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Learn How To Grow Your AirBnb Business & Double Your Profits

Chris B., Instructor, MBA and CFO

Learn How To Grow Your AirBnb Business & Double Your Profits

Chris B., Instructor, MBA and CFO

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28 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Course Introduction

    • 3. Instructor Introduction

    • 4. Never Too Many Pictures

    • 5. Minimum Stays

    • 6. Extra Fees

    • 7. Distance and Time Information

    • 8. Discounts For Longer Stays

    • 9. List All Quirks and Facts

    • 10. Guestbook and Useful Info

    • 11. Lockboxes and Keypads

    • 12. Real Example of A Bad Keypad Lock

    • 13. Give Reasonable Access

    • 14. Smaller Touches and Items

    • 15. Everything In Working Order

    • 16. Examples Of Everything Not In Working Order

    • 17. Furnish With Tables, Dressers and More

    • 18. Deep Clean Regularly

    • 19. Inspect Your Property Regularly

    • 20. Directions To Your Property

    • 21. Check In Procedures

    • 22. Communicate The Day Before With Renters

    • 23. Leave Great Reviews

    • 24. Don't Argue With Bad Reviewers

    • 25. Top Ten Takeaways

    • 26. Airbnb Poor Performances

    • 27. 2nd AirBnb Review with Pros and Cons

    • 28. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Do You Own One or Multiple Properties That You Rent on AirBnb?

Are You Not Getting 100% Rental Capacity And Aren't Sure Why?

Do You Want To Take Your AirBnb From Casual To A High Performing Business?

Do You Want To Learn How To Not Only Increase Performance But Also Reduce Your Time Spent Managing?

Do You Simply Want To Make More Money Renting Your Properties on AirBnb?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Look No Further.  This Is The Course For You!

Start today and join the 100,000+ successful students I have taught as a Top Rated instructor!

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including all new lectures, assignments, quizzes and downloads

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly! 

  3. You will are being taught by a professional with a proven track record of success!

Recent Review:

Becky S. says "Really glad I took the course, my Airbnb business continues to grow, but I knew there was so much room for improvement.  So many useful, practical, real world information in this course.  Already started making changes to my Airbnb rentals and saw immediate results (as in 1 hour later already getting more bookings). This course paid for itself from the start. Real world information from a real world business person, much appreciated!"

Why You Should Take This Course:

Airbnb and other rental platforms only continue to grow in popularity as people turn from away from the hidden fees of hotels and opt to stay in a nicely furnished home away from home with your Airbnb rental.  So while the market continues to grow, so does the competition, and as an Airbnb host, you  must stay ahead of everyone else in order to keep your rental filled continually.

In this course I am going to teach you all of the best practices from start to finish to keep your renters happy, leaving amazing reviews for your and brining in the next round of renters.  Start treating your Airbnb rental like the true business it is!

What We Learn In The Course:

  • Listing Best Practices

  • Physical Rental Space Best Practices

  • What To Definitely Do

  • What To Definitely NOT Do

  • Communication Skills

  • And More!

After this course you'll be ready to fine tune your Airbnb listing, space and start bringing in renters consistently!

At any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  


About The Instructor

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in accounting, finance, financial reporting, small business and accounts receivable.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris B.

