Learn How To Quickly Setup A Free Blog With Your Own Domain

Jan Zavrel, Evernote Certified Consultant

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9 Videos (22m)
    • 01 Class introduction

    • 02 Service introduction

    • 03 Setting up a theme

    • 04 Social links and colors

    • 05 Adding a post

    • 06 Adding an image

    • 07 Adding a page

    • 08 Adding a custom domain

    • 09 Using a mobile app


About This Class


There are many services you can use if you want to create a new blog. Most of us would automatically start with Wordpress, some would prefer Ghost platform, and others would choose Blogger.

It’s quite rare to find the service, that allows you to use your own domain, offers great looking ready-made templates and on top of that lets you manage all your blogs from one easy to use dashboard.

I have been a user of this service for many years now, but only recently I came back to it for some serious usage because they evolve into something that’s quite hard to beat.

They offer everything I mentioned above for FREE. Yes. It’s almost unbelievable and I don’t quite understand how they business model works, but you get all you need FREE OF CHARGE.

So before you buy hosting and install Wordpress to run your blog. Definitely, check out this class and decide if this is what you need. I am personally in the middle of setting up my new Wordpress site. I have found great and cheap cloud hosting, but re-discovered this service and now I’m not sure anymore if I will continue with Wordpress or dive into this.

Enroll in this class and see what I am talking about! 

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A simple way to create the blog mostly for personal use. Thank you.
Dei Pa


Great class! Recommended!
Yani Jo

Business and Life Hacks Expert

Another class from Jan!
Sorin Constantin

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer





Jan Zavrel

Evernote Certified Consultant

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THE SYSTEM2: Productivity Toolbox Built on the Evernote Platform


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Hi, my name is Jan. I am Evernote Certified Consultant and the founder of THE SYSTEM2

I run online consulting business at ZAVREL CONSULTING where I explain my methodology for a life of happiness and fulfillment which I call THE FULL CIRCLE.

I started my IT career as a Pascal programming language student in 1994. Later I discovered the potential of the web and co-founded WEBXP company, where I created websites and web applications for local businesses.

In 2000, I started working for a German-based company Caatoosee, where I was the part of a team creating the top of the line web shop for than famous Breuninger Mode & Beauty online kaufen.

At that time I also started my very own LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) project and designed, developed and published one of the first so-called discussion servers, that were very popular in my country years before the Facebook became the worldwide success. After 16 years, I am working on its comeback! You can read more about it here.

In 2008, when iPhone SDK was introduced, I moved to mobile apps world and soon published my first verb dictionary for iPhone which you can still find on the App Store.
In 2015, I founded BOHEMIAPPS which evolved from simple iPhone app project to creativity platform focused on iOS and web development.

In 2016, I decided to push my mission even further with SMART PROFIT SCHOOL. I believe that everyone can teach and SMART PROFIT SCHOOL is about helping newcomers start their own online teaching career. I also published my first book in 2016, THE DIGITAL INSTRUCTOR.

In 2017 I focused primarily on productivity, became Evernote Certified Consultant, and published my second book, THE SYSTEM2.