Learn German the interesting way- Talking about hobbies, interests and family

Andy Gobel, Professional German teacher

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10 Videos (46m)
    • Why should I take this course?

    • Curious part 1

    • Curious part 2

    • 7 Must see live music locations in Berlin

    • Verb sein

    • Possessive pronouns Singular

    • Verbs sprechen + sehen + fahren

    • Saying what you (don`t) like

    • Numbers 1 to 20

    • Numbers 20 to 2222


About This Class

This course is perfect for people who are interested in German language and culture


who would like to have a good time while learning something new!

In 45 minutes, you will learn how to

  • have a basic conversation about your hobbies, interests and family
  • build the verb sein (to be) 
  • use the possessive pronouns in the singular
  • form essential irregular verbs (e.g. to speak, to see, to drive among others)
  • express what you like and what you don´t like
  • count from 1 to 2222

We start with a realistic dialogue, while all the following lessons provide basic grammar and useful vocabulary directly related to it (the dialogue is part of a story between David and Anna meeting in Berlin, which is developing through my courses- for part one please look at my course Introducing yourself).

At the end, you´ll be able to apply what you´ve learned in a creative way!

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Andy Gobel

Professional German teacher

A positive learning experience is the key to effective learning

I am a native-speaking professional German teacher with more than ten years experience teaching German as a foreign language. I also have university qualifications in music, philosophy and teaching.

My interest in teaching German started, when I helped my wife to learn German from the very beginning. I realized soon, that the most important way to succeed in learning a new language is to have fun doing it. After thousands of German lessons with all kinds of students through the years, this simple truth has been confirmed over and over again. That´s why my teaching aims to keep the learning efficient by providing a good experience.