Learn Great Design - Type, Color, Photos and Layout | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

Learn Great Design - Type, Color, Photos and Layout

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Class Preview Final

    • 2. Typography and Font Basics

    • 3. Typography in Layout and Design

    • 4. Typography Design Trends for 2018

    • 5. Color Theory

    • 6. Color Trends for 2018

    • 7. Layout and Blocking in Design

    • 8. Photography and Design

    • 9. Let's Create a Social Media Graphic

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About This Class


Join me for a class that teaches you solid design principles and elevates your understanding of what Great design can be. 

Review typography basics such as font types, font pairing and alignment. 

What makes a compelling ad layout? What is this process like? We will explore this.

Dive into color theory and learn ways to implement color in design.

We will even create a social media graphic, using our newfound knowledge of typography, color theory, and layout design. 

I will also mention trends coming in design for 2018 in the world of typography and color. 

So let's learn together....

If you are interested in learning and diving deeper into the technical side of design programs, I teach classes on Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Canva!