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Learn Guitar Big Bill Broonzy Style

Rick Payne, Teacher And Performer

Learn Guitar Big Bill Broonzy Style

Rick Payne, Teacher And Performer

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18 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Warm Ups Ex. 1 - 4

    • 3. Warm ups Ex. 5 - 9

    • 4. Warm Ups Ex. 10 - 14

    • 5. Broonzy Blues Study Tune

    • 6. Broonzy Blues Breakdowns

    • 7. Guitar Shuffle Study Tune

    • 8. Guitar Shuffle Breakdowns

    • 9. Hey Hey Study Tune

    • 10. Hey Hey Breakdowns

    • 11. House Rent Stomp Study Tune

    • 12. House Rent Stomp Breakdowns

    • 13. Glory Of Love Study Tune

    • 14. Glory Of Love Breakdowns

    • 15. St Louis Blues Study Tune

    • 16. St Louis Blues Breakdowns

    • 17. Slow Blues

    • 18. Slow Blues Breakdowns

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About This Class

Big Bill Broonzy was one of the undisputed kings of Ragtime Blues. Alongside players like Blind Blake and The Rev Gary Davies he can be rated among the greatest exponents of this style. He was an accomplished player of all the guitar styles of the day and served a long and established career as a Chicago sideman to some of the most famous musicians in the boom time of blues and jazz in the 30's and 40's.

After a down turn in his band career he re-emerged as a solo acoustic player and toured extensively in the 50's. He had developed a solo style that encompassed all he had heard and learned; a powerful mix of jazz, blues, rhythm and ragtime, played with a ' stomping ' thumb and fingerstyle or a tender touch for his slow vocal blues. With this unique solo acoustic style he produced some of blues all time classics such as 'CC Rider', 'Key To The Highway' and many more.

In this course you'll be exploring mainly his unique solo acoustic technique using six classic Broonzy instrumentals such as 'The Guitar Shuffle', 'Hey Hey', and 'House Rent Stomp' and one of my own Broonzy style tunes called 'Broonzy Blues'. If you're new to fingerstyle blues there are lots of Broonzy style warm up exercises to prepare you for his thumping guitar style. I'll be playing the complete pieces and then giving you bar by bar breakdowns so you can see how it's done.

All the pieces and exercises in this course are supported by video, and downloadable PDFs with music and guitar tab. As a bonus, the study tunes are linked to Powertab files to further aid your learning. I'm a huge fan of 'Big Bill' and his mighty sound, so it was really fun playing and recording some of my favourite Broonzy Blues. I, hope with this course, I can pass on some of his amazing finger style technique to you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Rick Payne

Teacher And Performer


Rick Payne is an established acoustic blues guitarist with many national and international tours to his credit. He has become especially well known for his authentic acoustic blues finger picking, in the many traditional styles of the blues including delta blues, piedmont, ragtime and slide and has recorded several albums of this kind.

Often compared with Ry Cooder, slide guitar maestro Rick Payne’s performances have taken him to prime time TV, to festivals and theatres throughout the UK and on tour to Europe, USA, India, Scandinavia and the Greek Islands. He has provided music to a number of major BBC TV productions, for programmes on Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. He has also featured on The Paul Jones and Mike Harding's show on BBC Radio 2.

