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Learn How To Create A Web Design Brief

Elite Avner

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15 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Introduction

    • Day 1 - Business Goals

    • Day 2 - Customer Segments

    • Day 4 - Brand Activity (a)

    • Day 9 - Content Audit

    • Day 3 - Personas

    • Day 7 - Competitor Research

    • Day 5 - Brand Values (b)

    • Day 6 - Brand Values

    • Day 8 - Requirements

    • Day 10 - Content Brainstorm

    • Day 11 - Content Plan

    • Day 12 - Card Sorting and Sitemap

    • Day 13 - Wireframes

    • Day 14 - The Brief


About This Class

Hi there! Welcome to the first Digital Heart course. I'm Elite Avner, the brains behind Digital Heart.

Creating an in-depth design brief is one of the most important steps in having a new website designed. Without a brief, everything can fall apart. We are going to guide you through each stage needed to complete the brief that you can then hand to a website developer or agency.

At the end of this course...

You will have created a professional-level website brief to give to a web developer/designer or agency. It will be so good there's little chance they won't 'get it'. You will give them a deep level of understanding of your business and customers, and a clear set of requirements for the website.

This course is the closest we could come to holding your hand without actually being there!

Our goal for this course is to guide you through the creation of the perfect design brief for your next web project while saving you the stress or hassle of walking into the unknown. We’ll provide you with

  • Actionable steps

  • Downloadable worksheets

What to expect…

Some lectures will introduce you to tasks that may take 2-3 hours to complete, things like analysing competitor websites and developing customer personas. Other tasks will be short and sweet.

That’s it for our introduction, now lets get started.