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Learn How To Become a Social Media Influencer By Using Collabor8

Kiara Smithee

Learn How To Become a Social Media Influencer By Using Collabor8

Kiara Smithee

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project

    • 3. What is Collabor8

    • 4. Influencer Set Up

    • 5. Brand Set Up

    • 6. How To Use Collabor8 as Influencer

    • 7. Best Sales Practices

    • 8. LYNX: Tool That Changed the Game

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About This Class

Are You a Brand or Influencer Looking for a Place to Collaborate with Others?

Collabor8 was the first mobile app to offer one-on-one collaborations (collabs) between brands and influencers; changing Instagramers into the top influencers. The platform allows instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world who are eager to collaborate and promote products or services.



The network has over 5.2 million users with the top influencers. I've personally seen a lot of success on this platform and going to show you in this course how to capitalize on Collabor8. Whether you are a brand or influencer, this is the perfect place for you to collaborate with others and reach your goals. 

This class will also talk about LYNX; a new idea that has changed the way brands and influencers market on Instagram. 



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LYNX sign up HERE

Arvo Watches: Promo code "Kiara" at checkout

Meet Your Teacher

I have worked with / sold to a handful of different industries. In my classes, I teach skill-sets that made these companies successful; and how you can reach decision makers at some of the most successful brands in the world and grow your sales with the simple methods of Psychology. 


