Learn Hacking WiFi Networks Using Kali Linux 2.0 | Saad Sarraj | Skillshare

Learn Hacking WiFi Networks Using Kali Linux 2.0

Saad Sarraj, Ethical Hacker, IT Expert

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23 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Course introduction

    • 2. Installing Kali Linux 2.0 as ISO file

    • 3. Installing Kali Linux 2.0 using as virtual machine

    • 4. Connecting WiFi Card to the virtual machine

    • 5. Gather AP information introduction

    • 6. Updating Kali LInux 2.0

    • 7. Network Basic theory

    • 8. What is the Mac address and how you can change it

    • 9. Enabling monitor mode on WiFi card

    • 10. Gather AP information introduction

    • 11. Capturing packets around us using airodump-ng

    • 12. Capturing specific network packets using airodump-ng

    • 13. Cracking WEP encryption explain

    • 14. Cracking WEP encryption methods

    • 15. Fake authentication with the target network

    • 16. Cracking WEP using ARP Request Replay Attack

    • 17. Cracking WPA WPA2 encryption explain

    • 18. Cracking WPA WPA2 encryption methods

    • 19. Cracking WPA WPA2 using WPS feature

    • 20. Capturing the Handshake

    • 21. Creating a Wordlist

    • 22. Cracking WPA WPA2 using dictionary attack

    • 23. Protect your WiFi AP againsst all of the previous attacks


About This Class

in this course you will start as a beginner without any previous knowledge about the hacking , this course focuses on the practical side more than the theoretical side .

 In this course you will learn how to set up your Kali Linux Environment properly and it's going to be Kali Linux 2.0 which is the newest version of offensive security Organization , then you will learn how the Devices communicate with each other, then you will go through the theory behind each method behind cracking WEP and WPA2 encryption because this will help you to understand what's happening in the real world, then you will move to learn how to crack WEP/WPA2 key using more than method, so if the first method didn't  work with you, you can try another one, after that you'll learn how to prevent your WiFi Access Point against any attack .

This course is intended for beginners and professionals , if you are a beginner you will start from zero until you become a professional , and if you are a professional so this course will give you an additional information.

This course is divided to six parts :

  1. Preparation: In this section you will learn how to download and setup Kali Linux 2.0 properly as a virtual machine, and how you can update it , this will help you to create your safe Environment to do Penetration Testing .
  2. Network Basics: here you will learn the basics of networks that will help you to understand what you should do before network security testing .
  3. Gather AP information Before Cracking : Here you'll learn how you can Gather information about the target Access Point before cracking the password such as (ESSID-BSSID-Channel-Encryption type, etc......)  because as you know you can't hack any thing without having much information about the target , and how we can disconnect  any client from the network or even jam the target AP without having the password.
  4. Cracking WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption :  After gathering information about the target Access Point now you'll move to learn how you to Crack the key of  WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption type and the theory behind each method.
  5. Protecting yourself against all of these attacks: after learning these attacks, now it's time to learn how to protect your WiFi access point from these attacks and this is by changing some configuration settings in your router. 

My Recommendation is these WiFi Cards:

  • Atheros AR9271 chipset
  • Ralink RT3070
  • Realtek RTL8187L


  •  You must practice what you learned to become an advanced level , because this course is focuses on practical side. 
  • This course is going to be always up to date.
  • This course is only for ethical purposes.
  • If you have any question or any problem you can send a message to us or comment.
  • After finishing this course you will get a certificate from Udemy.
  • All the people who enrolled in this course will get discounts for future courses.
  • All the Rights are Reserved to iSecurityPro no other Organization is involved.