Instructor, MBA and CFO


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1. Promo Video: Hi, everyone. And welcome to the course the complete master class on how to grow your Airbnb business. My name is Chris Benjamin, and I'm gonna be your instructor on this course Now, Whether you are an aspiring Airbnb host, you've already have one property that you rent out or maybe have several properties. This is gonna be a terrific course for you myself. Personally, I do quite a bit of traveling and I've been using Airbnb for probably at least five years. Now. I'm actually currently recording this course in an Airbnb. I sold my house about four months ago and have been spending time just traveling around the United States, staying at Airbnb to Airbnb. As such, I've encountered lots of things that host that were terrific all the way. The whole host that weren't so terrific. I'm here to teach you all the things you should be doing from a business perspective as well. It's just from a personal host perspective in order to keep your guests happy, keeping come back for more on leaving amazing reviews, which is ultimately what really drives your Airbnb business continuing to grow. So that said encouraging. Go ahead, sign up for the course today. We're gonna walk through the entire listing process on what you should be doing there. The actual physical property. What things you should be doing there as well. I'm going to give you my top 10 things that you should absolutely 100% be doing of any of it. Definitely. Do these 10 things also going to go into a few Kind of? I wouldn't call them horror stories, but a few examples of situations and I ran into with Airbnb is that could have been avoided if I just been informed with information up front by the host. Um, and much, much more to talk about communications, etcetera. So I definitely encourage you to go ahead. Sign up. Today, let me start teaching you all the things you need to do to become a super Airbnb host. 2. Course Introduction: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the course. Congratulations on signing up for the master class on how to grow your Airbnb business again. My name is Chris Benjamin and I will be your instructor in this course. Now, in the next video, I'm gonna give you a little bit more about my background and experiences with Airbnb. But for this introductory video, I mainly first wanted to welcome into the course. So welcome again. I give you a bit of a road map as to what exactly we're gonna do and accomplish in this course. So I'm gonna walk you through a few kind of the major steps that you go through as an Airbnb. Host it again. It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring host. Maybe you have one property, whether it's a rental full time or it's your own home, that you rent out sometimes or you have multiple properties that you manage, this will apply to everybody. So first thing we're gonna go through with listing process all the things that I believe you should include in the listings things you want to be extra clear about etcetera. So we'll go through multiple items in the listings that you need to take care of in order to really stand out from your competition. Then, secondly, we're going to talk about the actual property all the things again that you really need to be doing things that you definitely need to take care of. You don't want to let fall by the wayside, and the third we're going to get into sort of communication and extras. So all the things you need to communicate with your guests, what's the proper amount of communication? How do you handle problems? What else should be doing that just really stand out? Essentially, I want to teach you all the things you have to be doing to stand out and be a superb Airbnb host. And by doing so, you'll get awesome reviews. And that will spur more and more guests and you'll be able to charge a premium for your listing. That's ultimately where you want to get us. Really run this like a business, be fully occupied 365 days a year. If that's your goal, and that's where we're gonna get you with this course stuff. Sit back the next video. Like I said, I'll do a little bit more about my background. Just so you know who I am, and then we'll dive into those three sections. 3. Instructor Introduction: Welcome back, Everybody again. My name is Chris. Benjamin. I'm gonna be your instructors. Let me give you a little bit of background about myself. I've been instructor first of all, online for six years now. This month marks six years online teaching. I primarily teach in the realms of accounting, finance and economics. So you might be wondering why my teaching class about Airbnb Well, I'm really teaching is sort of the business side of their baby. How you should really handle running your listing and the actual property in order to run it like a true business and increase your sales and grow over time. On top of that, I'm a frequent Airbnb user. I'm actually recording this course right now at a sort of a makeshift studio I've set up at an Airbnb in Las Vegas, Nevada. I sold my home about four months ago, and I've just been traveling and staying in Airbnb is it's been a great experience. It's an amazing way to travel and get to see United States and still feel like I have a home to come come back to at the end of the day. But through all these experiences, I've also come into some great hosts. I'm not so great. Host properties as well somewhat were terrific, Others that probably could use a bit of help. So through this course, I'm gonna sort of rely on those as examples. So give me what's good and bad examples, and I'm actually later in the course, even going to show you a few things from specific Airbnb. Now, I'm not going to say what the listing is or who the people are, what the address is there anything like that, but going to show you a few things. So when I talk about things you should definitely take care of at the property, I'll show you a few real world examples here. And maybe you get to see inside kind of knowledge of what other hosts air doing us. Well, what their listings and a few areas they could definitely improve, for example, in the place on that. Now so and in that shell, that is, May I look forward to teaching guys this course again? I love teaching business courses, and I want to tie it in with my passion for travel and Airbnb eso. Thus is this course Let's get started on the first section 4. Never Too Many Pictures: Welcome back, everybody. First section, we're going Talk about the listing. That's where it all starts, right? You have to list your property on Airbnb in order to rent it out to them. Now, the very first key point I want to make is you can never have too many pictures on your listing of your property. It might feel like you're going overkill. Maybe have several pictures from different angles of, say, the living room. That's really okay. I'm gonna draw a lot on personal experience through this course like a set of state and plenty of different Airbnb ease at this point in my life. Especially traveling now jumping from Airbnb Airbnb, the current property them in only had a few pictures. I mean, it was enough. It was the living room, the you know, the bathroom, the bedroom. But that was about it. Now it's a condo. So there's really no need for a picture of, you know, the outside. It's not like a house or anything, but they could have definitely shown more angles just to really get a sense of Lee. What? The space was laid out. For example, when I showed up, I didn't even think the place would have a television because I didn't see one in the picture. I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up. And, yes, they actually have a nice big 50 inch television. That should be something that they're showcasing. So besides taking lots of pictures, really showcase your property, show off the good things. You know you don't need close ups on every single little thing but definitely show off the entire property. The next house that I'm moving into, some moving into a house in a about a week and 1/2 also in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have multiple. They probably had about 20 pictures. I would say the fully property like I feel like I've already seen a walk through of this house and tell exactly how it's laid out. Just so there's so many pictures now, if you do have a property that has things like a back yard, a front yard garage, it's a house. I definitely encourage you to take those pictures as well. Don't just show the inside Show the outside again. It's more space that you're promoting. For me. Example, the backyard is really sort of a big benefit to the house. I like the idea that I have a backyard I can go out into, Um, and there's a nice sunny. There's actually a few pictures of the nice sunny backyard. There's a barbecue, so it's great to be able to see all of that as well. There's just a picture of the house. Sometimes it's nice just to see what it looks like from the outside. So to reiterate, basically, the punch line is just make sure you take lots of pictures, take good quality pictures and really showcase your place. This is like people are very visual. They want to see the place, and that's really probably the first thing that they they look at when they're scrolling through and making a choice on example. Another example of a not so great one was a house estate and actually, two properties ago again, Las Vegas have been staying in Las Vegas quite a bit the last month or so for the holidays . Their main picture on the profile for their property is just a flower vase doesn't really give you a sense of what the house is like Now. I went into the listing and obviously looked through the pictures and got a better sense of what it was like, But that might put some people off, you know, It just it didn't stand out whatsoever. It really did just kind of blend in. And maybe that's part of why I was able to get it for a little bit cheaper price. So be sure to showcase your property, take high quality pictures and use as many pictures as you possibly can. 5. Minimum Stays: now what? Their baby. You can set a minimum stay lengths now, I would say, in my experience, most people just haven't said is one day they want to get as much traffic to the property is possible. But I can understand that is an Airbnb host, that there's cost involved. Obviously, Now you have to clean the property every like, say, it did just rent out one day at a time. You have to clean the property every single time. You know you have to cordon. This is just more people. Let's say, for example, 30 people rented it out over the course of a month versus two people. Let's say you had a two week minimum stay. Well, now you have 30 people that you have to kind of coordinate with and talk to, and they're gonna possibly have questions versus just two people. So you have to weigh the pros and the cons because obviously, on the con side, if you set something like a two week minimum, you drastically reduced the sort of market that's gonna rent your property. Now I personally search for places that air to toe four weeks sort of not say is a minimal , but that's how long I'm looking to stay. We're going to get into their pricing reasons for that. But some properties I noticed did have their minimum say set at a month. And they obviously they really didn't have many reviews. And it's because they're really sort of limiting kind of the clientele that they're gonna attract with, um, one month minimum stay now, especially in a city that's, you know, Las Vegas, very touristy type of city. People are really just looking to come for the most part for, you know, a few days, maybe two or three days. Maybe they're here for a week for a conference. Most people are very transitionary on, and they're not looking to stay here for a month now. I'm in a different example. I'm actually did wanna be here for a few months at a time for other work reasons as well. So So those properties stood out to me. But they're really going to put off kind of the main tourist attraction type people that are coming in the city. So really, keep in mind your location and the types of people who would come and rent your property based on minimum state Now to get back to the listing. Besides just choosing your minimum stay, I would actually write it. If it's anything more than a day or two, I would actually really write that out in the description of your listing. Just so it's there, I know when people go to book it, they're going to find that out anyways. But a really big on and not just this lecture, but you'll find through the course. Communication is such a huge part of becoming just a tremendous Airbnb host. If you make things clear up front, you avoid so many problems in the long run. Some make it clear in your listing. Hey, I have a three day minimum stay at my property. Just a one sentence could be with the bottom of the listing, whatever it might be on. Then again, when it comes actually choosing like what you want, your minimum stay to be. Consider those things because they're the types of people that are coming to. Wherever it is you're listing is on what the pros and cons of that are. Obviously, you know, the cleaning and communicating