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1. Introduction : Are you an influence or that wishes there was a place for you to reach out to brands you love or your brand looking to reach influencers? Well, there's a place for both, and it's called Collaborate. I have used this platform as an influencer to collaborate with many brands I love and had a lot of success. Think of collaborate as a liaison between influencer and the brand, and APP is a place to negotiate or deal. You can negotiate, paid to post get through product. Three accommodations for all the above. The possibilities are endless. This class is going to show influencers had a network with brands and get compensated for their work and show brands how to select the right influencers that will bring them the highest return on us. This class is for people who want to learn the basics sale skills to growing there, following or network in rules of compensation. There's also gonna be some promo soffit the end, so don't miss out 2. Project: Okay, so this cross is going to be about collaborate and links to software's I've used and had a lot of success with. I'm going to show you guys how to set up each profile for these accounts. What links is here on the left and orange. This essentially is a one link that will take you to a landing page and a landing pages hub or a single page that can redirect someone's attention or clicks elsewhere. So there's a lot of benefits of having a landing page and the reason I love lynxes because I do a lot of marketing off my instagram profile, and the big common issue I run into is you can only have one link in your bio. Hence why they call this links and bio. So let's say I have a website, but I also have my skill share classes, and I want a market both Well, I would have to pick which linked to advertise, so I constantly found myself switching back and forth between my hyperlinks. Well, links has solved that problem for me, and they have a lot of other benefits for other brands and influencers as well. So I'm gonna talk about how links has changed my life just as a teacher of skill share and also brought attention to my other avenues. Um, I'm gonna show you how to set up your account and what the platform looks like. Make sure you don't miss anything when you're using the software. And then the other, um, account we're gonna set you up with is the collaborate. And I do have promote links for both of these For you guys taking the course. And what collaborate is It's an app that brings brands and influencers together. So I'm an influencer and there's a lot of brands like, let's say, Adidas RV watches, um, that I wanna work with. Well, this app gives me the access to those brands. So the cool thing about the opposite brings brands and influencers together, and it's a platform for both parties. So if you're a brand and you want to reach out to influencers, this is a great way free to check out their influencers, profile their reach, and then what your return on investment will be with that individual influencer so too highly beneficial, um, Softwares that I use for my business and marketing. And I'm gonna share with you guys how to use them, and you can benefit as well 3. What is Collabor8: Okay, So for this class, we're gonna be talking about corroborate what it is and how you as a brander influencer can use the platform and benefit from it and grow your personal ambitions. So basically, what collaborate is it's an application, and it's a place for brands and influencers to come together and collaborate. Hence the name. It allows instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world who are eager to collaborate and promote products or services. So the liaison between brands and influencers giving you guys the option to collaborate. It's a very cool platform. I've used it and had a lot of success. We're gonna go over some features of it and why I like this one. So obviously there are competitors. But I'm gonna talk about why I like this application the best. And if you're in the United States or your influence in the United States or most of the brand you wanna work with in the United States, you definitely have to use this app is supposed to the other ones. I also personally just like a lot of the features and who runs it, too. So it's just very easy to use easy to work with, and I've had a lot of, um, return using it. The other cool thing is, this APP has 502 million users, so that's your access. So if you're a brand, this is money for you. And if you're an influencer, that's, you know, brands that you can work with and, you know, grow your following or go your reach, your income. Whatever your objective is there, there's plenty of people on the platform, and the cool thing is, they're all very responsive. So there's a lot of hope there. So there's a lot of differences with cooperate compared to others. And this is why these were some of the main reasons why I like this app better. The number one thing is, it's equal opportunity. So allows influencers and brands of all sizes onto the platform. So a lot of the other, um, applications or platforms like this. Where there the liaison between the Brandon Influencer, You have to hit a certain amount of followers or you have to have a certain amount of revenue or something like that in order to be on the platform. Well, how does someone you know get to that level. It's almost don't want to say unfair, but it makes it more difficult where this application gives equal opportunity to everyone. So whether you have 50 followers or a 1,000,000 everyone has equal opportunity to work with these brands and there's different techniques. I'm gonna go over with you guys on how to get in touch with some of those bigger clients or on the opposite side of your brand, and you want to get in contact with, you know, higher profile influencers. Feather benefit of using this app for both parties, both brands and influencers is there's filter settings. So what that means it allows you to pinpoint desire matches, whether