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Learn How To Create An Ecommece Website with Elementor Master Class

teacher avatar Nzayisenga Prince, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hosting and domain

    • 3. Connect domain name

    • 4. A2 host dashboard

    • 5. Install ssl certificate

    • 6. Install wordpress

    • 7. Install theme

    • 8. Elememtor oroverview

    • 9. Add product

    • 10. Home page 1

    • 11. Home page 2

    • 12. Footer page

    • 13. About us page

    • 14. Contact us

    • 15. Checkout page

    • 16. LOGO

    • 17. PAYMENT

    • 18. Conclusion

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About This Class

Building an eCommerce website for your business or your clients is the best experience, to scale up your business

I have put together all the Processes and best strategies To teach you how you can build a professional good e-commerce website that is attractive to your customers 

Choosing the best theme and Knowing what the best website needs to make more sales with your business is the secret of eCommerce business 

I know that you need the

best strategies  and in this class, I will be teaching you the following 


- How to choose the best hosting for your website 

- Connect your domain name with your Hosting

- Installing SSL certificate 

- Installing WordPress a2 Optimized 

- Choosing The Best Theme 

- Installing Theme

- Elementor

- Adding Product

- Home Page Customization

- Logo 

- Best Payment Method

This course is perfect if you are a beginner, or if you are already familiar with WordPress and looking for a reliable way to make a professional eCommerce website using elementor 

Hope to see you inside the course! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nzayisenga Prince

Digital Marketing Strategist


Hey Prince Nzayisenga here  is a Digital Marketer  specialized  in Social Media Marketing And Seo

As a Google Certified Marketer, I have worked with many business and brands both local and international

I have been working as a freelancer for 4 years  and I also have successfully created my online business

and I'm here to help you take your next step to your dream online business

I know what you want results,   and I am an expert at getting them. I teach clear, repeatable steps that work - not just theory!

