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Learn Hip Hop Dance To Major Lazer's "Cold Water"

teacher avatar Emeroy Bernardo, Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro and First 8 Count

    • 2. 1st Eight Count w Music

    • 3. 2nd Eight Count

    • 4. 2nd Eight Count w Music

    • 5. 1st & 2nd Eight Count no Music

    • 6. 1st & 2nd Eight Count w Music

    • 7. 3rd Eight Count

    • 8. Everything no Music

    • 9. Everything With Music

    • 10. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

 If you've always wanted to dance hip hop but felt intimidated, feel like you have no rhythm, or have no idea where to start, then you'll love this class.


In this class, I teach simple routine to  Major Lazer's "Cold Water"

This class is made for people who have absolutely no experience in dancing.

I take you step-by-step how to do the moves; starting from slow then moving it all the way to actual tempo. The moves are easy, simple, and fun like the song!

Throughout the class, Emeroy emphasizes the importance of effort over perfection because that's what will help you make progress. This class is perfect for dance enthusiasts, people who want to develop their rhythm, and everyone who just loves to dance.

If this sounds awesome to you then I hope to see you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emeroy Bernardo

Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author


       Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004.

    He's danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion and a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion.

    When he isn't dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They've successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do th... See full profile

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1. Intro and First 8 Count: whatever. I'm really here today. Minima teaching got a simple routine toe. Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. Some cold water just came out this middle August right now, so just came out so fun song and teaching quick heads up this your first time watching me, And first I'm trying to learn dance online. I know how confusing it could do when I say my right and it looks like you're left. So what I'm gonna be doing right now it's flipped the video that way When I say right, it looks exactly like you're right and you're not getting confused with all that mess. Cool. So, um, a little bit more about this routine. It's very short. Three accounts, making sure no one comes. And it's very staccato in some points are very hit hit and some parts where it's very flow flow. Cool. So and accounts are you get into it, you'll understand it. Once we get right into it, you get the feel of the rhythm. So anyway, let's get started. Okay. So first thing gonna start off, you're gonna sweep your right like a runner. John, Go around big. See my hand to flex. Going to a low. Be looking myself. I'll see the screen led screen, so I make sure. All right. Okay. Okay. From here. Going to replace your right to your left and come into, like, sort of. You got approved kind of position. Okay. Don't bring them too much here and overextended. Just your elbows next to rib cage. Okay, so it is just a first. A kind. You're gonna go one okay from here? You're gonna extend. Brings back. Let your left leg behind. Okay. Right here. Okay. To you're gonna reach up to give back a little bit. Sore still, screen and frame to, but this is 367 years ago. One to go up three. Okay, You gonna go forth from here and across out ahead, Okay. Like, say, no chastity for life K and four. And you open out, Lovie. Flash hands. So try that. 67 You go. One to free and four k. The rhythms. 1234567 and eight. That's the journal rhythm. Cool. So 6781 23 and four from here. Going to step with your left came. You're going to go into a forced march Okay. That means I'm on tiptoe here, right? A straight. I'm leaning a little bit to my left, so we're gonna go float five. Okay, so think of very loose arms get get instead of like, Not so. Like you're popping kind of weight. Very throw it up there. Okay. So make sure my Michael working. Cool float throw five k came to go a little above your shoulders. Not down here. Five and lean and your lean other side six, but is very brief. 67 games of the flow. Quick! Go. OK, you go toe Flo. Quick. Go. 567 Okay. Do you remember the choreography? But 67 quick. 567 Cut real quick. 567 78 Sorry. Okay, so now that remember, actually. Okay, so we're gonna go 567 from here. Going to switch the pop on your leg onto the right. Can you point strong to your right diagonal? So don't go directly to the side or to the front of the diagonal and a little lean towards Cool. So you go. You just finished five, six quick. So quick. Quick, quick and point. Well, and that you notice that the quick little changes there so flow, flow, flow and strong. So to go from the beginning of this account. 