with several parties. Dailies, obviously con versus along return rental. But you're also very much limiting the market space with those longer term rentals 6. Extra Fees: now next in your listing, I would also be sure to list out any extra fees that you have again. You can build this into the Airbnb platforms so that people will automatically find out when they try to book something. For example, I'll give you actually give me an example of second, but I was really clear about just just right out what they are kind of like the minimum stay. Just put in a one sentence. You know, there's an extra in the The big fees tend to be, you know, damage fees, for example. Or, you know, like we charge $100 fee if you smoke in the house. We charge a $10 per day pet fee if you have pets, and you also have to set your listing that you actually accept pets, then auras. Well, we charge an extra fee for extra people that air. Staying beyond two people are four people. Whatever the case might be, really make those clear. When the person goes to book Airbnb, you might know this already. They choose how many people are coming, and then your fees will adjust based on that, so you don't actually have to write it, but I really encourage you to write it out now, Part of the reason why I, uh I'm giving you this example. And this is one of my examples. It's again a house that I stayed in. I'm staying there for a month. I said it is one guest. It was just myself. And it was over the Christmas, the month of December. So there's holiday in there, so they had the house set on. So I got my feet. I put it is one guest. I didn't know there was extra fees for extra people. I rented the house. And then once I got there was a three bedroom house that was listed as a three bedroom, two bath house. Had pictures of all the rooms, everything No, you know, look great. When I got there, though, two of the three bedrooms were locked, so I contacted the host and said, you know, to the bedrooms, air locked up, maybe the cleaners by mistake, locked the bedroom. I'm actually having family Come and stay for five days with me, assuming that would be fine. Maybe assuming is bad on my part. But I figured I'm running this house for a month. It's Christmas time. Um, some family coming to stay. I did not expect any problem tell, but the host told me, Well, there's extra $40 per day per guest fee. That's a big difference. So we struck a deal. Um, luckily, she was willing to cooperate. So we did actually have to my family pay the extra fee for the days that they were here. She came and unlocked the doors just on the day they were arriving. Um, this house will be used as an example for several things that you probably shouldn't do in Airbnb. So the point of the story is I mean, she just I feel like the host should have honestly put that in description. There's an extra per person fee. Then I would have known up front like, Oh, why family coming? And it could have contact on the in advance rather than be there and kind of be taken aback . Now, uh, we'll get to the doors being locked, and there were some other idiosyncrasies with that house as well. In the future Lecture coming up here, there's several things that host definitely kind of does too. Ah, sway people to not want to stay there, I would say. But the take away from this lesson is list out any of your extra fees that we nobody's taken by surprise and again, everything is just clear. A lot of this comes back to being clear with your guests. 7. Distance and Time Information: now another selling point you can do in your listing, especially when I'm thinking of more of a touristy type city is just list out a few things like distances and times, two major attractions. So again, I'm in Las Vegas. I tend to use as an example, but the condoms staying in says, you know, five minutes to the Las Vegas Strip, which is very true. It's just across the freeway, actually, the house that I'm gonna be moving to, same thing, you know, 10 minutes to, you know, the Las Vegas Strip, 20 minutes to downtown Las Vegas. They list out for five kind of major areas people would actually go to, and that really helps. That gives people a sense because you remember now. I'm very familiar with the city that I'm staying in. But a lot of times you're gonna have travelers. They're coming. It's their first time there. They have no sense of the city. Even if they look at a map. Not everybody's great with maps. They're not going to know that. Oh, this house. It looks like it's five minutes away from wherever. Disneyland, for example, would be a huge tourist attraction or people. Probably renting. Airbnb is in the area. We'll let them know. How far you from Disneyland from Knott's Berry Farm from Universal Studios. Kind of the major landmarks that they might be traveling to. It really helps because you're using it almost as a selling point. Hey, I'm only five minutes from Disneyland. Kind of switched our example. Well, people are going to see them go, Okay? And you could even right walking distance, because most people probably are gonna have a vehicle, you know, 10 minute walk to Disneyland. All right, that's a reasonable amount. So you want to put things like that in It will really help people. Give them a frame of reference as to where you are and how far they're gonna have to be travel. And if you're Airbnb is gonna work for them or not, 8. Discounts For Longer Stays: Now the next thing is offering discounts. Now you get to choose is a host. If you offered some type of discounts now, the major discounts I can think of is, if you're a new rental, you're allowed to offer kind of a one time sort of discounted to, say, the 1st 3 people write your property and basically, what you're trying to do is encourage people to rent with you so that they'll leave reviews and you can get a bit attraction reviews they're really gonna be. Besides whether the few things the pictures, the description, obviously, your location but their reviews air huge on Airbnb, people really will read them if you have 10 reviews, say this place was great better than expected versus 10 reviews that were like It's OK a little bit far from Disneyland. The dishwasher didn't work. If there's reviews like that, it's really, really gonna hurt. You're hurt your listing. So you want immaculate reviews and the first way do That's offered discount for the first few people that are coming so that they will leave interviews. You just get people in and then you can encourage believe review. Next thing is discounts for both weekly and monthly stays now myself, since I do rent on kind of a longer term basis, at least right now, while I'm traveling, spending anywhere from, like, say, a week to a month at any given Airbnb, those discounts are really a big difference for me. So a lot, basically the place that I found did offer a monthly discount I've seen up to half off. So it really encourages me to want to stay at those places. So the house that are moving into I'm gonna be staying there for a full month. It's because that was I think it was 40 40 or 50% off if you rented for the entire month. Absolutely. Otherwise I might have thought about leaving or going somewhere else. Now, this house is actually a little bit further away from the touristy stuff. But in my case, that kind of works out. All right, um, as well, though it will kind of encourage people to stay longer. You know, somebody who was maybe going to come for two weeks and they see and they go well, I could stay for a month for almost, you know, the same amount maybe a little bit more. Maybe the weekly discount is only 25%. But if they stay for a full month to get 50% discount, well, that's going to kind of work out to the same believe. Nonetheless, offering those discounts is a huge encouragement. On the flip side, I've seen houses where I'm looking at properties for places to stay, and then I would kind of fiddle with the dates. I spent a lot of time. Each time I rent a place changing dates, seeing if there's a bigger discount for a longer period, and if there's not, it kind of falls to the wayside. It's one of the lesser choices I'm really looking for, obviously somewhere economical, that I feel comfortable, feel safe, want to stay. It looks like a great place meets all my needs. But obviously, if I can find a place that's offering a discount to do so versus one that's not I'm gonna go with the one that's discounted. When it comes back to your listing again, I encourage you to just write that in description. Another one sentence line, you know, weekly and monthly discounts available or even right, you know weekly discount. 25% monthly discount, 50%. Maybe you don't go is high with 50% but maybe 40% in 20% for the week. Whatever the case might be, put it in there because people again aren't gonna know that unless they start playing with the dates. But if they see that, then they might. That might encourage them to actually stay a little bit longer. So I definitely think about offering those discounts and definitely list them out in the description for your listing that you do offer them. 9. List All Quirks and Facts: now I always again. When it comes out the listing, the more information you can put, the better, and I want you to be crystal clear. What's your listings now? Besides just describing the space, always. Obviously, we're not gonna touch on kind of givens. You know, like a three bedroom, two bath house, uh, suitable for up to six people. Whatever. You know, 50 inch TV. Good example of something that these people in the air BBM currently and could have listed but didn't. And then it wasn't in any picture stuff. I was obviously okay with the idea of no TV since I still rented. It was a nice surprise, but they could probably do a little bit better if they said, Hey, we have a full cable package and a big TV here is well nonetheless. You should list out any kind of court so good or bad. So I encourage you put in all those obviously the great things about your place. But also there's anything that's maybe like don't worry that it might discourage somebody, because it's better to just be honest. So, for example, the condom currently staying in is on the third floor fairly steep stairs. I would say it's not a problem for me, but it was nowhere in there. So now obviously, if that was a real concern for somebody that they would have to climb stairs, they probably would message the host first, and I understand that. But still, if they just been upfront and again a little one line, please note. Condo is on third floor, must climb stairs. Hey, it's in there! Then you you do yourself to favors one. You're being completely honest to you. Probably save yourself a bunch of questions from people. Three. You might also save yourself some complaints that could see now I'm pretty easy going person. I didn't care that I had to climb stairs, but I could easily see somebody showing up and being a little bit better in the shape like Oh, gee, is this place on the third floor? They didn't say that, and they go when they complain. A lot of people just kind of look for a reason to complain, So you're trying to avoid those people, and one way we would just do again, be blatantly honest in your listing, so keep those things in mind all the lectures we've gone through so far. Really? Just a little bit of information goes so far. You're gonna make your life easier by saving yourself. Repeating the same answer to a lot of people with questions they might have. Save yourself some complaints because you addressed it up front that it was in the listing . Uh, and three, It's just about being on something very transparent. You know, I myself personally again. When I look at listings, if I see a lot of pictures, I see a nice, lengthy description. I'm going to read that whole description because this is somewhere that I'm gonna be staying for a little while versus somebody just says Nice condo five minutes from Las Vegas Strip. Um, you know, secure gate like I mean, that doesn't tell you a little bit of information, but it really doesn't tell you. Ah, lot of the things. Speaking of Secure Gate, and I'm kind of talking about idiosyncrasies. So little things like that. So not just must climb stairs. Things like there's the security gate. You will give your names of the security guard. That's another one I kind of dealt with here. Now again it wasn't a big deal, But when I first showed up, I want a security gate and said, I'm staying at Airbnb. Here's the unit number and they looked on their list and they said, Well, you're not listed, you know? Can you show us an email confirmation, etcetera. So the host really didn't kind of go out of their way, and we're going to get Teoh communication in kind of the third main section of this course . But again, that's just one of those idiosyncrasies they could have put in the listing, you know, properties secure with a security gate. That's actually a pro very positive thing about this place. You know, on day could say something like, We will leave your name with this security gate, Of course, if they had but nonetheless list out all those little in idiosyncrasies. It's the little things that you might not even think of. You know, it's just normal because it's your property. Really. Look at your property from the perspective of an outsider, A first timer. Get a friend who doesn't know your property, whoever our family member, probably more a friend or somebody that hasn't seen it. Just bring them and say, Hey, if you were showing up here is the guest just kind of, you know, go through that experience and let me know what types of things you know. You really wish you knew about this place as you're showing up, you know, getting first access coming in here. What things do you notice? What would you have liked to have known? 