I'm from Rwanda and I enjoy connecting with people all around the world so I hope to see you inside one of my courses.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my class switching. Teach you how to make a good professional e-commerce platform like this one. When m is a single place in them food term, digital marketer content Get out of my instructor for years now indeed, there's two of these tumor cutting in half up to more than 200 startup business and influencers all along the word. In this class I'll be teaching how to make a good professional e-commerce platform like this one. At the end of this crest. If you want to be able to know how to purchase the domain name, how to choose the best hosting provider, and also how to connect to the domain name. The few hosting provider. I will be teaching you how to insert what pretty soon your website, or to choose the best thing for your ecommerce. How to set up the featured product in those. So how to add Google My Business on your e-commerce platform, you'd be able to make you good, proficiently e-commerce platform in those all to customize it, I'll be using a two hosts as the best hosting provider named Chip as also the business domain name provider. And also welcome us as the base plug-in full e-commerce platform. If you are interested in combust food business or your beauty e-commerce platform. So for someone's IS business day, these classes for you or be shading with some secret of e-commerce platform, one is shedding them. So if you're interested in all of that, it's really sort of the class. 2. Hosting and domain : Welcome again to the crest. And in this video, I'm going to teach you how to choose the base hosting provider and also how to choose the best domain name provider. So here I am on the page of a2 sigma and this is the base hosting. Provide that data that have print to share you how to use it because of the more features we fit into the base, you can get to them. So they are more different hosting provider out here, but this one, the community because there is more features than the other one data on the industry, our TSO, this is my base hosting provider called it was seeing. So here we have the base, a premise that you can choose here. But before going to the hosting, choose our domain name, the name of your company, the name of your business. So the ideal community to use Nim cheap or good at this. So this is I did domain name provided that you committed to use. So in which one you use here, I will show you how to use it in your website hosting. So in your website hosting. So we're going to start by named ship to type in your name of your company. And click the Search button. But for few seconds to load. So when you type in your name of your company fund, more different names that you can buy on this domain name provider. So as you can see, the.com is on a dollar, a pi. And this is the promotion you get the discount to get too in your face, but chasing the domain name in this company. So the next year you're going to pay $9.48. So you can choose the name main that you want here depending on your choice. So I'm going to choose this one. They don't shop IT zone $1.8 is sent by. The next year, won't get it on set. So I'm just going to purchase this one and click on the advocate here. And then click on the Checkout. Be directed to the checkout page. So this is the checkout page we are going to pay for one year. The total amount for your domain name. Here you see there are many different features. Lake premium, DNS, don't click on it. And the city certificate, brief, VPN and the features, don't get them. I'll show you how to get them for free in the hosting provider that we are won't use that. So I like to use a2 sin because more features you can get them where they are. In here, the Assyrian guys, they're selling them to us for, for the lab, won't share to get them on the a2 sin for free. So click copy, click to confirm or the heel. And on this trip you have to login if you have an existing your account or create another account on this page. So for me I'll have an existing account. I'm going to use it. So click the sign-in and continue. So they sent me a verification code, the code to get it come back. Slow. Education code. Neat. As you see, I've gone to pay the one on the soul. Hey, I'm going to choose my advocate because this one is not using it anymore. So create the change and click on the add new card years after feeding your payment details. And then scroll down here and where are you? You can save the configuration above as the defaults payments sitting, or you can click the Continue button to make the patches. So it's four physic antinodes. As the PMS go through. In here after filling your payment details your card, it is, then you can click the pay now to purchase these domain names. So let for few seconds to load. So they now processing my older in afterwards. So as you can see, we have our domain name and don't submit this. So click the Next button, or click this button here and have domain name here. So we are going to add it to our hosting provider. So we are come true seeds to our hosting provider and I show you how to also purchase the hosting provider. So let's get back to our A2 hosting provider, which one you are going to use. So the condition hosting, these clicking button here. And here as you can see, you have more different features. The SATA drive, turbo boosts, true bookmarks, so they all have different features. You can see with the setup design for beginners, you can, you can host only one website. But if you want to host a website, like maybe we make a project like that would say to me also was for your family friends. So you can go to the grave one we face, don't appoint 99 cents per mole free. Or you can go with the two boo-boos. So depending on you plans. So for me, I'm just going to choose this one. This is the one that command. But if you are a beginner, you can choose a DRE foreign or distributor porn. So as you can see here, they ask for the domain name, which we did before. So if you want, you can register a new domain with a two sin, but the press are going to be different. So for me I like to buy a domain name on the other company in data, again, automatically connected to the host that I'm going to use for my website. So here I'm going to, so here I'm going to copy my domain name that I have purchased, domain name that I have purchased, then add it here to the stroke is going to be because instead of instead of putting.com for me, I'm using the shop. So I use this domain name. Use this domain name. They are checking and a fail referring if your domain name easily she said So, so here we have the summary that you are going to purchase. So here you can choose if you came by one year or two. We saw here they choose as for 36 months, but I'm just going to select only 12 months. So you can choose any which you want in. This is the oldest thermally 171.88. Yes. So so these are the feature that they're going to give us Lake and imitated transfers. You traverse. We sit and hosting domain name anymore at the features. So if you want, you can add these features, but I don't recommend them. So this is where our servers are going to be located, so you can choose any Lake Arizona, I'm sit down Singapore or misguided. So let me just choose this one. They are all servers. So if you want, you can get a dedicated IP for SSL certificate for the robot, I don't recommend that. Leave it. So a2 has Bu dat easy to do it. You save the creator so you can choose, make you free one page or basic, but you don't really need that. Don't recommend it. So here you get the auto instead. This one, we help you to go through it and get your website without a go, two more features so you can choose the nine or 10 PC to optimize what, what please press elevate or what plus a plus equals. So I'm just going to choose what Chris, to optimize or I can peruse them because I will show you how to do that also in it. So click 90, because if you do it, is this username and the password. They can be active by any occurs because the default, so I commend you to prove the nanny so you can choose your own ways of hosting your website. So after that, you can click the Continue button. Click the Continue button. Go to the checkout page, to the payment page. 3. Connect domain name: All right, So we come back again to the coast. So after purchasing your website hosting, your domain name provider, so do give you the access to the dashboard. So I login to the dashboard of the way towards thing in a desert to land on this page like this on, and you get some features like this one. So as you see, this is my existing a host provide that dashpot. So as you can see, the domain name is already there and everything is already there. But I'm going to show you how to do it if for your new account. So if you also want to, you can refer to a friendly and it gets 50, like we did for free after referring your friend to use it to A2 hosting. So here I'm just going to show you the domain name that you have registered to use in your hosting. Your, IT WAS think it will be lake here. So this is going to be VOC polymer. So I'm just going to click on the account details here. In Azure, you connect your domain name provider. So these are pins when you have a new domain in your hosting provider that the domain name that you have reached the 38 to sing. So that's why it's easier so and make sure that the domain name we are going to connect is the one that shaft resistance few A2 hosting. So this is the name server that you are going to add in the named ship profile. In God, show you how to do each day late to a so you have to copy them, copy them and put them in the north, but really in danger, go to a or name cheaper and paste them there. So this is our domain name provider dashboard here they give you the logins in your image and you can look in and we can be on the same page. So click on the domain this T here, or you can click on I, shop here your domain name that you have purchased and coordinate. And click on the Manage button here. So in the next step here, what you have to do. So the next step here, what you have to do is to scroll down and see the name servers here. So click on this button here and click on the custom DNS. And here we are going to add the DNS. This is Office DNS server. So you have to ODM. Click the second one. I didn't name server to then treat the name server. So it's an adult. The names and the tier. One more time. The full form of the names of a deal for NIM server. So, so after adding these name servers here, click this button here, the save button here with full physical to load. So as you see, the DNA's of is updated and to take up to 48 hours to take effect. So you may get this done these hours. Sometimes they take longer-term into the terms they take a mod m, So it for them in daily, kinda go to other process of starting your website, in the process of starting your SSL certificate in other features too. So this meet in the next video. 