be geographic location, fallers, count, gender, category or industry. Um, filters can also allow you to limit those who come requests to collaborate with you so you can really specify in filter who you want to work with. If you are focused on health and fitness, you're not going to get, you know, influence that are not in that niche. And then there's also other metrics in there, like having a certain amount of followers you can set it up to. If you would like also direct communication in the APP, which is a really big benefit. It keeps all the conversations and deals in one place. As we know, things can get lost in emails. Those is ah, awesome app to keep everything together all the way through to payment, which is really nice. So that's a big benefit of this. They kind of Ah, hold your hand through the whole process. Also free to join the platform which a lot of other applications will charge you and then secure payments are fully protected. So this is beneficial for both parties. I know as an influencer you put a lot of time and work into something or project or post, and you want to make sure you get paid that if you're gonna, you know, send these pictures over that you're going to get the deal. Um, this apple kind of holds the payment in s grows in a sense until either the influencer post or the brand pays what? However you negotiate it. But you can be sure that whoever you're working with, both ends of the party, you're gonna hold up to their to their dealer to their collaborate 4. Influencer Set Up: Okay, So this is my Collaborate eight account. I'm gonna walk you through how I set up mine. First thing we'll look at is the profile. So here you can see how my display picture you can include a couple photos. I recommend making sure you have photos of your face so people can see what you look like. And then just some of your other work. This is a brand that I partnered with some of my travel. So identifies a travel journalist. Influencers have all my hospitality there. And then don't. Here you have all of your tabs. That kind of categorizes who you are. So the 1st 1 you can see my bio traveling photojournalists and online course instructor. Your story is important to me and my followers, meaning I always try to include company by on how they started. I feel thus really builds a connection with my fans and fosters loyalty to your product. That being said, I'm no sell on early partner with brands slash clients. I align with my personal interest passions in life style. So remember you're talking to brands so you can send a pretty clear, direct message to brands because they're going to read it and they're gonna be like, OK, I see. You know her angle here, Then I have my link to my websites of Click that it will take you to my website. You can steal my bog posts and then here are my interests and it says you can pick to, but you actually picked. So I have travel is the the number one. And then on this tub here, go to social. This is most important account. This is gonna be all of your social counts Now, I don't use my twitter, so I didn't include it. But if you have a YouTube channel or you have Twitter, instagram, Facebook, every channel you have included and this reach here, she will be totaled up for you so they'll count how many followers or subscribers or whatever you have, and then they'll total of the reach for you. The reviews tab is when brands leave reviews of you. I don't have any yet. Um, I've just started, you know, using the platform, and they're gonna start leaving reviews and then your rates now for rates. Um, you wanna If you click at it, you're gonna see this year. So the first thing is, you wanna have this selected on except straits, even if that's not your preferred method of payment, I just recommend keeping it on because, um, sometimes you can get trade and payments and now rates. Now, how do you know what, um, rate to pick? Well, there's this wonderful tool called influencer marketing. And what you do is you just go to this website and you click, um, your name here in the influence or section or in the user name section you can see here we have another well known influencer, and then it will tell you what your different rates are. You can see there's all different types here. Okay, So, based off of that, you can kind of gauge. I would to say Don't select this far this one. That's if you have over a 1,000,000 followers. I would say this one's a few senior in the over 100,000. And if you're below 100,000 followers, I would say stay with this one. And if you have less than 100 1000 um, more than 10,000 that would be a range plus in 10,000 and 9000 or less. Okay, so, you know, it'll tell you on the resource there. Okay, so let's go back. Click my profile. You can see here. Be quick. Edit profile. That's where you select all your images. So there's a good amount. Whatever one you upload burst. I should probably rearrange this and make one of my face is more clear. But whatever order you upload them in is the order they will be displayed in. So just keep that in mind. And then here you just have your basic information. So the brands know what area you're in gender, your bio. There's where you edit everything. Website that's real. Threw it out. And if you want to make an explanation, you can I recommend just putting open Doesn't, um, limit your amount of deals. We'll tell you, set up your profile. We go back to collapse. I'm gonna go over that. But first I want to show you sevens. So this is going to be, um, how you collect payments you want. Make sure this is set up. They do du pape out. Let me see if there's any other methods. So you could do square cash or PayPal. I like square cash in my doctor Switch to that. But you can do PayPal as well. They include your email there and then you can block incoming requests. But I would not do that because brands are gonna try to reach up to you. Turn your notifications on So you don't miss any people trying to collaborate with you. This is kind of the first come first served