Rick has record... See full profile

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1. Introduction: reclaimed and welcome to my course. Crazy blues. As you guys said, This is all about the legendary play. A big Bill Broonzy was a great acoustic thing. Stop playing with thumping right and style in this course, I'll be taking you through techniques needed. Teoh cheat that kind of style. Warm ups and things start warmups, which you can use if you're new to fixed. Are you even fed? Advance? Sure, there'll be a great help. Got 7 30 jeans when Shaw Original Group changed Plus One of My Blues, which is a tribute to the great man himself. It's a Pdf switch, the music tab and was like some videos which through on also some power tap with the study chance to give you a thanks to kick for the learning. So without further ado, let's get stuck into, uh, pretty blues. 2. Warm Ups Ex. 1 - 4: So this is the warm up section. I will take you through some basic exercises for finger style blues. I'm. If you're new to this technique, it's really good to pay attention. It's all about the firm and the fingers, especially the thumb with big footprints keeping a thumping kind of fun beat going If you If you give you do these excise, it goes straight through Teoh. The study tunes but otherwise get stuck into these warmer exercises on this 14 or so of them, and they calm relate into a simplified version of the guitar shuffle, and there's a more kind of complicated version later in the course. But if you want to get that thing going with, get stuck in time and try to warm up exercises, see later. Now, if you're new to finger style, this is an essential part of the course. Really, the first part is just a simple exercise on the bass string. Using the thumb. Just give a steady beat with Billy. Muted base helps good on now, with steady, constant base again, just a simple top line exercise again, just using open strings. Try being a bit loose of that, too, a little bit of picking strong life. And now, with the simple melody on the top string, just using a pushed up note on the third box tops string will create a great Broonzy exercise for yourself here. Speeding up get constant, based important there. No cheating as a prelude to some of the shuffles that coming up this is a good, syncopated pick exercise. Just using the open strings. Do it slowly. Keep a keeper muted, constant base guy Theun. Try shuffling a little bit. Ah, a bit of picking strum. 3. Warm ups Ex. 5 - 9: I'm not using the G seven shape Weaken. Do some more of the typical Broonzy style picking with this kind of shelf next size, Uh, which goes like so and then try loosening up on that. Hey, we got Andan. Other exercises in the G seven. It's like different shuffle this time, but once again trying loosening up with the picking strong style of a few things, though just using again the film in the first and middle finger. And here's a well used Broonzy riff in a warm up exercise occurs in quite a few of his pieces to come in this course. So have a good working on this one. Little bit? No. Oh, and shoes, that third finger to push up that now and this one we're using the same kind of rift, but moving the shape up to a G seven called like that with the bar. The tricky thing, really is to keep your grip on the court so you keep the base sounding and also to try pushing up that little finger. At the same time. Little tricky buttons work Now. This is a great Broonzy style, refusing simply a seven shape There. It sounds like this once again. Keep that from going on the constant base and no cheating 4. Warm Ups Ex. 10 - 14: Now this warm up exercises uses a typical pregnancy. Tuna called. They're just slide in on, then working your way up. As you can see from the tab, it sounds like this. I'm using my fingers for the pick. You can use your thumb as well, whatever you feel comfortable with. Okay, now this is a great warm up exercise and does some very Broonzy at the same time. Just using a simple E seven shape there. Did you see that? Must can keep the thumb going on the constant base and slide into the cold like so a za next size, too. Try moving these seven shape for even more of a great Broonzy sound. Great brings you have to. Here's a scale patent C, which is quite important, plays a lot of scale. Rifts occur some of the study pieces later in the course, so slowly, a first strike on a little bit. And here's another scale exercise using blue scale and see once again and also quite a familiar Bruins with at the same time, just like you can use your thumb and your fingers. Whatever you choose, just just be comfortable about that. Do with the thumb. That's fine. A lot of picking exercise to try this, um, easy guitar shuffle in the Broonzy style. Just to get you warmed up for the study. Pieces to come Quite straightforward. Just around the G seven shape on the sea shape. Here we go. 5. Broonzy Blues Study Tune: Okay. Welcome to the study. Tooting section First, while