4. A2 host dashboard: So we come back again to the class. And in this video, I'm going to teach you how to use a two hosts dashboard in those out your domain name and also how to use cPanel login. So after sitting up your account details for your domain name for a toasting. So on the next API we are going to the cPanel, click on discipline or login, and you'll be directed to another pitch or a song. The next step here we have a soprano and the more different features. So don't talk a lot about these features is just easy process aren't going to teach you how to use them, some of them that you need most. So this is the soprano, it is the control where we'll be managing everything in just one press. So here we have more different features. Let me show you the most one that we need lake domains, domains. I said certificates, so this is an add-on that is good. So which will help you to do SSL certificate for your domain name. So here we have more different features. Lake, you can add your e-mail account here. So lymph is a dome did domain name that you have purchased and then you can go to the post process. So click on the Don Domain and do it for few seconds to load. Sunday next APA, just serve to at your website, your domain that you have purchased. And this is the sub-domain to be automatically created here in the document loot. So after a rethink the peak on the domain, it for a few seconds to load. Our domain name is now created and it is ready So it for a few seconds and then go back. So go back again. So go back to the dashboard of a two hosts and click on the cPanel now and wait for few seconds to load. So this is our supernova again. So click on the domains here to see for the main has been added. So these are the domains that they have now, the four domains now, and this is the one that I have created line now. So as I told you before, depending on which plan that you have purchased for you, a two hosts, you get the access to more domains as you want. So these are the domain name that I have now. So after sitting up your domain name, and at this tip that we can go through is to add your SSL certificate. So two ideas as their certificate to be in the next video. Next video. 5. Install ssl certificate: So we come back to the class and in this video I'm going to teach you how to install your SSL certificate for the domain that you have installed. So scroll down and go on. The security fund is acidity it is. And also the SSC status, yes. So click on the SSID status here and wait for few seconds to load. So you just use this city status. If you have already installed the SSL for your festive domain name and you are going to just install it to on the other name. So I scroll down into where you see the domain name that we have installed, the soul. So you can see that there are two SSL certificate is installed at the soil is very dated so well to have to do is just go here in Vanuatu is the set. So if T has not yet dated, so you'll see that it is dated saw with for a few seconds to load it full width for the progress to load. And then you see that a form, you can see that they are all dated every domain name that they installed here, cuz automatically invalidated. So a for you, you just have to wait for it to be dated. And if it is automatically updated, that's better. You can skip this video and go to the next video. But if it is not, you just have to learn the autos, say certificates until you get this message here. So then the supernovae load again. And you see all the domains name has this green color which says that there exists a certificate is dated. So after that, go back to the soprano. And we're going to instead their website now. So let's meet in the next video. 6. Install wordpress: Uh, so, uh, come back again to the crust, and here we are in the soprano again. So after inserting your domain name induces a certificate to it. So the next step we are going to install the WordPress trip said so scroll down here you see the software tab and find more different features like codify. This is the way I want to sell your crowd fear and other things that you want here. But first of all, it's instead they Wordpress website. So click on this. Those carriers up in seller. Wait for few seconds to load. So here you find more different proteins you can use like your cameras, you to go through the e-commerce without many other, without adult process. But I'm want to show you step-by-step. So here they are my installation of four sets that have instead of before. So I'm just going to insert another new one, which is one press a to optimize. So what you have due east to click on the inside now and wait for few seconds to load. So the next step here, you have to choose you, your lid that you're using. If you're using SSL certificate you have in certainly before, just have to use the one. If you have not installed it. You just have to use this one because of, instead of detail, I'm just going to use HTTPS. So then you have to choose your domain name that you're using. And the zoo and we generate to do the process to see if your domain name has SSL certificate that you are saying you have inside it. So here you have to rename your whip sit. For example, Lake City is code reuse. Usa, as the name says here. Dan, description of my website, online shopping. Online shop. This is online shop. Online shop or whatever you want. You can do a description here. So Lake it lattice update. This question. What if I want to add them here? So because I'm gong to use this e-commerce for a fashion. So then how you have to rename your username? Because this one I'll default so you don't have to use the default to your site. Then also the password you have to be the same, this one. I'm using this one as an example. So if you're using the automatic one, you get hacked by hackers because they are using the automatic one day nor many people are using the automatic. The nominee pupils. They know many people are using automatic admin login, so not to do that mistake. So for the image just have to do emit that you are using this, the one that I'm using as an example, your site today at gmail.com. So you have to also made here so you can get some the details AND notifications in the other thing. So true X2 language is here. Here there are many different language you can cruise. For me, I prefer English. So the after everything, we think everything is good now and then click on the inside. Now, intuitive for them to make your website's WordPress install your website. You want to press at three, it's three to four minutes. Please do not have this pitch at the progress by leeches. Don't know three of these pages until the progress bar, which is 100%. So grab your coffee and do it the patient three or less. So as you can see that you have successfully instead what prints. So this is the first step. It is check our website, how it looks like now. So and then this is the administrative usually. So let's just check the website how it is look like now, so it for a few seconds to load. So this is our website in our life and we are going to a customer z2, IT is live, so we are going to change anything. And this is not a new good Lipset, so you have to everything and is that good for your team? So this is the administrative you are live, so you have to copy it and paste in your notepad and then open it here, click on it turned to be opened in the new window, the new term. So this is our dashboard o for our website in our WordPress website. So this is how it looks like. Now. We have more tools that we are going to use. The media pages, comment, appear lens that Tim's other features make uses a prior gains into more of the features that we are going to use. So I'm just going to show you the steps in the next video. So let's meet in the next video. 7. Install theme: So welcome back again to the crust. And as you see, we are in the dashboard or forward WordPress website now. So, so the next step here, we're going to install our team that we are going to use as our percent. So our e-commerce website, so this is an existing website that we have now here it is left now until looks like now, but you have to make more changes so it can look nice. So what you have to do is to go to the appearance here and click on the team. Wait for few seconds to load. All of a sudden the next step here you have different theme that we have here. So this is the existing one, the beginner zone. So what you have to do is to click on the New here. Here. And here you are going to add the new theme. So here you are going to add the new team that we can use sodium in different team that you can use EA. So what they said is, is to search for Astra. This is the one you are going to use all if you don't find it here, you can click on the search bar here and such for Astra. So, so you get more different set for us. So this is fun. The more different the Astra here. So this is the one we are going to, so there is two Azra here we have, so this one is LED US entity, so on. So this is the one you are going to use. So click on the Insert. Now if you want, you can do the preview and see how it looks like, but you don't have that term supplicant the installed now into it for a few seconds to insert it. All right, so as you can see our website, as you can see, our team is, instead of doing what you have to do is to click on the activate. Now, do it for a few seconds to activate it. So opposite is activated now until the current two. And so check back again to see how does it look like now? It looks like now. This she turned. This is now how it looks like. So what you have to do is to go back again to dashboard and click on Get started here. Can they get started here in D2L? Activate with, for a few seconds to load. So in the next step here they ask you to get started with one Bu De you like to use. So there, so there are four different CPU does have here lake, then, Gutenberg, Elementor, be, Bu dat and breezy. So utterly you commend is the element that because the popular one and t is the zone that you can use to for your website so it has more different features. So click on the element and now wait for few seconds to load. So the next step here, the full us which e-commerce team that you are going to use. So there are many different e-commerce team that you can use here. Like some of them are premium So they are Pit diversion in the free version. So you have to do is to click on the order here and select the commerce node, the e-commerce or not the business. So here you see more different teams that you can use. For example, this one. You can open it and check the preview. For example, that you can the preview how it looks like and more like the About Us page. Like this is their bottles page and the Contact Us page. So this is how it looks like. Let's check which one. Like this one. So you can see more different customization height looks like. So you can choose in which you want here, in which you want here for your e-commerce flips it. So this one is base64 first shown, and t is a free version is so you can use the term opprobrium. So what I'm going to use here is this one, the one I really love? The brand store. So what you have to do is to click on import complete set. So click on the UI, complete state, put complete site and then had they ask you some few question, Are you a beginner? To intermediate? So we're going to choose the beginner and you're seeing these comb. So you didn't disrupt set for myself for my company. So click on the Next button here. And here they ask you for your names in your image that you are using. So I'm gong to the image that I have. Now in Dana click the Submit and it's 30 and put ink. So as you can see that they have centers is suppress, give tone or email and you can check it so it for few seconds. And as you can see this link it to our website. Please flips it and then grab your coffee with patient 3 while you were waiting for them to activate everything do proteins will come as a refund or less. So as you can see that the opposite you was installed successfully. So what we have to do is to view a web sit here. And this is how it looks like before. And then, boom. Ok, now, this is a really amazing website, e-commerce. So here I am gone through how to