Learn How To Draw A Beautiful Digital Portrait | L. Laura Coleman | Skillshare

Learn How To Draw A Beautiful Digital Portrait

L. Laura Coleman, Fine Artist and Illustrator

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Intro Trailor

    • Sketch

    • Bold lines

    • Base Colors

    • Shadows

    • Highlights and Finishing Touches

    • Full time-lapse of the demo drawing


About This Class

Learn How To Draw A Beautiful Digital Portrait

Find out how to turn what you see into masterful, expressive digital art. With the practical instruction and advice in this Skillshare course, you can develop the skills necessary to draw beautiful digital portraits.

In this Skillshare course, skilled artist Laura Coleman passes on to you the lessons she has gathered from years of practice and training. Learn how to shade and highlight your subject, and add color that will bring your drawing to life!

In this course you'll find:

Voice over guided video in how to properly start a digital portrait, color, highlight, add depth, and life to a simple sketch, ultimate gift of art. Use this course as the road map for your artistic quest.






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L. Laura Coleman

Fine Artist and Illustrator

Hi, I'm Laura!

I create eye-catching, colorful, whimsical, light-hearted illustrations that inspire women to do what they love, create art! To put it simply, I illustrate logos, book covers that help brands stand out and make an impact! I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist equipped with the skills to help your business look fabulous while bringing in the money.

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