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Learn Hip Hop Choreography Street Style Dance Routine

teacher avatar Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Choreography

    • 2. Hip Hop Choreography Fundamentals

    • 3. Hip Hop Choreography Overview

    • 4. Section 1

    • 5. Section 2

    • 6. Section 3

    • 7. Section 4

    • 8. Section 5

    • 9. Section 6

    • 10. Section 7

    • 11. Section 8

    • 12. Section 9

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About This Class

Learn how to dance an awesome hip hop choreography routine step by step with professional street styles dancer El Tiro. This choreography emphasizes popular street dance moves in a really fun unique way that you can learn all through this video masterclass.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Welcome To The Choreography: Hey, what's going on, everybody? My name is Adrian Brambilla, a k a l zero and I am so stoked You got this choreography tutorial in robotics and popping animation. It's gonna be so much fun. But I want to let you know something by getting this tutorial. You've already contributed to a great cause. Dance saves lives, which is my non profit and all the money we fund raised through it. We go and teach dance of places that can afford it. So props to you, who would have thought that you could do something you love and helped the world to? I put my blood, sweat and tears in this tutorial to give you a diverse range of all the different elements that make up popping and put him into a routines, choreography and combos that you could walk away with and used in performances, videos, street shows, whatever. But before we get started, I can't stress how important it is in the dance. I'll popping to have a true knowledge and understanding of the foundation of what makes popping so awesome. So the very first you videos are just breaking down the elements and foundation so that When you do the choreography, you will be able to do them better. Sharper and cleaner, we'll loosen up, prepare your mind and your body because it's gonna be awesome. Let's go. So how do you do? The robot dance arrived. Well, there's two foundations that you have to have to use while incorporating the movement of robot dance special. Correct, because without them, then it won't look nearly as cool. What those two concepts one heading to time stops. The best way to describe Hit is that electric motion is going to your body to make. 2. Hip Hop Choreography Fundamentals: So how do you do? The robot dance arrived. Well, there's two foundations that you have to have to use while incorporating the movement of Robot Dance Special Queer Act, because without them, then it won't look nearly as cool. What those two concepts one heading to time stops thier. Best way Describe Hit is that electric motion is going to your body to make a nice big So why you moved? You have a hit, whether it's small, really big or a rapidly like vibration. And that that is really the foundation of popping body robotics, which is almost under the umbrella term of popping, is one of styles of that thier best way. Describe dime stops is like freezing in a moment of time by moving and I freeze. I only moved with slow isolations at slow pauses. That's really what time's up is, why I'm moving a good way to practice, and then you kind of play the freeze game. This is what that's all about. Do Time stops in variations like ticking strobing, and this is just combinations of using dive stops. We'll see, like step of three, where they use like their shirts and stuff that's dime stops, and that whole style of times ups and hitting got a match. So here's some tips on how you can master those two foundations or work on them so that this whole routine of relax to know so much better. So for hitting, it's really about flexing your muscles. You gonna start with your biceps and just Blackstone's real quick could move with your wrist and to do the rest of you can just let your risk kind of fall down and bring them up really quick, like snapping. Or if you're on a motorcycle revving the engine. That's if you do that, you can actually see your whole tended on your forum go maybe even your biceps and triceps to the next one. This is really freaky, but it's your neck. You should actually flex your neck when you do a hit. The chest is when you get all the power from, and really, if you just take a deep breath, you later chest expand. Its really doing that movement superfast. Now, if you seem like studio hip hop, a lot of girls doing hip hop dancing you these big pick just bobs, so I know what we want. We want to have that controlled and precise. When you do a big hit with your chest, it lets your whole body kind of flow. I'm not really going like this. I'm just It's just a natural breath of my chest and a quick pop out like that. Most people, if they know about heading the new, pretty good job of top, but what they forget is the lake. So what to really help with that is when my legs out, I'm gonna snap that end, and just that little movement is gonna help with my lower body and do it now. Careful not to snack too hard because it can hurt your needs. So it's successful. Hit is when you incorporate everything of what we just learned into at the same time in one motion. Whatever. Position your and that's what makes popping so cool. There's really no rules as toe where how you can move. Justus longs. If you do it now, I realize that moves through the body parts pretty