10. Guestbook and Useful Info: so next, moving on to the physical property itself and sort of the various things that you should definitely include. You should consider, uh, and the list goes on, but we'll go one by one. Now, the 1st 1 is just a very touchy feely. Um, just things like a guestbook. Pamphlets, Information. Again. I've stayed in so many different Airbnb, so I've seen both sides of it. I've seen once where you go in, they do have the guest book. All the people written a little note. Now that's not necessarily for me. I typically don't bother, but it's nice to see that, like sometimes I'll read it. And just it's those personal touches they really do go a long way. Things like pamphlets again. If you're in a touristy type of city near Disneyland, for example, I'm in Las Vegas, so somebody has, like the Las Vegas magazine. It's the current one. They have some pamphlets from different attractions that goes a long way now for myself. I'm a frequent visitor here. Max is staying here now for several months. So do I need that stuff? No, but it's a nice touch because I can't see how somebody who is visiting, And I'm assuming most people that do stay at this particular condo I'm in right now, our tourist. They're just here for a few days. A lot of people. It's going to be their first visit to Vegas. Give him a warm reception. You know, it's those little touches, you know? Oh, first impressions, all those types of things. You want to go out of your way to make those So those little touches really can go a long way. So include, and then thirdly, I've mentioned information I've seen. Airbnb is where there's just a little information sheet. Hey, uh, you know, whatever it might be, the Internet password is X Y Z. There's clean clout, clean towels in the in the spare closet. If you need directions anywhere, feel free to contact me. It's, you know, here's a map to the city, you know, maybe have the one those little just kind of normal, like free maps. You could get anywhere of this city include one of those just those little little touches again. Just go such a long way with guests, especially first timers to your city, really make them feel at home. Some that's that include all those things. It's like a simple effect of very cheap, if not free way to make your guests feel a little bit extra welcome. 11. Lockboxes and Keypads: now, when it comes to accessing your property, I mean, it's going very obviously, depending on your location. And if you're actually physically if it's your own home, if you're actually in the even in the same city. So lockboxes and keypads or two very common ways that I see with access my only recommendations would be is that you get ones that worked fairly well again. It stayed a lot of properties, and I'm actually in the next video going to show you the actual keypad to this property. Now it's definitely kind of the worst one I've ever encountered eso before we get to the reasons it's not the greatest for good ones, just ease of use and also put very clear instructions on how it works. It might seem simple might seem intuitive, but you know what a lot of people they might know never have used to keypad before. Let's just take with Keypads Lockbox, basically the same thing. You're typing in a number and doing some action. They might not have used one before. They don't know if they're supposed to, you know, enter a four digit code and then press a button and then do some turn a handle, it's automatically unlock whatever the case may be so very clear on your instructions on whatever when you choose trying to choose a good recommended one. I feel like, unfortunately a lot of times with Airbnb hosts. I shouldn't say a lot of times they're just a summary me host. They really try to get away with kind of the bare minimum or the lowest cough, which I can appreciate. You know, it's a rental property or you're in this to make money. But think about those few little things that you know. You might want to splurge on a little bit, and we're gonna get to some more examples of those later in this section. But I will show you, in example, in the next video of the keypad and how kind of dysfunctional it is to the point where it's really I don't even want to use the keypad to lock the condo when I leave, because I'm afraid I'm not able to get back in its, unfortunately, that bad. So spend a little bit extra money and don't be that person because that is something that I will obviously leave in a review. Not necessarily blasting them over it, but just saying, you know, keypads very difficult to use. Um, you know, didn't feel great about locking and not sharing if I'd be able to unlock it. 12. Real Example of A Bad Keypad Lock: now the keypad. I don't want to close the door collection. I want to be locked out. So you notice there's keep I There's kind of like the enter key. Then there's this ring. So they mentioned Enter the code and turn the ring. So right now it's unlocked. I'm sure you I'm not afraid to show the code. Heard beep. Now you're supposed to turn it left to lock it right. Either way, the ring spins really do anything. So we're gonna try and I apologize for the bumpy camera here. Nothing. So we'll try it one more time. It's set up. You could try, like, pressing this. Nothing happens. Nothing happens so easily and probably do this about five or six times. Let me see if I can get it's a lock, and then I will show you. Unlucky. All right. So I never did get it to lock. Tried about 10 times that show. How about it is I'm actually physically lock it here on the back and show you unlocking. Now you're supposed to turn to the left. You see, the bring just really spins. Now, if I do it from the back, you hear the beep when it locked. But keypad no dice up. Definitely an issue. And basically means I'm left with leaving. Deeds were unlocked until the host can come do something. 13. Give Reasonable Access: now the next tip when it comes to your property, I've only really encountered this once on git is the house I stayed in over the month of December, I mentioned in a previous lecture. But basically, you should really give your guests full access to the house, or at least you know reasonably full access. I understand if you lock up maybe a closet where you keep supplies. If it's your own home, you obviously maybe lock off a few rooms. If it's maybe a four bedroom house, you lock off one of the bedrooms. That's where you keep stuff. It's storage. But as long as you fairly describe that in the listing that no problem now the problem I did have was the house that I was staying in. Uh, and we're going at the end, Of course, is well, go over some things. I was actually quite surprised, a little taken aback. So besides, I mentioned previous lectures. It was marketed as a three bedroom house, no mention of extra charges for extra guests. Yes, it was built in, but still it was really just gonna be myself. I just had visitors for a few days, but Still marking is a three bedroom, two bath house, but then, to the bedrooms were locked. It was a little bit surprised about that, Thea. Other big surprise, though, was that the thermostat was was locked. It was actually had a plastic in case box around it. With an actual physical law, you could not change the temperature. Um, definitely did not sit well with me just because it was the winter months and it was cited a reasonably low amount. I understand that as again, a property owner. You might be concerned. You know, somebody comes in that crank up the heat, leave the door open. I think you'll find, though, that most people don't do that. They treat places as if it's their own home. Now. Occasion. You might get a bad apple that does something like that. But really, that's going to be rare. And it really the disservice you due to all the good people. I'm not sure that makes up for, you know, the little bit of money that you're gonna save. My recommendation would be on that specific example. If you want to set a range of temperatures, people can choose, invest in something like a nest thermostat where you can, you can set a specific range. So yes, they can adjust it hot or cold, but only up to or below a certain down to a certain amount for cooling. That would solve all your problems, and it really is a cheap investment. So this same, you know, house owner. Instead, they kind of again give me a bit of us, our feeling, the first thing you show up. Some of the rooms aren't available, the temperature is locked and we'll get into a few other things as well. With this house and some other examples, so doesn't leave a great first impression again. It's about first impressions, so just consider that give people full access to things that they would normally be accustomed to, like adjusting the temperature. If its market is the three bedroom house, give access to all three bedrooms. You know, if it has a backyard, obviously have the backyard accessible, etcetera 14. Smaller Touches and Items: now continuing on with things you should really consider putting in place again. A lot of this from experience, little things that really do not cost a lot of money but really do make a big difference now. I'm not saying you have to fully stocked the kitchen, but things like providing, you know, coffee. Even if it's only enough coffee for, say, two days or, you know, a few cups on some sugar that goes a long way. Somebody shows up. They've been traveling all day. Hey, they could make themselves a cup of coffee there probably really going to appreciate something like that. Have a few condiments in the fridge. You know what's the worst that happens? Somebody somebody takes it when they leave, Well, you're going to buy another dollar bottle of ketchup and he put it in the fridge. You know, it's not a big deal, but it definitely goes a long way to have these little extras there. And it's well, I find actually, my experience when there's a few things, they're a few extra touches like, say, they left some condiments in the fridge for whatever, and then I go to buy groceries. It's time for me to leave. I might leave a few extra things like, Oh, you know what? They're nice enough to like Kind of stock. A few thinks I'll leave a few things that it's not worth me taking versus on the flip side . If I show up and there's nothing, it's just completely bone stopping and absolutely nothing. Then, yeah, I don't really feel encouraged to leave them my own stuff. Um, maybe a little bit out of spite, but it's just that they again. It's the same. People that have gone on their way to not furnish the place, not decorate the place. Kind of be a little bit difficult. You know, you really don't want to help them out. So, um, things like that those little extra touches, you know, soap in all the bathrooms and by the kitchen sink hand towels easily accessible and kind of already out. It's one thing to have them con tucked away in a closet, but actually put them out. You really want it? I mean, almost think hotel like What would a hotel do? Well, hotel has towels and stuff, usually accessible. It has soap. Hotel might even have a coffee maker and coffee available. So have those little things available again. It's a little investment, honestly, but it makes such a huge difference. I don't think people Airbnb hosts or just people general realized. You know how much these little things really do add up. You know, you start doing a lot of these little things and you can take a place that wa sort of lackluster and turn it into somewhere amazing and for basically, no costs again. I'll use the example the House doesn't want stands out the most. It's the most recent, probably the biggest kind of one that I went to, where I was just, like, surprised at all the things that weren't done, you know, investing in first of all, just letting the people change. The temperature would have been great having access to all three bedrooms, and that's free for them. Investing in this little furniture, get some cheap Ikea furniture, a dining room table, you know, maybe a coffee table, a few extra chairs. You end up spending maybe $500 you turn this place automatically from a place that I felt like I didn't feel like home whatsoever to a pretty welcoming place. I would have actually considered staying in that house again because it worked out. Really? Welcome in a case are, uh, location lies, not communication allies, location, allies for me and just the size. And what not, but because of kind of the bad vibe I got from the owner and just the way it was set up and kind of the coldness of it, I just have no interest in it. So perfect example of could have gotten a full month rent from myself. I probably would've rented for an additional month if I just didn't feel so almost unwelcome there. So do all those little things, guys that really, really is gonna make a big difference. 