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Learn How To Make Afro pop Beat

Haruna Abubakar

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About This Class

I will teach you how to make Afropop beats from scratch in FL studio.


1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, I'm sir. Classy. I mean music producer mixing mushroom engineer. I'm certified by the Berklee College of Music in Boston, making Afropop Afrobeat music. But last seven years in this course, I'll show you how you can start from scratch as a beginner with no previous experience out to make, Afropop or Afro beats music from scratch. Using f else to you, I'll take you from familiarizing yourself with interface important trucks making drums, Mickey melodies, some information on mixing and mastering music, curing on many more about several students who are not doing really well making great Afro beats. And I have the own studios. They're not independence. So my now saying to the bells, and I'm sure I can do the same for you. See you in the course chairs. 2. WHAT IS FL STUDIO: F L Studios on only one music production suits, which FL studio you can compose music record, audio on even mix and master to Professional Standards Efforts Studio has been used and is still being used by various industry producers who have made it to the billboards by prison for the likes of Whisk It Born a boy on so many more Afrobeat legends on Beyond genre itself. When this cause, I will show you how you can make great sounding Afropop beats. That's what inspire the audience to move their bodies because after that's where after bits all abouts dance on, read them. 3. INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERFACE: FL Studio has a lot of great and seamless features and functionalities, which make music production faster, more creative, even if you're a newbie. Oy pro. These features include the browser channel Any bras eyes where you have a special food accorded parks, which is really help Save your drum sounds on drums. Elements on you can also load instruments from Debra's, our channel. We also have the China rock where your drug on drop sounds from de browser or you can't need add issue maze directly from insights on the Janu rock. Next, we have the piano room, which gives more flexibility for each drum elements or instruments. You load on the China Iraq in terms off, creating melodies or creating sounds. It's less restrictive than China Iraq. Next we have the playlists. The playlists is where you arrange all you have done in John A Rock on the Piano Room creates a full and song. Here we have the mixer in the mixer. You have creative control. Also over the sounds you made in the mix size where you can alta the nature off the sounds . Initially made where you can achieve balance by making sure some elements are no louder than the order, making sure their level are making sure their present of the year in the mixer. You can't do more productive process by adding simple on interesting effects. Commonly effects are there. Trudy makes our channels other aspects off. The interface NFL student helps you create music includes switching between the song on pattern mood. The pattern mood is linked to the China Iraq which help you here. Maybe just you have made your drums here so you can hear just the drums you made on the song. Mood helps you hear everything you've made indifference January rocks or patterns. Next we have the play boxing. We have the stop bought in. We have the record. We have your B p. M. Where you can set your temple. The lower you go, the slightest song. Heidi, Higher you go. The faster this song. We have your metron on track. We helps you check if your beats or your song is actually on Temple. We have the time here, which tells you do duration off the song and I seconds beats or bars. Also, we have the indicates, or China. He always tells you which pattern you're currently working on here. We also have a hint Spano, which gives you helpful information on parts off efforts to do. You might not be so familiar. Wits all of these puts Guetta helps make music production in FL Studio seem less on easy off course. Make your creativity process less painful and tasking. 4. HOW TO ADD SOUNDS TO YOUR KIT: adding drone parks from third party websites like Lou Pearlman spies on any other drum kits websites can be a big boost in the quality off production. I didn t Sounds can be really easy. First off all the open or download folder in your PC on copies to the directory in your programs folder in your windows or Mark using this food as an example, which I downloaded from look masters allowed to do from It'll Fouda, It's click the copy Boxing. Go to my lookout disk open the program fouls X 86 I look for image line Here is image line Open up fl Studio 20 You might use 12 amaze 11 but the fl stood your main folder here you open it up, Open the food accord data Fota Then you open another Foda again called patches. In this patch is you see in bunch of Ford us here. But what is our consent from now is the parks for order In this box folder we have a list of drum kits. You can add what you end up showing up in your efforts to do some pool LaBrie then just pastes do for that you copied from your downloads on its who appear here now. Freddy, don't this already have this particular Ford? A. So I don't need to call Pedes. But for any new sound or drum kit you download from a websites or from 1/3 party, you simply added to your parks. You can be more organized by creating special food. It's like Happy Precaution Fouda, which have a food off all my precaution. Kids, you can't do that. Also, for your drum parks, you can have maybe a foot dedicated to just snap sounds. You