in and selfsame real estate to this audience because they've grown it very well for a real estate company. This one that he's a local one to Australia because I was searching in Australia, searching this search, but just for real estate, that's how I came across these top five Nietzsche experts. If you haven't got your age issues, that search bar, whether it's an apple on the website, a 173 thousand followers. And they post photos of, of course, real estate. So that doing something right to grow to that level, houses magazine. And I once again, this is a magazine and a lot of real estate agents. And remember, this is an example for you as again, again, you don't have to be real estate agent, but this is just the one that we're gonna be walking through together. For example, if you sold artwork, you'd be looking at people who post their artwork here with the five top niche experts in the art world. And it applies to any niche, but this is just to make it concrete for you were using real estate as an example. Now has this magazine is a magazine about real estate, which is not what a real estate's technical niche is. But it is still the same target audience who's following hazards Magazine as the ones who you want falling you on Instagram. So that's hanging note, it's relevant to you. And then we have a very fun one, Hanna and she quite an education of one which will be going through is cheap old houses. So they get 1.2 million followers. And it's a very, very niche, very fascinating little thing that they got going on where they're posting. Okay, here is a house for $1000. It is 1.2 million people are interested in seeing is a house for $80 thousand because a lot of the time people like, you know, houses are supposed to be really expensive, lifelong investments. And here it is, for a year's wage or whatever, two years wage for some people, you income and you can actually buy a house outright. And that's a very, very cool looking thing. And you need to find the, the sort of different accounts in your niche that are doing something that most people aren't and getting really, really cool results from it. So we're going to be asking ourselves a few questions. And the first one is, how often this is going to be one of the biggest takeaways you can get. How often are these accounts, these role-model accounts actually posting? And to get the answer, you can go to app or you can get from the website. At Instagram.com. You can come in and you can click on the post. And you'll be able to see how often and how frequent that these accounts person sells today's Yeah. That was three days ago. That was four days ago. Five days ago you start to pick up the patent five days. Guess these people pushing every single day. How often are these unspoken? Eight hours ago, one day ago, two days ago. So there are also pursuing every day. It's I've looked at real estate one day ago. One day ago, one day ego coming down. Three days ago. Three days ago, five days ago. So they look like they're posting one to 1.5 times a day. Houses. Has his magazine five days ago, seven days ago. August 25th at the moment it is September third, so that's eight days ago, August 21st, you can see these people post twice a week. And then cheap old houses two hours ago, one day ago. One day ago. One day ago. Two days ago. Today's guests, they look back, they post twice to almost three times a day. And you can see the average here. Once a day, once a day, once a day, 1.5 times a day, two times a week, and about two times a day, the average is about one to 1.5 times day being posted. Now this looks like the effective amount of time to be posting in order to grow your following. Because these people have the results and that posting one to 1.5 times, even up to two times a day, they're content now I bet a lot of people out there still posting one every two days or one every five days, I want every seven days. And now we have to adopt and model what the best-performing people are doing in order to get the results. So the first thing you need to do is find out how often I your dream five accounts posting and you need to change your posting schedule to match that. 8. Reach: And now we're reverse engineering our dream five accounts. We wanna make sure we're doing it on all levels. So what I want you to do is come in and check any stories that people are posting with your dream five accounts and take the same note that you're taking with the actual posts on their timeline. Go in and see if that posting any Instagram reals in the app, go in and see if they're pursuing any Instagram TVs and see what it is that they're posting and ask yourself, how can I copy this? How can I model this? Now I've got a couple of really good tips for you. The first tip is we also wanted to see two things. When are they posting and what hashtags are they using? Now, when people get bigger and bigger, they're going to be using less hashtag. So there's a really cool method where you can scroll back to when they were quite small and go all the way back down their newsfeed, it's a little bit easier in the app. And then you can see what hashtags they're actually using. Way back when they started to grow, when they were getting their growth. You can also, if you come into the desktop, you can see which of these ones really went viral, which one of these ones really contributed to the most of their growth. And you can just hover over it and you can still see the engagement that they're getting. If you can't see the Lacks, you can see how many comments they're getting, which will give you basically how well each one performed. So I'm gonna keep coming back, keep going back. You can see the video seems to perform a lot better, so that's one takeaway. Start to post more videos if you're in the real estate. Nice because they seem to get more engagement, more views. Everything else seems to be under a 100 likes and all these seemed to be over a thousand views which Anna likes and views on the same thing, but to get 2300 views on a video is very, very good. So keep posting those and even this is a really awesome photo, one of the best that I've had with the best engagement. But it's still not reaching the same amount of people as something like this. 8,624 views, which is just powerful and incredible. You can reach that in just one video and come back and reverse engineer. And then what we're going to do is we're going to start clicking on these and seeing what hashtags they used. So Mammalia exclusive, you can see that's just for them. So we can go over to another account, maybe luxury listings and