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Learn How To Make A 3D Animated Scene With Unity 3D

Michael Watson

Learn How To Make A 3D Animated Scene With Unity 3D

Michael Watson

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5 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. Intro To Course

    • 2. 2 Downloading Unity and Getting Assets

    • 3. 3 Setting up animations

    • 4. 4 Cinemachine Camera Animation

    • 5. 5 Adding Dialog and Finish

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to make an animated scene using the worlds most powerful free 3D game engine called, Unity 3D. You will use Unity's Timeline and Cinemachine to build an animated cutscene that can be used for an in game cutscene or a film to tell a story. The possibilities are endless which is determined by your own imagination.

No Experience required and it is a good starting point if you would like to try out animation as a beginner, before trying out 3D animation software like Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and others.

You will also get a brief look at what you can do with a game engine besides just making games.

So come on in and lets make an animated scene together to impress our friends and family.

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1. Intro To Course: Hello, everyone and this three D animation course. We will make a short film from scratch using Unity three D City Machine and Timeline. But I am in this course. You should be comfortable to make your own three D animated short films or endgame. Cut scenes to impress your friends and family also motivates you in learning more about three D animation, so let's get started. 2. 2 Downloading Unity and Getting Assets: all right. First, what we're gonna do is we're to go ahead and make sure we have unity downloaded, so go ahead and go to 93 d dot com. And they also find the find a link of below in the description or just typing unity. Three d dot com And then once you go there, go to products. If in products, go ahead, click on personal and then from personal, let's go down and for our personal. And then select the terms. Download the four and Windows, or if you have a Mac and this download, and then the next dollar will Will will pop up. And once that's done, dis clicked safe. And then just follow these steps to stall, or I have unity three d installed. Ah, just when she get Teoh to the installer, Just leave everything to do the faults and and get installed. You don't have unity installed already. Once you have unity installed, go ahead and click, uh, new. And for this new one, this is going to call it are cut. See? And, uh, choose what? Where you want to save it in. I would ah start creating like a new folder Keep all your projects in Are your or your gangs that's going created My click on new and it's created a new folder I call minds You need projects. I'm going to go ahead and save it underneath there and I'm gonna click Create All right now , once everything is Ah, I loaded off and you have Ah, very new unity. Ah, a screen we're gonna do is want to set this up to allow us to ah see both e cinema machine and timeline or the or allow us to work with build up The cuts seem better. So basically what we're gonna do is go ahead and move this over like so. So you can have both seem view in the game view so I can see it, uh, to Macy's in Try to get it, uh, looking like this if you want for long, or you get this, leave it like this. But it's just easier to ah to a work with I just value drag this over here, taking its both. So you can see. Okay, next. What we're going do is we're gonna go ahead and download Ah, the assets. So first off, we're in download off Sina machine Because sooner machine doesn't come with it. You have to go to ask the store to to get it. Timeline is ready in there. And what time line is? Ah, it allows us to basically be, uh, directors. And what that means is you can place the objects, um, place the ah, the three objects into the scene and ah, and move them around. And then sin machine is just a camera, uh, allows us to take take the shots of the present moments within the shots as I'm gonna show you show you in this story. So first off, let's go toe as his store. But click on acid store if you don't have asked store up. You didn't. You can just go ahead in this little window, are here, click on assets store, went and asked their store pop up. Okay, go to I have been sitting machine. That was the type of Aceh machine. The scroll way down and click on import. It's free and I'm going to import all All right, and you're gonna get this this era clear this error. What I'd like you to do is go to file bill settings, player settings. Go of here the player settings and scroll down. And you see where says script in fine us symbiosis. Click on that troll A just in case to select All in this click delete press Enter that once you press enter, all this should go away. All right, We can close that and then what we're going do with nexus Since we have sin machine installed, Already downloaded. Let's go ahead and ah, get Thea our hostel that we're gonna be using. So go of here. Bleed ease of typing or hospital. So it will be the horror hospital. The hospital Horrid pack right here by oh, Joe Bay. Yeah, that one. Okay. And then go down. I already have it downloaded till I asked. After you click on import. If you don't is gonna give you an option to say download, click on download or import, click on it and import all. Look, I made a back up and go ahead. Clear. Okay, So you're gonna get this error right here, so if you just click on it, it will take you to to there. You're gonna delete this This craft, cross platform input, delete then that clears off the the earth. Okay, so one stat is downloaded where we're going to is going to be working inside the ah seen example Scene for this. What? A heart hospital. And also again, if you download it may be like, collect this up. What this guy has created since it's free, go ahead. And ah, I'll give him Ah, a good re review. So he was cold enough to, ah, persons close enough to make this free. So what we're gonna do is when I click on heart, the heart hospital, and then we're going to go to actually, I just click on Horror Hospital and click on demo scene, Bring up the dental, see? All right. And once that is brought, break brought up, This is what we're going to use to, um do the do the scene. All right, so and again to move around of the the the scene. If you hold down the ah right mouse button gives you this I and ah, and like, a photograph allows you to paint around if you just circle around. And also, if you hold that if you call that down and used e w s A and D Keys allows you to move. Uh, A and D left and right. W and s forward and backward. All right. And that allows you and hold down the mouse button and allows you to, like, fly around like Superman. All right, So, uh, so, yes. Uh, that allows you to to move around, so ah, next we're going do Is tall this off so we can see the senile tall it back on. Oh, months were once we're done. So this is just allows you if you cooked this It turns on the lighting. What that like says means Ah, when talking on the scene, lighting use went toilet off a light attached to the scene view cameras use So basically totaled This on the lights here is using in in the scenes a lot of the scene. What is tall? It off. Ah, the unity editors lighting turns on with. We don't keep that off so we can go ahead and work with it. So next is we're going to go ahead and and bring in the models. So just in case to make this easy before we do anything, let's go ahead and create a game. Empty game object. We could work with this a lot better. So go ahead and click trait empty by clicking. Create great Empty. Also, you can go to game ology and Craig empty whatever is easy. So go to crate. Great. Empty Rename this. I'm sorry. Renamed this Ah, are our level urinating Anything? The purpose of this is we're going to drag all this all this stuff here and we're gonna make sure not to get the ah first person controller. Okay, so So don't have any. Okay, Good. So drag it. Put it in a horror level. Make sure you ever okay now dragged the first person controller, Drag it out of drag it out of there because that's actually first President Troll is allow us to ah view the ah, the the scene. But actually, we're not going to really use the first person person controller because we're going to be ah, creating the be seen as I'm going to show you. So next, once that's done, this collapse, that and then we're going to go to go ahead and get our get our actors and actresses. So to do that, let's go ahead and go back to Ah, Firefox or Google Chrome. Whatever browser you're using, I'm gonna go to a place called Mix Imo mix. Imo is ah, owned by Dobie and it allows you to get of free assets free models as you can see here, which is pretty cool and, um and used them and your your game or or also used them in your Have you doing three D animation or anything like that? You can use these models and also used the animations and it's ah, use it for personal commercial use and it's totally free. Ah, to use. And to do that this I'm ready signed in. So you have to just sign up, slog out, show your process So you just go and click. Sign up. Onda fell out the information and then ah, Then sign up and then ah, Then you're you're that you can go ahead and use off mixing and also mix Imo. The link is in the description below and the link is in the description below. So what we're gonna do is, uh if you want if you you can use ah can follow along with me on to recreate the same scene that I created created in the ah, as you saw in the preview to this Ah tutorial. Or you can go can come in here and find some Modisett different ones if you want to. Ah, to make it Europe your own or after editorial, just just come back and just to see what I do first and then come back. And then this trait create your home on they