6781 23 and four, five, 67 and eight. Cool. So, no, it's just a breakdown. Detectors, Flo. Quick, quick, quick, quick flow, float, float and strong. Cool. So let's do that one times one time. So one time medium and then we'll go with counts. 56781 23 and four Flow five, 67.8 Little fast So 567 go 123 and 4567.8 Try a little temple here. So 5678123 and four flow five, 67 So cool. So that's the first. A cap is Try this account with with the music justice a candle 2. 1st Eight Count w Music: So let's try this Just the first. Ready? 61234567 That's the rhythm. Just tried. Two more times. Stake up. Stake astray. 56781234567 It's not super flow flow. A small pause that hit travel all the time. Then we want the second. Okay, so 56781234 floor. Flo. So before you move on, you notice that that rhythm, right? We're going Boom, boom. And that's essentially what we're trying to go for the whole time, so we want to second. 3. 2nd Eight Count: So let's move on to the second account. So we just finished last account 78 from here. Lean back up some frame, okay. From eight. You gonna do Iran coming around from your shoulders and then extend You want to bring to make sure the arms are outside of the body? OK? It's not so much here they want. If I were to make you a shadow would be like that. You should be able to see both hands. Okay, So a one same rhythm to three. You bring both hands, both your feet up and your hands up your shoulder for two. Three. Can I do like a little? I feel like I'm a Zen karate guy here. Okay. 123 From here, you open up and four and you open your knees up and four okay. Really would move. I don't know why I did. It just came, actually, when I was doing it, So four. Okay. So 67 eight around. One, 23 and four. Cool. Moving on from there. And four for we're going to step with your left. Five, OK? And you're gonna sweep kind of leading with your shoulder a little bit. Five k gonna hit on whip 675 67 Okay, from here moving on, you're gonna hit on eight year Step your right. Okay. Your left leg is bad to write. Like a straight. Okay. And lean back your left hand over your heart. Cool. It's a little awkward, but you're not there for very long because you moved in. Really? Move to the third. Ache out gases from 86 seven. A nice and slow around. One, 23 and four. Go 567 Step eight. Cool. Let's go. Medium temple on this one. So five, 67678 Would 23 and the so good going to vest? Going to meet him? But 678123 and four Throw. 567 Step. So now it's moving to a little faster tempo. And if this is starting to fasting and others were wide to a slower, slower version. Okay, so 56 from a 5678123 and four Go 5678 So that's it. Let's try, um, just this account with music and then we'll combine both 4. 2nd Eight Count w Music: Let's try the second account. So from here. Okay, so 56 what? 23 and 45678 So I try to do this like I actually said that straight. OK, do you want 5678123 and four. Hey, that's 11 30. So five, 656 inside from here. I'm sorry. I got ahead of myself. 567812 Fruits and pork. But 678 So, uh, hey, that's really the whole time. So now let's move on to 1/3 places. I was still 5. 1st & 2nd Eight Count no Music: All right. So now that you got a feel for the first a count on the second count individually, let's put both those accounts together. Started off slow than will be about tempo. Then we'll do with music. Cope. So let's go. From the very beginning, I stopped. 678 Gonna go. One, 23 and four Flow 567.8 around one, 23 and four. Go 567 Step eight. Cool. So that's that. Going a little faster now. Okay, if you want to do it again Slow Destry ones. I replied to that part case. All 56 little faster. One, 23 and 45678123 and four. Flow. 5678 Let's go a little bit more towards Temple. I think that is Temple. Pretty much. But let's push the speed because, you know, once you slow down, it's gonna be a lot easier. Okay, 56 little faster. 123 and four. Throw. 567.8 and 123 and 4567 Hey! And don't most okay has got ahead of myself. But so that's it for that with the one first and second accounts of counts. That's un redundant. OK, so now let's try it with music. 6. 1st & 2nd Eight Count w Music: So now we're gonna combine the first and second. Okay. So 56781234567 0.812 three, 45678 So, Sam rhythm gators that you know you see the specific piper dancing to do to my times. Get the same rhythm throughout. Getting 56781234 567 1234567 So I said 1234567812 67 Way ahead of myself. Way next take out over the next room. 7. 3rd Eight Count: last account. So, like I said, the super suit very short and very simple. Retain whole purpose of this. This routines to give you an idea of different types of textures of how to execute with music on. And it was good. Right under. So we go. You just finished a rifle. It is out there leading back from here. Gonna lean. Okay. And you're just gonna drag that right foot all the way back and forward. Okay, So all the weight majority majority of the weight is all is on your left. So from eight immediately goes aid one Okay from here gonna do a little flick of your heel . So just to break that down, just gonna gonna flick quickly. So pretend we're going our future face and left just standing up. We're gonna go quick, OK? 67812 It's two counts, actually. Want to go? So eight one 23 goes to three K. Since you're leaning here, I'm not expecting you to turn your feet on your feet all the way. Just quick to three k. You're gonna grab ad for and reach back like your grip, something you're holding on something and you're pulling and your pull yourself to it for cool. So this way, a little bit. 67 eight. 