scroll back just a little bit and start to take note of which hashtags they're using in order to get even more exposure. A lot of people right off hashtags, they think that they're not helpful at all, but they are really, really powerful when you start to actually master hashtags. And you can see the problem that you might run into as well that we're running to hear is when people get bigger and bigger, they actually stop using these hashtags because they are seen as technique, but you don't want to. You can see that they're almost just got, everyone's got their own hashtag once they get to this size. And that's why you really just want to scroll all the way back and see which hashtags they're using. But they really, really helpful if you use them correctly. Here you go. You can see this house Awards 2020, houses magazine, Australian architecture, sustainable design. You want to start copying these into your own actual content because these are the ones that are helping get eyeballs and traffic and all those views onto the content that these people are posting. And remember, these people are our target audience. So we wanna make sure that we are following and modelling what these people are doing. So make sure you go to your own niche and see what hashtags people are using. The other thing you can do is you typing top hashtags, Instagram, and there's a couple of really cool sites, top hashtags.com. And the other one is all hashtag.com. And these will chop and change as well in a different software will come in and out. And you can basically see which are the most Search and most used hashtags on Instagram. These the ones with a lot of people monitoring and what you wanna do. And especially for all hashtag.com, you can come in and you can see by the day, what are the most popular hashtags today? And as it loads up here at top on a 100 hashtags today, you can come in and you can see which ones are actually relevant to you, which ones are relevant to your niche, and which ones are relevant rent to your account. And you want to just copy the ones that are actually relevant to you and your account because there's going to be so many people searching through these and you'll see your engagement and your view skyrocket as you start to use those top hashtags, both between the top hashtags on Instagram. Out, make sure they are relevant. Tunisia, you can scroll down and see if you're in the food industry. These the ones you want to be using, but also the ones that you'll dream five have been using. Now, the last question that you want to be asking is, when are they posting? And this is going to differ for everyone. So we're not gonna go too deep into this, but you want to see what time exactly are these people posting. So eight hours ago you have to do a little bit of math here, but when you see the time, it's just as 1230 in the afternoon here. So eight hours ago, you can do some quick math, would be 430 in the morning and you can schedule this or get a system to do it if it's at the wrong time. Because I'm in Australia, a lot of people in the US, and they're going to be very weird times, but you wanna go and see and this way of following them. So you can continually reverse engineer what time are they posting? And remember, once we start modelling their content, once we start modelling there hashtags, once you're started modelling, they're posting frequency and posting time. You're going to see a massive surge in your actual followers and in your audience. And you're going to see the people who are following these people, your dream audience, actually start to migrate across to your account. 9. Bring It All Together: Awesome set of bringing altogether and to give you a new action plan, what you need to do and understand that Instagram is just a skill and whatever result you want. People have already got out there. And this is once again, no hacks, no loopholes that are going to get you a little bit of extra followers on the short term, but they're gonna be really disengaged in the long-term. This is how you actually model the top five niche experts who have the results that you already want. I'm going to share this sheet with you so you can be able to use it for yourself. And you can see that income in the five niche experts on the left. What Handel, and what you can actually link them up so you can click on it and go to there accountant anytime they'd be very easy to do if to do is copy this here, true, Amelia, and we come back over to the Familia command K should do the trick, and we're going to paste that in there. And at anytime you can come in and you can click that link and it'll take you exactly to the account so you can see as they grow and as they adapt, what it is that they're doing. The post frequency per Dennis is massive. You wanna make sure that you are matching or above this post frequencies is the average of the top five niche experts. This is what you need to be posting at minimum. And if you're trying to figure out how to do this, go and watch one of our other trainings on YouTube, entrepreneur Academy on YouTube. And we'll show you how to make content so quickly. And we'll make you content. And we'll show you how to make content that's so much more engaging than your content that's already there. The types of content, what are we taking away? What are we going to be trying on our channel? And remember, you want to make sure that you're doing this consistently. Don't post at once and then say OR NOT really didn't see any results. Because you need to be doing this for a month or two months or three months in order to really start to see the results, start to pay off. Instagram once again, is a long-term gain. You want to see what extra hashtags you need to add. You know, see what time you want to post and you can see the patterns in here on when they post and actually set the model that so you can get the most engagement. And then you can dive deep and do similar to what we've done here for each of the stories, the lives and the reals, because most likely you would dream accounts would be posting on all of these because maybe there's only six ways to reach your audience and you want to be taking advantage of all six of them. So thank you so much. I hope this really helps you get an action plan and grow and think long-term, and don't fall into the trap of trying to hack the algorithm and trying to take the short-term loopholes that are just going to damage your account and long-term instead, see which accounts have sustainably being effective and successful on Instagram and modal those in your niche.