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Learn Google SEO: Get Website Ranking in Search Engine

Naeem Hussain, Web developer and Designer

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11 Videos (1h 28m)
    • Google SEO Ranking

    • What is SEO

    • SEO Basic

    • How to Buy Domain name

    • Role of Links and Backlinks Part 2

    • Role of Links and Backlinks

    • How to Use Images

    • How to Use Images Part 2

    • How to Target Keywords

    • What is the best way to start a website

    • 10 Google Webmaster Overview


About This Class


Full information about Learn Google SEO: Get Website Ranking in Search Engine, In this class I explain about Google SEO, how to get rank your keyword and your website in the top of search result, we will also explain what factors behind it took 8 massive traffic and drive visitors from search results of many websites.

Google SEO Course Classes Outline


SEO Basic

What is SEO

Learn how to buy domain name

How to use images

Use of Links

Use of Contents

Overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Talk about how to use contents for article and I will also explain that why we use links and why we use images,You know if you drive massive traffic from search result for your website it means that people visit your website and people like your website and whatever you want to get business on your website you get success as well if you know the value of visitor. Automatically you know the value of SEO. 





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Naeem Hussain

Web developer and Designer

I am Computer Scientist, I teach many programming Languages. My favorite field is online Working and Web Design and development. You will learn much more from myself according to the development of applications and Online marketing.

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