type of app. So if you don't respond and a brand is re chance other influencers, um or vice versa. Influencers trying reach out toe to of the same type of brands. Like to watch companies, for example, in one response, and they make an agreement not to do any other collaborations with any other watch brands. You want to make sure you getting notifications for all this, you can click account options. You ever want to delete it, what you will not want to do because you're gonna love it and just another basic things there. So setting it up is really easy. Um, down here on the bottom is how you're gonna explore different brands. You just swipe through. And then, if you like someone, you just click up on the right hand corner. Dubai location can change it. I just have it set to all you knew by followers. So this is where those filters come into play that we talked about. I just leave it open. Don't limit yourself interests. Like I said, I have everything just completely open. And as you get more familiar and you figure out OK, I'm going through a lot of things I'm not interested in. You can definitely set those filters so your filters air gonna be up here now I'm an influencer, so I'm looking at France can and he just like, threw down here. When you click the collapse, it shows your status. So I have one brand Arvo waiting on me. So I have to upload those photos for them and send them to them. And then kz I'm waiting on them. I've reached out They've agreed to work with me now is waiting on the details and then no request as of yet, but that's where incoming requests to be. I'm really oh cd about my inbox. I always delete him and you can see all the ones I've sent 5. Brand Set Up: Okay, so for this lesson, I'm gonna talk about how you is. A brand can set up your account, and we're gonna use Arvo watches as the example. Ah, a couple things that I like about Arvo is not only are there, watch is beautiful, but their company that gives back, and that's something I always look for when purchasing a product or partnering with the brand. There's they have over 50 different charities that they work with five which are listed below here they work with on a regular basis. I think it's really cool to just work with Tom's, for example, one for one same concept by a watch. Proceeds go to helping others in need, so I think it's really cool to partner with. Companies like that gives you good backstory as well. So that's kind of my my niche. When I work with brands and I tell their story, that's what sets me apart is an influencer from other other influencers and as a brand, if you have something unique about your story, that's definitely something you want to share and encourage your influencers you're working with to share also. So it's died in and take a look at how to set up your dashboard. If you're a brand, it's very similar to the influence or dashboard. But there are some things you can specify. So when you log in, you're gonna have your profile here on the left, the same exact settings. You're gonna pick your industries of people you want to work with as well. And then in your setting, some things you want to make sure you have set is receiving notifications. You're gonna get notifications from influencers. Um, I wouldn't block incoming requests. And then if you choose to set a minimum follower base, you will do that. They're in that area. Also, you definitely want to up grade to the the gold subscription. You're just gonna get all the features and really have a return on your investment there. Then, of course, your payment method that you're gonna pay your influencers with. That's what the couple first dashboard slides look like. It's very easy to set up a little bit more in debt. So on your home page is gonna look like this when you can see your brand name will be here . If you want to look for influencers, you're gonna click the explore button down on the left hand of your home page. The middle of the current collaborations, you have so the same thing as the influencers that would discuss another video, and then over here will be requests. So these were your influences gonna be reaching out to you. So if you click your inbox now, you can see all the influencers that are requesting to work with you. You can check him out by clicking their profile, go through all their bios and everything to see if they look like influence or you would want to work with. If so, click the green check and then it'll tell the influencer, Let's collaborate And then you guys can discuss details. You're not obligated to anything until the deep tales air confirmed. And you guys both have, um, the deal, I guess you could say or the collaboration work together. This is kind of just saying, Hey, you know, you look like someone I could potentially work with, and then also you can send requests, So if you click the scent tab, you can see all of the pending influencers you want to work with. No, over here just want to make this pretty clear. Um, after you've had a conversation, a very casual conversation in the app. Basically, this is just like texting back and forth in the app about certain ideas you would want to do. So, for my example, I told told Arvo watches Hey, you know, I would post these photos at this time, etcetera, etcetera. This box here that pops up is where you specify the final details. So this is where saying I'm posting these photos at this time. I'm talking. This accounts for this price on this state, etcetera. So this is where you kind of have your receipt, and then you just set that and then you can confirm we're gonna look at how brands can set up all their different tabs. So we have bio social and reviews here. You can see our bows. Mission statement. So it's be good, Do good. You have their website there, and then a little bit of a phrase that represents what they stand for our bows. A middle mistress watch brand with a social mission to do good and help others. Our favorite way to spread the word about our bows through influential people such as you join our