can create a food out for snakes. Simply Barrett's clicking, creating you click on a folder on the You name. It's snare. You can have before that, Dedicate said to just snare sounds and then you when you're pointing for that, you paste all your snakes, sounds that you call it. I downloaded from your top party, um, websites. So that's how you can add drum kits on even instruments into FL Studio from the download folder from top party websites 5. HOW TO INSTALL PLUG INS: installing toward party plug ins can also enhance the quality off your production. The command tower party plug ins for Afropop or Afrobeat music production include nexus Purity happens Sonic numbness fair on so many more. Typically, they all have the instruction process on procedures listed or included. Any download foul commonly the directories for installing fouls or these programs on programs into efforts to do. I shed between two different directories. It could be it that it's a bit Foda 1964 Bits folder depend on the plugging. Some plug ins do have both that it's around 64 beats so in plug ins, have just 32 or 64 beats for it at it to bits plugging you're pulling your program X 86 fouls. Then you go to your VSD plug ins from installation. Window off your plugging and install it into the VSD, plugging in your program X 86 files so that it can walk properly. Acidity to beats, plugging for a 64 bits plugging you select the regular program files folder, Scroll down to Stein bag. It's time, but you see DVS t plug ins for order. This hosts a large majority off 64 bits. Thought party plug ins. Remember, install employment in the appropriate folders makes it easier for you to use them without crashing. So do you remember to take notes off the food idea, Installing the plunges into 6. HOW TO MAKE A DRUM TRACK: making a drone truck for Afropop or Afrobeat in FL Studio can be exciting on interesting. All you have to remember is picking quality drum sounds goes a long way in determining the quality off your beats. So takeouts enough time to pick out the right kick. Snare precautions on collapse that you will need for your drums did not do it in a haste because sound selection is number one criteria for having a great beats. So I'll be sharing a free drum kit with you, which you install in your parks folder as shown in the previous lesson. So you go to you Nobody park is Kush drums by Mr Kumin. So go to kicks We add our kicks first, remember? For kicks would not need a kick the house. So Steyn, who no need to kick the house Too much bass trees. We need these shots on shop kick So we take our time to look for which key confused this criteria. This is okay. You simply click on the sounds. We hear them before you add them to your China Iraq Until items here to add this to your China, this cake is okay and so I did your channel Rock. You simply left click you drug. It's why hold your left leg and place. It's either on the on all down on the existing channel. Oh yes, it puts it on in blank space somewhere both on existing channel. I need to come on its own. Yes. How toe odd it sound from your browser into your China Iraq. Next we need its name. You can close this year. Look for a snare. So through the something will click and listen until finally snared our sounds suitable. I like this name. I know I can't drag it over this existing kick trying to replace it. Next. We need some precautions. Oh, this is fine. Can drag it provides. Then let's at one more precaution sound. That's fine. So we have our Kik. We have our snake. You can move this around simply by clicking on the top. Window left. Lee can move. You can't move all of these around. We have a precaution on We haven't heard a precaution. So we start by creating a typical for bar kick a kick sound on every block. You silly. You simply do that That click in by left clicking on empty block and you get a kick on each sound or you can right click the kick, go to few each four steps. Are you have the same results? No, this sound maybe too fast. You cannot just that by simply coming over to the temple here, on left clicking it's on scrolling down all the way to Let's say, once it starts 96 bpm leave it at 96. I don't We hear the difference now, so it's a bit slower so you can do something nice at this temple. He doesn't have to always about 96 BPM. You could be out 100. It could be out 1 15 1 20 Or you could be at 80 is not. This depends on what you want to achieve. So now we can lay our sneer. But doing these it's already have on interesting Drumlin for Afropop. Next, what we need to do is out some precautions to make it sound more traditional. So we can't do this on each beginning here. So here we have ended up your questions sound So this is a basic Afropop drone. Now we can add ishika to add more traditional future the drums. So look for a chicha. This is good we can use This load is up there So you can't just You can right click on the existence sound to copy and paste So I don't have to click it again All of ragging on us Copy Particular thing you did on basis on any other channel you like So I just copied one for this name on pace That it on she colisee I sounds in the China rock We have the volume bought in CIA will have the pond Which canopy would shift the sound to left speaker or the right speaker? So we know Play with this part yet All we need is volume so you can adjust the level off sound Maybe some sound at salute or too loud for you So you usually toe a just level off the sound. Now that sounds more Please owns so you can feel free to experiments toe Add more elements into change Variation to see what sounds you can get. For example, I can add another kick here I see. I sounds like God is just here, so the arrangements is quite endless. Really un depends a lot on your creativity. So this is how you can create a basic Afropop drum in f else to do remember sounds. Election is key, all right? 