count to mice everything here that we have. I think our own product description. So as you can see, you can do the checkout here. The lake more different products that T2 and T4 to click this six months, 6% or three pins, the two Katia. And you can see some other recommendation of Web. Say Put that the description and three views, we add all them. And this is everything that we have here, lake, dark brown, chance and debriefing. So as you can see, we can view our cut here and go to the checkout method in the concrete or payment. So this product is in prayer. So as you can see, we need S3 point. The quantity of paint in the checkout rekindled the proceeds. I think we'd be looking like so k you think your names on your country, region you can see or the country that are available here. I can add some country that you are sitting in or entity moves does that you are not sitting in. So as you can see, you can add your own details in every finger and then it can press in order here. And if the information is not yet full day, we show you in the allelic beating firstName is required and everything required. So let's go back again here and remove this one. Go back to your dashboard. And I'm going to show you how to the update is how to update everything that we have on our website. So this is how it looks like before. As you can refresh, refresh it and you can see that. You can see that this is our website. Now it is our do. It is on our domain name that you have purchased before and it is secured. So let's go back in the dashpot here. So there's many different features we won't use Lake Analytics product marketing in a mental template, variance in the future. So let's meet in the next video, guys. 8. Elememtor oroverview : So welcome back again to the cross. And in this video can show you an overview of the pitch period that we are going to use, which is called Elementor. So click on data mentor here. You can click on it all key and click on Vegas Saturday here. So it for physical load. So this is element us, our page builder, and you can watch this video if you want to kick your off. Create your first page, we fill them. Intestinal key can decrypt the first page. You filamentous so it for a few seconds to load. So as the delimiter here you can see you can drag-and-drop some features you have layer lake image, the image or video you can drink if you do here in trouble. If you want, you can see, you can upload in. If you do that you want in, you can put the link in for the YouTube video that you want to add. More features in, didn't have to publish. So I'm not going to Italy now. This is a two overview. So if you want, you can read books or in a mentor here have more different features. For example, like if you can go on our homepage, you can see that you can edit it to if mentors to click on the edit to fill into here and wait for few seconds to load. So this is all Elementor here, as you can see it give us an option to get all these things that we have here. So we are going to get everything that we have here. But before we do that, It's fits our product, the new product in this one. So go back again here. Don't do anything about TSO. Just go back into, you can go to mental settings, 3 them into Settings and Settings. And you can land on this page. You can move some icons. We need the post step spinner. Landing pages. Make the fields so click on or DC phone daemon, someone does if you own them here in Data click Save Changes. So the next step here you can see this side integration advanced and he can an Ebola two on TO what you don't want tier. So like the experiment here you can see more different features that you have. The Colosseum pool, you can select which class simple, you want to use the food to. The active form. So namely if he told the active one, then if you want, you can click on the silk changes. You can choose the admin to where you want it. So before we go to many other things that its face at the product, and then I can show you the process of the suit. It's mixing. The next video. 9. Add product: So we'll come back again to the crust. And in this video I'm gonna teach you how to add product in your WooCommerce flip sit in your e-commerce, flips it. So click here on the WooCommerce, and so click here on the product and click on the old product here. First of all, you're going to hold the probe that that 30 and so you can add our new port that so is that the existing product? As you can click on here on this tool, we are going to date them in DNA can someone the product. So here we are in the put that on the dashboard. So we are going to click on these, the button here for the name. So for the product in there enough that we can debug actions here, and then click on the move to trash, or in, then click on the play button in width for few seconds to load. So put up to be directed so as you can see, they're obedient, been deducted. So we have a dot product that we have here. So click Continue again. We'll click on D, a move to thrush in decrypt the approach with 45 second throat. So you need to delete all the product so you can add your own, you put that. So as you can see, all the product I deleted when you go to so click on the trip, say tier, is it set here? And you see that, oh, the product, the third so click on the soil here in the don't have any product that did now. So what you have to do is to add the new product TSO. They click on the ads in your product to this button here. Or you can pass CSO, click on the add new product here with 45 seconds to load what I sold. The next step here we're going to add the name of the product. So what is the name of the product you are going to use the CSU, they need chin, so we'll have selected some product that term goats show you as an example. So here. So here you can add the description of the product you're going to add. So here I'm won't use it the knee. It takes. So this is me. Fix the extra generators to click on the Crimea, distribute them it takes to drop some words. So the metrics you're going through, so click on them here. As it takes that you're going to use in Dane here, what you have to do is to select this full civic TO product image here. So choose your foods here in Korea, you keep all your product. We have minds. So this is the blue Janice, we are going to add, click on date. The product to be applauded. Media lay bloody. So it for few seconds to load. So after it is loaded, didn't have to sell the product here. And this is the product or four. So did I have to choose where your product these ways you put the regulators if t is in the woman section or the main section of the main cut, it is in the woman category or the main category, so you just have to save that. So anyhow you have to select the table or place. For example, Lake, these tools on 100. And now T zone s3 sit on eight the doulas. So if there's no food that they grow place T zone and I'm done also on the separate when I say press on, it told us so after everything that you have an issue on to kill product, should the description here in this is this is the paragraph, so just remove this one here. Then added a product description here in Dane. After everything you did. So then you can click on the Publish now into it for a few seconds to load. So put that is f2. So product is successfully uploaded. So what you have to go. Or two you have to do is to go to your website again and deficient. Don't have any product here. So it's e for the product is I did. So this one is on sale and I did it. So first of all, vetoes on 100, notice on $8. So let's check the products we have did height looks like so this is the 32 description we have DID. So if you want, you can also add this description in the polar graph here. So go back these texts here. Then you can do the update. Can click on the Update here. Fish these product TO. So this is the description to dishRouter description here. So you can add more product in the cut as you want in Dan, you can purchase them. So before it's due some veto, a DTL. And let's see what ACK DTS sued. It's fissile for. Here you can choose the product that, for example, let me, if you have group to protect, you can see that external I feed product have them in. Then you can paste in the URL aid of the affiliate link for your product. So here I'm just going to choose the simple products. Just simple product. Then if you want, you can say as if it show vitro product or as it done Modibo products. So here I'm just going to remove this. Then continue. If the products that the soil is a product that I don't have anything to update because we didn't change anything. So if I want to add the new product, click on the add new product here and add more products for our store. So here you are going to add another product. For example, this one. This is the pressure C. So, so recall the product name. Then this is here we are going to add the dummy ticks. So CAPI did them it takes to bring it here. So you have to add your own description in polar graph. This one I'm using as the example. So here on daily grew up price was 70. We are going to put it on the sale price, 60. If you want to Qin, just remove the regular price in Dane. Put it on 70 only in theme of the say press as you want. So here I just have to add the description of the product. So it's physicians, the product image. So as you can see, I have added some productive way and this is our media library. So what you are going to do is you just have to choose which products you want. So deceit the product, I won't click on it if you don't. So this is Mei, Mei their liberty. If you want, you can upload all your phrase. You can put them in midair. A very sweet kid heap you to upload more products without cone to the.com to approach them again. So click on their product you want and then acidic the product. So they received the 50 yes. See light brown.com to use and then here you just have to cut, you just have to give it to the category you want to use this access Saudis. Then after you have to click on the Publish, put that in a few seconds to load. So as you can sell, product is uploaded, it's refresh again. Go to the store. Sell our product is updated. This one is on Syria and this one is not on sale. So let's add another product again. So click on the ads in your product here, it for a second. Here I'm just going to add this product. Let's say you want to use this product TO the create Jan regions, regions. So at the name of the product that we want to use. Then here in the product image, you want choose true zt new media library or you can embed that so. You see the gins that pumpkins to trues. Then they have to add the product description. And then these products is 120 into vetoed set of 100. Says Presley to work in the e-commerce platform is the visitors of the customer see that? Sometimes you put your product on the say press. The press does the trick one that you can use. The annotation for you e-commerce website in decane, see somewhat the product that you put on a city. So here we are won't customer is here we are going to categorize or productive as the main. And then if you want, you can tags of the product here, lake. This is paint. Paint. Yeah, you can. Some poll tax that you want TO food is productive chains. And chains like someone's searching for these products, have to see these kinda of these products using these kindof a such that you are adding. So here we don't have to categorize things. So It's just published the product and we check the product that we published. Ccs, store, refresh again and check the product to have in our store. So the next product is our gene. So I'm just going to add more product and they have to be like more different products here. So press go to pause the video and I'll show you how they did produce more product. So see in our store how many product that you have, you know, So as you see desert DC product you have did before, before I add more products. So let's refresh the website and can see that you have more products. You can go on the other page also, see some more of the product that we have. So let's go now homepage and I'll show you how it looks like now. We built the product that I added. So this is our homepage now in the sea, we have no product. They are the future that brought doctor not available in. Other things are not working. So if you can go in the main store or on the main page, on the main category, you see the main contiguity product that did in those two. And you go to the woman category. You will see some more product here, but these ones don't have image, so I would just eat, as you can see, these only description but doesn't target product. So I'm forgets to add the product here. So go on the access to these. And also, you can see you have some accessories in our category. So cystic or narcotic going off access to the, so I'm just going to do some other customization. A lake, the on the homepage and also help to add some featured products and also other things. So I started submitting things video for the ADA customization feature. 