clan and we can grow together. Then you can see their industry here basically types people they would work with social accounts. Tab is where you're gonna have all your social media sites listed. So you have Arvo Twitter, Facebook and then all their own verified accounts. It's maybe like a branch off of our but watches. And then the last tab is reviews. This is reviews Influencers Leave on your page after working with you gives influence or the good idea about their business process with you. People will look at this so you want to encourage people to leave reviews. So that's kind of the platform for a brand. It's very similar. Toothy influencer, Um, as far as setting it up, it's very simple. Main thing, one emphasises. If you have certain filters you want to emphasize, here is where your do it in setting so you can set minimum collar request. Make sure notifications air turned on and then make sure your industries are selected because that's how it's gonna filter recommendations for you. 6. How To Use Collabor8 as Influencer: Okay, so this lesson's gonna talk about how you as an influence or can reach upto brands. And there's just a couple things. It's really quick class, But first things first. Go and check out their instagram INSEE for able to post content similar to what they currently have posted. Um, the reason wanted to This is gonna make sure your style Ah, photography and product posts. Whatever you may have, it matches up with their so they can re share. It also is their product or service relevant to your following? I say that because you don't want to be a sellout. So in my account, I'm not gonna post like workout protein or pre workout or anything related to business because I'm not necessarily a fitness person on my student and more about travel and, you know, organic health. Um, so I always make sure that the product that you're the company trying to work with fits with your lifestyle what you currently post, because your followers are going to realize it's unauthentic if you're posting something completely out of your niche, for example, there, if you don't post about exercise, you probably want to collaborate with a pre workout product. And then how to partner is really easy. First things was like I mentioned turn on notifications so you could make sure you're getting updates. But once you found a relevant brand, you push the request button on the upper right hand corner and then just wait and see if they accepted your request. You can check your collapse inbox often. This is where you will see if they accepted you. If show if so, does show a waiting on me section right here, and that means you need to click it and then you can look at the next steps from there, and then it will be waiting on the collaborator and then you'll just go back and forth until you have the deal put together. So the biggest thing I can recommend is stay on top of your dashboard, see if brands accept your request. If the brand accepts your request but does not message, you definitely reach up to them. Don't be afraid to make the first move. I made this mistake when I was using the app. I was like, OK, cool were collaborating and then nothing happened. So make sure you re John, You say okay? Like you hear my ideas for collaboration, let me know what you think. Definitely be the first person. Reach out. If you haven't heard from these brands because these brands do you get a lot of requests a day? Sometimes it just may miss it and they don't see a request. 7. Best Sales Practices : Okay, so we're gonna talk about best sales and business practices for influencers. You want to make sure you sell yourself to these brands because you are competing against other influencers, So there's just some key metrics you can keep in mind. When you do this, we're gonna go over them. Okay? So, just real quick, You can talk about your knowledge, your reach, your insights and your content creation. What those all mean is kind summarized here, So your reach is gonna be your your total audience. Remember when we talked about setting up your profile? Include all your social profiles that could be here. You to your Twitter, your Facebook, of course, your instagram. But any social platform you are on, that would be your total reach. Total amount of people watching you or if you have a blawg, how many subscribers also you want to ask the brand? What are your needs and regards to content? Are you guys looking for video? Are you looking for a certain style do anymore? Fall photos. You need summer photos asking what type of post they're looking for going to make you more valuable to them, and then you can Also, it's the brand request here. Insights. You can access your insights on Instagram by clicking the tab in the upper right hand corner and sharing your insight metrics with them. They may wanna look at that, help you strategize one to post or what to post, and then also the different types of content you're able to produce. If you have video editing skills that could set you apart or commercial style, you know photos or, you know, commercial style videos what them know of all of your skills? If you paint, you can tell me, could paint something that references them to their page. Make it creative. Make it unique. Um, if you know how to photo shop, what them know that so they can keep that in mind. Any technique or skill you have, you want to make sure you include in your pitch to them, so it sets you apart from everybody else. And then also, you could let them know of your locations you have ideas of shooting. It gives their viewers a different perspective essentially and then also block post, too. So and there's a lot of other things here. I don't have mentioned But basically the moral of the story is whatever you have that's unique about you. Make sure you pitch that to them. So it sets you apart from the other influencers and gets you more likely tohave the collaboration. So here's an example of a conversation I had with our watches. We agreed to, you know, work out the details and collaborate. He said, Thank you for a question to collaborate. What are your rates? Are you open to trade product for a post? I said hello. Yes, um, open to payment and trade My idea. I can take photos with the watching post on instagram account and tag your brand. Also write a 250 word article on my website about your product. Also include the link in my bio, where people can buy the watch, etcetera, etcetera. Now, right here you can see almost ah, automated response. Job description was updated. I physically did not type that. That is a receipt message. Almost when you do the final details here, if you watch the other videos, you would see when you finalize everything after you've had this casual conversation about what the ideas are. This is where you finalize the descriptions you can see here posted a photo of watching my personal account at care Smithy right. 