have some awesome animations as well. Like the ivy type in dance like Thea, you can a in economics also also view it so which is which is pretty cool. So you know about that. If you want the positivity and check everything out, feel free to I'm gonna go and move on. So what? We're going to go ahead and do it. The characters were going to use this, uh, in the scene. Ah ah, a guy named Remy that is also breaking it down here. But anyways, off revenue that is going to be the guy that can eat even by the way, are wonderful. Zombie. Click on down those on the X and in this, uh, FBI for unity with skin canceled. Use that so so so exit out because we're not going to use him. Uh, break dancing. But if you want, you can use them break dancing by just clicking download. And and And you will have that animation. So it's gonna carry Manatee Post download and then ah, safe. And then next. Ah, next characters Liam. Ah, Liam. Who witnesses Thea? The scene that was having into poor really roomy. Uh, that's on me. And also get eaten by his army to click download safe and then next are lovely zombie. I love you, zombie girl. They click download. I actually had nightmares about this one chick here about this girl. So, uh so, yeah, uh, I just want to share that. Okay, but look safe. Hopefully. You okay with our stuff? Because I'm not really okay with horror stuff. Don't Actually, why I'm making ah, if I'm not okay with hard stuff on making a scene with ours, but a, um people were talking about resident evil at my work in and all these, uh, horror games and movies. So I said, you know what that means? Make me a are cut. Seems in stuff anyways. Okay. Since we all have all that downloaded. Next, we're gonna go back, Teoh Unity and drag the files in. All right, so once we have it downloaded, we're gonna go ahead and, um, and put these things in our into unity. And just before we do that, Okay, clean this up a little bit, so So we can work with this, um, So go ahead and create a new folder, my rightly going on Ah, assets and go the trait older. And we're going to call these actor audibles this actor models, right? Uh, reason for that is to keep them separate. So active models. And then let's go ahead and open up our wherever you downloaded the ah, your models and drag him into actor models. So what a drag. Uh, Liam, Active models. Mm. Drag any act of models and then e Dombey girl Teoh active models. And make sure that the files are saying f p f B x file and is dragged over drive home tire . Uh, drag it all the way over in there. Okay. And once that is done, going to go ahead and start dragging these guys into the scene so we can go ahead and had it optimized them so of clicking in your act of models folder on a drag our Liam into the scene and, ah, with that dragged in. As you can see, de selected, uh, kind of does look a little funky, but so basically, to get this clear it up. Uh, this this trick ah, was done by a list ic three D given a shadow to ah ballistic three d Ah, who figured out how the fix these models. So basically what what you gonna do is you're going to click on Liam, go to materials, and you see where says textures, extract textures and inside actor models because it's don't know, instruct it real quick because it's gonna be a lot of stuff. So you're gonna create a new folder and from New folder is a type in Liam materials. All right, then we're going to select it, and he's gonna drag all the materials in there fixed now and then go to extract materials. After that's done, click on Liam Materials again Select folder and this basis Just distract all the materials . So you work with and Liam still looks funky. We're gonna go ahead and fix that and my have do the same with the others. So select good old Liam and then go to actually collapsed this and then click on body because what it is ah is just the Shader. And what? Ah, I'll show you right here. This shade right here. So select body and then click on standard and then goto legs. See shader right here, then go to diffuse. All right, and then go to ah body. See how he clears up now? Okay. And then goto bottoms. Same thing. Go leg. See Jader diffuse. But I just found out something else. Once you clear 60 model, you can go back to stand because it actually adds more detail. So I'd go back to body and click back on the standard. It adds more, more, more detail. But but, as I have seen, has to have them have his body to, uh, legacy or you just go back to standard or just keep him as this for the bottoms. I'm gonna go back to ah standard because it actually has more detail, As you will see. Watch, watch his top. So let's go to go to leg. See? Sh aiders diffuse. See the details gone. So have you go back to standard once it fixes it? Because just going back and forth theme or more detail, or you just keep it as to diffuse and shoes do the same views. Let's go. Outstanding. All right, so checking everything else out. Okay? Our model for for this one looks good, but he is is shack level is is really tall, so I'm gonna select Ah, Liam. And we're gonna drop him down on the x y and Z put 0.5 0.5 0.5 x y z actually, actually for the X, y and Z, Let's go ahead and make him 1.75 point 7575 instead. Now, Now, for some reason, if if your models like, like, way is like it's going to show you for it, for example, like it's like this tall before, for some reason, just try toe, get him, get the model down. Because for some reason, when I did this, uh, 0.5 point 5.5 make tomorrow. Look, look, just like this size. So in a way, get him get a model to look, uh, at least this site, if you can. It is. It is equal out to the x, y and Z. And what I and when I select is I select the move tool, which is just too right here, which we won't be using And this allow us to remove a model of, uh, this is the Z X and Y ex left and right back and forth, up and down and zero that out. So since Liam's done ah, well called, we're gonna rename name Liam Liam actor. And then we're gonna drag Liam, we're gonna create another folder inside our actors and going to call these folder. Gonna call this photo prefab free fabs. All right? I mean, that means that already done. So drag Liam actor So we don't have to worry about him. And in there, actually, we're gonna keep keep them in the scene. But for good practice to Ah, you're finished. Whatever. You finished the complete drag him into a pretty fair folder. So our next our next model next runner up is going to be Remmy. So go ahead and drag Rami in to the scene like so. And then we're gonna do the same thing with Remmy. So for revenue. We're going to go ahead and select Remmy model. Go to materials if you haven't got it set, Go to materials. Goto extract textures. Great. New you folder. Right. Click it or kick on new new photo. Uh, every create new new photos, depending. On what? If you're using a Mac or a windows and wouldn't call this remmy materials Or actually, you can call these guys where we want Tony, Harry, Larry most or wherever you can call you rename the thes people. So Remmy materials select older, and it's gonna do the same thing, and then we're gonna fix now, As you can see, Romney's also jacked up as well. Uh, so still not done yet. Go to go. A strict materials click on Read me again. Select folder. And yeah, I also looks like a zombie as well on this sentence. How ah, Liam looked So we're going Ah, laughs around me go to body and same thing What we learned from good old holistic three D. So getting go to a listing three D and tell her Thank you. Showing us how to do this, uh, post the link below as well. Uh, click on Shader go the legs. See shade Er's diffuse. Then next go to 12 Quick off It is going to change. So as you see Boom! All right, there we go. Are pretty Boy's looking a little bit better now, OK? And then click on bottoms. Do the same thing Legs E shader diffuse. I'm going to go back once. This is since this is ah to fix Like said that you saw adds more detail. So go back to standard and then I'm gonna go to tops on going to select, uh, Lexi Shader diffuse and golf of it and go back to tops again cook on standard and do the same thing for the shoes Lexi Shader diffuse. And then we're going to click on Standard on, Make sure everything is is good. Probably here saying they could see Shader diffuse and, ah, standard as well standard. I last used Ah, we don't have to worry about Alice is in the eyes. Okay, so once that's done, same thing. Just get him to, uh so you won't look like shack level. So produced 0.75 point 75 was saying five. So, like I said, if if They're a little bit taller. And, um, and, uh, like said, Just match it to like the door you're framing away to through the door. Get them, like like like this, Hiding in this match, matching around. And then once that's done, rename Liam roomy at their or like said, you can call this this person these two actors differently doesn't have to be Liam or Remmy . And then our next and final model that we're going to work with You. Let me go ahead. Uh, yeah. Uh, good answer. We're gonna go ahead. Put this in the pre fabs whom prefect like so And then we're going to go ahead and drag our zombie girl and to the scene now. Azzaman girl. I made her a little bigger as well, but we don't get that to that later. So same thing, Uh, before we deal with me, rename this zombie girl to Sarah. Sarah, everyone neighbors Sarah. No, No, Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Actor. I'm sorry. Actress actress. All right. And then selected zombie girl. Same thing. Extract and folder new. Oh, there, Sarah materials. All right. Double click. That select folder dried all the materials, and she's also gonna look busted as well. So, uh, like so we're not done yet. Select the extract materials on a as well. This is where he did it. Struck textures, going to extract materials, Select Sierra materials to extract it. And let's go ahead and Ah, and fix up Sarah. So she couldn't look nice and pretty in a zombie way. And then click on Zombie girl body like see shade er's diffuse Same thing. Go back to standard because off got that detail going, then Ah, pants, standard leg, See shadows diffuse, then go back and it's click on standard or you can sleep them d the diffuse It doesn't matter xy shader diffuse. It's just that reason for for doing this it This allows us to to fix the ah to make them don't look busted up. So once that's done, gonna make her bigger. But they had the 1.5 to 1.5. Okay, maybe not. She's like, a little bit. She's she's are enormous. Do 1.251 point 25 1.25 Yeah, I'm getting ah, uh, getting goose bumps now because yeah, I had on I had a nightmare about this one. So I am sacrificing, uh, to show you guys how the build a cut scene with our horror type game should have done something with something a little bit g rated or Disney Pixar rated or like a my little pony type thing, but always moving on. Moving on eso Since we have have these this character all set up as well, man, she looks very okay. Oh, anyways, put Thea Sarah into the, uh, make sure she goes into the pre fabs, okay? And then that once that's done, um, we're going to go ahead and get the animations. We're gonna go back to mix Imo to get the awesome animations. 