7. HOW TO LAYER YOUR DRUMS: there is simply missed the combination off similar types off sound so creates a unique or complementary sound. Learn is very common in Afropop beats because he can make it sound more heavier or make it sound more unique. Uneven influence. How creates You Debates can sound your rule of Tom for layering, especially when I just starting out in production. Leah sounds that are off the same family class, for example, is now. Any club can really odd. Two types off snares can be layered. Two types off clubs can be layered. Hi, heart on symbols can be really odd. It talking Germany conga can be really odd it to tapped with different types of Congas or two different kinds of talking drums can be layered. Shakeouts on high hearts can be layered. These are all drums with the same family class, so you stick to layering sounds that sound close to each other to get a unique sound. For example, Leslie at this snake dies here with a club, so look for a club. Let's use this club, which you can't drag and drop. It's anywhere below or under. Remember, you can always copy. You have to riff you creates the same thing you did. You can right click copy on Pieced. You see how it sounds already with the layout. Sound on is a lot you can do with layering with Derek. I used to create variation in the beats. You must know. Always take after the complete sound that you copy. You can take out some by simply rest clicking some sounds and see how this sound you can't reduce. Avery is shown to see. So what is the What is happening right now in this club is taking after some parts off the snare. If you had to match it up, you see this? A block here occupied. It's on that block. Your compiler of this name. You can see another block here compiled off the club. Sorry. You can sell that bloke occupied of the club. Same thing with this name known here. You can see. I know no one occupied here. Someone occupied here, Here, on here. So using Larry can help you creates more interesting drum patterns. You have to lay all your sounds. It can't be Josie Club. You need to layer. Or maybe just your precautions. You might need to leer. So typically, you can also layer your kick drum, but I would not recommend outs. Recommend sticking to picking out a shots on sharp kick while you lay out your order. Sounds like snails back, oceans on bond or the sounds like you mean it will try to avoid the area kick for a for a starts that is a bit more advanced because off frequency issues so they simply house Leah sounds for our football drums. 8. INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC THEORY: before, gets into chords and melodies. Having a basic understanding off music theory, we really help in bringing out your ideas. Music Curie do not have to be difficult. It can be quite extensive bought in this course I'll share with you all you need to creates your chords and melodies, especially if you don't have any background in plain musical instruments, or knowing what's even notes are in music. They are formulas for creates in courts, which I will share with you for the sick. Off this course on most of the popular songs in In Afrobeat jewelry amid up off major triads. So show you what's major courts are was triads on what is killed is also what notes on how you can use them creatively. In fl Studio, so creates a great afropop melody on chords. You simply right click on it selected park goto insights and we used the f l keys are we uses fl keys to show you what major key or majora notes are. What s Achilles? What semi tone on its own is this is in the koc thistles. Keesee, This is a shop see shop. This is key Teoh, the shop e if f sharp. This is F shop. This is Jean. Just shop. This is a shop. This is on. This is Keesee a game? What is I So this is the RMI Foster lots to do. But this is the door. This is your, uh so, uh Si do so this with this alone? This is the majority progression. This is a major skill there. May foster. Lhotse do is where major skill there, major or minor skill. But since you hardly see, um, popular Afropop offer bit songs that make use off my no skills it happens. Was is very rare since the majority of songs and major triads. So stick two major trials for the sake off this course this is key. See, in this kill off, See, the's are all white nose. They escaped. The KFC are all white notes. That means in the key of C thesis. A semi tone to this thing is a hole. Because when you're using the key off, see you assume these black keys do not exists for the major key off. See, So them is the next key after key. See, thesis ministers. Nice. Is that this is a semi tone that this is the hotel. Then we get this festival Transmit up off three notes planets once That was a tragedies it tried. Is it burns? It's basically three knows plane at the same time in a particular skill we're playing It tried in his kill off. See? So we found that this is the first hotel one or fest tone after Casey. Their love for the next photo in key. Any skill off? See, that's after this particular moments. So this is a cemetery and this is the hotel. So if we're to friend defensed court off key See To be this this on this What? I'm trying to see them open on the piano rule your rights Click. You go to the piano room. No, this is Koc conceivably drug can simply just here they re size. It's This is the Koc, remember? Or white notes are for key. See or white notes belong to key. See, So now this is a 17. This is is a so so that was the next notes We need toe for me called a charge card. Is this so we've got