quickly, and if hitting is something that you've never done before, you want to get better at check. Their resource is email, which is gonna have a ton of toils just on elements and body parts. Ready? The best way to practice time stops. We start with our arms and really we're gonna do is put a bottom side right here. Now what? You just move up in increments and be kind of frozen. And still as you move up, your arms will almost be slightly flexed. Did you start moving down? And that's the way that you're looking for Really Sharpness here. Clear cut struck. So that's kind of a small incremental. Now go double the speed. It's just a practice. Your ability to control your body and freeze at the same time. Let's say an example of how this wouldn't be good if if you're trying to do this in your arms are really loose. You want me shirt flex, moving at quick speeds. So with your body, you can also do this kind of a budget shoes. My everybody will go to this position going by increments like this Introduce. I haven't flex. My abs reflects my lower back this books. So this is one other way that you can kind of practice. Time stops. You can also go slow. It but it's really about just having that slight pause in your motion. So throughout the choreography, every single move you're going to be doing a dime stop or a hit. Now, you can do this whole correctly without doing any of those. But the dramatization, an effect of the rollout is will be nearly as complete if you do not use these moves. So practice hitting practice time stops. Check out the researchers page. If you really want to master that foundation, and then once you feel confident that you can hit and then you can dimes up, then you'll be ready for the robot. 3. Hip Hop Choreography Overview: in creating this robot dance cry for tutorial. I wanted to take the most popular robot dance of all time. That music, which is from the Robot Boys, was on the front page of YouTube. What I've done is I'm using their music, creating my original choreography in which you can implement to the music is crazy. It's integrative. It's so dynamic. It's actually something that you can't really teach by count. So we're gonna be teaching you to sounds for music. It's super important that if you listen to the music and I have all the links informations that you got with the download in the email so you can follow through Eat Section and I encourage you to memorize music. Actually, listen to music 10 or five kinds of four, you practice he'd section. Ironically, my career via twirled starts off with just a little bit of improvisation. Here's why. It's because when you're dancing performing, I always feel like the best thing you need to do, which is to determine how successfully performed has to feel the energy in the room and feel the audience and see how they're reacting to the initial and beginning right side of your routine. I'm not gonna leave you hanging out to dry, but I really want to encourage you to try experimenting every time I do this routine. When I perform for Giggs, whether it's for high schools or professionally corporate entertainment, I always do this just a little bit differently because I want to feel the audience and see how engaged there. 4. Section 1: - the very beginning of this song. If you notice has these bells and some wobbles so very beginning, I want you to pick a robotic pose. You can have your legs a little bit wider than shoulder with. I'm gonna have one hand up. It's kind of in a right angle in this hand right here. I'm also going to start twisting. I'm a lean, kind agonal. I'll lean up. I'll even told my head You have to wobbles when you do a wobble. Your legs are doing a lot of the movement, and your upper body is kind of like an after effect of it. No, I have. I'm flexing my core and when I flex my core have MAWR control to move. How fast I wobble cheesy wobbles like this with your neck. You want to make it cool as if you are statue. An earthquake just happened, so it's like we'll go 5678 wobble and the 2nd 1 happens at the beginning. 5678 wobble. Now, if you're performing this, um, you really want to be still a still a possible and what that going to do to? The people are performing two or the videos. People are gonna have to concentrate on your body. So when you wobble, it almost comes as a surprise to wobbles. And then we have some bells. So what I want for this first part just loosening up. I'm not going to give you Choreographer will later. I just want you to move every time you hear a bell. So it goes. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. And on that last ding, then I want you to come together. Whatever moves you're doing is look to the left, um, or the right. If you're over here and that is when you're gonna be on the last bell, looking kind of at the audience or the center of the camera like I am right now, there are 12 different whistles, so pretty much you have to think on your own right now. 12 different robot moves. Robotic like movement. What really helps, too. If you want to play around, I encourage you to do this and not take my choreographer the beginning so you can have some practice and creating your own is some movements years. Use your upper body to move up and down. And that can even be two whistles. Your hands could be still Go ding, ding ding. Your arms will be doing majority of the movement. So right here you have a ton of freedom and flexibility to move like this. Obviously, everyone seen this cheesy move. I'm not gonna let you do that one, but really, you have so much movement opportunities to go just from, like, turning and even twisting your arms in that sense. So in combination, I will give you the beginning. But I really want you to play around. At first you have to wobbles. 