3. 3 Setting up animations: All right. So next what we're going do is wouldn't go ahead and get Thea animations for for this cut scene make look almost like off the cut scene that you saw in the preview. So let's go back to mix Imo. And then we're gonna click on animations and, um, and the animations that I used So first is the idol. I, uh I dull Okay, Room idol. And that's the year. Believes this one. Now, to preview this, if it's not previewing when you go back, just click a five or refresh to our previous thing. Was this one okay, now I know, actually, Actually was it was this one for Liam when he's when he's looking around. So go ahead and click, download and then select format for unity. Then without skin you do with skin is going to bring the model in so we won't need that click download. And once that's downloaded, you go ahead and click safe, safe to the folder so you can drag and drop it later. So before we do, we're gonna get all the animations in. So the next one is Ah, let's see here. And we get this this other idol animation for Ah, for him when he's just standing Just looking at the horrific scene that's going on. Click download. Same thing for unity without skin download. Quick, safe saving. And the next next one it's when he's running away. So score, type run into the search. Actually, I used to. I used the I use this one that said, I want you. So I'm sorry. Uh, which one was it? Yeah, cereals. There is this one download. We're going to try it with just just this one. Because I remember I didn't use to. I was going to use We'll just download this same thing with unity without skin. And I remember I did. I used this one as their run away. Scared in a way. But, um, but for the preview, uh, I just used I just got the part where he's being chased. We still use this. So click on download. Just gonna still implement that download again. Make sure it's ah, with Fbx with uni before unity and without skin. Okay, now, once that's done, now we're gonna get the stuff 40 zombie and the every student zombie first. So this this type of zombie. And yeah, it was this one. Don't be eating. I mean biting Click download Fbx for unity without skin download. Quick, safe. And this year, there was another one type inviting again. There was another one, uh, see year. Yes, this one right here. This show. When? When it's when she's done. When she sees Leo, she's done Biden and she gets up to CICC Liam. So So to make this work. So you are says trim right here. We're going to trim it so well, this is going to see They say we need to still have perfect they since she gets up Boom, she sees, sees are or fairly sore. Careful, hero because that is going run away, I must say, save his friend Really re me. Okay, anyway, so download of just for download it you get to 16. That's why I have it on 16. So click download fbx for unity without skin download like safe then the ah, that low kiss Think where Ah, you see the Ah, that's so sweet. Uh, do the blow kiss and we do both hands. You do there this way You at the desk for equal. So go download thing a little save and then typing roar in the search. I just want better so download and save and type in. Ah, in the search zombie run. Well, they're scared. Maybe it started. Yeah, that. Yeah. I'm gonna have more nightmares just to show you guys How did how to do this? I'll sacrifice myself. Have more nightmares off this, uh, to zombie. Yeah. And always click on download and, um, without and then click safe. Okay, saving. All right. And then, since we got that now for Remmy eso what I did was I typed in seizure, which made it made almost like like a while, while ah Remy's getting getting, getting eating. Um uh, actually matched, matched up, which is free. Cool. Try this. Now, who's do laying Caesar and then click, download and download course again. Make sure with off fbx four unity and without skin it's safe. All right. And then we're gonna go back to unity and drag Ah, the animations into unity. Let's go back to unity. Okay, So back in unique. But before we drag in the animations a straight a folder, 40 animations and within side actor models When I dio, right. Click on it, Click on, Create. Then we wouldn't go to folder and then from folder. Where to go and type in animations. All right, And then from there, double quick animations. And then we're gonna go to where we downloaded the animations and drag all the animations inside. All right, So Goto go through the folder and then drag in all the animation Some see by liken Dragged all in there. Let's see here. So you dragging the idol line? Caesar Zombie Run roar Lower kiss Zombie biting. Uh, zombie biting again are running, running the crazy one I believe in an idol. Or once you dragged him down there, we're gonna go ahead and renamed them, just in case so dragged into animations. Let's see here. Yep. Dragged all in there. All right. Closes out. And to make this work, got to do go back to active models and select the models holding down shift. It's like all three models and go toe rig. You see where says animation type generic. For some reason, it doesn't. Ah, for some reason, I haven't found a way to make it work with generic. So we're gonna go to humanoid and click apply And once that supplied ever gonna do the same 40 animations to go animations control a to select all and click on humanoid then apply One thing I found out is with running The feet look discombobulated when it's running But but with the animation, we won't need to show the ah, the the bottom half So Oh, so you don't have to worry about it. Um, so once that is done, the school had optimized the running just in case and the idol. So let's see here. I believe this is it s a blow a kiss. What we're doing is we're trying to find the idol animation. Make sure does air set to loop. So here's Here's the one for Idol for the zombie. So click on animation. Make sure that set to loop, Luke Time So quick. All loop, Todd. If click, apply and let's go ahead and find the other idol and same thing under animation, Find loop time. Click, apply. And then let's see here. I think this is the run, you know, so I could see it better. Okay, now that's late seizure. We're gonna have this one loop. We'll do the same for lane seizure. This loop. Bring that over. Just just Ah, just select us to make make the out like this. And this Bring it over so you can see it. And to just the ah sighs this. Just do this. Do you see it better? Um, roar of quick, apply running same. Probably have this loop as well. Yeah, apply. And then, um, blue. And make sure applies because of you. Move over will give you that that message you want to apply? Biting Also, If you want to see the animation, you can drag Well, you know, he gives us a model toe work with, so we can so? So we can see See the animation. So that's the biting. We want this 1 to 2 loop. And also you want to see a Sarah doing that, biting our zombie and to, ah, to rotate it around like I'm doing. Just hold on the right mouse button and it's moving back and forth as you can see you rotate it and zoom out. Used a middle. Use the middle mouse button, zoom in and out. That's the just so too should have a better scene. of it. All right. I want that stuff moving on. Ah, yeah, We're gonna have this Lupin fly. And I wouldn't just name this name this, um, to, uh, bite Biden. And just in case. And then for for this, we're not gonna loop this one, and then zombie run loop the zombie run. All right, now that is done. We had that set up next is to set up the ah, the timeline. So to do this when I create a empty game object, click on Create Empty. No, God apply. Okay, now, great. Empty. And Reynolds called this. All right? Seen, uh, timeline, then once that selected already Have I have timeline right down here. If you don't is click on window timeline to open it up, and it says to begin a new timeline with horror scene timeline trait. I direct a component in a timeline acid. So this is our time one asset, and then we're gonna click create, and we're gonna say this yet underneath. Ah, animations. So click on that click safe, and then it creates are crazy. Our timeline. All right. Okay. Now, once that is done, what we're going to do is gonna move our characters in place. So to do this is with our actors and actress. We're going toe use first, Remmy, After so basically drag Remmy actor into the timeline by Dragnet below. And then we're gonna click on animation track, but the animation track created We're going to add the animation for hiss seizure. So go to it's over. So go to lane seizure. Click on the arrow to collapse it and you see the animation clip This is animation. Clip the laying Caesar, get this in your and drag laying seizure for Remmy in here. All right. And then now he's in