10. Home page 1: Olestra No.2, back again to the website. So we are going to customize this homepage here and add some featured products page now. So we are about to change everything here on the home page so that you can do the other process. So go back to your dashboard here. So you can pass through the appearance and click on the Customize here. Or you can see here and click on the ADT filamentous soupy called ADT filaments a year. It fulfills second to load. So it didn't matter is opening and just stuff to it for lead to 10. So as you can see, we are on the homepage customization. You can see the green colored the same terms that shows that you can do some needed. So go back here in DC also vapors with the way up. If you have pass it to the dashboard, to the customization, this is where you Bill and England do. So when you click on the midtone, the upper top here, this where you have to done so the Addison. So now let's add some featured products here. Sue, have to go back to the dashboard. So here I'm in my sorts curious, just have to click on the admin will give us a demeanor and wait for few seconds to load. So fiscal to some product here, we're not connecting featured products. So so you go on the products tab and scroll down to see which product that you want to feature of. For example, Lake. I need to see just some products like these. Just click on this button here. Do it for a few seconds. Is it not? Yeah. See it sees crickets denounce. So click on the product you want. So it's me, make a, so it will take some few seconds to load. And you see that these cricket, so let's see some other product that won't to feature this one. Yeah, this one. So we took a second to load. Each product is we want to feature this one. So now some productivity feature do 1234. Yeah, I mean they're not the one product to feature. Which one I'm going to use. The means this should print. Do it fulfills ticket to vote. They were so these paint. Okay, so that's it. Just come to feature on this one. So so go back to your store and just pin this to the predicted in court. You whoops it and seen the new term PM. You can see our featured product in the late press now so, but they are two more productive, just going to remove some productively. This one, I'm just going to remove it. Then you go to the product again. Product again. Let me take one which can remove example that I want to remove. These one of the two unknown be so good Baconian, so again, the fish. So I can see the product that I featured organized way 12 C4.5 DCD, a grid 45 product. So what is we need to do is to do some editing some of these texts here from the from the homepage. So let me go back to my aid him into here. So what you have to do is to just click on the Page way wants to fix him, collect these on leaning offers for hot summer. Here you can see you can type in a lake that is this flesh that this fashion 25 to infer placenta for more products. But you can also. Do some ADT, 20% of all product or you can say like 20 percent of all products. So if you want to Qin this button here, you can click on them. And if you want to Qin, it's how you want. It's lakes. Lake by now. Or levy shop now. Shop now. In here you can add it didn't kiss you want so flicks and Polich, it's the daily income of the store. So click on the store here. If you do the SRP amount does nothing. As you can see, it does nothing but its use this link of the store. Just copy the link called your store and then click on the tab D21 to Edit. And here you just have to deal with that. You have cupids on your store when you pitch that you want visitors to click on it, click on New button off Shop Now and they can go through there, they can go to that page. So after doing that, you just have to click the Update button here. Just click the Update and it fulfills second to load. So then it see if it is working. Now, go back again. Click the show, just the fish, your website. Just click on the SRP. Now on the Syria, you are going to be the elected, as you said, that you had been detected on this soil pH now so let's go back again, 10 homepage so far anymore, you can also link it to the shop now to this store. So if you want to Qin, choose the icon spacing how you want it to be like again, customer is Harry wanted to be like, if you want it to be smaller, medium, luggage. All right, edge. Dewey wanted to make click, just do it as you want. So can also align it as you want. If you want it to be the texts you wanted to be on, on left, center or whatever, you just have to do whatever I want. So there's some features that we have here. You can see this time that can change the color, the text color can also change the background color. Flex and pull up this bundle background, this was white so you can change today, it's poor or whatever you want to be. And here we have the but the type that you can use, you can use solely double the new knew that you wanted me to, to kinda just use it in a body type that you want. You can try it if you wanted to do or Momo. Just do it as you want. You can check that the poker fi select you own so it's good to their defenses. So here you can fix and public choose where you want exact or buttons to be. So if you want them to be in the center or liver, you can just say that as you can see these moving, moving, moving, moving morphine, morphine, whoever you want it to be. So just going through it, it's there in the movie it again to press. So just wanted to be the place to be. So here you have some other features to a lynch, your buttons where you want them to be. So we have Lake motion effect and the features that you can use, but you're not going to use them right now. So let me do the update now. But before, then you click this link again, click this link again, and click the update to it for few seconds throat to be updated soon IT is updated so indifferent, immoral here into half to the dissident called The Phantom more so that if some visitors, the click on different mode, we have to be the elected in the store of the product. So that's why. So in here you can Lynch how you want it to be small or big goal that you want. The customer, the customization that we did for here, you can also do it for here, so they are distinct. That's why it tastes good. It is a drag-and-drop. It took that you can use to that you can use to build your website. So here we have changed everything. So what 50 now is the picture, this picture here if you want to keep it, so you just have to click on this button here. The mentor on the left side here, recondensed side here, you can change your image as you want in dB, they did. The be directed to the media library. If you have a video picture, you see it. So for me, I'm just going to which image I'm going to let me click this image here. The media, and you see how it looks like. This is not good. Then this one. So then just do company zone. Let's see how it looks like. These ones. This one was only one in T's, does not have made many things inside. So let me go to this website here called Pixabay. This is the fatigue labeling. Fatigue delayed by that you came for fossil beach has to take care for Shani and you get more groups or pictures that you can use for free. First shown in more different pictures here like this one is good to do me see I'm at the lawmaking use Chicano dominate, can use some good fashion people more dose. You can own Demophoon date. These are and more so is good. Me go to the next page here. Where to download some pictures so I can see which one phi2 it in my homepage of the website. Score again. Again. Scroll again, scroll down which picture we use. It eating, need ADD nice picture that you can use in your website also, the zone can be perfect, but this is for sports wearing. Don't need it. Again. Turn on the page. So these are the paid version. If you want, you can choose any of these pictures here indicate use the butt for me. I'm going to choose for the a four-day, a free version for the three pictures. The zone so is good. So scroll down, continue to scroll down these ones is good. Can use it. So I have some pictures that selected, so I'm going to download them. Dana can see which one we fit in with on my own. Pedro flips it. So this takes a long time to check for that you can use in your homepage or Philips it so be patient 3. Choose which your picture and do isu upsets me. Look unprofessional, not good because you are not using a good picture. So which one can use these zones? So it's good. It's going to go to continue to search for pictures. This one can be good to continue, continue, continue. This one also can be good. Policy. This is the less pitch I'm going to set it down if I don't find in the picture is the one that I downloaded. Just to show you where you can get your pictures. These are the footage labor is where you can get your pictures, pictures, twos in your websites. So the myth is, see which ones that I have set it to. The design is good. You have to select the day a good. And here I have two FIS login. Because the half or a D or an accountant on the strip set T is free to create an account, then you have two object that you are not thorough but just login to it so you can don't want that the pictures that you have selected. So as you see the automatically though, did this more feel? If so, you have to check the Biggest Loser deletion in the downloads here also, choose the biggest to the solution in the end. Don't want a also choose the biggest deletion. Click download. We glued to the solution. Take the mode here such as the good that is deletion in the node. So you have to download them. Desert don't want that to have selected. We are going to find each one that can fit in our website to eight, but this one, I don't think you put on the website, so you have to choose in the picture that you won't turn the mixer. That's really good on noise it. So I have to remove these these tabs. I don't click More Time Zone website does not proficient. So here let's go back again or no pitch. We are, we, we think here late, so Let's go back again to our homepage. It's just click on this button here, a section. And then you can, you can come to this side here in the middle and click on the image. You can click on the Upload and go to your download. You have to select those footage that what does picture that you have done, what it will demo Cynthia here. So I'm going to select all of them. Have to click Upload to it for them to be a predicted weight. 