in our fists tomb in the KFC That we find in next preceding notes to form a triad used to find This is Sam itude and this is a hotel. One plate on this thing. This is called it Do called. Remember, we went to do re mi fossil lots to do so. That's how to form a triad in the skill off. See, for any of the notes in the scale off. See, this is the dough cord and it applies to all of the news that fall under the key off sea or the skill off see? 9. HOW TO MAKE CHORDS: creating cords can be really easy, especially when you know the formula for its. So what we have to do for us to creates, cause we go to a new pattern. What does an empty channel rock on to do that? You come to this place year reaching parts on one use your must will on screw up. Are you good to pattern To, which has an empty chan Iraq? So you rights Click on any off these parks Goto insights to inside on instruments, so I'll be using You can't any instruments young and already have a rabbit. See instrument next source. Purity, depending on what already have, it would be a stock sound. Maybe FL Keys. Bobby's in Next. Does our click next owes its comes in? No, I'm going to select my sound. Let me use a piano sound so every piano sound from next does and our legs who creates a cord. So I right click next source and I go to piano room. In this piano rule, I can create a cord. I can create a court progression for my beats now creating core progression, especially when you do not have any background on music cherry can be confusing, but I'll show you a quick way to creates really good cords. No, what you do? You select the bass notes, they listen to it before you do. Don't. It's from a court. This is key. See, in a complete underdone Valencia the maybe I can play on golden notes, remember, while using only the white news for Keesee. So Mr Weston, on the white lines when his wife struck. So you can say Let's maybe another white and then selects this again. So listen to its festive for latency. Okay, that sounds good. Remember Wa sticking to only the white notes. So now to Butte discord, we pick out the fest whole tune. Remember any Koc thesis? A semi tone because is the fest Kida comes after a c. So we need the next news Two notes after see is this is the whole tune which is this? They're not out to more notes again One Now this is a full called for Do dies for defensed progression, Then do the same thing for old rest. So this is for D. So look for the to fool for two white news after d, This is one to You'll find out to white notes again after if one one on Sue. Which is this? So come here. Eso Kentucky E two notes e look for the first to Newt's after key e d festo Wet news after key. So when you trusty toc 12 eyes each and another two notes after knows g again, this is one which is this. So since this is basically December's this you can copy and paste. This year you simply hold your control key on hold your left mouse. He brings out this band this rectangular orange or yellowish bond Are you drug all across? Its on you have lights red then two movies. After selecting you, hold your shift key on you Move with your left mouse clicked I moved Any released Both your left mouse on the shift. Now, Now you said like that defense Two notes. So now I can hear the core progression on C now, Isn't that lovely? Which just this simple trick you can't creates called Variation of difference knows within the skill off. See, you can start from here. You can start from here and creates a cord you can start from anywhere. You don't have to start from notes. See, no guys and your white skis You can start from anywhere on beautiful cold on you gets really good results on how to form your courts. 10. HOW TO MAKE MELODIES: making melodies also can be really easy. It doesn't have to be difficult, especially with the function that efforts to do has called ghost knows or goes channels. What is those that helps you identify the cords you played, Elia on. You can't play your melodies within those notes. So that's you always be in line, especially if you don't know how any. A previous idea for a melody, for example, Yours made No. Should he goes China immediately. So what you do is you come when you open water, water the instruments for Milady's. You can't clone an existing one. Let's clone the currents. Piano Sound clue. Oakland In those cloning basically brings out the same exact sound that used Elia. But it's not be independent on its own. So can go to piano rule. You come to this drop down here, you come to help us, and you see ghost channels. If you disable, it removes the city cause you played earlier. When you come back to help us, are you nibble leads or alternate V. You come there, you can play your melodies within these great distinct grid lines are you get really good melodies are don't forget the rule off, making good melodies to keep it as simple as possible so that, you know, destruct the artist that will common sing on the beets or rap on the beats. Keep the melody simple on phone, so less pick out some Millis. Let's change the sound from a piano to something else. Let's change it through a plot sound. Also in case If you do know, have immediate keyboard, you can enable you guys your regular computer keyboard by clicking this bought in here. When you press your boy your cue, you're cute. Doubly e rt defense. Already the the quite CEO line off your keyboard. You have the major kill off see by defaults. The skill off key C by default would be there, so Q seven C w with seven D on E. We save us e so you can use your computer keyboard, as it means to play or hear sounds before you finalize on picking them. So our peaks on scene else, right? I'll pick this so I go to the piano room so I come press my