there for the lane Caesar. And what we're going do is does your four before we do anything gonna have them all way down here. All right, so So the move him old way down there. You select Rami. Make sure this is all the way over to zero. Select a. D. The theory me. And then you're going to select the apply track offset so you could move him and then select the this key right here. It should allow us to to to move him. So we're gonna move all way down, down there. Joe's highlighting the X. So the red go ahead, move all the way down, and then we're gonna rotate him. See here on the rotate on the rotation. Why allows him to road? Say them? We're gonna move him. Actually, no, not 90. We're gonna do negative 90 and where it's gonna use this and move him down. So if we So we played a timeline, we'll make sure he's into the ground. But up, you're gonna see him of you play the timeline, you'll see him in a She's Cesar State. Like so. All right. Okay. And then next, What we're gonna do is I do the biting by getting the Sarah actress. No, actually, I'm sorry. You have to make sure are seeing timeline selected. Because if you select Sarah actress, you won't. We won't. Everything goes back to normal because inside the timeline, which allows us to create cut scenes. So So what you gonna do is you're gonna drag the Sierra actress into timeline by by holding down the mouse button to select sir actress and then dragged her down here and then do the same activate at a mason track. I don't worry. That that would do that. And then we're gonna select divide in animation for her. So go to biting and then select the drop down Click the animation for zombie biting. And since this is has his loop gonna it that match the laying Caesar also, we will edit it later, making match upto look almost like the scene. Oh, as you can see, she's ready up there. Ah, about animate the biting. So we're gonna go back to Sarah and do the same thing as we did with Remmy going to select that like, sir actress, go to apply check offsets. Select this tool. Uh, the cross tool. And we're gonna move sarah all the way down, be on top of Remmy to, uh, show that she is, uh, having him for dinner or unsure or breakfast where a time of day You're in our times only in. But anyways, home boom is over and saying is putting in place by using the ah, these arrow keys and ah, do the same for rotation. It would be negative. 90 for the why, Okay, Maybe not. Uh, it's gonna be 90 for the why. All right. And, um, human entered Zoom in You just use the middle mouse wheel now allows humans amount and to, uh, head by holding down the right mouse button. So on this, moving it with the w and s s keys to move backward afford. So if we play it, as you see you see, is almost it's it's a pretty cool So so that's already done. So next we're gonna do, Or Liam, the basic Liam is just gonna be like where my, uh, so same thing old and down the right. I mean, I'm sorry, the left mouse button to drag Liam into the scene animation track and his animation is going to be, Ah, the idol. So let's see here English, this idol also, to see ah, Liam or or the model that we're working with to see our looks. You just dragged the model into this into here. See, I looked leaves. This one could be this one. So basically he's looking back and forth. So let's let's drag that. So now again, don't worry about the ah, the the bottom, because we're not gonna worry about making that show. It's gonna worry about the dead at the top. So, uh, go to, ah, Idol. And we're gonna drag. Idol is idle over, and then we're gonna drag, and we're just going to move him a saying we're moving back to the door so saying on apply offsets and then this dragon to the door door here. So when he plays, it's a wear a lot. Right? Okay. Okay. And And the next thing is, as we're gonna add a mate, we're gonna have it. So So where, When, Um, remember, he's gonna walk over year because he sees some cc something down here. We're gonna We don't do that with a camera. So we're gonna do a camera to make him look down and see something, and he's gonna walk walk to ah, to to towards it basically, to do this. What we're gonna do is we're this close. Go ahead. Is ah, get a the other idol. So let's see here. I think it was this idea right here. Yeah, when you just just stand in there, basically, we don't get him like you stand there. They're watching. So let this idol drag it down, be low, And then for this going to select this this idol right here, make sure that selected for me and I'm not ready. Liam, You see where? As you said, you see animation playable asset. Quick. This right here. This will allow us to move. Move him down. Let's go to move him down and place him in front of on the action that that's going on on there, place him right here. And then Then we're gonna rotate him on the why negative. 90 90 degrees and the next the next. What we're gonna do is we're going to still probably make Remmy still, uh, so at, like, he's being still and we're gonna make him stop when she gets up. So for the Sarah actress, we're gonna add the by end. So we renamed that bite in here. So the select it's going to collapse These. So go to bite end, drop the arrow down, and then select this and then drag. If we got Liam doing a bite seen, but it was like, say, you could mix these up. Do you want have instant, But anyways Ah, go to Sierra. Just to Sarah. Sarah, Sarah, but And you see, she's gonna end. Is she gonna get up? Oh, yeah. You get up so best to, uh, increased this. So what I'm doing is just just ah, making sure the to increase this just Ah, just have the mouse look like this right here with the but the horizontal apples to apples . Just threw it over. So let's see here. Still, she gets up stops, we're gonna do it where he stops, someone's in drag distance so more. And then he stops as soon she gets up. It was here as soon as he gets up. Okay, this is good enough. It's good off. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Disc enough. She she gets up, and when she gets up, I'm gonna do the ah to gets up And then she blows a kiss to, uh to him. So we were dragged the a little kiss in here. So to make it look a little bit natural if you blended in by moving inside blow kiss even though it looks like a sliding but doesn't have to be be a two to perfect but blow kiss. So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna have to worry about the about about about a slide, in part because we're gonna show the camera showing the show in the top part. Basically, they see one. She she gets up Well, this But also if you hold down them Ah, the middle mouse button and move the mouse up and down That allows you to thio Thio do this as well. So basically where just was doing the, uh, doing animation A little kiss And then once once once Dia when she blows a kiss toward the end of blow kiss Liam's gonna run So we're gonna add Liam's run animation It should be be this one So click that dropped down And then add this to Liam SOS towards the end of that kiss Those tours the end. So go to William. No. Now here's the thing. When we move, he's here. Go. We're east back here, out to our fix that and he runs into a wall. Now. Now, to fix that, we need Liam here the fixed that Just grab this run and then we're just gonna move Liam over here. Probably. Just just make sure you you market or just keep it tryto try to visualize to get as good as as you possibly can hear. And then, um, you can select the run and you're going to go into animation. Play set acid, Select the cross and you're going to move Liam down like, So I'll be right here and they see what we want him to do is run, run straight down. So we're gonna need a move him all the way or anything. And then I believe this was negative. 90. Yeah. Negative. 90. Make sure he's not floating. Okay, A 90. And so if you play, it should be running. You re play from here by clicking the play here. We see him run right now is playing the whole whole entire time automation that he runs after after that, but and then once, once he runs, um, she gets mad because he he denies her her love or or the O. R denies her second meal. So basically, uh, we're gonna go ahead and do Ah, it was Thea the Roar animation. So go through war. And then from there we're gonna do or the war is gonna happen happened when runs so it's already runs, she starts roaring. So move this down here. Actually, if you if you have over and use the middle mouse allows you to shorten so you so you can get a better. So you see everything you can zoom in letter. So So let's assuring it down. So you get over here and she's all mad. That do just ran. You know, anybody would be mad if, uh if you Ah, the night they'll over some my dad or Ah, but hey, yeah, Yeah. Somebody eating your friend. Yeah, that's yeah, you run into anyways, um, with that next, we're going to go ahead and do, um, her running. And it's then after that, we're going to go ahead and set up the cameras, too, to get everything in place. So with that, uh, let's see here this go ahead ad at the run for her. So the run will be so I'm being run zombie run. And then since we have this ah, as a that said, we have this as a Luke. We're going to increase it by, like said is using the the cross the horizontal across that that has over here, and then this Does this increase it? So Rami runs, You see, he stops there. That's reason why I wanted to add the, um other run Because Because another thing, what you can do is, um what's he runs? You can do a record. Actually, it doesn't not away what we can do. So once he runs, we can click on record because the thing is, what is going to show? So the zombie running into the camera and in a way, so we can do once What? Once he's there, we can go ahead and do a record. And what this does this will allow us to to move, move the character away. So well, So what we're gonna do is it's gonna move him away, or what you guys can do is want in this, add that run. It will be, ah, less year. Believe is this one. Yeah, it is this one where you've just running, running scared, and then same thing, just diet. Because, as you see, he's piece back here When? When we add Ah, when we add the animation so so to at this fixed, let's make sure you diet. So he's just right here. Or however you have just just get a good eye for it and then move. Uh, then move him here or move him where where he starts. I'm gonna go ahead and move the timeline over here, and then go to moving over here and select the cross and move him down. Remove him over by the door and down to the door. Ingles. Right here. Yeah, is right. Right here. And then, Ah, do they ve of 90? No, actually, as he will be just 90 90 and then should show him running. I mean, it's this Just do it. Match it match with this run. So see, runs is and we have a blend in by moving this moved us in their by and out of blended and just move it into here. So be blended. But not not too much. And this movie up. So you just my best person play, and then he runs Profess you. See, You see the game, uh, and then she runs after him is what I'm doing. After after the roar, she runs and we see you running. She will run past past the camera. All right, now, once that is all set, let's go ahead and we're gonna add the camera animations to it. 4. 