searching we're gonna look at is Broonzy Blues Now this one was really written or adapted by me. Teoh kind of create the dimension for the currency style. It's It's in Kiev, a featuring little shapes, which quite easy to play thing, I think, really is to keep that from obviously thumping away full of time. Pdf and down the pounds off too. So breezy bays. 6. Broonzy Blues Breakdowns: So how'd you get on with their breezy blues? If you want to take a little look at these breakdowns of these bar broke down. So they're not all the bars, but just a few of the key ones on. Hopefully, these little explanations will help you get through the peace. Love it more. So have a look at the breakdown. Now, I have written this piece in the style of Big Bill Broonzy, using a simple way seven shape to kick off the piece. I just played this opening before you bars 1 to 4 slowly. Ah, with a little slap on that bend is it was quite effective, I think. And then just try speeding up on being a little bit more Shuffle E with good. There we go. Bars five and six use this inverted D seven shape. Once again, it's important to keep the thumb going on. The continent may say she played the court. Sounds like this. Ah, once again with snapped bend. Now this refuses just a simple e seven shape there. Good bar 17 and 18 kick off with this small, very small beastie shape using the to know cool with this plate with way good. A bus 25 26 used to say so. A seven right up on the the eighth box there on just quite simply, like so now just moved the shape down from the A seven to the box below and you can create this gonna pseudo d seven. Sounds like so, keeping the same picking pattern going at the same time. Now, thing about 33 moves up with the seven shape right at the top. There on this one creates this kind of very busy using a very typical Broonzy shape now and the deep with G seven sound this way and keep the constant base to good. 7. Guitar Shuffle Study Tune: and now we're onto that guitar shuffle Exhaust Shop was on the first Broonzy change that I It's great Ragtime Blues based around G seven c once again, of course, important to keep from crashing on the bass string, so let's have a go guitar shuffle. 8. Guitar Shuffle Breakdowns: Now, let's try these guitar shovel breakdowns. Um, now, in bars one before the peace starts. With this four drip from G seven, you can use your third thing of that slide into the room. So there we go. Bars 9 to 10. The chain continues with this seven shape again, Uh, leaving that. So don't forget to grip in, then try and keep the farm going on that basis Bars 11 to 12. Now that's so uses the D seven shape with several shape on the sea shape. It starts like this just like down from the seven bars. 19 to 20 starts with this quirky refusing a little finger sliding down and then picking up on the thing slide down again. So with that in the piece a little bit quicker I think so. They've got a pretty on using the G seven shape here. This is a quite a tough one because of the grip needed to try and keep that on Grip 10 Onda Another bluesy riff Fear Almost Country star to using this little finger to move up with Theo on this very small G seven shape For this kind of staccato riff, Onda occurs past 41 just simply very tight with fingering on final Ref. Just using mostly more third thing for the riff icos but simple. 9. Hey Hey Study Tune: Yes, and the next you might learn is, Hey, it's what One of Bruce's probably famous jeans, originally a song and then recorded, is instrumental to Made Famous Recently, I guess, or fair recently by Eric Clapton on his Unplugged album. Once again, heavy use of thumb beats in the TV. Quite simple shapes called shapes. But once again it's the finger style technique. So make sure you got those warmups under your belt before you continue on. Let's have a go, Hey! 10. Hey Hey Breakdowns: following the Hey, don't forget to download the pdf's and look at the power tab. So a little bit more help on that, you know, with hey, hey, breakdowns. Now the hay starts in bars went for quite simply, with little shaped like that, the history slowly on, once again trying a little rough with that on, then you pretty well got much hater open with on bass. 56 The chain carries on with this easy, quite easy. A seven referred to look out for the shuffle again, little things that create the melody, moving the same shape up to the B seven position. That's on fourth. And here's that warmer riff we used earlier in bars 11 and 12 including that slide. Now up to seven. It kicks into the rest of the chain on this is that chord shape the seven sharp nine at nine on a little shape here, like so this. This works now with that classic riff. Once again, a big slide up 11. House Rent Stomp Study Tune: once again this next tune, the House rent stuff is a great time breeze really and keep see. Um, it's great schools from great signature rifts in it. Quite a morning, quite long. It's got lots of