11. Home page 2: All right, So after putting all your photos, just choose which one you want to use and they may face truss design and a CO2 looks like in my homepage of my Lipset. Wow, this looks nice. So it's shaken at the one. And the CIT looks like with tofu secant dishonor, so it looks good. So let's see this one. This one and see, well, this one also looks good. So let's see about this one. Certainly dementia in your homepage. Dishonors, so looks good. But I need to change. I need to use maybe this one or this one so they may face, see which one looks good. Again, certain idea it for Physick and to load. So the zone D looks good and I'm going to hit it like this on. So after you have to click the update, but before that you can choose which position you want your pictures to be in. Maybe center-left, top sent to plate, plus not changing anything with Tom lifts. When you want to be trapped, be up. Custom. The customer. What formulate? Just go into it as custom. Just stick. This one. Looks good. So then after have to, if you want, you can search in the position. You want it to be. This one. All these. So how you want it to be can change and funded through a T-tubule, can change the input to 0 in the edit. These. So also you have more things to choose. Lake of two, contain. Just going through a t-test default. The foot turn is good. So this is the thing that they can change now. So here you have the margin. You can, you can use imaging to the says how you want it to be, but I'm going to treat it as Zillow is a diffuse that you can change now, then after clip the updates. So we finished to change our homepage now for the font picture. So now we are going on this tip here. So here is where you're able to add all these or this logo. So for example, if you are working with some other companies, yes, you can list them here. And it is good to this DMSO. You just have to check which photos that you are going to use. If you don't need this one, you can remove it. You don't need this one. You can move it more for demo and then then can lead to thick that. So yeah. Kin the some of the pictures you want yeah, like this. In this one, any picture that you want to in a logo that you want, you can use it and then click the Update. It's safe. This one is on D, which is available. They have to be they have to go all of them so you can remove them or Udi, can you move them all it if you want to see that you can also do somebody first to change how the album to look like. Or you can add some of them in your LED if you want. So just going through them like that, not going to give them because they they looked perfect detail. So you can see you can go and continued to go and see if you have Lake more logos. And he said Here you can use this little button here to change them and see which ones. So so in this picture here, if you want to change these pictures aren't takes for the texts, you can click on the text and you see the feature here to change your ticks as you want. So I'm just going to leave it as 20 percent of indent this Shop Now button to has to go to the main. So, uh, let me go to the woman store. I have to click this link here and come in Delhi maintained have to update these links. Have to update this. So so that the FIS does skin a click on this link, the Indiecade go directly to the store category or four minutes fashion. So for this page here too on I'm just going if you want, you can check the current. You can It did these ticks here as you want also this one, the zoom to see you have the features yet to entity dim the SRP. Now, just going to put it in the main scope. Visiting Kenya, in visiting Kenya and then click Update. So also the same as this one. Also the same as this one. Click on it and here on the button. So it's good to the access to the speech accessories page. Does this link here and then click Update. Well, if you want to change these pictures, CSO can see that here we have these kind of, you see, you have these kindof a grid here. So you just have to click on this button here. It did column, did column click on it, end. You come here on this side and you really see the image here. You have to change it in today to, to the media library. Or you can upload your own in the, or you can upload another one that you can upload them and the one that I have downloaded before. So let's go into the Media Library and they see which we're making use and misuse ritual making news here. I'm going to use this one. We choose here. Yeah. So again, I can choose a date, this one this one also be perfect or this one can be a good like 20 percent of tanktops. Dean of the UK in the position as your synth or late custom customer is not called synthase for lists. So plate, yeah, you just leave it as two plates then after you have to click the update in those. So for the pictures if you want, click on the Edit column here. Go and list. You can share this picture as you want. So I think the disease very hip fossil, deserve the featured product now. Yeah, you cannot see the future because you don't tell the access to the featured product in a mentor. So that's why you cannot see them here. So let's do the deflation now. Upset. So this is how it looks like before. And we did some changes that in this picture here, in these homepage picture you see is deficient. We see, we see how it looks like now and you look companies, while this looks nice. So you can see at the picture you have added in there. So this picture here looks nice. You can see also the featured product tier, some product on Syria and does I'm not on say so. What you're going to do is also to change this picture here. She wants. So they may go back again to the mentors. So if you want, you can change these ticks here or zoom. Feature the product or whatever you want, you can change. So it's click here on this special edition eliminated them off, or you can change as you want. Also these ones. So it's changed this change this button here. It has to be directory to our store. So they may keep the store. And they have to copy this link here and Paste in Place in here so that the visitors who click on this button Qin go directly to our store. So, well, if you want to change this picture, see, so you just have to click on this column here, go to this state. Here you see the picture and you can change it. So they may choose which picture that I've done or did before only in DNA kin selected to be there. So income going to use this one. We may try this one and they said, Look steak. Well, this one looks good, so we'll defer. Use this one. Let me see how it looks like. So you have to be creative and choose different pictures to see how they look like. Though like this one and the main goal, use this one. I think you'd be perfect design in the perfect. Yeah, These are the perfect. See, she's really fresh and nobody's good. I love how you know how please send me the message. We are number or contact me any shadowing. That's You'd be perfect, good connection. So let's go back to a crest now and if you want, you can put it in the center, center lift. Extend its trade, the customer and the customer one. So in then after you have to click the Update so you can do more changes here as you want. This big creative and try many things that we have here. As you see, we have Lake more different features that you can use in the mud, go to, you go eat them, all of them because they are meaning. So. Now we are here on the worldwide shipping and base quality base offers. So these are the things that you can use. Now. If you want to change them, you can just click on them and you see these are the icons. So if you have some other icons, you can upload them in, then you can acidic Tim here. And as you see, the ideally good if you want, you can also change the medium range. I want it to be dealing with the fetus food and also these ticks. You can edit them in everything. You can edit them if you want to add it. Did Enqueue can add it. This quality product is of course they have to be the best quality. Prove that. And this one. So what if you want to add another agreed or another? Lucky YouTube if you do all another picture. So let's go back again. Click this button here, and here you have linked some basics. It means that you can add in a section, he doing image. It takes a detailed video buttons, divider or a Google Maps and everything. So for example, like you need to add Google Map or no allocation here. So what you have to do is to click on this button here for this remains the Google Map, and you can drag it here to regenerate the Google map. Then here you can add in the location that you want lake, this is automatically to London, for example, leaky fuel to upstate New York. You're kicking it off. If you want. You can also do it for a few seconds. If you want. You can also feed them up here in, you can select the location that you want to use in your kitchen that you want to use, consider location that you use. So didn't believe it as tools. They don't believe it as London. And then because it looks nice. And then you can zoom in and if you want to show exempt geo-location, well, you can also zoom out whenever you want the hate, the heat of the map that you want to use. This one and do looks good. So let me just keep it simple, keep it smaller, smaller things that are already, looks really nice. As this one. Didn't have to click the Update. Do it for few seconds. So if you want to, so you can add some other section like some other element here you have more adamant that some of them are paid in others I free. So as you can see, key and also added this late teens, for example, ECT. It's some things here is you can add the distillate things here. Let's remove these things. The wisdom of them have to click on this button here, click on the delete, fix in public, you need to add this cell. The things here, scroll down again where you see this thing in. You can add the year flicks and prolific. Did them to be here, deemed to be here. If you want, you can add another section. Just click on this button here. Down here. Can there, plus. And you can select which is ruptured that you want to use. For example, if you want, if you need to structural steel or whatever you want. So I'm just going to choose one. Then here I'm just going to choose these things, relate them. Scroll down, we'll see them. Certainly things is, you can add them here, so, but here they're not perfect. Images. Click this button here again and have fun. The other thing that is the boot lake. Yes, the counter you really good. Yes. Lick client. The client is satisfied. Satisfied client. So satisfied client. And then here you can also do some code do sit straight, just did that. Did after he came. Again, click on the Update button here. And if you want, you can also add these numbers into one. So indeed to of course one. So let me just just one SOS it to be perfect. And treatment, treatment chick. So you can increase the numbers as you want. In the end, you can see the naughty corner, but just be satisfied clients and then click on the Update here. Three be automatically updated so you can't change here. Just take this z1, so on what is called default Apigee, we'll go to the next video. So here on the homepage we had. So it's extra video will show you how to edit the page or pages of care. So the next video. 