4 Cinemachine Camera Animation: okay? Just before we get started with the cameras, where we're going do is we're gonna lighting up the game. Ah, seen Because if you play this and afterwards, you see how the how the character is see? See how it is dark. So we're gonna light up the ah, the scene. We'll light up while Israeli lights, but I mean, is we're gonna show it. So it's not all pitch black dark. Uh, so let's go ahead. I'm gonna show you how to do that. What we're gonna do is stop it. We're gonna create something called light probes throughout the A scene. All right, so we can, uh, lie it up, so it will show, Ah, better when we ah, toggled this talk. The talk is on to show the, uh to show the allows to see the characters instead of ST Thing that seem Oh, like the characters old. It's black as you, as you can see, because these things the reason why these things are pitch black because these models aren't static. The other models in the background they are static, meaning that meaning that the lights interact with the ah, but the environment, the models are static to make it show. So Teoh, to do this, go ahead and right click or go to create light and then click on Light Pro Group. And then what this will do is it will create a light probe. Now let's see here we're gonna go and zeroed out on the X y and Z, So type 0 40 x your foot A Why your for Daisy? And here's your as you can see, these are your light probes. So let's go ahead and move this up also to make it generate quicker. If you go to a lighting, make sure that thes all three are set. See how it it automatically fix the lighting on here. So make sure that all three of these are bars checked, so all generates, so we'll all generate the alights. So what we're gonna do now is we're going to go ahead and bring ah, the lighting throughout the scene. These light probes Let's move this up a little bit and spread this out. Someone to select these probes right here these balls and selecting them by holding down shift key. I must like Thies to hold down the shift key and they're using this move tool right here for the Z axis or the blue when we knew it, move it towards the wall and I'm gonna do the same here, hold down the shift key. It's like these balls, like so. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start duplicated it all the way down as I'm gonna show you right now. So with these to with these, we're going to select East four. So hold on, Shifty. Selected him. Select these four. You impress control D Control de to duplicate it and moving it down with the X on the X axis by using by, over and over the mouse on this red. Move it down and duplicate it again. This keep it like a fairly amount of space or so press control deep with the ball still still selected. And then this moving all the way down. So basically what these light probes do, they will interact with the models that there aren't static. Yeah, I guess that's a little too much. There's put it right there. Boom. All right, all right. Now, since now the now that's lit, if we that's also due back here as well, just in case by holding down the ah, the shift key to select these four balls here. Bull blue balls Control De do Kate. There you go. So if we go to the select, the timeline now, as you see it's is lit up. So So now we can actually play, and then ah, and then and they're not pitch black. And now what we're gonna do is we're gonna work on the on the camera, so we'll be able to see everything that's going on. So to do this since very downloaded soon machine sin machine is what's going to allow us to use the camera all right to ah, do this, we're gonna do it's wouldn't click add, you see where says Sina. Machine timeline gone cinema Tsien track. This will allow us to set up a virtual cameras so we can, um, set existing the cameras on each each space, so it will play out smoothly and I'll show you So basically what's this being is looking for is a camera and the only camera. Since we have the first person controller here roast pressing controller, we'll have a camera because it's the first person troll is still the view is first person. So what we're gonna do is we're going to take this first person controller. Have you collapse this? It's like this first person controller here and go to inspector. That's actually the main camera. All right, so we like you to do is who like you, too. Drag this. I'm both the first person controller. This action will break the prefab instance. Are you sure? Go ahead and click. Continue. And we're gonna delete this because we won't need it. And I wouldn't call this just main camera because that's what it will is actually called. Whenever you start all unity, you'll see the main camera. But since we are boring and the scene or the the asset that was ready created for this level, they had a first person controller for the main camera. Anyways Ah, go to our seeing timeline and dragged this main camera into into here and says create sina machine on main camera brain. It's a machine on May camera Vrana. Then once that is created, we're going to start trading uh, some virtual cameras. So first off, get this started. And just in case zero out this camera are very had probably best to not see your out. So press control Z to get all those back and we're gonna go hands. Highlight the har seen timeline Right Click on on the main camera at add Sina machine shot clip. What this will do is it's gonna allow us at a virtual camera. So it's a dude. Istres, there's ah, go ahead and click on Create adds a virtual camera as you see C m v cam one That's the virtual camera now to navigate and to the ah just to set it up because we need a show Ah, Liam, the actor Liam looking back and forth it's easier to navigate it inside A timeline of you select here you see as the scene uh, goes away. So if you select the timeline is your navigate So you select that c m. V Kim won in the timeline and you use this and keep in the game seen ah, open allows the CSO so just moving it up. So what we do you to do is find the find our Liam guys. Let's see here. Thank you. Put 90. All right, There you go. And X some guessing that's since he this is moving back forth As you see it. As Steri goes, there goes Liam. So let's see here. So this is this exit moving on the X axis going down the hallway. And this four and back is live noon left and right. So what we need is, so let's see, I'm guess is gonna be 1 80 Okay, there you go. There is Liam. So move Ford, and we're gonna move him up a little bit. And so what this allows us to do is to to see this scene of Liam. So we press play and then that will play that that animation. So next with this, but at another camera by right clicking it. And what we're going do is we're gonna make it show that Liam is turning around, see what's going down in the hallway. So to do this to add some machine clip and then go ahead and click trait and an easy way so we can start from here is to copy the positions from from this from this camera. So what I'm doing is carbon positions. I'm Carby X and select this. Oh, and copy into position. Um, X here by doing chose seeing and control v do For why control See and control V and doing for the Z axis control. See and control V. And then rotation is the same. What a wide control. See? Ah, Control V. And if we select that, we got this this camera. So what we're going to do is we're going to to select this camera to have it. Look, look at what's going on down there. We could have done a a walk animation to have him having walked, but when they keep it a little bit simple, Not too much stuff. So what one do is want to move this, This camera, ever hear, and then, yeah, I'm gonna do it right here. Or you can keep it right here. And this all we're doing is just turning, turning and turning the camera on the y axis. So let's see. Here. Do negative 90. Do Negative. 