space bar, listen to what's already dead. If I start the melodies, I can't do these, So I come to Datz. Then I found do that same thing here again, or I can bring it down here that can bring you down here. Let's see. I sounds that's fine. That's fine on I can't even make it a cord. If I would like, I can't make its accords. Try out If I want comic. It's just too, um, notes. Theun again depends on your creative juice. You can't do that. We can play around. You can also use the bar from another existing called Life example. There's no grilling here. Both exist for this one's. So you just kind of stick with Cindy lines that this green lines are already formed for you . So you play within those boundaries I can do. This is what this one will see. That's fine. So that's how to create its melodies. For Afropop beats simple melodies. The catchy 11. HOW TO LAYER CHORDS: know that we have our cords. We can make it more interesting by layering, just like how we let our drums. We can do the same for courts. Layering cords helps creates unique sounds. I make your beats sounds more interesting. So what we do is we stick to the principle off Lorene sounds that are off the same family class. So this is a piano, since the piano with pickets sound as close through a piano, possibly a guitar or a bell sound. So let's look for a guitar sound and liaise with this piano we use. Next does also. So this is a guitar sound. They will right click. You simply copy your ass. Click is the one that has the information already that you Freddy Media called here as click It's you copy on you paste in New Channel by You want to lay its in on your listing. Remember, this is the volume bought in, and this is the pan boating Well, no need to pound boats in. Still Yates, we keep sticking to the volume boats in the guitar sound. It seems to be too loud, so we can use it by simply left clicking on this and reduced turning its down on listening to it again. So our turn off the piano that played earlier back licking is green lights here, listen to adjust the new guitar. I did sort of get sounds into the piano again. Let's listen to both of them together. Now you see how that's comic? It's on more interesting. Now we have bought a guitar and the piano playing the exact same thing, so that's how you layer for cords. 12. HOW TO USE THE PLAYLIST: This is the playlist. This is where you arrange your patterns or your China rock on creates a full form song. This is where you get to here or your patterns in one take. For example, if I had to go back to parts on one and I bring in my drums, I'll have to do is measure. Click on January. Rocco P. Again to measure is selected, and I drop. It's here just by clicking on empty space here, and I go to my pattern soon. Same thing on their drop is here. If you notice is my part, that's who seems to be longer than my part on one. So what I would do is I'll click my part on one. I was selected Rewarding control and select in our press contro be the duplicates. It's to feel the top when they are trying to make is Song. This song is typically structured in every four bars days, you can have four bus a bus, 12 bars, 16 bus, 20 bucks, 24 bars. Each of these this is 1234 This is four bars 5678 This is eight bars both way starts or we have is four bars. 1234 bars. So what's the long pattern mood here? If I had to place, we can hear everything. Planes get out once what we here would be just one off the pattern clips, which is just the drum times we can see. This is important one, and our drums is part on one. So if wants to hear everything together, click song mood. Okay, you know no guy here. Both our drums, our courts and our Miller display knots once. No, I would our courts sound a bit louder than our drums so we can turn down the volume a little. Beats with the volume keys, turned them down a little and then placed me here again. Do the same thing for melody. This is much, much better. No, we need to separate our melodies. Four. Star flexibility. When two separate our melody from our courts that we played here, so simply do is we select Melody Instruments, writes click who cause it's Do not click on anything. No slavery. Do it sees. Use your mosque Willers Croteau in new pattern. But on three, if it's empty, then writes click on paste. Now we have our Miller, the only new channel rock only new pattern. Now we see. Just drop. It's here now we have our milady, in part on three on the reason why it helps to spread out your melodies on your cords as much for drums is while you are doing song structure, which will come up soon in. The next lesson is that it will help you have more variation on more ideas to play with. For example, five who take this melody outs and we had just because with the drums, this is what will get. No, that sounds interesting on soon. Rest clicking on rest. Clicking a truck with deal. It's It's Contra Zet brings it back were only ones control. Autonomous Zed takes us back multiple times, so countries it only takes us back ones. Contra alternatives. It takes us back several times. In case if you made an arrow, are you like to revive box to prove your settings? Court attorney that can take you all the way back. So does basically how to use the playlist to arrange trucks. Now you can keep idea melodies. You got more melodies on more instruments would you look at in the song structure coming up next? You can't mow melodies. Your drum rules your feels even recording for cars happen in the playlist. So the place is very useful. Why are trying to make a fool and songs? I remember it all. Structured in four bars, four bars, eight bars, 16 busto of between four bars to Insead bars, 32 bars. These are all structured our divisible by four for