15. Everything In Working Order: now, the next thing that really needed a sitter again, I almost would think some of this would be common sense. But I'm surprised it could. I keep running into it in different places, but everything should be in working order. If it's not, at least let the people know now some of these things obviously big things, like a dishwasher, definitely. You know, let them know. Hey, the dishwasher isn't currently working or replacing it or whatever. I'm going to show you some examples in the next video of the current Airbnb that I'm in now . While the location is great overall, this place is okay. There's a little bit surprised when I came in because things like the blinds. So the blinds on the patio, which I'm looking at right over there on Lee, about half the blinds were there. The rest are actually torn down and just sort of laid on the floor behind the couch. On top of that, the tub is in pretty bad condition. It's just like I don't know what how you would describe it. Um, the coating is peeled off in several locations. The glass door. So it's a type of shower that's in the tub, and there's two glass doors that slide, except for there's only one glass door, and we'll take a look at that. So taking a shower a little bit difficult cause you have a big open space. And then, lastly, just a few things like Thea sink the button on the sink to change kind of whether it's sprays, you know, a direct line or spreads out. You know, the buttons missing things like that. So that's something. A lot of these are actually just little things the tub might take. Some work Teoh work on. But things like putting up blinds, the kitchen sink thing, a swell, the blind and the bedroom. Now there's actually really bright lights outside. Um, and the blind is almost falling off the wall. So things like that kind of are just little things that you definitely noticed. Make it a little bit inconvenient, you know, it's pretty bright in the bedroom now, in the mornings on, I don't want to touch it because I'm afraid it's gonna fall off the wall. So things like that definitely take care of any repairs, is what I'm saying. Just make sure your place is in tip top condition 16. Examples Of Everything Not In Working Order: so promise just to show you an example of what I'm talking about here. So here is the toe. You see, it's kind of a lthough finishes off a little bit up there, really, down there's a little bit, a little bit on, and actually that drain entire drained kind of assembly was actually out When I first got here. I put it in myself. So on. Then he'll also noticed, as I mentioned, there's only one glass door put Trump when you're taking a shower. Still leaves kind of that whole area exposed. So big deal. It's not a huge deal. Doesn't make the shower beautiful or anything, but not what you would expect a rental place. Especially when I saw a review from months ago that mentioned this, you would think they would. Now as well, you'll notice back here kind of looking behind the couch, those air, all of the blinds. I should say all the blinds there, some of the blinds from the patio. Now I kind of have it pushed to the left, so if it was fully stretch out, it's basically intermittent like will be one blind than two empty spaces and to blinds and empty space, and then, as well, you'll notice the door's unlocked. But even turning the locks, messing with the's doesn't do anything. And I believe me. I spent a lot of time trying toe trying to lock this door. Andi definitely cannot. This just kind of turns freely. 17. Furnish With Tables, Dressers and More: now I kind of mentioned this one in the previous lecture, and some of the things kind of end up going together, you know, like, be sure to decorate, but also furnish the place stuff speaking specifically of furnishings, things like dressers really, really helpful. Especially when people do stay for more than a few days. And even if they are only staying for two days, you know, they probably want to live out of a suitcase so cheap by Kia Dresser. $80 will last for years on goes a long way. So, uh, concerns things like that. A coffee table very, very handy will prevent people, probably from spilling stuff, that they may be laid on the floor and then get up and knock it over by mistake. Just you again, I Kia I mean, I'm not affiliate with a key, but I know you could get cheap furniture or buy furniture online. Actually went out of selling my own home. I had one person coming by, some of things that I was selling us selling a few TVs, a few coffee tables. He came and a couch actually was pretty nice and very barely used. It was in my front living room, which nobody ever uses. I mean, he told me he was setting up on Airbnb, and that's what he was doing. It was furnishing it by buying stuff that was in good condition from other people at kind of a discount, like he didn't pay full price. So there are ways to get and furnished a house or an apartment or a condo for relatively cheaply, and it will just make a world of difference to your guests now to bring it back, because we have a kind of mention in the last few lectures, really, what we're ultimately doing one our guests to feel at home Welcome safe. That will lead to good reviews that will lead to repeat business, possibly now notably. I mean, most people probably aren't traveling often to the same city and renting the same Airbnb. But you do get people like, say, for myself who's been back in town several times. The first thing I always do actually, when I come back to town is look for and see if past places I stayed are available because if there's somewhere I really like, I'm very familiar with it. I know how it just works. I know everything was great. I would love to stay there again. So and that has happened. Where places available. Absolutely. It's the first thing I look for us. Good places I've stayed before. I want to stay there again. So you will get repeat business if you go the extra mile and really make things nice for your guests so furnished fully, it does not have to be expensive. 18. Deep Clean Regularly: now this next recommendation. I haven't run into the issue too much once in a while now. Definitely just deep. Clean the entire place regularly. And now I've never actually run into a situation where the place wasn't clean. I've read reviews of other places where somebody showed up and there was maybe dirty towels . The linens obvious hadn't been clean. I've luckily not run into that situation whatsoever, but I have. You know where there's maybe, you know, the carpet obviously wasn't backed him or, you know, they're from's in the cushions on the couch, etcetera. Not a big deal, but still, I just recommend that you really give the place a thorough deep cleaning. Now my understanding is most places you have Ah, you know, some type of cleaning service kind of on higher, and they go win after every single guest and clean. And surely there's a tight time. There especially, you have a guest showing up. Somebody's checking out. 11. Somebody showing up at 3 p.m. They don't have a lot of time, but maybe take one day a month and just schedule a full deep cleaning of the place. If you do it regularly I mean, it shouldn't cost that much extra, and it will really just guarantee that the place is truly actually thoroughly clean from one place that is actually a few places. But to come to mind where the carpets were really, really just kind of dirty. That's something where, you know, they really should consider clean the carpets every six months and door as needed. You know, if there's a lot of traffic, you know, people, certainly they're renting your place. I would say most people treated as if it's their own home, but at the same time, you know, they are probably gonna walk around with their shoes on on the carpet etcetera stuff. Uh, take those few extra steps, give it a deep cleaning and really make a sparkle and shine for all your guests in the future. 19. Inspect Your Property Regularly: now, Lastly, when it comes to your property, I really encourage you to go and physically, inspector property yourself regularly. If you can make it every month. Terrific. If it's every few months, maybe have somebody else you can hire or a friend or family member going look at now. Certainly you probably have, you know, cleaners again going cleaning. And they would let you know if you know, if the couches were missing or something like that, they would let you know. But still, you're as the actual owner should just go physically inspect your properties, take a look around, make sure there's no damage, you know, looking for things like Are there a shower door that's broken? That still needs to be fixed? Or maybe it's just doesn't slide. Well, maybe the lock on the patio doesn't work, which is the case here? Actually, it's another thing that I need to call out to the owners. Uh, you know, the keypad has very intermittent. Whether it works or not. All these little things just check out because there is gonna be wear over time from people staying at your place and using all the amenities and then leaving and on and on. So and again, your cleaning staff might not be, You know, they are not looking for that. They're coming in. They're cleaning its loss fast as they possibly can. And then they're leaving some. It's up to you as the owner to really make sure that stuff is you know how it should be. You know, we mentioned in the very early lectures have a guestbook, have some pamphlets. Have you know, a maggot local magazine there for recommendation? That stuff people can do Well, somebody's probably taken out at some point, or the magazine is old and you should replace with current month. Just make a point to go to your property. Could be for five minutes. Just take a look through, make sure everything is still good. There's no rips in the couch, you know. There's no stains on the floors, whatever the case might be. And just give it that final kind of walk through that to make sure that everything is great . You know, you want again your guests to be super happy 20. Directions To Your Property: Now we're on to kind of the communications on mawr that you should really be doing with your guests. Now, I hope nobody feels like all these things that I'm recommending that you do is like a lot of work. If you think God, jeez, I really don't want to. All the stuff that may be hosting isn't for you, R R b word that, you know, you might get the occasional bad review if because you neglected something like a faulty lock on a patio door. Well, somebody is probably eventually going to complain about that. So doing all these things, a lot of it really is kind of preventive, if you will, whether it's the communications, the writing, the great listing, putting all your fees in the description, etcetera. Lot of this is going to go a long way and help you out. And again, The goal is to treat this like a business, and as a business owner, you don't want to do the bare minimum. We want to do as much as you can to keep your customers happy, and that's what we're doing here. So when it comes to communications, my first point is just the extra crystal clear on directions. I know you know, Google Maps. You can put an address in and get to your property. And if it's you know, what if it is that simple, even put that there is an actual section in Airbnb that you could put for directions to the property, right? You know, just right in Google Maps works great. If you Google, the address will bring right to the house. Look for the house with the two car garage that's blue or whatever. The case might be another example, though, and I'm gonna use this condo that I'm staying in right now. Again. It's a condo, which is basically an apartment complex that you know people own. Instead of renting, there's about 10 to 15 probably closer to 15 different buildings. Um, So when I came in the complex, I had no idea where I was going. All I had was a unit number. I didn't know which building it was in. I had to get out. Turns out, was raining that day. Look at the map, figure out where it might be and get myself there. Huge deal. Not a huge deal. But the owners could have easily just put in the description of the property. Hey, when you go past the guard gate, make a left, make your first right park there and you'll see building D in front of you. Go upstairs. It's on the third floor. Simple is that you write that description once, and it, you know, gives everybody access to that information. But they didn't do that, so I had to kind of search of 100 for myself again. Was it a big deal? I hope nobody feels like I'm being nit picky. Wasn't a big deal. Not going to call out all these little things of review overall actually really like this place. There's lots of positives, but it's just those again little touches that really would have been helpful for me. Uh, so there you go so that Steve really clear on the directions on how to get to the house and as well if there's anything they need to do when they get there. So if it's like a shared room in a house, you know, want to get to the house, you know, 70 message or send me a message in the morning, let me know what time were arriving, Whatever you want them to do, where you want them to go, just right in the description. And then that makes both your lives a lot easier. 