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Learn HTML and CSS

Waleed Imtiaz, Teacher

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10 Videos (1h 58m)
    • 1 Basic Structure Introduction

    • 2 Tags Part 1

    • 3 Tags Part 2

    • 4 CSS Introduction

    • 5 CSS properties

    • 6 Positioning

    • 7 Tables

    • 8 forms

    • 9 Forms in tables

    • 10 Basic Structure


About This Class

In this class, you'll learn about the basics of HTML and CSS. You'll learn how to create and design a webpage. After going through all these videos, I guarantee you'll be able to create your own attractive and interactive webpages. Feel free to comment and ask questions about the code. Make yourself strong in concepts that I've discussed in the videos. Try to learn the course with passion and you'll become expert in designing your own webpage!

Do stay in contact with me so that I can provide you further material for the course. I have made my effort to provide a good quality course on HTML and CSS. I'll give you tips on how to sell your ability to convert PSD to HTML and to create your own webpages! First of all, go through all the videos and I'll stay by your side to guide you throughout the course. Feel free to ask anything.


Waleed Imtiaz





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Waleed Imtiaz


I am an Electrical Engineer, a freelancer and teacher in different institutions. I have a good teaching experience of almost three years. I can teach programming languages such as C/C++, HTML, CSS and MATLAB. I can teach subjects and the list is as follows.


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