simplicity on for is kind off the standout also order the order aberrations Maybe one Ted, They be kind of like three bus Pacey want Ted. Both those are for very or die jar is possible. Fruit Afropop offer bid sticks family to four bus So please do stick with the four bars. 1234 So anything new you're added should come in between without two or four or IDs or six or 12. All rights 13. SONG STRUCTURE INTRO: In making this song, you need what is called this song structure. This song structure gives you direction. Why are trying to make the beats a full lands? Beats a very common song structure amongst many song structure is where you have the in true de Vess, the bridge, the core us, the second vests, the Kurose a breach. It core us again on then out. True. And that's what we'll be doing with these beats. I will have so never loved this bizarre we have here into a full lands. Beats using the structure, I just said. So we're trying form out the structure, holding control for each part off a song on intercom before or eight bars. Let's assume the interest. Eight bars. If he's eight bars, it would be split into two parts deposit. Guys, come on a pass. The house that would climax unless assume divers who spread it out a little bit more before develop it further. So you just go on true with your left mouse to select a new area, then holding shifts. Holding shift. Your move. Your left mouse key. They moved. Now we have a 16 bar. It's 16 by vest which is very typical for Afro beats. So defense for parts off your defense, eight bars off your vests would be bits. Come then the order it. But then the other eight bars would be more climax. We have more climax than the bridge bridge can't be if something totally difference can have maybe just a stripped down version of defense or can have a difference progression The difference. Core progression or kind. Just be basically, um, just drums or only your cards so almost anything can happen in the bridge. Really? Then we have. Let's as you We have the courts coming, the chorus coming in a Canada 16 bars. So it's epic arrangement is 16 bucks for the vest 16 bus Where the core us. So this is the first vests. So do the same thing for the second vests. Then second vest Ixil directly again to DiCaro Snow Bridge, your bridge county four or eight bars. But we use for bus for these parties for this lesson. Then we have a bridge. Not all coming on it. Bob reached that were coming. Yeah, and then we have the chorus that coming again. So this is the structure own are beautiful needs. Let's hear the entrance. EI, it sounds. Remember, I said, this past needs climax. So now we cannot a simple biz line to give the second part of the intra climax. So let's use purity or any plugging you have that can give you a good baseline. All right, so come to presets. Go to the base soon, then creates Go to squeeze, have something important to a kind spot on two. We have important three kinds. Part on three. We have in pattern full so because we're trying to use the ghost nodes. So keep crazy melodies in this please all copies and place it in a fresh new chan Iraq or part time. So we'll come here and create a simple biz lane. Concretely baseline like this to follow denotes you played, really? Is that simple? Court seeds? Remember, Do not click and itchy nose. Your Scots, it's well, is highlighted. Green Here, There you go to a new channel, and the rest click on pissed on that same one. That is hell. It had green, so this is select pattern for images on pattern before they drop. It's here own truck full so unless Yeah, it sounds no So dies How to structure your in True. The beginning will be come then the cause then you know if it's the last four bars we have a climax are beautiful to divest 14. SONG STRUCTURE VERSE: Avis. It's one of the most important part of this song. Having invested I simple on at the same time. Interesting. We helped complements the artist's performance instructor in the vase that is 16 bars. Typically, the fest it bus can have the same elements or true, but the next it Basel come off tights. We be the climax, pots less copied. This piano sounds that we have here. Let's give it a listing and see with the drums. It can get boring if it keeps going on for so long. Wits just this same progression. So what we can't do is from D. It's bar from Energy is by. We can't car ads in new sound here to make it more interesting. Just this alone can make your vest sound more interesting. Then, also, to show there's a transition that can happen between your initial eight bars are your Are you the next it because I was coming? You need some form off some form off sound or you need to do something to help. The arts is be aware that something is about to change. It can be a something that's is simple silence. And to do that you just selects. In case you have issues moving with a moving effectively in the playlist, You come to this you said that looks like magnets. Here you click it or you click. Maybe one of our four beats the more you Klay differently give you different options of movement so you can experiment with. That's to see how you come. So it select this fest to then you can't take this parts all dewy off and then place to see if he helps you sound more interesting way so we can do something else. That God may be the base line here. Always make sure that its own greed always make sure there are line. So let's see how it sounds. Yes, so this simple structure alone can go very far for vests. So if you plan adding any more elements to make sure that's this part remains, the climax on this part remains the lists. Um, the least vibe divide here should be less than the vibe here. It is kind of like beauty in mo mentum, like it keeps moving that I have this structure and its balance so you can keep going higher and higher highs on partners to become also passed needs to be decline marks. So it make sure that if est eight bars should become or relatively come where the last eight bars should be the climax off the vest. Soon we can leave the bridge like Okay, I d bizz Lane. We got the baseline here for the bridge from our Contra B two duplicates. Right? Soon. This alone can suffice for our this. Let's hear how it sounds from the intrude. Too diverse. You know, if you notice you see that this parts here was the clam marks, then the vibe came down here. So that's basically what happens when you're working with song structure. Everything connects to each other. So yeah, so that's how to get your vests rights while making on Afropop beats. 