90. So it's so basically what it is. Liam sees this. This, uh, this goes on and he wants to check it out. So let's see here. I actually believe I end up in the scene. I had him turn around, but we're gonna do it without and turn around. But it's gonna use this camera. So let's see here, moving it on the easy access. So right here, too, to the show. What's going on? Let's let let's check it out. And then we have have Hadley and popped up. So basically, since you have this idol animation, we're going to This movie is idle. Short in this this I'll innovation down where we don't even need the other animation. So But let's hear, Let's see here. So So So you see something going on down there? So we will shorten this camera down here and we're gonna add another camera. Let's see here at another camera, click, click, create MMA. Copy these settings here and put it on to this camera. I'm doing this copy and paste in these settings. I'm gonna do something here, will. Quick. So what? So what I'm gonna do is I'm one a record. Hoard it like Liam is walking. Walk in towards it. So? So to do that, there is two ways we can do this. Create another camera, but make sure you copied the settings. Copy the ah settings here and put it into this camera. So if we select this camera here, right, create So go and create a camera. I copied the settings over here. Watch. This is gonna be awesome. It's gonna be be really cool. Two is almost going assimilate that he's walking towards it as we see as I must show you. So let's make sure you calm pd settings and put it into our the camphor. So basically taking this v cam four going to go on to the X axis and move it into place and you say what's what what's going on? So move it to place, and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna blend it in by pushing this into here. So watch if we if you play it, see, is like like he just, um uh just just just move. So basically don't even need the idol because we don't need because we want We wanted to show Liam's point of view so we can delete this Idol animation make so that that he is, he's walked, he's he walked up to it, and we're gonna make it a little bit longer. So we've press play walks up to it. We want her to keep keeping. Ah, keep in. Ah, biting. Are our friend Remy on that? That's down there. So basically gonna extend stand this sent since in the sea Jer animation. And also move this So extending this by hovering over the Caesar and they can eat this costs horizontal cross. But over here and then we're going toe bring this lo kiss And also the end is gonna move everything down. So if you using the the middle mouse button to zoom in and out my zoom out and and then holding down the left mouse, buddy Draghi stings over so dragged east over and then we're gonna move. Move! Ah, with this down and we're gonna make sure that that shows Ah, shows him still body. So? So we're going to go ahead and zoom in. So anyway, so So so is first off. We have it with with Liam looking where he's at. Then he sees something down there. Then he moves in. Let me just play. Instead of describing through, it was going to press play. He's looking around. He looks something's going on down there, and as his port and now in this point of view, he was que Go see it. So let's see here. Oh, got to move this in here. So make sure you you blend the sin. So so duty at this old do the animation that he's moving in into it. Also, let's see them try some here as oh, play. Okay, so So what I did was I mean, control is crows control Z to show you what I did. So if you you go and plus play. So if you so if you just blend it in all the way. Like so it actually will slow it down and almost make it look like like the guys walking watch. So it was like Liam just walked over there, All right? And I'm guessing yes. And I guess the more you you put it in, the slower dated the camera will move, and the less you moving in the faster of move. So you press play. Yes. Moves like speeds and Speedy Gonzales Faster. Sonic the hedgehog fast. So basically, if you just blend it in here as you see, it's like you just walked up to it. I just no more and then extended then you just walked up. Said, What's going on do is getting a getting a Azzam and then then she she comes up. Okay, so what we're going do do now is since she comes up, the point of this one is is to animate it when she comes up. So we don't know, just put this down a little bit and create another camera by right clicking at camera. So what? So what we're gonna do is gonna have it so So that with this camera, it moves up. Plus as she comes up. All right, so, So much. So we're gonna do that now Someone show you so going, create a new camera if you haven't done it already. So this should be a V. This is gonna be RV, cam five. So get click create and creates V can five. And just, ah, easier to just copy the settings right here. So it is probably easier. Just do just keep competence settings for for each camera to move it over to its work with . So I'm gonna copy. So what I'm doing, I'm scrapping these. Ah, the settings on to be can five. So already copied the accident. Copy the Why Position? Why control seeing Control v. Same thing with control of troll with the V Z axis and the why. Okay, so we got it here. So basically, what's gonna happen is we're going to move the camera to close up on what's going on here, and then we're gonna move it down. They see what's gonna happen is is, uh she comes up as she comes up, we want to create another camera to show her come out to blow the kiss. All right, so marks in, she comes up, she blows a kiss. So we're going toe, create a Notre camera to move up to show her blow the case. So we're gonna add in a machine clip again 38 and then we're gonna like just the same thing when it's copied the settings so we don't have to have try to move in all that stuff, dangle it it off. So copy the X. My control C and control video. Paste it on there and the UAE copied. Why put on here? Copy the Z. Put it on here and for the precipitation. Why put it on here? All right, so we show. So basically this we're gonna do it. Gonna move this up, up, and then go Ford. So her doing the kiss show that beautiful face People might think I'm weird, but anyways, uh, let's see here. All right, self. So if he's playing and then make that move, do the same thing by blended it in, ended in a little bit to learn Let's let's see what we got. So we press play a little bit and then we show, then didn't move into ah of the run scene with them saying, Hold up. Uh, so blow the kiss and then move him. Think this is the I think that's also the idol, the idea clip. So let's see here. I believe that I believe that is the idol clip as well. Okay, so she so basically, once he blows a kiss, we're gonna show Liam doing his animation. So we're going to go ahead and add a noticed in machine clip clip 38 and again copied the ah, copy everything over. And then just in case. So we need to show him, run and then roar. So what we're gonna do is to move these force are when the full actress Sarah Zombie actress and move these over a little bit because what we need is to have her roar once he starts running. Oh, yeah, in the mind. That's actually our other run. So that's what that is. OK, so, um, we're gonna do 90 for that camera by selecting this camera and put 90 on this camera and moving these two runs. So hold down shift and selecting it and removing this it's over. So as soon as she blows, the kiss blows a kiss. That's when we show Liam doing. Um, are doing the animation. So let's see here. Move this camera over on the Z access so we can see Liam and then move in it so we can see See him in frame so you can say hold up. But oh, hold up. As you can see, party. I moved us a little bit and then he doesn't run that. Then he does run. Then we show her doing the roar. So So she blows a kiss Well, after she blows a kiss, play blows kiss. They said, hold up then Daddy just runs. Okay, so So let's move this. Ah, a little bit in, and also, we could blend it in. See, you see, what happens when you blended in is a little bit quick. So let's see your just move it to match this camera. Good. That's pretty good. Okay, so So So you just try to play around it to, ah, to get looking as you as you want it. So I so I did it. I just blend Lindus in, and we already blended dese two in Well, actually, um, blending it so so seems good without blend in this into the the other run as you set up be before and then he's running. So we show once he starts running, she wars. So we have to show the roar part by creating another camera. And then and then we're gonna have her run and chase Liam even though, uh, he's he's way out of the ah, he just went through the wall as you see him Run whom he's gone through the wall. But don't worry. Uh, when you played that women wing plate and show people this, they're going to see him going through the wall. So, uh, so let's move it on. So, basically uh, they said we need to show, uh, show the roar. So basically, create another camera by right clicking on the city machine and then go into click create creating a camera and then ah, same thing. Actually, instead of copying this, we should disc op e this a copy because this shows the zombie. So we need a show. Her doing the roar. So we're going to copy de settings. So go ahead and control Chou see all these settings and put it on here. So that's what I want to do right now and controlled CO v to Paste. So go ahead and do that. Now whom? All right. Okay, that's done. Um, so we played. We showed the roar, so we need to show it. Uh, we could blend it in and show her roaring by blending in. So when he runs, blends in or just blended it more, you just blend it in. It will. It will start showing, or better yet, not blended in. And just and this have it clipped. Azzam just show you right now. What I mean by by by by clip is that boom. It just This goes back to her and showing showing the are roar. So So basically, we're gonna shorten this down by by doing the, uh, by having this, um, do the cross horizontal cross to shorten it down. And this moving this. So we got a match up this roar in a match it up or or or or move this this Ford, we'll match it up. I'm gonna probably short in this camera down and move this in. Then once she's done warned, then she goes after after chase after Liam Zone Warren and then she chases after Liam. So to ah, do this because so far, it's it's pretty good right here. So create a nutter camera by add his sin machine shot clip go to create. And what we're gonna do is we're not gonna copy D's. We're not Krabi. Copy this. I believe this camera. So if I scrubbed down to dis cam right here, this will probably be a perfect view to see the zombie just coming at us. Okay, So copy de Settings, and we're gonna put it on this camera. But