12 bells on the 12th bell were looking center, wobble and wobble. We have boom tune, tune done and look positive. But here so far in practice just with this part that song. Now, remember, this choreography has made specifically for this music, so everything should be in line and sink eyes. OK, moving on for the 12 bell, you're gonna look center and then you have a different type of sound, goes like tick tick and you're gonna move in the same direction two times really quick. Kind of like a jolt. So I'm a move I'm facing to the right. I wanna move to left two times like this, keeping everything still tick, tick like that. It's with my upper body tick, tick. And then I noticed Also, my body is in a lower position. So the next part, it's kind of like rattling sound goes ticket ticket ticket That right here. I'm terrible mocking these noises. I'm gonna do kind of a vibration up. That's gonna slow motion. It would look like this moving left to right and ended with a big hit. Practices hits, right? So we're starting here. 12 bell Look, center. We have tick tick, and then you have terror Now for dramatic effect way. We do want to add kind of a wobble and at the end. So there's a difference between just going up and then also with the dramatic effect, like a true robot, a wobbling effect. Right? When you come up and you have that wobble, there's there's a sound that sounds like a do right there. I'm going to do a big hit out end, do like that. So, in combination, we have same vibration and just the same noises. Repeat, we're gonna go down and then you're going to stick your chest out. And it now, from this portion of the dance, you're gonna be coming up and you become doing a slow motion or animation to style move. And your left hand's gonna shoot up as your right foot comes over. And that's gonna be a slow motion wave down, like so from this swing you to swing out like this and then you have four hits Do doo doo doo. We're gonna hit four corners right here. So go slow Motion. Now, this first step, we're gonna have your right arm come up, rotate in and the upper right hand corner No, your foot's gonna follow. Next move we're gonna do is just more switch corners. Well, im down our left hand's gonna go up next part right here. We're gonna switch, and now we're gonna go bottom bottom corner here and I'm all I'm gonna do is them to turn all the way over to the right like that. So there's four corners we have, arm comes up, it's swings. And that's when my foot lifts up, points out switching to the left. My foot switches over crossing my foot. The bottom coming down to the right and turning. It's up to speed is gonna go. Do do do do 56781234 567 a 1234 So from the fourth corner, we're gonna come up. We're going to a very quick hit here. We're gonna come down and do another hit here with their arms forearms. You're making this nice little box and they're gonna come up for a final hit. Hands to the side! So again, we have four corners. One, 23 and four Quickly come up hands, go down, make a box and a big hit up. After you have that, you have your very first set. Let's run it. Congratulations. You just got down your very first set in a very complicated advanced robotic routine. If it's not smooth right now, don't worry about it. You're gonna practice. You're going to get awesome. At one of the coolest things about the dance style of popping is that there's really little rules which leaves, ah, lot of creativity, imagination up to us. The crater there is one predominant foundation which is the hit. Besides that, you have free reign to practice and dance wherever. I mean, you don't need this fancy white studio to dance and get good. In fact, most of my dancing I didn't living room. And that's how I became fresh will dancers after doing it for a couple of years, whether you want to be professional, doing it for fun, just like as a hobby, it doesn't really matter. But the truth is, you can practice and dance anywhere. In fact, I wouldn't teach this next set right out of my home. Welcome to my home. It is in the living room just like this, where I learned how to do the robot. So whether you're practicing his studio, a living room or in a garage doesn't matter. Let's get into the next routine. 5. Section 2: So this section starts as you know, from the last one or starting right here. Kind of just a stiff position like this. And the sounds were having kind of to neck turns to go click, click, click, click. And then we have our feet. They're gonna pop out your knees, click like that we're and take a left arm up grab right arm of grab those both on sounds and they're gonna have a twist twist And then you're gonna have, like, pretend like you're holding on a shovel you're gonna push down and they're gonna pop up. So again we have to click, click, click, click help, huh? One more time. So we have neck, neck, neck, neck out, left, right, turn, turn and pop up. Next, we have three really big bass beats which from this position, we're gonna take our left hand to go up like this are right hand's gonna really emphasize three big chest pumps just coming about. Go. 12 three. You can use these to move. So if I'm over on this right side, here I go. 123 My feet. All I'm doing is I'm going a shuffle, right. Left shuffle. It's a rifle goes than that, but And that just same time I'm going. Click, Click, Click. To do that, you have used take a deep breath. Push in deep breath. That's the movie. So we have Click, click! 