moving in it. So potential time and download the pout up to help you along. So this is the house rent stub. 12. House Rent Stomp Breakdowns: Let's check out these breakdowns now. Bars want to for open up with this classic princey Losey riff on, uh, just really take time on it and move up slowly. First, just the practice, Theo thing with practice and speed, Of course, you could make it swing a little bit thing. Theo on into the rest of the base. Now this starts with the chord drift and then moves into a single note patterns. Look out for that one. Good. I'm using my thumb now on the single pattern. As you see on once again, it's a simple two note called Drift. Just sliding into the booth. Theo using a pseudo picked there. You can use your thumb as well, if you want. Good. Here's another typical Princey rift with a bit of a blue scale thrown in on a bent for their with the little finger way good this time. Just peddling on the first box with Okay, Boss 36 41 uses this on page eight adrift and so 13. Glory Of Love Study Tune: on some now want to the Glory of Love, one of my favorite people. Rosie Jeans again great ragtime in the key of C lots of signature response again. So let's get stuck into the glory of love. 14. Glory Of Love Breakdowns: Let's check out these breakdowns. Okay? Glory of love starts off with this simple riff around C in the G seven pool with the melody created on top strings. Keep Coulson base going through shuffle. But Onda starting off with this note here on the sea, sliding up to the eight on Try and get that speed going way Last 10 11 I use a simple turnaround. Amusing. My little finger and second fingers I descend on the way. That's the best way I can do, I think, on down to the F seven, a little tricky with with the grips. Or give it a nice phone equipment called Keep the constant base going on, Pinched together good. And finally in Bar 14 just finishing off the bar breakdowns with this little trip Really little, please. You rip sliding with my little finger into the notes, running and sliding into the notes like so amusing like a pseudo pick with my thumb and finger there way. Have it 15. St Louis Blues Study Tune: Okay. Now on to the ST Louis Blues. There's lots of versions of this by people, Prince in my ones, um, in the key of a simple version. Really good exercise for the thumb and finger independence in the way we tried in the warm up. So Iran. So this is the same Louis blues, and here we have one of the most popular blues chains of all time. That big brains recorded two. It's called the ST Louis Blues. 16. St Louis Blues Breakdowns: on his a few of bar by bra breakdowns for ST Louis Blues. Now this is Louis Blue starts off with this some melody played on the top string, sliding into the fourth box there with your first finger. It's quite simple that one easy to play melody on the top. And once again, the seven shape comes together to play this. Ah, this Chicago star with again, uh, you can slide into those as well. Just makes a nice fill in bars there for the for the main chain on a classic turn around here in these bars 12 to 13. I'm just moving down the fretboard. Why that second and third finger? Perhaps. And the first thing is quite cto thing Kicks is back into the tune again. Way so it. On the second part, the melody in bars 14 15 kicks off like this. Quite simple. Just keep the boat of some going on to the base dream with constant basis. I've used this great brings the riff in Hey, hey! And also in the warm up session. But here's a Here it is again. Just remind you 17. Slow Blues: this next June called Slow Blues, is really based on a tune by Big Frenzy Court in the evening on it sort of highlights the great strength Adan in these slow blues and introductions to them especially, um so I based it around the intro really on called it Slow Blues I've enjoyed okay. 18. Slow Blues Breakdowns: so before you look at the breakdown. So it's one thing thanks very much for joining me on this course. Princey Blues. Hope you've enjoyed the journey as always. Is those to learn? Keep on this thing to the great man himself, and I'm sure you will pick up some more techniques and tips yourself. Like I said, my one of my favorite things start play sometime. Cooper Princes So keep on playing and good luck with picking and brings It goes on now in the slow blues We've got this classic blues intro. I'm using the third finger to push up the river using my little thing pushed down that 53 way classic Um, now the chain rose into the sky. I'm strumming mode now with this B seven slash cold with the f sharp in the base so roughly sounds like this with a nice, easy, strong slows. Now bars nine and 10 are based around the C seven shape. Really, all there were any playing those that they're on the open. Eastern really feels comfortable put shape down, rolling around with your fingers on the top things they're on again. A steady, constant base with a bit of muting to helps there. Okay,