12. Footer page: So now that we've finished to update some features on our homepage, yes, so we are going for the speech here on the page. So what have to do is to go to this point here. Click on dashboard. Here you click on your team. Just have to click on the Customize. Click on the Customize, then the new term here, and do it for a second to load. So now that we're on the Customize page, you can see that the difference between editing you fit them into, into customers. You see that you can get more features here to edit, to leave. But if the image that you see, you get all these tabs yet. So what I'm going to do is to go into customizing the kitchen did to me if you want more features to change the color, the comma, you can chain them. In the book Thomas, you can change the DNA. Scroll down here. So here we are. Going to change these men here. So click on Damian was here on the amino Z, C, desert. The memos we have here quickly eggs for high-end for him. So here, lake for how you can click on it and you can add some other ATMs if you want. Make sure cut the pages that you want. So the pages that you want. So in order to add them here, you just have to work to put before. Here on the pages you can see all the pitches that are available for loads. So these are the pages that are available. So you can select any of the page that you want to add it on this, say dear, so you can add the QC in UK, you can create another PhD, Alec denier page here. And click on that in a PGI with fur Physik and to load. So you can see here you can create another page, but here you have the feature to create 58 month or so or you can insert it. They printed the print template as you want. So recall the ADT fit him into and you see it is now so it for a few seconds to load. So you can see here you have the feature to add to your page. So for example, Lake taking the heat down. And then after that you can add the text here too. So flexor pollicis needs Lake City comes if the two create ds, so you can add your takes us you want in Daniel Kim, do they publish here in DNA, you can come here and select which builds that you want by year. So not going to detail the film about here, I'm just going to select these, like these are big Quick Links, lick the home About Us, account or contact us. You can edit them as you want and you can add them only moved him as you want. So what if you want lake in the local Min locations you can add to the second minimum. Second minimum, bid for few seconds to load the second mainland, but we don't need it. Don't need it. So consider to have more different features to use lake here. Let's go back again. For here, you can see also you can only add some other features. For example, that many jacket don't have the lake minutes is so these don't turn the main issues. We don't the only are going to let left with many shit in those. So main main tissues. Don't trust them, but we can just say they were like this. If you want, you can also add it didn't dedicated to their page here. And do so demand shift and then click the Publish button here. So it for a few seconds to be updated. Cts published. So also here on the main menu, you can change if we fingers you want. So yeah, this is how you are going to change your menu here, if about here. So what if you want to change these? Could they copulate here? So click on the copulate here. In this page we popup and you can see you can change the size you want and then can give it the Capulets. Can also add the link here for the future to think of this one. So you can give yourself a promotion if you are promoting for the business issue or butene deep sit for that business and you can align these calculators you want to take it mean to live to a refund on delayed. So I'm going to let it react. Is there deselect it selected? So on that is full page here and it's meeting the next video we want to also change at that page is the decks to men's page at the pigeons that you have your suites me to the next page. But before we do that, How have more different features that you have to go through all deal with in the next video. 13. About us page : Welcome back into the class. So in this video I'm going to teach you how to customize the bottles pitch. So as you see on patients that are customized, and we are going to the About Us page. So click on the About Us page now and we try second to load. So this is our bottles pitch now, this is how it looks like you have to change. Our team will have to change our social doses. Some description about who you are. So click on the image into here three fundamental and wait for a few seconds to load. Also know that we are on our bottles pitch. So what you have to do is to click on this image here. You can click on this image if you want to entity it. One you would have said to see the side. And here you can choose enemy in image that you want to use. Kenya appropriate or if you are in the medulla bloody can transit there. So when Alberto's pitch, you can use an a picture of your team or in the future that you think is really perfect. So for me, I'm going to select click this one. This one. Yeah, this one is good. A design. This is an excellent put atom using so then you can customize the font, the tone, the lift on the center light to any place that you want to press this picture on. So here you see this image also you can choose, you can edit it by the moving range, press or not the image that you want to use. This one. So actually tools didn't nice when this picture was here. So let me not say update this one because that keeps that. So I'm just leave it like that. So go back again, change BAC again. Just show you the how you can change. If you think in what pre new e-commerce website you see infinities, drag-and-drop bonding. So you don't need to worry about anything. If you have a question, please demonstrate that the question and answers. So you go back again in this picture. The Indian click up to it. So here you can also, they say about your business can serve both to business here we are going to add the sum it takes. That takes some time it takes to. So this is the matrix we are going to use detail. We need to move this one and just put them here just to show how you whips it nucleic. So now we own the second page here on the team. You can, if you want, you can remove these. And it did seems that the ink put the links also does is it takes the image for your team. We just have to click on one image and this window will pop up. So you can choose any image that you want to put ditto friendly TV and media library if you have a before and you can choose the image says Lake who come as thumbnails, luggage, that image or whatever you want. So I'm just going to lift it like this. And you can see that you can remove some image if you don't, if you have lake, if you don't have more people in your team that, that you're working with. So you can see that you can change everything connected tos. Yeah, just everything as you want. So this image to here, you can just recall this W and go to this stage. So if this image here too, you can just come here and click here in kinda go to this side here. You can change the image collider to want to use. This is the one we're using, but don't need it. You see shoe or to change these social media icons from to charity. So just click on me. Click on here. In the social media book Thomas, we append. I can see you can put didn't improve your social media profile like Facebook page, like your Facebook page in this. So your Instagram, you're going to click on the icon here and you can press your Instagram who are given here, can see you can change also the logo of the social media that want to issue. Don't need the lake, the Google Plus or other social medias, Twitter, Google Plus, you can just remove them here. They didn't. Can click the Update to be updated. So for the social, if this image here, just click on this tweet, two different terms in here. So just to make sure that you are true, you actually can go delete one. So it's not easy to click on it. You can move this section here full away. To be perfect if you move this section here, few more VT Di Qin king gets buck. So still see that you can see the head section. So click on it. It does mean doing popup Vacancy that you can change the image as you want. So this will be a Food them just doing. This one is off this one. So after changing your image, this one, you can think this section, but just coordinate and move it up here. Move it up here in the seats is Buck No again and then you can click the Update, cozy off with some changes. So here if you want, you can add another widget rate kids and pull it in the ads. The glaucoma, glaucoma. Glaucoma. Glaucoma P sub p is, this is the Google Map life. You want to add it here with the same location, the same location that you have added on your homepage. So you can see that Google Maps now is appearing on it. So this is the inhibitor, so that's it for the homepage now in this school, did it do for the Contact Us page? 14. Contact us: Or a sonata to a bucket and the croissant will come. So in this video, I'm going to teach you how to the Contact Us page. So click on the Contact Us page. Now hear opinion degree term, fluffy second to load. So here we are on the contact us page. So as usually shown to have to click on the ADT filament a year into it for a few seconds to load. So here on the contact us page or two is only this takes here. So you just have to click on dystopia and you can edit. The text says you want to delete side here, the core, the information of your image you will now buy into everything. Should just have to edit this one only and then edited it. So if you want to go to Edit to the image, this image, you can click on the section here in a section, and this window will pop up. So we got to this area and you just have to choose your media library and choose your best picture that you want to use. So I'm just going to take this one, then. Go back. Go back here too on the day will come up. So click on data mentor here in the Google map. Just did here to generate 20 location. The location that you want to, the location just did here. And two, we automatically put your location that you are in. So I think that's it. If you want to add some other some other widgets, you can add them here, but a comment to the teeth like this for the Contact Us page. So a deposit for the Contact Us page. It's cool on the process and the meeting. The next crus, so click on the Update, the districts in the next class. 15. Checkout page : On a sway. Come back again to the class. And in this video I'm going to teach you how to customize the checkout page. So the checkout page is page links show you benefited some products in the checkout and show you where we are. Indeed. So here you can delete two products to cut. The product to cut. The product is added to cut so as to the checkout. The checkout, and he here is our checkout page saw. You can do some changes here in order to change them in just to go to the dashpot here in the appearance click on the Customize button here, or pin, didn't you tab it for few seconds to load? So this is R. So the next appear on the customization page. Deserve to it for it to go do it and then scroll down, we are, you see what commas so this is WooCommerce and click on the Checkout page here. So here you can change that exophilic. The company name feeds Lake. I did all the required. See, the phone is required. The previous policy and fin here you can change your finger as you want. So the more fixed that you can change on the, on this page here. So you just have to know more things that you can change them disappear. So just have to let it like this. Then you can see that here you can customize as with the device that you're using. For example, if you're using a tablet or phone, kinda customers how to look for the NBCOT look like on the phone, tablet, or desktop. So they are more different features you can use to customize your website. You can see how it looks take on many different devices. So that's it for the checkout. So here also we have the cut is no fins to additive the cut. So that's, it's similar products here, this normal thing that you can, indeed. So just up to them like the the here see the ratings. You can disable the date things if you want, you can just turn it on. So because you don't have the big things now, Kim just dim and the customers will not see the lead things off your product. For example, like if someone or to lead to the most scintillating can see that the lithium. So just turn it on again. Click on this guy here. So you can turn on the tape told disable it like you want. So here you have some features. You can use shore subcategories, equities and put that into many fields. So that's it for this video in this meeting, the next video. 