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Learn How To Quickly Value Stocks (Stock Valuation)

Robert Leonard

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6 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Introduction

    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)

    • Key Ratios Multiple Valuations (Fundamentals)

    • After The Valuation

    • CASE STUDY: Google (GOOG)

    • BONUS: Additional Materials


About This Class

The most important factor in successful stock market investing is valuation. The price you pay for a stock, compared to what the stock is actually worth, will ultimately determine your return on investment.

This course was designed to help individuals quickly come to a relative valuation for an individual stock pick. You will be able to determine if the stock you're about to spend time researching is currently priced close to it's intrinsic value (true value). This course does not go through the detailed mathematics behind each valuation technique, rather it provides you with tools to value a stock quickly before wasting hours researching it in-depth, only to find out its current price is nowhere near its value.

As part of this course, you will receive a fantastic stock valuation spreadsheet that can be used as investment tool for many years to come.

As an avid investment researcher myself, prior to creating the spreadsheet used in this course, I would spend hours researching and learning about a given company, only to find out that the current price in the markets, or the asking price for an entire business, was nowhere near it's intrinsic value - in which case, I was not interested in investing. By using the information taught in this course, and the spreadsheet materials provided, you will be able to significantly decrease your investment research time by quickly coming to a valuation prior to doing a deep dive into the company. You can use the information taught in this course, and the spreadsheet provided, to quickly determine if a business is worth diving into at the current time, based on its price in relation to its value. This course will not teach you to value Bitcoin, commodities, options, or other more complex financial instruments.





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