first, of course, we had to create the camera so going and quick. Great. And then go back to here. Copy de settings. All right, so copy all these settings from this one and scrub it over here that, you see, she's moving. She's running just like okay, she was running towards She's running out there, Liam and then going towards Kim. So we move this and move this camera shot here, it'll make air seem like she's coming to us. So what I did was I increased this, increase her run and increased the camera. So what it should show is that she's running towards the camera or running past camera going after Liam. All right, so let's see here. So make sure you don't got to blend it in, but make sure clips clips to it, and then she chases after Leo. Okay, So if we played this by pressing play on the gang scene, we can we can see it or or just or just increased this out to give us a better view of it like so and then press play here and we should see a pretty good scene. So go ahead and press play. I see. I see how it came up. Okay, Go. Gotta put that back in There. Came up not that came out. Not that bad. But let me add this because off as you see this, I need to put this back here. So? So if you have this already here, here, you should be good. So I play it. Okay. Those a kiss, you might say. Well, no. Uh, and she wars. They say she's a gift back here. Don't deny my love. You know, I'm hungry. Still does. Is up. All right, so that's that Looks pretty good. If you want, you can play around with it a some so more on this of your positivity and played around with it. So in some more. And, um, edit it around or or add other cam affects. So the next thing where we're going to do it, we're gonna add some dialogue. 5. 5 Adding Dialog and Finish: All right, So what we're gonna do is want ad dialogue to this scene. But first thing first, let's go ahead and organize this this up by creating something called a track group. So if you go up to add and then you see track group this this does is this allows us to, um to organize it. So if you eat going to call if you double click it Well, let me add this again. It's kind of hard to see. So if you if you, uh probably click it double quick, the end under neighing and then backspace and click on actor type of actor models. Or is actors in actress too? No. All right. And then just, um, drag the drag, the uh or or celebrities that we created and hard for free into our actress, actor and actress or actors, an actress Or how everyone name, name the track group and then collapsed That. And then we're gonna create dialogue so same at a track group again, because the dialogue it's gonna be a lot of dialogue going down. So I'm gonna call this dialogue. I'm show you have to add the dialogue so basically to do This is you're going to create a U I text and how to do this. Create a U I text. You're going to come here and right click. See where says you I go ahead and click, Tex, and then that is created. And you're going to select Go here by clicking on to D or better that we could actually see seat in in the game here. So, you know, But but to see it you have seen here. So basically, what we're gonna do is you move this down all the way so we can see our tech. So if you have that, if you have this up, like so just move this down my slickness and blew down, and we're gonna type in for text dialogue actor Liam and then will type in where am I? Three periods and then in here for the taxi. Go over texts and type in. Where am I? Three periods. All right, all right. And then for here. So we can see it does. The texas in here is in the game. So to see it, um, go away down to the white already color and then move this all the way to the white. See where said where am I? See it cc it down, down below. All right. And then is that out? And then we're gonna make this a little bit bigger. So put this 25. And where you see horizontal or fel on vertical flow, put overflow type trains change that old flow. All right, and then we're going to move. Uh, this this up and to move this up, See what says position, Why allow us to move that off? So that's where am I? Okay, e I know the voice in and it was anyway, select the har seen timeline. And you see, it says, Where am I? So basically, we're gonna have that activated. And how to do that is on the dialogue that we created. See this plus button? Click that plus and you see where activation track This will allow us to activate the dialogue. And also, um, if you ought to see a little short clip I made off of some guy with some superhuman powers go up against the zombie. I use a knack ovation clip to activate the, um, his powers and what not a link The clip in the card up top so you can check it up. So anyways, um, to do this, we had activated Cliff. And to activate this, all you have to do is select the text. Hold down the make sure you hold down the left mouse button, or if you just click it, then you're Then it goes away. So go back to horror scene timeline, hold down the left mouse button and then drag it into dialogue. And that basically activates. Where am I? So if you scrub it through, says, where am I? And it stops so we can go, Go, go Here. All right. So he plays. Where am I? Looks left and right. And then we cut over to this. So next I log is, um no credit, no dialogue, because we cannot activate and create another dialogue here because, um, that's playing this dialogue. All right, so we're gonna create another one, and, uh, go ahead and do add again by by. By hitting this and create activation track, we could copy and paste, but I found out there was some issues that the activation track wouldn't play. So just to be safe, just create a create credit. Everything new, so being created. Notre Activation track. Buddha's Activase tracked down. So he will say What's going on Then let's check it out as he walks towards it or you can Crazy owned I lost to fit the scene. So basically next is gonna goto canvas again. Highlight campus right click and go to you I Tex. And this will be Liam saying What's going on? Liam going? What's going on? Let's check it out. Alright for center and then going over to the text. Switch that two white so we can see it. I go into the color going up to two new and then staging these font size here to 25 and then do your old flow. Oh, flow. Uh, don't click on best fit and we could active Beacon Deactivate. Where am I? By selecting Liam, where am I? And to deactivate it. Click this check box because it's going to activate. That's what the activation thing is is gonna activate. So So we're going to type in. What's going on? Let's check it out. What is going on? Three dots. Yes, All right. Have probably moved. You probably keep it like this or you could move it down. I, um what's it doing to To move down? Using the, uh, the I miss moving it down by highlighting the word plus why? And to make this Ah, these keys right here and Indust moving it down by moving towards the the left. Move it down, boom. Like like so? So if we so we're gonna add this to the activation tracks will go back to horror scene timeline and holding down the left key left mouse button to select this drag it to like So ? So I said, What's going on? What's going on is going on. Let's check it out, then. Boom. And then here, here, we're gonna do Oh, my God. Do is get eaten by zombie or whatever you want to do. Ah, So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna dio Oh, my God, this guy's getting eating by zombie or oh, my God, this person's eating this person or whatever you want the dollar to do. So same thing, right? Click here, click on you, I, Tex. And then from here, we're going to go ahead and do the same thing, Liam, and I'm gonna do Oh, my God. Or you do OMG or spell always about Oh, my God. This person get in even by a zombie. That's that's from a smart to summation marks percenter. And then go texts. Ah, switch it to white so you can see it, then type in. Oh, my God. This person is getting eating by a zombie and put it to 25. Like said, you couldn't do whatever dialogue you you we want to match semester. See? And then again with this did go ahead and deactivate What is going on with ah, what's going on? Let's check it out if you haven't done already deactivated because after basic tracks are going to activate it and then I'm gonna move this down as well again is down. Like like so in this, move this over by highlighting the past X and in this holding down the left key this moving my mouse to the two left mood over a little bit and then I'm going to go ahead and select Har seen timeline again create a new track here. So we need it here. So I'm gonna create a new track, and I was gonna move it here. So this is where it will start. See here. So when it stops, that's when I wanted the activity. Oh, my God. This guy's getting eating by a zombie. So drag this down here. So say, Oh, my God, this guy's getting advise army, even though we were not able to see it. But if you go full screen, you will be able to see it. So let the sea here. Actually, there is an actual another way, so So you can see it better. Let's try this. So goto actually goto canvas, select for canvas. Let's try something for campus. Go to no campus scaler, are you? I scale move Go to scale with screen size And as you can see, it will scale the a screen size for it. And then let's see here. So if we go back to our are seen timeline with it, what I did was I actually went to canvass camera scaler and then I did scale with screen size. Let me try something here. You guys won't have a dude and nothing. I'm just trying some here. Okay, Now we will use that to keep it to speak screen space overlay and scale it with screen size . Still so still on there. Let's go ahead and see how it looks by pressing the Goto Harz or seen timeline. And then I'm to score back to see I looked. Okay. Where am I? What's going on? Let's check it out. Oh, my God. This person's getting getting even. Buy it by zombie. So move this. We're gonna move this