Learn How To Reduce Video File Size Without Losing Quality

Francis Eluozo, GrafixDesign - Music Production - Nerd

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3 Videos (10m)
    • - Introduction

    • Part 1: The Process

    • Part 2: The Result


About This Class

Hi, on this course you will learn how to quickly cut down any video file size by 90% and still retain the original video quality. Enroll and learn something new today.





Francis Eluozo

GrafixDesign - Music Production - Nerd

Meet FRANCIS, Singer, Songwriter, Web/Graphics Designer, Music Producer and I.T enthusiast. I am also a Computer Science Bachelors Degree holder.

On this platform I will be teaching SIMPLE but RELEVANT SKILLS that I have acquired over a decade of learning and self development.

Stick around and learn great stuff that will not only boost your confidence but also make you a few bucks down the path

PS: I currently offer my services as a singer and songwriter over at Fiverr.Co...

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