123 and four. Cool. Left foot comes behind you. Okay? Left comes behind you and your left right Has again covering your heart. Go from here. You know, push, like kind of like a paint brush. Don't overextend. Okay? And you're not pushing that way. You're sort of painting it down and your going toe forced arch to your right. Okay, so from four, you know, five paid. Okay. Okay. 567 Gonna bring your left behind you right again. And same same rhythm. Smooth. Quick, quick. Take 56 is a class going under the side. 56 Big hug. 67 K over. Boobs 67 from here. You're going to reach up, okay? And your bring your knees up hot and cool. Eight. Okay, So one of this when I was teaching this routine, some of my students kept returning early like that. Okay. You want to go? You want to commit to the quick and step And what? When you step overs when you turn? Okay. Don't turn when you're already up here. Okay? turn on your step. Okay, so 78 Cool. So is go from four. Hold 1234 Push five, 67 and eight. Cool. So let's go from here From eight slow counts for us. Little building the temple like we've been doing. 67 Step eight. 123 and four. Push 567 and eight. Cool. That slow tempo. Cool. So from eight. Just to make sure. So you're not operating spending forever. That's where you could do like a dramatic walk off. Cool. So let's go a little faster. Medium tempo. 67 Big One to rock out. 567 A. 123 and four. Push 567 and eight. Thin Lakoff. So that's it. That's the third and final account. So this is trying this egg hunt by itself with the music. And then we'll work everything together. Go do it 8. Everything no Music: so almost there who just you have the feel for all the counts individually. Now let's put all the counts together with slow 1st 1st 1st they count, Although do the third slow, medium and fast Cool That will try with music so nice and slow 1st 56 from the beginning One, 23 and four Flow 567.8 around one, 23 and four, 567 8123 On 4567 and eight And walk away to my corner. Okay, so let's try it again. Again. If you want to try it out against slow this, rewind it back to that section And then, uh, so going medium speed. So 56 sent from getting 123 and four flow 567.8 around 123 and 4567 A. 123 and floor throw. 567 and a walk. Go. So one more time we're gonna go temple or little fast in temple. Okay. Doubling the speed. So 567 go! 123 and four Flow fuck! 67.8. Around 123 and 4567 a 1234567 And a gold watch. Cool. So that's it? Um, that's practically the whole routine. Three accounts. Okay. Just doing it without music. So now let's go for it. 9. Everything With Music: for you. Now we're gonna try everything first through third a cap renewed three times. First time with actual parts that we're gonna go risk. You got 567812 Food for 567 1267 1234567 on a K Had my microphone on that one. So two times 67 go 14 What? 67 Hey! Won t. 34567 and 656 Pick up the rhythm. 12 please. Seven points around. One, 2367123 67 That's us. After this job, you're doing it again. This. Rewind it, Check it out. Do you want? Until you feel better? 10. Closing Thoughts: So that's it Simple. Three count beginners, hip hop routine toe Justin Bieber and maybe related major lasers. Cold water will be. Has had fun. I've got questions. Let me know. A lot of you guys are asking me to extend a lot of this stuff to like to do the whole whole song. Fact the letters that you just don't have the time to do all that. So I just really have time to do these really short routines. But I hope you guys enjoy and have fun and on you can probably put together with a whole bunch of other routines that I have as well. So, yeah, again, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, you know, leave a comment below or in the discussion area. So that's it. I hope you guys had fun with today's routine. Like I said, questions love song Quest. Love him on Yeah, now that I have better equipment and all this other stuff, I can better film, have a better quality of video and and, uh, teaching for us. So let me know if this format works better. Whether it's me solo or me with my class. Okay, so I can't exactly film with this new camera. I have because I have the right type of leads for it. At the same time, I'm tryingto make sure all the stuff I'm filming and everything is top notch quality. So as much as I enjoyed filming my class, it wasn't exactly the best. Have equality and kind. And the best thing with that is that kind of killed two birds with one stone. So, uh, yeah, let me know. That's it. Thank yes. Role for watching and dancing today. I'll catch you later.