123 So from the top, we have neck, neck, neck, neck, pop left, grab right, Grab, turn, turn down, Hit up! And 123 So that export, after we have our third hit with our chest were gonna do away with both arms to go out, You're gonna pick the bottom corner for both his arms. Just like that. A quick review. On that way, you're gonna have your shoulders come up and down elbows pop out, then flowed through fingertips like that. Next, Right after here, the same kind of noise. We're gonna do the same thing, shoulders pop up, except we're gonna wave to the upper act. So imagine this is the lower part of the X. This is the upper part of Jack's. Okay, so we got this next part really picked up the speed after we have our upper X here, we're gonna go 1234 until my arms I'm just using by Hubble to turn them out. 1234 That's upper right upper left Downright Donna Teacher Church If trip tried a papa Papa and I'm pointing with my finger, I can also look with my neck to kind of follow that for if you want just one more details than just doing your hands pop up. So after I have this X, I'm gonna have both my hands, you out And that's a right lower left upper. They're gonna come in and that's out in and I'm gonna have to downward motions on my left side to go click Click. Let's review So I have my last big chest pot way down, Wave up four corners. 1234 out. So from right here, I have down, down. And as I moved down, my right foot spreads like in turn. What to then? I'm gonna keep in my arm right here pretty straight. I'm gonna do a turn from that turn, will be leaning back and feel my lower back being flexed right here. So you shouldn't be straight. Should be nice and back. We're doing a Ford Head isolation, which is gonna go neck body neck, body neck by. So it's three of us on the last one. You're gonna on Lee do a body isolation. Keeping the net to go would go on your toes and down this had isolation like some of the moves in this advanced routine are pretty hard if you've never seen before. Luckily, I've included resource is that just work on had isolations and or just waving or some of the other tricks. So if you're like what the heck, I can't do this. Move posit video and check out the resource is to really practice and get this down so you can move on with the choreography and kill it. Let's take it from the top one more time. So we have our third hit, huh? We have weighed a wave. 1234 Out and and step, step, look. Chain rock, rock, rock, rock, rock big up. There's a ton of moving parts in this section. Let's take it back to the beginning. So we're stiff. We got neck, neck, neck, legs, pop, you have left. Grab, right, grab. You have to turn to tick. You have shut down. Shovel up. Three big. Just 123 You have wave lower X wave upper X four corners 1234 side I'm go out quick and you have one to no five e keeping that nice lean back then you have had isolations, neck, body, neck, body, neck, body up and down A friendly reminder that I made this choreography specifically for this song. Every single move every single beat is exactly should be lined up. So that's exactly you know if you're off or on because every single move is to a specific moving on from this position after dinner, our head isolation all the way down, Pop up, down. You having a right foot? That shuffling left foot is I guess, the pivot which you're gonna stay. I'm just like you're holding a basketball is you don't wanna pick this up and you're going a toe heel, toe, heel. So the foot like if you you know this like robots. Awful. When people do that, you're only doing that with your right foot and you're gonna only do it about 12345667 ish Depends on what direction you're going. But I do kind of like 1/2 turn. So that again, when I go down like this, I'm like 123456 So once you start this but shuffle, there's two beats you're gonna hit two up and down. And when you move down, that should be when you at that 45 degree. So again, I don't know how quick, your feet or something, but I usually get six or seven in there. So I have neck, neck, neck, pop up. Do do right here. I'm gonna have my arms and using four movements ago one to three and four again we have Shuffle up, shuffle down! 12341 more time. So I'm doing my shuffle and up shuffle and down 1234 Right here I'm coming up Taking a step too quick Turn to a fall all the way down. It might be scary at first. So the help with doing this I got this nice couch right here for practice. So I'm gonna fall down when you use the couch. Kind of grates my fault like this eventually when you want to move on from that couch or the advocate due to try falling and have your arms there the whole time. Almost got getting into a pushing position. The trick to making this look really cool. It's so not break you're still stands for the very last second. Obviously, if I do this, that looks like so it's really about practicing and committing to the fall. That's the day last part of this section. So it's running from the top, were stiff. You have neck, neck, neck, neck licked. Left graph, right crap. Turn, turn, pop down, Pop up. Three big hits one to three Wave X Slow wave Ex high four corners 1234 Big out down, down neck, turn bushes Got nick neck, neck and up down Rock of rock Down 1234 Step and commit to your