250 word article on my website. The link there for pay plus trade the due date there and then that is showing the receipt here. And then they say, Okay, that all sounds great. They also approved paid for it. Now my job now is to complete the assignment. So take the photos, upload them, send them to our bow, and then they come register. That is complete. And that is the flow of how it works. It's very easy. What I like about using this platform is because it's seamless. You don't have to wait on people to email you. It'll send you reminders. It'll ask. Okay, what's next step? What's the next step? Just keeps you accountable. And make sure that if you're going to collaborate with a brand, it's gonna go through to posting or payment. Whatever you agreed on, just a great app to keep everything in one place, even payment to like we talked about as a brand. You want to make sure that you're going to get your return on investment. That you're working with someone who's actually gonna do what they say they dio and vice first up your influencer like myself, and you put in the work you want to make sure you're compensated for that work in cooperate helps be the liaison between the brands and the influencers. So that's that for best business sales and practices. We're gonna look at another tool I highly recommend. That goes great with this whole concept of marketing on Instagram and it's called Links. Um, so go ahead and click the next video, and we will look at that. 8. LYNX: Tool That Changed the Game: Okay, so this is, Ah, video lesson on how to use one of my favorite tools for instagram and marketing and collaborating with brands called links. So what? This is if you guys have never heard of a landing page. This is one link that will take you to a landing page. This comes in handy with instagram, whereas you know you can only include one link in your bio. Hence the company name links in bio. So if you have a lot of products or brands, if you have, like a men's line in a woman's line, you almost have to choose which link to include in your bio. So for my self, I have skill share classes that I want to promote as well as my blog's. So now I'm forced to pick between either my Blawg Link or my skill share link, so links has solved that problem for me. They now create me a custom link where I can direct all of my followers attention to a landing plage of everything I'm involved in. And here's an example of what that looks like. It's really beneficial, especially as an influencer. Let's say for one week you want to offer a promo code for a watch like I'm going to do for you guys. You can go to my link on my instagram and you'll see in my affiliate links under links RV watches or you'll see my other brands I'm working with. You'll see my skill share courses so it's really beneficial, especially if you're partnering with brands to have a lynx and bio, because then let's a foreign affiliate. For these companies, it makes it very easy for your followers to go purchase items you're endorsing on your page . Instead of switching out that link in your bio all the time, depending on which campaign you may be running and for brands, it also works the same way you have your either website link, but it let's say you wanna have different sub categories when they click that link. You can definitely do that, and I recommend doing the pro version. Um, you can see here that you have, like analytics and stuff like that. So let's take a look and I recommend doing the pro version allows you to customize your link, first of all, so you could even register with your domain if you want, but when you click that link, it will take you to this landing page, and it's all mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. So here you see all the different options. Once you click off my instagram link, you can go to my skill share courses, my watches, my Facebook page bundles for good. And with the pro version, you have more link options. You also get to see the analytics, and then you can also see a little bit more in depth for each link, like the click rate, which is really important for marketing efforts and running campaigns also customize it, which is really awesome. Really beneficial. Um, you know, like I said, I'm helping promoter but watches I love their watches. I would encourage people to buy them. Like I mentioned, they're all about hospitality. So this is my way I can help do. That makes it very simple. Normally, on Instagram, when you're shouting out of product, drifted right out along HTML code will dis avoids all of that. It makes it very seamless for your followers to, uh, take part in which you have to offer. So it's called links in Bio definitely customize it. I have a promo code for you guys in the notes section of this class, so definitely try it out. It's I believe you can get a free trial, and then I really do recommend you upgrade to the pro version. You're going to see a lot of benefits really going to make you look more professional as well. When you're working with brands on, then I think brands as well see the benefit there's is well, too, if they use it in there Instagram link.