21. Check In Procedures: the next is checking procedures against something you can just write out. It will be available for all of your guests. Uh, whatever the case might be, if it's a lock box on the front door, it's a keypad that the inter code, they have to meet you in person, make it clear what the person has to do, um, as well, given directions. So again, I've showed you example of the key lock here. Uh, you know, I wasn't I only knew the lock was gonna be difficult because one of the reviews had said in advance. Like we had a bit of trouble figuring out how this keep had worked. Um, nothing from the host of regarding that. So when I showed up, all I had was enter keypad and turned up, and they gave me the code for what keypad. Wasow entered this code and turned the knob. Okay. Sounds reasonable on the show up. Even after having read a review that said how difficult it was. I still it took me honestly, about five minutes, which five years doesn't sound like a lot of time. When you're trying to open a door, you start to feel like it's never gonna happen. So be crystal clear on how to check in as well. For another example from this place, There was no mention of the fact that there was a guard gate that I had to, you know, give my name. They would check a list. And I think, part of why there was no mention because the host actually didn't nothing for me. They didn't let them know that I was coming. I had to kind of show them myself that I had a reservation at an Airbnb in this complex. So, uh, be clear just again. We're trying to go out of our way. We're trying to be customer friendly to our guests. You know, if you have a guard gate, let the guard gate know who is coming. But obviously, if you're near being being you're in this business. You should be. This should just be part of the regular procedure you do with turning it over and on top of , you know, getting cleaned with cleaners. You know, give the name of the next guest to the guard gate. Maybe if given the next few guests names that are coming if they'll accept it, make sure the things work and are easily acceptable, etcetera. So back to check in procedures, everything the person would need to know. Give them that information. Just make their life a lot easier. Because again, these are people that are probably traveling from out of town. They might have never been to your city that it might be their first time on Airbnb. So they're a little bit has made me hesitant, but a little bit nervous, Like I'm gonna be staying in somebody's house. I know I was the very first time I stay in their baby. It just seemed weird, you know, like you're renting somebody's house, whether it's the personal house or not. So put the MITI's, make them feel comfortable, make them feel like when they show up off a five hour plane trip and rent a car and drive an hour to your condo or your house, they're gonna be able to easily get in and access, and they know exactly what they're in for. 22. Communicate The Day Before With Renters: now the next one, when it comes to communications, is communicate with the tenant or the renter that's coming in the day before. Just let them know. Hey, excited to see you. You know, here's the key code where you know, here's the directions. If you want to resend it to them, whatever it might be, even if it's just a hello looking forward. Just a reminder check in time is after three and at least lets the person know that. OK, you know, you are aware that they're showing up. There's been a few times where I felt like I I didn't honestly didn't know if the person knew that I was coming again. Unfortunately, this rental that I'm in right now is a perfect example of that. I met him the day before and Justin Oh, hey, you know, I still plan on being there, you know? I know check in time is that four. But I see that there was nobody staying the night before actually looked. It's because I was only driving an hour and I didn't you know, I figured if I could get in here a little bit earlier, I would at least ask politely ask if no. Then so be it. I'm so I'm guessing that. Let's say looking forward to being there, I'm actually gonna be in town a little bit early. If there's any way I could have access to the house at one. PM four PM, that would be terrific. And I didn't hear anything. Um, now, you know, to the point where I was actually leaving where I was staying and needed somewhere, I wasn't sure I had no idea how to check in or even if I was was checking in. Eventually did get a message, though, from the person. And they just said the communication is a little bit frustrating, but it was basically, you know, what time are you arriving? And I had actually already said that. I said, Well, be there after one. Um, if I can check in that great. But you know, if I have to wait till four, That that's fine. And their response was just a key code is 1234 It wasn't 1234 but, uh and so I had to write them backing in and say so can I check in any time after one and the response was just sure. So not the best communication, honestly, didn't feel super teas for a kind of 24 hour period. Figured at worst. You know, we go rent a hotel, but still, just a lot of this is avoided by a nice message the day before with high looking forward to your stay, your key code is, you know, X y Z, and you can check in. There's nobody there, so you can check in anytime. Actually, after 1 p.m. r. Whatever you know, whatever it is you want to say to your guests, it really shouldn't be that difficult. Now, if you manage multiple properties, I get this could be a little bit overwhelming. You're already doing the cleaning. You're doing all these things that I tell you have to do still going this extra mile. If you really treating this as a business, this is just part of what it takes to really do that. So I would, you know, schedule it into your day to day activities to really reach out your guests today before make sure you know that let them know that you know they're coming and anything that they may be need to know in advance 23. Leave Great Reviews : Now, when your guests leave and you get the opportunity to review them and they get the opportunity to review you, I encourage you to leave like a nice review a lot of times as like someone who's staying at Airbnb. So the reviews I get, they've all been positive. But the LA times it was very short, but like Chris was great, period. You know, I really appreciate the ones, though, where people say Chris was a pleasure to have. He left the place immaculately clean. He was no trouble. A few times I've stayed in like a guesthouse, so it's like a guesthouse either attached to detach from somebody's house. And they say some of the effect like, No, he was super quiet. We barely knew he was there. I highly recommend him things like that. I appreciate as a Airbnb, you know, person who staying in them. It really helps my profile. So when I go to rent somewhere and somebody probably looks at my profile, they go. You know, this guy not only has great five star reviews, but a lot of positive comments, you know, people say they really liked him. He was friendly. It was easy to deal with. He left the place super clean. Those are all great things. So I know I personally appreciate that. And I also do the same for people. When I'm leaving reviews now, it might sound through this course. I focused on a lot of things you shouldn't do or bad things. I really do. Any time. There's like, super positive things. I I emphasize those in the reviews. I like to say, You know, I like to help my other fellow Airbnb renters like the say things like, Yes, you know what? The location is terrific. The place was clean, has really modern decorations. I felt like home here. Easy access to the grocery store felt very secure because of the security gate, whatever it might be. I mean, I don't write a two page essay, but I really emphasize all the positive things. Now, if there are a few things like in this case, the front door lock is a little iffy, probably gonna mention something like that. Like to say, had difficulty with the front door lock like another reviewer mentioned, You know my recommendation because I kind of figured out how to make it work a little bit better. Um, and maybe pass on info one to recommend, You know, you try to press in on the knob as you turn it That will help it catch things like that. Some I go out of my way to really point out all the positives, especially. I mean, the more I like a place, the more I'm going to really emphasize how great it is in all the pros of it. Um, the ones where I don't like it as much. So I have referenced that house in Vegas. I stayed in December. Um, I actually really didn't leave a mean review. I didn't say, you know, a few other people said the house is pretty sparsely, you know, furnished, etcetera. You know, it was already there, so I just kind of the same, like, Hey, it has a great location. It was a safe areas. Nice. Having garage fenced in. Backyard was terrific. And I met something like Could use a little bit more furnishing, um, and kitchen utensils. The place. Actually, I didn't mention the some of the other lectures, but I think I have it coming up but didn't even have plates. They had paper plates. Didn't have regular utensils, forks and knives and spoons. They had plastic forks, knives and spoons. So I was a little on top of everything else. That kind of felt like really bare minimum off bare minimums was done at this house to kind of get by any sort of Airbnb rules that it should have. You know, maybe some plates and bowls that set dressed up nonetheless, we die aggress some, um, that is it for this lecture, everybody. 24. Don't Argue With Bad Reviewers: as a follow on to reviews encouraging not to argue with bad reviewers, you know, in looking so besides, renting so many different Airbnb is I've looked at probably 20 times as many rentals, just like looking through and looking at cities and figure out where I might want to stay and weighing. You know, the cost versus the location. This is how long I want to be there. So I've read a lot of people's reviews and one thing that always puts me off. It's like I might find a property and it might. It could look terrific. But if I start reading the reviews and like, there's maybe some reviews there necessarily horrible. But there may be the reviewers pointed out something. So say, for example, I mentioned you know what? The lock on the front door is kind of difficult, really think they should maybe reconsider it or, you know, get a different type or whatever. Just let's even say I say the lock is difficult on the front door. You know, if the person doesn't respond, that's fine. But if they if the owner of this condo with the Lever review and argue with me and say, You know, you just can't figure out how to work it. It's not that difficult. Nobody else had a problem with it. When somebody else reads that or my for example, myself. If I have read that on another review of some other property, I'm gonna go. Well, these owners air little, little, argumentative and, like, not willing to kind of take some criticism of their place, if you will, it definitely puts me off. So somebody who is going to potentially rent I wouldn't even bother with anywhere that I see. The owner is arguing with other people. Now, on the flip side, I've seen reviews like, for example, is the house I was considering renting. I didn't end up renting it, but a few people mentioned a few things like, Oh, I consider, you know, fixing X Y Z. The furniture is a little bit dated. You know what the They only get five TV stations, whatever the arguments, where the owner actually positively responded to those and just say, Oh, thanks for your stay. We really enjoyed having you here yet. Sorry, we only have five stations. It's good to know that that is something that people value and will actually consider getting, you know, a TV package, whatever it might be. They responded to it in a positive way. They didn't go on the attack. They took the criticism and said, Hey, and whether they go and do that stuff, who knows? They might just say Forget it. But they at least knew how to respond in a positive way to any criticism to their property . I really encourage you to do the same. When you put out there that bad, kind of negative, like come back at people being defensive, it's just not gonna look good to Other renters are potential renters, so you're really doing a disservice to your listing and ultimate. What we're trying to do is built up a nice listing with lots of positive reviews and great feedback. And the way you do that is not my argument, people. It's by taking their feedback, implementing changes. I'm making a place better, so you do get awesome reviews going forward 25. Top Ten Takeaways: So congratulations on making it through the course yourself. A little bit to go. I want to give you my top 10 take away because we talked about so many different things you should be doing from the listing to the actual property to then