fault. I hope you have a ton of fun because I definitely and practice this pauses. Video before you move on to the next section will head back to the studio 6. Section 3: back in the studio. Let's get to work. Let's show the next part first. So, as you know, we just ended from the collapse or fall to the ground. And now what we're gonna do is an elevator up. It is a medium slash advanced trick to do it. You kind of going to push it like position. Your right knee is going to be on the ground. Or Lefty, I'm right. I use my right foot right handed. So it's easier if you're left handed. Left footed. Ah, you go opposite of me. So I'm like, in a push up position, my toes flexed. The first thing we do is kind like a push up and tear Trotter some Iraq, my foot's gonna come up. It's straight and more importantly than the rock here with your legs is that when you push , you're gonna use all your back muscles to shoot back as fast as you can. Because if you just do legs, you'll just go up to that point. You really gotta torque. You're back to come up. It's a really hard move. If you know if you've never done it before, you might need to practice that before you move on. Just getting that in the time being. If you want to be like, let me get down the choreography first in the network on that trick, then it kind of a shortcut t kind of cheat it is. Just push and lean back on your feet and look like that. It's not gonna look as cool, but there's a start for that. All right, So you either have the mood down, you're going to the shortcut. So after we fall were actually all the way on her chest. And as soon as you're going to adjust your rocking up with your foot and you're going to elevator as you come up here, you're gonna come and, you know, land all the way back on a hit man, and then you're doing a three step combo that involves foot hit here, turn around the opposite side foot hit pop. And then when you turn it one more time facing front foot and hit So a pattern would be like this. And really what I'm doing is I'm switching my foot with my arm, kind of like an awkward run. And this is what I'm doing when I When I move my steps, it's to the B air going Boom, clap, boom, clap, boom, clap, boom, clap, boom, clap, boom, clap, boom, boom. So that's one way you kind of get the pattern really slow. Step left, right hand comes up switch. So you got your elevator? You come right up. You have a big hit, and then that's when you have your first foot. Now, when you do the elevator, um, your rifle it's gonna be forward. Left its back So you can actually do this. The first step is your rifle goes back. Hit, step, turn, hit, step, turn hit. You'll notice on the last step right here. When you do your to hit or you two steps, it's to a nice little like Nintendo sounding. Didn't like that from that point that if you hit that and you're right on B, that's when you know you're on track right here. You gonna have kind of a different type of standing on a rock four times and then right here, we're gonna do a, uh, neck head. Isolation is gonna pop your body up as your neck goes down like that. You do that two times So again, your last step to ding ju Ju ju Drew from my hair. You'll come up to a straight position. You have three noises. You're gonna go neck, shoulders, come up, knees point out again. We have neck, shoulders, legs and then right here, you're gonna have a flat back shoot you down for the 4th 1 view like that. So we drive from the top really slowly. You have. You fall on the ground, you come up elevator shoot, click, step, click and step click. Yeah, You to hit. Then you have rock, rock, rock, rock Huge, huge Coming up. That's a hit. And you have neck, shoulders, legs. And now you know the drill. Pause. This makes you get this section down before you go into the next one practice. Good luck. I'll see you in a little bit. In this next section, we have the hardest head isolation. Check it up. 7. Section 4: in this next section, we have the hardest head isolation. Check it out. Okay, so I'm gonna start on this corner of the screen because there's some movement will be taken over the floor or a stage here performing on and keeping a flat back like this. Make sure you're not a curved. You're gonna be doing ahead isolation. If you don't, I do it. Had it had isolation, I'm gonna leave some resource to do it versus take time in this tutorial to teach it. But really, in essence, your head is isolating your neck is keeping as if it's still is your whole body rotate and moving to the left. My I'm gonna do right over left walking. And so that's step Step. You really only got, like, three steps in there. You're gonna come up through on down and what you're doing here. Just going and you're going in reverse. Except you're not stepping as much. When you get to the middle here, you're getting set up to go up with your hands. Boom. Here. Do hit. What's gonna happen is going to be doing a tracing type of movement throughout our whole body before you can do the tracing you be able to the wave. It's a choppy wave to match the beat tea. So our right hands just going to doing this twisting, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, click cock. To do that, you need a chop and move every single point in your body and make it choppy. So you have fingers knuckles, wrist, elbow, shoulder, chest coming down. Hips right, left, left, right, Coming up. Just shoulder and right. When you get to this point with the amount of sounds that we have to work with, you're gonna have toe kind of, uh, skip a couple and then we're going Click click Switch and gonna do the vaccine thing on the right side. So we have from this spot we have 5678 Rock, rock, rock You Drew Hit rock, rock, rock Stat Click Here we have tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick right on my shoulder. I have click Click here. Left, left, right. Same thing on the Now we're just tracing, Except we just switch your arms. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click click, click, click, click, click, click Shoot. This is one of the shortest sections because there's so much technicality on body parts that you really have to practice slowly so you can do it fast. So pauses. Video. Good luck. Let me know if you have questions. Were you watching this? You can hit me up at any point in time on Instagram at Brand Billabong or at Twitter at Erin Billable Eyes. 8. Section 5: this next combo involved warping animation and concept called sitting. See how it looks in transitioning for the last combo. We're gonna be doing some slow motion and warping slow motion is self explanatory when you move exaggerated movements that create a slo mo effect. Warping is when you are moving in your transition to go fast. Okay, so to get really good at this takes practice. Can just watch this one time and get it down. Um, I'm gonna start really quickly and go through these tips really fast. Emphasize how you walk a normal walk like this. Try walking than moving a slow motion walk, walk, walk. You'll notice when you're moving in slow motion. You can use every inch of your foot as you step. It's not just gonna step flat going to use your heel and walk it all the way forward. Oh, if you want to use your toe, he can do that, too, and then make sure you're using your calf muscle to ghost. Lowest possible your hands. They need to have a nice flow. You have no idea how important your digits are into creating the whole effect. Practice that once you have that down. You can make it look cool. We can start the choreography. So right here we have our last tick tick tick, You're coming up. And now we have three or four warps and then we start Doesn't cool. Cool, cool moves Check it out. So we have 1st 45678 Slow motion You're moving on the clap toward clap slow motion clap slow motion clap You have two big hits The first is gonna come up center boom, clap And the second it's gonna make you now Ah, point exactly where the audience is Boom, Clap with your hands First ones here. 2nd 1 is here. Okay, Now you have about four different moves we're gonna do to get you into a concept called sitting and our hands going to start with. Right, left, right, left. So our hands right here, we're gonna have this right hand come up left hand, come up. Right leg is gonna go across, is gonna take some knee flexibility instead of bent en and they're left lazing to come in like this. And then what we're gonna do is gonna scoot your butt back and her hands gonna come forward like this. So you create this nice kind of like a puppet that is left alone on the ground. So again, from our last long motion warp through warp, we have boom, clap, boom, clap Right, left, right, left and down. So coming out of that seeing position were to sit in blots out, news over and your hands come over here to be hanging whatever is more comfortable for you , there's to collapse. And there's three kind of really collapse after that to go up, you're gonna You're hits go down. You have boom clack, turn Go left doom Clap One more to the right And you have three quick ones and each one you're gonna have an increment to move up to stand up straight. So we have 12 and three, and you're gonna come all the way toes, You land right on your heels and they're gonna have this really funny goofy bobblehead effect which is just having a loose neck like that again for sitting here. Then you have boom switch, boom switch and 123 head bobble. You do your bobblehead Just getting too big. Collapse. I go by and each one of those you're gonna be heading 1st 1 subtle. The 2nd 1 is really, really big. So you have your come out. 123 Pop up his bobblehead boom big. And then you have these four bubble sounding of backs and you can take a step back with each bubble. You start with your left hand to go. 1234 against is really simple arteries going here. You're just stepping back. 1234 as you do that right sound pop. 9. Section 6: - the timing of these next moves are so fast. So it's one thing for me to explain it, but I'm literally gonna repeat this just section, like, three or four times so you guys can see the rhythm and eventually I want you to start get toe, have it. We're gonna get this down is if you do this section repeatedly with your chest cause it goes so so best after you do your very last step, you're gonna do a turn. 100 feels your mom's gonna open up. You have a big chest that comes out. This is the motion to be working with, and you've just been manipulating it to the beat. I want you to say this out loud until you haven't memorized with your chest is gonna be the best way for you to move on from this part. So once we're turn, we're gonna say, Hit out in What was that? Hey, Out Hit, hit, hit, Hit! Hit in on that last one. Once you get that pattern, you're really just kind of collapsing like a robot that just got pulled from the power plug . Okay, I'm gonna play that section like three or four times now, - eyes . So you got the test down? Good job. This next part here after what kind