15. SONG STRUCTURE CHORUS AND OUTRO: now that I've got in our vest to sound rights. The most important part off any song is the core us because the corals is the parts that's anyone remembers first in this song where there is a fruit pope, he pope, reggae, jazz. Everyone remembers the chorus fast because it's so repetitive and is so mellow. Adios, Bourdain again while walking on the core us keep the melodies are simple as possible. Not are too much melodies and lots of are complicated. Just keep it simple. The simpler the better. Does my rule on advice keeping us simple as possible soon? No. This is the core us that we said here now, one day cross toe Have the cross also should have the most climax. The court struck the most climate experts in the entire song, so I would do this baseline. Here we just call Pedes. It's a bit asleep. Pretty movements will take you back to laissez bar with bowel can move more precisely. Yeah, Then copy it again. The only copy are drumline or soon knife notice. The chorus now sounds exactly like the climax of diverse, and we don't want that so I would do is we are in new instruments to make it sound more like climax. It could be strings, or it could be a new kind of melody. So let's out something like a string. So come to the cords here with odd. It's string instruments. Let's open next source once again, look for a string instruments. All right, that's finding these volume a little. Go to piano room. They come to pattern moves like I Here's problem. Okay, out strings. That's fine. Remember, we just caught. We go to the next available pattern on paste, right click on paste. So now we just drop its here. But I'm five. There were listed, if you notice this is also a 16 bus. That means despite the cause being the most climax pots, this last part also needs to be have even more climax. So what we do is we can add in new melody, probably by bringing another new instrument again. Less use purity. That's cologne purity. Remember, we used the court channel. So creates melodies. Grid's sorry, it still on bees. Let's pick another instruments, maybe like a flute or something. All right, so list does I see high concrete melodies easily just by sticking to the ghosts Chanos, it would court seats, then go to the next available China based its They are deeds. Here. Here, Dale is listing on scene. - So that's basically how to get a chorus dome. I don't think you can do it again. Yes, you can create some from off silent, just like we did in the just like we did in the vests you create on from or silence. So just doing this now, we already have a full fleshed core us. So this is already divest Encore us against. You can just copy the missing elements. Since this is divest, we just copy Waas missing up to the office. He said legs and then shifts. Sorry. Go for By this time, the same thing for the core us seems in for decor us. We'll just move and then weapon it across again. Right. Thank you. So in here. Now we have d breach on out. True. You have the bridge on the outre here. In here. We have the bridge on. Then if I know core us. Sorry. Before we have the out. True. All right, so you can just copied these undies also you just play around and see which feeling fits you best. - Then right next you can create your out True, your your final chorus can also be on our true But then again depends on what you want to achieve or you're on The artist who created to pick our outreach can just strip out copy to gain their strip out some elements. You come here, maybe you take outs. The business strings that can't be on ultra electric on before bars can be it bazaar Swell soon. So yeah, that's basically how to get your song structure rights. 16. HOW TO LINK SOUNDS TO THE MIXER: No, you're done arranging your song. Don't with structure. What you like to add effects may be to your drums or to some of the sounds. You can't do that by linking them to the mixer. Or maybe you want to do some from off mixing. You can also do that more effectively when you link them to the mixer. Nikkan into the mixer in efforts to do. It's a very straightforward and easy process or you have to do Is open. Opio, Johnny, Iraq. Sometimes my no show Also Intention Man show on Sorted, which might give you difference. Oceans. They always make sure you selected. Drop down on click all when you click or select your son bits by bits back clicking on this place here, the hold control achieved or control a shift. I click each new box control and shift control and shift your hunch. Remain in control and shift why you left click on each new box, Life said. I think all of them you come to your mixer stuff from insides one or any inside. You prefer because stuff from 80 feet leg. But I prefer the stuff from one no real reason they just have to start from one day and contra shifts plus l links or your trucks at once. No, I tried. Have selected. Already linked to the mix out