communicating with your guests. So kind of give you the top 10 things that would definitely consider If you want somewhere to start, implement these things and it will go such a long way with your listing. I wrote these down, So excuse me for looking down. First things first, just friendly communication. It really stands out. So when ah, host is again super nice to me even when I booked the property and they sent me a nice message Hey, looking forward to your stay. Look for this meeting you, etcetera. That goes long distance. And then it's well, the communication the day before out. You know, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow are you know, even if they're not seeing me, just think looking at for the hosting you tomorrow. Here's the key pad you can check in anytime after x y z time. Perfect. And then you probably don't even have to communicate them with them the day they arrive. Other than maybe the day after they arrived to check with them. Say, Hey, I just want to touch base, make sure everything is okay. That goes a long way. Ah, second decorate seem small. It is very cheap. It is inexpensive, but it is very effective. You know, just having little touches Little. You could go to the dollar store and find little decorations. You know, little fake flowers, fake plants, some artwork for the walls. Again. I don't wanna complain too much about some of the past experiences on into the next lecture . I'm gonna give you my five worst kind of experiences with Airbnb. Almost just for fun. And also just to some recommendations not to do. And some of those will be in there, but definitely just decorate. Make the place feel like home for people. Uh, second or third story is lots of pictures like that. It's first things first on your listing. Several pictures clear. Really give a full sense of what the property looks like. Sell the amenities like example use This place has a nice big brand. New TV was not in any of the pictures. I have no idea how to television actually on as well. I feel like you know, they could walk through your house after seeing the pictures. You know, they really have a sense because there's just so many great pictures and include those indoor and outdoor pictures. So include a picture of the empty garage. You might think it's trivial, but somebody has, You know, a vehicle that they maybe it's expensive. They're like, Oh, great, you know, garage Lincoln Park in You know, maybe they missed that in the description, but they see a picture of it, the backyard with grass. Oh, hey, we can sit out in the backyard things like that to go a long way. Uh, just be very thorough again with communications, not just be communicative, but be very thorough about things like here's directions on how to get to the property. Here's what you doing to get to the guard gate. Here is how you get to the building. Ah, here's how the keypad works. One Syrian. Here's how the you know the air conditioner heater works. If there's anything tricky whatsoever, just write it out for people. Be overly communicative. If they don't need the information, so be it. They don't need it. But if it's helpful to somebody, then that will go a long way. I would encourage, like fully. Just make sure you're fully stocked with, like towels. Soap. Leave those few kind of condiments or whatever in the fridge, some coffee for them. I mean, this is kind of going the extra mile, so I understand if it's a little bit in communion for some people special. If you have a high turnover, Airbnb. But if you can possibly do it, it again goes the extra mile. All these go. The extra miles adds up to a lot of miles and really, really, really does make your place stand out. On the flip side, don't do the bare minimum. So again, referencing a few place that stayed most likely are most recently the house estate in like next to no furniture and no decorations whatsoever. Almost nowhere to sit like really no plates, no other than paper plates, no utensils. Other in plastic potentials, like really did the ultimate bare minimum, and it obviously stood out because now obviously a little peeved over it, and I would never consider staying in that property again. There's just too many other choices. There's a lot of competition, the Airbnb market. It's only going to continue to grow. So while the user base is growing, people like myself. There's also the people Renting out properties just continues to grow, so you need to stay 123 steps ahead of them offer discounts. I definitely encourage you do that. So, like, even if it's just maybe not a monthly discount, it's just a weekly discount. Maybe you don't want people staying a month because you know that if you offer a big discount, well, you could have maybe had especially city like this. So I'm gonna use Las Vegas is an example. They get a lot of turnover. They probably don't get a lot of people who are actually coming for a month. I'm kind of a non example, but they would get a lot of turnover every weekend. There's people coming to town so they might offer a weekly discount, but they might not want to offer like a monthly discount so encourage people stay a week. But you know, not stay beyond. Don't give him any additional incentives beyond that because you want to turn them over and get new people in where you can charge them maybe a higher rate if they're only staying in a one or two or three days, which is most likely the case in kind of a touristy type destination. Uh, I mentioned the previous lecture. Don't be argumentative with people, whether it's in the reviews, definitely not the reviews, those republic, everybody's going to see that and then as well, just in person. I mean, if somebody is being difficult, Um, I understand. And maybe the best way to handle that is to work with Airbnb support and say, Well, I have a gas to made, you know, on requests or out of, you know, they're asking for too much or they're complaining about stuff that really isn't an issue. How should I handle it rather than just getting into on out now argument or fight with somebody, whether it's through the air, being the message or whatever? Uh, just don't do it, really don't sort of go down to that level handled professionally again. You're running a business. This might be your personal home or your rental property. Some so feel very personal, but it ultimately and the day is a business on the side. Note as well. Great to keep communication on Airbnb. That way Airbnb can see it. So if it does escalator there's a problem. They'll be able to see all the exchange between you and the guests, and then I'll be able to make, like, a fair kind of decision, a recommendation, whatever it comes down to. Ah, second, the last We didn't touch on this in the course. I've had it happen to me a few times where an Airbnb host just cancelled a few days before my trip. Now I understand things come up and I don't know why they canceled quite honestly. So things like like you know, the property. There's a problem, you know. The toilet's broken, they need to fix it. Or I suspect in one case the person was actually looking for a longer term renter and found one. So they pull their listing off Airbnb. Um, it really kind of made my life a little bit difficult, though, and now honestly, there's nothing I could do. It's not I mean, they were allowed to do so, so be it. But I really encourage you. If you if you suspect at all that you might not be able to rent out your property and encourage you to not listed then and make it available. Um, a quick story as I was switching Airbnb ease at one point. Actually, the very end of December, I was going to be moving into a town home for just a week. The canceled on me about four days before supposed to move in there, and it was New Year's. That would have been New Year's time here in Las Vegas. So next to impossible to find a place to rent at that point at an affordable rate like I would've had to pay at least four times the amount I had originally booked. And it is quite possible the person did pull it because they realized they might bill to get more money from somebody else. So that's a pretty, you know, unfair move on their point. There's nothing I could do about it, Um, but really left me in a jam. Managed to work it out, obviously. But point of the story is, don't cancel if you unless you really, really, ultimately have to And if you suspect, you might have to cancel, maybe even let the person know whatever the case may be and really just encourage you to be . You know, if you have your baby listed, haven't listed what's people book it, try to honor that. And then the last point is, just remember again, I keep circling back to this the whole reason. Teaching this course. Treat your Airbnb rental. It's a business. It's not just, you know, it could be passive. You know, you might have to do next to nothing. You know you they come, They book, you know you have, They show up, they stay, they leave, you have cleaners going clean the place, and the next person comes through and through. You might have to go eventually do repairs and check ins like I mentioned in the course. So it might seem very passive, But remember, it is a business, and if you wanted to grow over time, you're gonna have to devote some time and effort to it. And I'd really encourage you. I think it's an amazing business model. And imagine if you know you have one property and if you could grow and really take care of your client base. You're going to start filling up every week, every single daily booked. That's extra income for you. And maybe you can invest in the second property and rinse and repeat so treated as a business and let it grow as a business rather than just kind of doing the opposite, which be do the bare minimum. Probably. I mean, that doing the bare minimum really could almost drive you out of business. Start racking up a few bad reviews. People aren't gonna want to stay or you're gonna have to list a cheaper price. Might get to the point where it's not worth it for you, so consider all that definitely treat your business as an actual business. 26. Airbnb Poor Performances: All right, guys were on the tail, and the next lecture will be the course conclusion. But I thought just for fun, I would include my top five, and it looks like I got it down. Six here. Just kind of Airbnb experiences I had that were either surprises or less than stellar. I've obviously complained about a few through the course, using as examples, I should say, But if you haven't so first things first. At one point, I stayed in the city. It's called Bisbee, Arizona Ex Mining town, very on the southern border of Arizona, close to Mexico. A small town, for sure, Very rustic house, Always good. The air baby was find itself. There was actually nothing wrong with the way they described it or where it was or anything like that. Um, the big surprise, though, was they have have a lean and area which, if you aren't familiar with you, can go on them essentially look like little, many boars, like pigs. There actually aren't in the pig family from what I understand. But they are the travel in packs. They tend to run away from people unless they feel threatened. Um, have my two dogs with me and they were all over the place. And just so it was rather scary to actually be out in the evening. It gets dark at, like, five PM, had walked them, and then all of a sudden, see a group of Have Alina down the road. Now the exact direction I was walking and at one point they were actually right on the front of the property and action in C one as I was trying to scurry into the house to avoid the pack that was over in one area, one went running right past me. I must have walked right past it. And now it ran past me to get back with its friends. A little bit scary in the dark with my two dogs. They're freaking out. Um, no fault of the Airbnb. It was just a kind of odd experience. 