of relax You having a nice kind of? Sounds like you're twisting or turning something, David type. We're gonna be using that to our effect. And we're gonna be coming up, aren't you? Go around until you're right here. So again, all that's happening is my right large like this. My lifetime is going to come in. Iran's gonna go above until I'm in this position to get their using each one of those sounds to take twist, turn glitch. Teoh, It's really important. Your base. You should have a tight looking face. Like how you're squeezing as hard as you can. It's gonna make this whole part be amazing. So again, from right here, where collapse, you have your twisting, taking tight motion. Teoh Teik Right here. We're gonna release way come together. You have a nice big vibration to like this you can take and then you're gonna be super Street. So again, teak boot Thio thio And you have a nice little wobble right here. Laughter is gonna come up around that sound and then you're gonna have a nice way that comes in and out. Is it all to the beat? And to break that down we have fingertips numbers, wrist your explained out elbows in right here. Then you elbow shoulder here's gonna nod your head and hot or down And then you had your shoulder come out down elbow, wrist and flow. So this whole part again you have Teoh boom while wobble or vibrated Attack and step Step street left and noticed that when I go left, don't just go Here I go start and it's almost like a springboard with my arm. Then I have my wave, huh? And out you're almost done with this section. We have some really funky stuff coming up after you have your way that comes out, do a step forward when you step forward with your right. Your left. I was gonna come up and he needs you to go out. It's supposed to be you hot. Next one's going to come up and you're just gonna switch it left foot, huh? And then you take one step back with that left foot out like that again. You have your way, you come back out. Step due to Duke's do Do you really go? And then the very last part is we actually do a very awkward robot running man. You could turn to left or you're right. And then right here, we're just literally doing an opposite like this. You should have a silly, ridiculous expression because the sound we're gonna happen, like, kind of goofing off familiar dancer team. And then you're gonna hear a phone vibrate as phone turned on. Makes that beat vibrating noise. You're gonna stop the running, man. They're gonna be really confused. Like what? The my phone. If you're performing for audiences, love doing this all goes, You're so when I'm in the front row is that your phone just turned on and then you have a serious vibration, which you're gonna wherever position you are. Whether you're conversating with other people in danger team, you're looking for it, or if you're in a group, I think what's really funny is you a cell. Only one person in the group violates everyone points like, really new. But that's gonna enter the section so again, on this particular section happen be goofy, showed animation in your face, and then Hodges video is the next one. We're going to get Nice and Shirish Eyes 10. Section 7: in this section, we could be incorporating some pretty advanced tricks. So you just take it out. Someone in the audience you are. So when you're dancing with had the phone so raft that you have that bird and then you have a nice waving that we're gonna do our whole body. It's really quick to your hands. Come on, Boo. Or if you're pointing to someone on the phone in your room like this and then your upper body way, it's with your chest comes up really quick. Both your legs moving right, left. Then you're moving left, right, coming up. So we had So someone buzzes Did you do to you if you have trouble or don't I do Body wave. I'm gonna leave. One of the resource is in the links. You got this email on just how to do this. So it's nice and smooth. When you go down and back after your body wave, you're gonna put your left out so my feet are out a little wired and shoulder with. I'm doing a move that I like to call the collapse, which is a move to get you all the way to the ground. from your shoulders, your needs, you bend in and then your backswing really are. And this is really more with the legs. And it is with your being flexible to go all the way down and then slap. This is another move that if you if this is the first time you ever seen it, this is one that it took me at least a month to get down. I'll leave another tutorial on just how to do this. Otherwise, let's move on. So you slide down and then we're gonna have an upside down worm. We're gonna break this down to 45 parts, starts with your neck, then it goes down. Then you have just your chest goes down, let your heels or your butts in the that lands, and then your feet go out down one more time. You have just but down kick. And then from here, you're actually do reverse legs back to, but just next. And this is when you actually come up with two arms. So I realized I just taught those three advanced dancers really fast, but really does your rules that sometimes alone could take a data master and again, I have tutorials and the links. You got this email that I just got there. 