over, so selecting Liam. Oh, my God. First is getting eaten by zombies. Whatever you typed in, move this over like so and then and then going back to the harsh scene and then, ah, plus, plus play that she comes, comes up. Or if you want, you can move this down. I'm like you keep it, so comes up and here I'm going to say, How about a kiss about kiss Handsome, huh? Overhead. Go halves. That's a fun with this. All right, So go ahead and click. Uh, we're gonna go ahead and you click. Add. Yeah, it's probably best to click. Add so we won't have come back. So click add to add the activation track, scroll down and move the activation check over here. All right? And oh, no, I'm sorry. Don't don't click hat at here, but if you did click add there, move this up so we can have this added to the A track group. So we keep this organized. So, uh, highlight this and move this into the dialogue track group by selecting the dialogue track . Put it below. Here. All right, so now it's inside the activation track group. Keep organized. So we're gonna go ahead and select the canvas here, and then go ahead and deactivate this, and then we're gonna go ahead and right click. You I, Tex Tex. And we're going to change this to Sarah. A wonderful actress. Sarah To How about a kiss? Handsome? Yeah, Or do whatever you want on there, and then I must put this in. How about a kiss, handsome. And then Oh, enter and I'm gonna go down. Same thing. Do 25 here, uh, overflow. Overflow four for here. And then switch the color to white so I could see it. And then I'm gonna bring this down. I'm right right here. And then I'm gonna go back to horsing timeline and I'm add it to the timeline to the eggs basing track So if we scrub through and plus play okay, we're gonna short We're gonna move this down a little bit. So basically, what I'm trying to do is just match it up. If if if yours is a little bit earlier, just try to match it up to where it says, how about kiss handsome and then then the short it down, so it So once that ends, boom. Okay, that's good. That's good. And then Liam's going to do something saying, Hell, no. So So that's that's next thing we're gonna do is so we're gonna go ahead and, um, create a Notre activation track. So go to scroll up dialog, click the plus button activation track and scroll down, and then move this activation track over here for ah, Liam. So when he sees that, let me Hell, no. As you see, See Ah, see this right here. If you don't have this, I think what's going on is because I add for the, um his idol is is there that's part reason why so, uh, primates idol libit, but longer says right here, let me check something here by going back to authority collapse in this group So let's see . Here is Liam okay? So actually be best to have his idol there because we delete it. That's reason why it's is doing that. So it's best to have his idol back there. So let's go ahead. Ad the idol back here. So? So when it goes over, we won't see that. Or better yet, move his run over. There you go. This movie's run over. So yeah, this movie's run over So So if you're if you know, if you don't have this this problem, you can you believe it? But if you do, just move was run over. So So when you're playing it, people won't think. Why's he over there? Like what we did. You played, you scrub it. People say, Why is he over there and then much play? He's here. Wow, that's some That's a twilight stuff, But But go ahead in this this Ah, move it So we won't see that. So move this down here with him down here. So we want so it won't show. That's a Let's see here. Probably move this. Run here and move this here so well. And in may alright or move this a little bit. Probably just keep it at that way. Hell, no. Okay, so So I'm gonna keep it like that. And then and she she roars. So what? What I'm gonna have him say is hell, no. And then as you running runs away, So I'm gonna go to canvass again, Deactivate this and they go canvas, right click, go to you. I text type in Liam. Hell Ah, no. As you runs away and then go to tax here Are you, like, said, Do whatever whatever touched as you want Health Health Hill? No. And then make sure you don't press center because it will mean it will save. Anyways, you press enter. Just gonna give you another space so backspace and then go down. Same thing 25 then, oh, flow for horizontal horizontal flow and overall for vertical. And then change the color to white Mood is always up or you can go here Hex, hex, decimal and type in all lefts. Ah, six efs here to to change the color and click x exit out and then we're gonna move this down. So I'm doing just holding down the the left mouse button and moving this down by moving the the date of the mouse over to the left. Okay, so so right here is good and going to go to are seen timeline. Go ahead and collapse. This are I mean, on collapse. This and then at Liam. Hell, no. To here. As you can see, he's looks like, OK, go. It'll do that sometimes. But you have to worry about. It'll fix itself. So So what happens is he's running Basie. You said, How about a kiss, handsome, and then you play Hell, no. And he runs. I don't know. So we shorten this down so it won't get in the way of the roar. So once he's done running right here, short, short, short in this down. See how that works? Place in play. Health no runs away, then here. Almost say, don't nine me as she wars, uh, ticked off at ah, the Homewood broke her heart. So we're gonna go ahead and click on add track activation truck and then me go ahead and said, I'm moving over. It's gonna zoom out to to place here by how to zoom out ideas. That's ah, scrolled Scroll down on the middle mouse button school up to to a zoom in. And then we're gonna go to canvass, deactivate this and go campus and then from campus, uh, we're going to right click and then click on you. I text and then type in Sierra. Sarah, don't deny be Don't deny me putting all caps. I don't Don't deny me. No, Actually, I don't doing press center because the ads and an actual space, I'm It's a habit. Anyways, um, go the font size 25 then for horizontal floor Brickell, Fogo overflow and oh, flow again on Swiss the color to white and then click the X button. And then where says don't deny me we're gonna move this down by going to position why and then moving it. Ah, unit down. So holding down the left mouse button and then this go down or if you are going to switch it, just type it in. If you remember some of the ah, the settings or where you wanted to thing to go that I just keep in doing that. Um, so don't deny me. Go back to horror scene timeline. I don't deny me, and then we're gonna move that too activation track and then press play. Don't deny me that she runs towards the camera boom and all right, so if you want, you can add another note, a dialogue, or change it up. So that is actually it. So next What we're gonna do is now is play to see how it looks, looks, looks full screen. So if you go to click on, see where says maximize on play, click on Maximize on play so we can see it and press play. It'll take a bit, you know, play the ah player scene. Okay, so So we run into a little Italy problem. So enough a couple of things. So let's fix the let's fix the attacks. Because, as you see a seeing the attacks, so best way to fix this It's probably just moving, moving these D's up. Or better yet, if you click on and you go to the scene, let us right is we're just gonna move up by hold down the shift key, just like all these texts. Uh What? It was hard like this top mornings. Hold on shift. Highlight All this text. They were gonna move this up. Move this up a little bit like so. And I also saw something that was out of wack. So me see here, press play. Okay, that see, I would just just clicks there. So let's go to our camera because it zin our camera. Okay, so you see, it's not It's not intact. So move this end. Okay? Good. All right. Yeah, I had a space. So that's the reason why So let's go ahead and play the ah seen again by clicking Play up top. See, I looks still the Texas still still down below. Try something here, I think because if we go to two d and then select canvas and in the scene press f Okay, so it's within the so it is within the campus. So we're just gonna just for dangle a little bit So let's go to highlight these, then move these up. I would get it. Get it Here all we make it negative. 100. What position and click. Play again. Okay, that's not bad. Where am I? What's going on? Less than Let's check it out. Do it in. My God, this girl is getting God. This persons get eaten by eurozone. Alright, How about kiss Hansen? Hell, no. And runs don't deny me. Then if you want, you could have added another one and then that's it. So So when you're playing, what that would have done is it would go into a go back into the game because this is actually in game cut scene. But one of the cool things about cinema, scene and timeline you don't really have to use it for game if you have the right tools to , ah, play as if you want to see my other cut scene called. If monsters had access to Amazon, I created almost like a short film. And another good way to do this. You can use like screens, screens, captures to ah, do this. And, uh, as I'm doing right now and then this, plus press play with it in maximum and in this record, your screen all the way towards the d. D end. And then you can share on YouTube or shared to do a lot of people to show what you create using cinema. Sheena tiling, which is really awesome. Um, and the screen captured that I'm using is called Camp Tasia. But other than that, we are. We're actually done. You created a, uh, ink like a cut scene using SIM machine and timeline, Uh, you learn how to love showed you how to put the actors in place at dialogue to activate and also act almost like a director. I've taken different camera shocks or carom enact different camera shots in it. Um, and also learn how to if you want to get free assets and, um, and also animations through Mexican.