once, if I wanted to link maybe just one truck to the mix, I do want to select all. Maybe just let's see this sound. I've just come to an empty inside here on the mixer on do only Contra El. Then only that sound will be there both of links Evra sounds at once. The mix size contra shift blows l. So let's see some effects. We can't to the mix that to bring out the mixer is this. Sign here or press F friendly keyboard or you press this. You can also re sizing Nixa two suits. Your view. Maybe wants to cover more off your screen or lesser for scream. You can't do that. So let's see what card effects less big, Less it is now. Thing is fat off. I think about some ad drums he sets. It's that 12 is my club. Michael, How messed. Now off course, I turned off my club here on there that mass names also off with Tony's on, So let me add effects in my club to add effect, you click on slots, then you see you go. You go to select, then see a bunch of effects for the U. S. Might not be as much as main bought. Typically yours who have it. Delay effects delays One of the most common effects you can hear. We cannot delay effect and just play around with it and see what works best for you. You see her as a new vibe. I has a new fiber texture. Two d beats this biting the effects and I cant Tony's off No date again. Turn it on and I can't use the amount by selecting these secular will here are using less Yeah, it sounds Now it's reduced so you can do a lot of effects You god. Another common effect is reverb Ways to re bed. Yes, you cannot Sorry to use its year. So there's a lot you can do in the mixer. Is it lots What a functionalities that in the mixer, I mean maximize its back clicking on this window. This is the family compound rights or lefts rights or left with these like I used to reduce on increased volume with this one here. E mean John Example If I ask like this one. I was so this review and instruments plane None of the effects by right clicking is also did these wayfarers click it again Everybody comes back or the sounds come back and I can left Click it with only that sound off So if I were to Pan Tau less city left you hear the sound of your lefts Because you're left here form do your rights You can rest, Click to reset Theoretically, use a lotion to reset what you just did. So the mixer is a very vast, um in toughies boy at the same time, he simply fired for the sick off this cause since I'm not really teaching mixing as having mixing costs that it gets it for, um, people who are interested in Lynn mixing engineering, shelling, Afropop offer beats. You can get the course. It's available before the sick off this particular course. I'm just showing you how to link your trucks here on how to add effects to make your beats or production sound more interesting. All right, 17. HOW TO EXPORT: well done on you've come. This. Find the course. Now you know how to make on Afropop beats. You can definitely beauty on what you've learned in this course. No, what's left is exports in your beats. Second shades with people around you, online and offline. To do that, you simply go to the file, go to exports, go to MP three or we select either one ustreas a direction to Sivits. Let me say I choose, um deck stop. You can't create a folder like I did here. You can create affordable embassy, which my deck stop. Redd's click creates folder on our limits. Beats then open. There are new New of the beats I can't see. Nice are fruit pope and no safe. While I'm saving to bring up this option, make sure it's set in full song mood unknowns, pattern mood, Full song. Mood is what you want. I'm Isha detail, he says, to cost remainder. Each wants anything with you can select we we we see larger audio fell or you can pick MP three. MP three is the most common foul for months, so it's a shame to just friends or people just listing on enjoy you guys, MP three boyfriends or professional reasons. Smith to record mix on Master Please make sure easing wave. You can also exported MP three. File for months together on the boat export at the same time. Make sure he said to at least 24 beats, and he says to stereo measureless incest with 32 points sink. At least you can take it or do it to 512 point sink. Make sure this is not selected unless you want toe export. Each individual tracking the mixer. Bottas exporting the beats as a whole so you don't need to sell exploits. Mix a track to make sure all of this I check makes the or checked safe. Please Marcus If plea save Luc Marchal Safe temple information. All of that. My choices. Lynch NFL 20 We are. We now have the means to upload errantly true cloud like Soundcloud or Personal Cloud. I can't like Google Cloud or Cloud, but lots used that yet, and I don't even need to use that for now, I just said, with some hour drive on share so you click starts on it rained us. You be patient for a little Well, while he's rend us Since I'm saving to wave, it might take a longer time because it, we felt, is much larger. Done An mp three file it We felt his own compressed in a way foul. You knows any information Is high quality the highest quality in a Petri far You lose a little bit of quality. Yes, our fellas finished exporting, so I minimize its. And now check Fouda my beats folder. If I open needs, you can see my beats. Food of my nice Afropop Piana completes. All right, so now we know that it's plain and is export it properly. And that brings us to the end off the efforts to do Begin our course on how to make Afropop beats. I wish you well and trust you keep creating Lenin more as you make more and more bids to push the Afro pop culture globally. Thank you for taking this course. My name is sir Classy and I hope to see you again soon. Take your chairs