2nd 1 the house I mentioned in December and I mentioned with the lectures literally. No utensils whatsoever. No plates, no bulls, no forks, no knives. At least like real physical ones. They were all plastic, like paper plates and plastic spoons and knives. Add that on top of next to no furniture. The heat control was locked and two bedrooms were locked off. Aziz, well overall, was probably next to was probably extra. My worst Airbnb experience don't give you around. The place did have several good things going for it. It wasn't so unlivable that I couldn't deal with it, but I definitely made a few recommendations in the review. Um, let's see. One time I stayed in a property where it was listed as it's an apartment and to better apartment. But you only have access to one of the bedrooms. That's totally fine. It was listed as I would have access to. I was kind of had the whole property to myself, you know? Here's the lockbox code. I checked in. The apartment was okay. It wasn't in the best area, but so be it. I stayed, um, went out during the days and, you know, vacation type of area came back, was in bed. I still happen to be awake, had the bedroom door open, and then somebody actually walked in the first I freaked out and closed the door. Um, but then I heard the person go to the locked bedroom and go in and re lock it and, um, basically figured out that was the owner of the apartment. But it said nowhere in the listing that I was actually sharing the apartment with them. It said, You know, you have access to the full apartment. I mean, the way it was written. In retrospect, it didn't say somebody else was staying there, but it very much was written like, Well, you have access to the living room in the kitchen. But you're renting the bedroom, even though the property was technically listed as the entire place. And that's where the discrepancy was There I let Airbnb no, and I'm sure he had to change that to, you know, a rule. You're renting a room in a property where you have shared access to, like, the living room, the kitchen. You're not actually rent in the entire property just to yourself. Definitely kind of scared. They're just having somebody like, come home. Um, nonetheless, uh, one. Airbnb was a house little bit older house again, a very obvious one where they probably did the bare minimum of different house. But the most concerning thing was ground. It was only one story house the window in the one bedroom that I happen to be staying. It was actually staying there with my family and on aunt and niece. The window in my bedroom was actually not even in the window frame. It was just sitting and kind of leaned against, Uh, you know, the wall essentially. So basically there's no actual fixed window in. There wasn't the best area that one did. Let the leveller no, and he came and fixed it, but still just seems like one of those things that you know when you show up. And that's what you see in the pool is kind of green now within planning, on using the pool. But just the fact that the water is kind of green, it just all screams to We don't take care of this property very well. So again goes a long way. And obviously I'd never stay there again, either. On then, other one, the fifth, and I kind of mentioned this before cancellations. I've had been cancelled on twice before. One was no big deal with one, though Where New Year's was coming up definitely was a big deal, and I think it was extra tough just because it was difficult to find somewhere. And this Airbnb host had contact when I booked it that she was really excited. Um, you know, I'm looking forward to meeting. You will meet you at the town home. I'll let you win. Um, you know, looking forward to you know, you staying there. This is my first Airbnb rentals. Really excited. Um, you know, just almost too much in some ways and then ended up canceling on me and left me in the jam . So those were my five kind of worst Airbnb experiences overall. Nothing horrible. Nothing. Life threatening Just a few times where I was definitely a little bit. Kind of maybe put out or just a little bit surprised at how people handle their their rentals. So don't be one of those people Don't have wild pigs in your front. Uh, that wasn't their fault, of course, but have all the windows attached, the locks working, um, actually furnished your properties and you're already a step ahead of other Airbnb listings . 27. 2nd AirBnb Review with Pros and Cons: now that I've moved their babies. Now, about a month after I originally recorded the course, I had to show you a different air, baby. Just some of the things they actually did really well here and some of the things that could use improvement again. Just trying to not mess like all these people out. I'm not gonna give out the address or the listing on Airbnb, but just Teoh give you some more information about what you know as a renter. Things that really make a big difference. So first of all, this is a big house. It's a four bedroom house of single levels in Las Vegas, a little bit older neighborhood. I would say the furniture and kind of flooring reflect that. It's not the most modern. That's okay. So one thing I did like right away, it's very reasonably priced. They have a 31 night minimum, which works well for me. I was looking for something for about 2.5 months on that. Such the price really reflected that what I'm renting this for. If I was to rent a two bedroom apartment apartment and, like turn on all the utilities and everything. I'm paying just as much. So to get a four bedroom house with a garage safe, quiet area big, definitely worthwhile for me as a renter, fully furnished, every single room is furnished. It really feels like a home like this. Like you stepped into someone's home as compared to mention before House has stayed in December, actually, not very far from here, that they basically had next to no furniture, a couch, TV, TV stand, not a dining room table, something like this to fill empty space. You know, a big empty room like this could have easily been left empty, but no, they actually furnished it here. So that's good. Obviously mentioned, you know, a little bit dated in, you know, the green and kind of not really pink, but pain, whatever colors on a call that excuse the mess. Now I will show you a few things that you know they could have paid a bit more attention to detail on. So, for example, when you first enter and I was appreciate, the keypad locks about the doors kind of stuffed and ding the door handles will crooked little things like that, like that's your first impression when I walked in was discussed on the door. So actually was a little bit like walking up. My very first gut reaction was, Oh, no, you know, there might be a problem with this. Turns out overall, that was It's fine, but just little things like that of the lights, the kitchen lights, you notice again. Small things. But at the same time, the panels could probably be replaced for very little money. There's a few things specifically I wanted to to point out. So, for example, we have this countertop. It would. It's pretty dinged and beaten up could easily be replaced, refinished or just covered. Just put something over it. Uh, this I was a little bit, you know, the wall has, like, a big cut into it. You know, there is obviously a different place here before, you know, just fill these in and give it a little touch up on the paint. Now I'm assuming to touch up the paint. You'd probably have to actually repaint the entire place, but but is You see, the bedrooms are fairly nice. It's just one dimensions, a four bedroom house. One thing they did do was take out all the closets. I noticed that. So normally you can see here. Where? There, With him in a closet. Here. They took it out so that they would be able to fit two beds in here and then advertise it as you know, a bigger capacity from likewise in this bedroom. I appreciate the fact there's all this Bed's, unfortunately, just myself. But you can see where they took out what was the closet right here so that a second bed could be put in. This is where I'm gonna be setting up my office Doesn't matter so much for me. But there is actually no closets in this place aside from one up by the front door and you'll see the master bedroom again. Lots of space, little data furniture. But that's OK. Now what I really want to show you is in the backyard, and I feel like that's where they really could have done a bit of touch up. So take a walk out there now I put the sheets over the couch because I do my dogs with me, and they just requested that I keep, you know, kind of the doctor or to a minimum, which is completely reasonable. One thing that actually that now they say that before I show you the backyard. There's a lot of stuff here, like it's fully. There's lots of utensils and clean spots. A vacuum would be terrific, especially knowing that you know, you're open to having pets there. If I was provided with a vacuum, I'd be able to vacuum up. I'm actually gonna go by a vacuum. Just let me able to keep the pace came now the backyards where they really could have did a little bit more work. Um, the first thing you might notice, there's just piles of leaves that were there, obviously from that tree. Um, but I get the impression that been here a long time now as well. Of the house, we have things now. I haven't touched anything like those chairs kind of haphazardly here. Um, you know, there's just general kind of like I know some random chairs, completely beaten up chair. And then one other thing I want to show. Summarize what I believe they did. You know, you have random things, like a Elektronik piano. Whatever you call these here kind of wise. That's sitting out. It was weird kind of record. I don't mind that weird to carve out a little bit. Odd thing you'll see is a cigarette butt there and then appears over there. There's a cigarette, and then the entire side of the house is just nothing, really. I feel like the owner, and that's just like a beer bottles beer bottle today. You know, the owner of this house, you know, spend $100 dollars, pay somebody. My dog home pays someone to come and clean up the backyard. I mean, it would make such a grand pressure like walking out here. That's the first I noticed. Some, like Why is it so kind of just messy like They could have just done a nicer like It's not obviously not landscaped or grass or anything like that. I mean, that's just haphazard. I don't even mind that. It's just the fact that there's obviously no attention given to keeping the place, um, in good condition. I guess so doesn't impact me. No, but it's all part of making the impression. So again, as an Airbnb host, I feel like those extra things. Those are things that just stand out to me like I'm just letting you know a za guest. What? I kind of know this Now again. Don't get me wrong. This is a great house for me. This is a big house. I don't need a four bedroom house, but the price was terrific. So yes, I'm not. I don't feel out of sorts. I'm not gonna complain that none of that's those things, like, put me out of my way. But I would have gotten a slightly better impression had, you know, things like the back, even just the backyard. Being cleanup would have made a huge difference. And then I think I would encourage owners of Airbnb. Still, you'll work on upgrading. You know, you don't have to spend, you know, remodeled the entire house in one go, but, you know, spend money, get the backyard cleaned up, and then maybe work on these floors or replace you know, this little counter over here, fix the walls, maybe get the place repainted, You know, that might cost, you know, a little bit of money that's gonna cost couple $1000 probably to repaint the entire place. But it's one of those things that you know, Imagine walking in here and had a fresh coat of paint. It looks a little bit more moderate, maybe replacing furniture or start working on bringing it a little bit more furniture. Maybe maybe put another TV out here so this room is usable as well. This house is obviously well suited for quite a few people. I think it's listed as up to eight people, which I thought was actually conservative, considering it has four bedrooms to the beds, have kings, the other two or two double beds. I'm not saying people, but you also have a couch. Have a couch here. You know. They could put an air mattress. Obviously, anywhere. There's lots of space. I would recommend that that person list the house, that it's suitable for even a few more people. And I'm going to wrap up this video. I just wanted to show another additional Airbnb again. Overall, out of the last several place I've stayed, this place is actually terrific. It works great, has a great location set amid Las Vegas in like 10 minutes from Las Vegas Strip. So I get a nice, quiet residential neighborhood, but I also get a full house. But I get easy access to kind of the touristy fund areas, keep those things in mind and in the future, from at other additional everybody's. I'll definitely update with a few more kind of tips and tricks that I think Airbnb owners could use. Thanks, everybody. 28. Course Conclusion : All right, everybody, That is it. This is the end of the course. I really appreciate you taking the course. I really hope you did learn from kind of an Airbnb. Users perspective. All the things that I really look for, it just wasted. You can go the extra mile, make your listing stand out. I keep coming back to this, and I've said that many times really want to treat this as a business. And if you treat this business, you want to be taken care of your customers, and that would be the people staying at your place up. Make them feel welcome. Go that little bit extra mile, invest a little bit extra money. It's amazing when a few $100 could do to whatever your rental places, whether it's buying some artwork to put up some extra amenities, some coffee that you can leave them and maybe actually utensils and things like that. Uh, invest a little bit extra money. You will get amazing reviews. You will have more people staying at your property, and you will only continue to grow. So I wish you the best with your Airbnb rental. Maybe someday I'll get to stay there myself. So with that, I'll leave you with Be sure to check out my other courses. I have quite a few courses in the world business, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, leadership much more and as well. If you have any questions for me, definitely send a message. Happy to answer those. And hopefully someday I'll get to stay at your Airbnb rental in the future. Good luck, everybody.