45 strolls on each one of those moves. She could match them. We can move on with Korea. After your way back to your chest, you're gonna come up right arm, right angle, left arm, most of right angle. Right there. You're both. Your feet are gonna come to the left side of your body at the same time, and then you're gonna have your body twist and emotion. Where don't do you have to pick up your toes and your heels and you're really doing that really fast. Teoh, Allow your feet to move. You do it both ways, and you do it really fast. Like I don't know, crab walk and move as you do that this is another one of those freestyle type insert. You can move with your upper body and whatever way one or you can stay still the whole time as your body chefs. So your feet come in, you're twisting teak, and then you have three kind of repeats is what I call. We're gonna go down head, come up two and three. From this 3rd 1 You're gonna get into position to arrive with elevator again, That's what. Your leg. Knee coming up shooting here. This is probably one of the hardest sections in the dance because of all the advanced tricks. Practice them. Good luck. Check The resource is page for all those moves. If you just want those broken down and really dedicates you master this part. 11. Section 8: This last section is super intense. So this next section has your stretch from our elevator. As we come up, we take three steps forward and your arms to go to the center. One, 23 Right here. My arms to go out to turn in the center. Right. My hands come in. Have a nice vibration. Juices like this. This part is very fast. I'm gonna break it down. So slow we have then two crashes. Crash crash I'm doing here is opposite arm opposite leg Go out and my toes right there pointing out my knee out. They're my hands, you know, Go down. And they could be this in 17 putting him here, you can have a nice wave to fish, and then they're gonna pop to go right to the sounds to go pop pop a lot. That is left right, Get on that third step coming in vibrate and crashed. Crash arms left wreck from right here were popping up. Who hit particular left, right, step to let you know. Then you're gonna turn left here are going to go down to next Be And there's kind of a your turn back here through like this. Let's drag into the top. She had 123 and vibrate. Crash, crash and arms. Grab his clothes. Left, right, pop up! Take step left, right. Then you have left. I'm so down. Turn me seven. And then what we have is two crescents. Craft craps. Use both those craps cracked right here. Then there's a shock in sound Right before that goes Too good to get it. So we're using that wobble up and I'm just moving a left to right. Teoh, you take a step from the migrant again. Hands coming in. Vibrant Kratch crashed. Arms left, right, Coming up. Left, right. Step, turn arms down! Turn it. Then we had crash crash. Do you get a ticket? Church right from your shock and you're gonna take a step back and then we're gonna have just a left arm wave. Dark, intricate, same noise in the shotgun. You're gonna be wait almost awkwardly and then it goes with your just turn your neck like that. Last time for the vibration. Hands coming in. Vibrant cracked crash arms left right, coming up Takes that turning. Ours turned senator two crashes. Trash crashed. Well, look, that good ticket Oh, takes that again. You could ticket, Jim. Another quick section. Practice it. Positive you will see you quick eyes. 12. Section 9: you're almost done. Awkward neck freeze turn. You're taking the right step. You're always doing kind of a slow motion work like we did earlier. You're gonna come in and the beat really picks up right here and really hitting four corners, going left, right down in common up. And it's a big down to collapse. Really fast. Like, due to to To Again left, right, left, right up on down from here. You're coming up. Who hit? You're gonna have a neck left turn, and then you having three last six to go hit and hit and hit and all the way down to a nice ending again. Really fast. You have your last wave neck step coming in. We have 1234 coming up hit. And when you go down and have a nice little wobble like this coming up neck crash. Well, I hope you had an amazing time learning the choreography and the combos and the steps in this choreography totoro. But I want to let you know it does not stop here. If you don't already, you can find me on YouTube at YouTube back. Com slash brand billabong or search l zero and every single week I put our new tutorial a snippet or clip every single. There is a new freestyle every single Friday. If you're on instagram hit me up at Brand Billabong Facebook, Apple, Billabong, Twitter at brand billabong, Snapchat app. Rambling, literally brand blowing everything. I'm probably gonna be that person. I am always looking for feedback on how to improve my premium tutorials since I spend the most time working on them. If you have feedback, whether it is good or battered room for improvement, I'm happy to hear all ears. You can hit me up on my email. L d low dance at gmail dot com. The last note to remember the best dancers in the world are the ones that create their own styles. Now here's what's really cool about dance, and just life in general is that there's no one in the world who it was like me, who is like you. And when you interpret your dance to create your own style, not be a copycat look like others, you end up advancing the dance, so I challenge you to make your own choreography to make your own dance. To think of yourself and be an individual when you create your art. Because that is how you gonna make the dance world 10 times better than it is today. And matter of fact, I'll be watching. Good luck. This is Deltito. Peace. Oh, what?