16. LOGO : So now that we're back again to the crus, and in this video I'm going to teach you how to do logo on your website. So click on the Appearance now and click on the Customize here for a few seconds to load. And you'd have to say defund WDS. So click on it and scroll down. So here you see the potato and logos. So click on it. And this is where you are going to change your logo so you can click on it and you can see today 22 may delay bloody until you consider two logo. So they'll go up by the definition of 180 by 60 pixels. So if you don't tell your logo, let me show you how you can create your own logo. You see polo also go of our own comfort or pin come from. So conveys a drag and drop or software which can API to make lick more different designs for your social media marketing and many other things. So here, oh, they need to load the page again, so diluted the pitch again. So K faint more different template that you can use for your social media marketing and many other things. So they can such for your logo, this, but this is going to be simple logo. So click on the logo. Here you find the lake more different templates. You can use some of the mud pit version in the desert, a free version. So I can see, so the amount of free version. So click here to create a brand Crow go blank page is the using the blank page so you can design your own logo. Show you how to design your own logo. It just a simple logo so he can offend some default template. For example, you need the logo, for example, a game tape Jennifer shown, and the seeming indifference. Logo here. Seemingly different, look good, That's UK news as it print. So scroll down to see which one you like. So for example, I can select this one, just select data and such for the one C we truly can like to use. Can prefer to use. Scroll down and don't see any other one. So go to the admin team. Is such for fashion, such as shown in the element or the templates. So see we have more different pictures you can use. So they may look for MDD, good, DDI, good, admit that they can use. Continue to scroll down, scroll down. Scroll down. You can see that the good one ID PID version. So depending on your budget, you can in it, you can go for the pro, for the comfort pro until you get all these features for free. So continue to scroll down. Don't see any good luxurious. Then we just use this one to this one, but don't take this one. So just click on this one here. It for few seconds to load. Can see you can customize it as you want. So here you can do your name of your business, the name of your business. So this is a shop in D, That's the name of the shop. So here you can change the colors of this element that you have. So the color of the skin change it as you want. They became politically the dorsal fin that is really good. This one or this, just be creative in different ways. In different ways you can design your own logo. So this can be somehow good but not really good. So let's check about this one to check about this one to pinch in here, stays sharp, so this one can be good, but it has the total mark. So if you want, you can download it and you can use in your website or a Daoist that is really good is to go to a five. In the frantic more defense experts designing for you a good logo for a cheaper price. So with four favorite load. So FIFA is influencing website where you can hire someone to lead zinc for your logo. So such fully logo here. Such fully logo in GCM or different experts, we can see that you can defend more different logos for 15.25 in a good logo for your business. And some of them are on Tinder, does, does 35, so do give you a really good logo. So after that you can come here, int can change your logo here on your website, you want to really look good to logos. So so if you want to change the neck, the site title, you can change it. You can change it and do more things on your sidebar here. So yeah. Okay. Is that to z2 these widowed it's meets in the next video. 17. PAYMENT : Welcome back again to the crust. And in this video I'm going to teach you how to add your opinion to do your payment on your website so that customers can pay you on your website. So this is the best but of the class because you need to get paid if your e-commerce platform. So let's go ahead and inside of your payments, so in your dashboard, click on your Acoma CIA and just click on it, it for a few seconds to load. So there will be a window popup to come you in to get started if you come, uh, so just click on Okay, and then the London, this page here. So you see we have more different features. Take some more gut then more about for the Bhopal that so you can learn them if you want them. We'll business if extension. So if you get thick some browser extension, browser extension that can help you to grow your e-commerce business. You so you can sit up the fund and the tendons policy pitched boost you, store has credibility, reducing the curtain checkout books. So this one also a Pew. And you can connect two k-mers calling to get the product notification and many other fields. So here on our campus now you can see, you can check the analytics some little late ticks, like today's is. We'd love to do it. So you get this, so you get these analytics to see how much you are getting connected to jetpack and do you see like Mobutu analytics? So for this thermal management here you see you have leg the marketing plus summarize my store store details, taxi details, you can add them here. You taxi details, Shipment Details, payments. If you put that, so it's gone the payment here click on Day Anita and open the new term to it for few seconds to load. So you see on the pavement here we have Lake more different methods of payment. So here these are the so these are the basic one that you can sit up Lake direct bank transfer if you need your customers too. Do the Vedic big bank transfer. You can inhibit this button here. For the paycheck payment. You can also enable it here. Check payment, cash on delivery. You can, you can, you can just can just enable it here and you can sit all these fins here lake, It's this to the bank transfer. Click on the setup and wait for few seconds to load. So here on the direct bank transfer scroll down. You can link some little description of ways off your bank transfer in the instruction that you can add them here if you need them to add Lake some extra judges or whatever, you can just add them here. So here is going to be your account name, the account number, bank name, routing number, IBM in those two district court, you can indent after to keep the save changes so that your customer can do the back transfer in order to pay you undo, make my new e-commerce. So let's go back in the sea of the methods of the payments. So this is the check payment equal to the two to append a new tab. So you can see here also the disassembly, the instructions, description of how you're going to pay this person lake, you can add your street address to a town in those countries, to a postcode and everything. So do we send you the check payment and then you can get paid like that. But this will take you longer term. I don't recommend it. So so here we have the cash on delivery. If you accept it, the money on cash on delivery, you can set up that here. But what if you want the customers to do the payment on your website? So scroll down here, you see desert, the WooCommerce payment recommended. Just open it and you can get started The fit all this trip payment. The payment is also good payment that is available. So just you have to first create an account on Stripe, just open it in the new term here, step payment. And this is the website of stripes or it is an American company. Yeah, so, but the problem is with this company is only available on some few countries. So you can see the play Zynga and if you like it, you can just create an account on this. So payment and then you can use it. So you can see that they only charge a 2.9% TO few, lay your payment. So That's what the Church, so if you like it, you can just use this payment is really quick. First way of using your permit, you on your ecommerce. So after setting up your account here and everything they give you the code, you just have to come on Di Qin bits that connect everything. We fuse trip payment and you e-commerce website. So if you also have your paper, you can get started here. Click on the Get Started here, and three nodes with few seconds to load. So you can see the paper, you can, you can connect your paper here just to add your e-mail here and you can sit up your email for the payment and then click Save changes. So after that, that's it. Not going to add the dependent line now, because this is an example with using. So I can see you can also get the ocher must be mentored, don't know this, day me click on it and sell to work. So there are many different payment method that you can use, but this one that we recommend, lakes route payments paper. And also let's see about the ocher must payment that the fall as if it is available for your account three and you can use it in That's it to be perfect for you to use it. Yeah. So it fulfills second to load. So can see accepted payment, Visa, MasterCard, more thing. So by clicking Finish Setup, you agree to the terms and conditions. So you only step from getting paid, right? Create and connect to your account details and sit up completely and that's it. That's all you're going to set up your pimento. Few e-commerce flips it. So this was really helpful in think you're going to add these payments by yourself. It is just straight away process and these are the things to just expand and let's meet in the next video. 18. Conclusion : Always. So he made this fall to the end of this class in to be able to sit up your base e-commerce platform, you're able to choose your best hosting platform, industrial base domain provider. So you see that commerce platform now looks nice in your lady to make money on your e-commerce platform. But before that you have to set up your analytics and also the pixel tracking so that you can, it can help you to make some decision about your website depending on the visitors we be getting. So with the marketing strategy you can use, you can use Facebook marketing and also Tik Tok will go advertisment in many adult. So Google Analytics is the best analytics I really commend you to use. So if you liked this class, please leave a review on my class in that we appreciate for that and let's meet in the next class.